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Overdue Reunion

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Nagi was never interested in the ongoing quarrels. He was not present much as a member, but, he had never defied an order of Cesare. The two of them shared some history with each other which translated into a certain amount of respect that Nagi had for him. But, times had changed. Cesare was gone. Dante, Cesare's younger brother, showed up and became the Master of Phantom Lord. It didn't matter to Nagi, because he was never interested in such positions. Nagi only cared about his research. Now that Cesare was gone, he felt that he no longer had any obligations to remain a Phantom. But, before he would depart, he wanted to talk with someone. He despised her tremendously, but she was the only other person who served Cesare directly along with him.


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Ishtar hadn't seen Nagi for a long time. On the day that Cesare died, she disappeared and never returned to the guild. She had been wandering around to mourn Cesare's death. She saw Nagi sitting down on one the boulders while waiting for her to arrive, but she felt conflicted. Ishtar wasn't sure whether she wanted to reveal herself again after all those years. But, seeing Nagi waiting for her, she understood that something troubled him. He wouldn't have attempted to find her otherwise. She was aware that Nagi despised her, but the two of them did share a connection. They both served as Cesare's confidantes. A few seconds passed till she made her decision. With a deep sigh, she manifested herself and approached Nagi. "It has been a while," she said as she sat down on a boulder next to him.


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"Hmph, I thought I'd find you here," Nagi sighed. "I think it time for us to move on." Both of them were only Phantoms because of Cesare. Nagi submitted at some point when he got defeated, but it was different for Ishtar. Cesare never managed to defeat her. No one managed to defeat her for that matter. Ishtar used to be cold and distant, but seeing Cesare struggle to save her mind changed her heart. Now that Cesare was gone, it was time to leave for the both of them.


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"I'll be here awaiting Dante's call, Nagi." Ishtar said. She might have been depressed, but she could still exclaim that with confidence.


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"Dante is perfectly fine on his own without you," Nagi roared. He tried to regain his composure, but somehow Ishtar always managed to upset him. She was naive according to Nagi. Unfortunately, he couldn't control himself anymore. He poured out all his frustrations. "I can't believe you. Ishtar, I have always disliked you. I have always disliked almost everything about you. While I spent countless of years to perfect my spells, you naturally develop them through sheer will and imagination. Furthermore, you are way too emotional. Someone with your potential should not waste it on feelings. Cesare is gone. It is time to accept that. He was the only reason the two of us remained as Phantoms. I have absolutely no obligation to serve his younger brother. Ishtar, stop this nonsense. It is time to move on."


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"It was never a secret, dear Nagi. I simply did not care. I do not care about what anyone thinks about me, nor do I care about this amount of magic that I possess. I only cared about Cesare. It would not be right to depart now. Cesare would've wanted me to be there assisting Dante. We were his only confidantes. I know that deep within your heart you also know how much Cesare cared about Dante. It doesn't matter though, I won't try to change your mind. I will remain here to honor Cesare's will," Ishtar paused and began to realize what Nagi wanted. "I agree, it is time to move on, but it is time to move on for you. I am not ready yet, nor do I believe that I ever will be." Nagi's words might have come across as hurtful, but Ishtar smiled again for the first time in years. No matter how much Nagi was upset with Ishtar, he wanted her blessing to depart. She was the only one left who could tell him it was alright to move on.


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Nagi was angered and stood up. Ishtar was still as naive as always. Despite her monstrous amount of power, she let her feelings decide her future for her. Still, he got what he wanted. Ishtar did not blame him for leaving the guild. While the two of them were Cesare's confidantes, Ishtar was the successor to Cesare's will. With her blessing, Nagi could leave relieved. Nagi started to walk away, but could not bear to depart before asking one more question. He wondered whether someone who used to be as cold and powerful as Ishtar still did this all to honor Cesare's will. While Nagi did not favor the concept of love, he did understand that Ishtar at some point actually loved Cesare. "Hmph, after all this time?"


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"Always," Ishtar said as she disappeared again.

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