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Magnolia to Astera )travel)

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#1Fujaku Nijiiro 

Magnolia to Astera )travel) Empty Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:14 am

Fujaku Nijiiro
Having helped the Priest, Fujaku received a Magical Message regarding a pending incursion in Astera, the father let him borrow his travel horse, a horse he used to get from town to town quickly if need be. Fujaku saddled up and soon he and the horse were racing toward Astera. He and the horse raced through the streets of Magnolia and soon through the gate. He was half standing in the saddle as the horse moved onto the dirt roads and Fujaku guided him down the quickest path. He and the horse made their way toward the furtherst protected area of magnolia, before Fujaku sent the horse back to the priest. He would need to travel from here on foot.

He made his way through the forest and hills as he stopped very quickly in towns he passed to gather food and water before continuing on his travels to Astera. He hoped he would arrive in time to help, and that he wouldn’t arrive to a charred burnt remains of a town. He had had enough of seeing burned and ruined towns in his life and he did not wish to see another. Soon he ahd to rest, and he settled down in a little stopping area. It was made for travelers thankfully, but Fujaku didn’t even go inside. He simply sat outside under the porch and meditated, using the old methods his father had taught him to regain his energy.

Soon after he stood back up and thanking the Spirits of the home, he made his way toward astera once more. His eyes set on the city in the horizon as he made his way deeper into the forest and hills, crossing rivers and streams as he made his way toward the incursion site. He hoped he had arrived in time.

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