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The Creditor Hath A Better Memory Than The Debtor

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The Creditor Hath A Better Memory Than The Debtor Empty on Thu May 30, 2019 4:01 pm


Era had changed a lot. Nothing appeared to be same anymore after his previous sojourn here. Almost nothing. Still, after all this time, high on the plateau in the middle of Era, the Council resided. Zagan, however, had no business with them. Instead, he was here to collect on some debts.

While Era always used to be the military center of the country, the town itself didn't exist as it did now. It took investments to create businesses here and attract citizens to settle. The first peasants came here to work the mines, and with them came the builders to construct the homes for their families. As more houses were built, the salesman began to frequent Era as well. Seeing a town safer than most at that time due to the large concentration of Rune Knights, many decided to stay.

In time, Era came into existence. And some of these things would not have happened without Zagan. See, in order to pursue certain operations a few things are always needed. These things differ depending on the situation. It could be influence, gold, or even favors.

After a long stroll through Era, Zagan finally found what he had been searching for in this city. A name, more specifically a family name. The same name he saw on the golden plaque outside this grandiose building. As he tried to approach the entrance, a few guards stopped him outside.

"Sir, this is private property. Please depart immediately."

"Gentlemen, I am only here to meet whoever bears the same family name as the plaque outside."

"We weren't told of any meetings."

"I see, perhaps that could be because I am awfully late. I should have been here a long time ago."

Before the conversation could continue any further, the door opened. It was a familiar face, but not entirely the same, Zagan thought. The guards immediately stood in position to greet the person. Clearly, he was the one bearing the family name on the plaque. He was about to depart to whatever obligations he had, but froze when he saw Zagan. While he had never seen Zagan before, he still recognized him.

"Let him pass."

The young man opened the door again and completely ignored the other obligations that he had for that day. He walked back inside and signed the guards to let Zagan through. Evidently, there were more pressing matters at hand. With a cunning smile on his face, Zagan walked past the guards and entered the building.

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