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Mission - Count the Blessings (solo)

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#1Fujaku Nijiiro 

Mission - Count the Blessings (solo) Empty Wed May 29, 2019 5:38 am

Fujaku Nijiiro
The slight fog that rested undisturbed on the East Forests floor was quickly moved aside as Fujaku made his way deeper into the Forest. He had been sent by Father Jerad to search for a wonderous plant known as ‘Blessia’ and return them to help him treat the growing sickness that had appeared in Magnolia. The young Father had been very happy when Fujaku showed up to take the mission. But even Fujaku could see that the work was wearing him down. He was only one man trying to play nurse to every one who came to his church for help. Fujaku made his way down the slight slope he was taking as he descended into the deeper parts of the forest.

The fog was thicker here, but not nearly as bad as it had been when he had first arrived in Magnolia, something which he hadn’t seen happen again since his arrival. ‘Perhaps Sage would have been a good partner to bring with me, he had after all been meditating in the forest when we had met for the first time.’ Fujaku thought to himself as he walked, the Young samurai checking every bush and tree trunk he came along, hoping to find some of the flowers. He spent a decent amount of time, dirtying the knees of his pants, he would have to get them properly washed when he returned to town. He soon stood and straightened his back after spending 10 minutes checking a large bush he had found, but finding nothing like the Father had described he was beginning to think perhaps he needed to go to a different section of the forest.

Hours passed, and his worry that the flowers may not be findable grew with each failed search, his heart was growing darker and he felt the dread creeping in. He soon crouched down to search another bush, before the sound of a angry growl could be heard behind him. He had stopped his movement and slowly, very slowly turned and stood to look at the source. A wolf, who stood ready to attack, her fur was covered in dried blood, and it was easy to tell she wasn’t well fed. He slowly moved his hand down to the wooden sheath he carried, but she lunged before he could. He barely had time to roll out of the way.

The wolfess growled and skitted on the ground as she landed, forcing him to move away from the bush. She had done that intentionally, as if it was something for her to protect. He stood with his wooden sheath held out to defend himself. He cursed himself, if got bit on his arm hed most likely lose it, without another hand to free himself. He dashed when she attacked again, she growled and barked at him. He moved quick and as she tried to move the wooden sheath smashed down on her skull, ending it in a moment. Fujaku panted as the last signed of life left the wolfs body, he felt pity for the poor beast, but from the look of its physical shape, perhaps he had done it a mercy by putting it out of its misery.

He felt bad for the poor beast however. He knelt down next to her and began to pray for the creature, hoping it would find a better existence when it was reborn. But midway he heard… a noise. He turned back toward the bush, and the noise was coming from there. He got up and slowly moved toward to thorny bush, underneath it was a small…a small baby wolf. His heart sank, his brain putting together the heartbreaking truth. She must have put her pup there to keep it safe while she hunted, the thorny bush would act well as a natural safeguard. He looked back and saw how starved she was, had she had other pups? Where was her pack, why was she on her own?

He gently pulled the young pup from the bush, it was hard with one hand but he managed it. It was young, barely able to walk. It whined and barked calling for its mother, but Fujaku had taken her from him. His heart felt cold, the knowledge that he had, even if unintentionally, killed another creatures mother made the guilt and shame and pain of not being there to save his own that he couldn’t help but break into tears. He let the tears fall, before stopping himself and focusing. He kept the young wolf pup close to his belly as it settled down.

The bush he had been under had turned out to the the very plant he was looking for. He gathered the flowers and placed them in the bag he ahd been given before he stood up, holding the wolf pup under his remaining arm, it looked around whimpering for its mother, But Fujaku knew she would not come. He would do what must be down to repay the crime he had committed by raising the wolf pup to be a strong and good creature. He stood up and walked back, the forest would deal with her body, and he would raise her pup.

But there was a pang of guilt that stabbed into Fujakus heart with each step he took, he had become a monster by accident and it made his very heart hurt. But the words of his mother touched upon his heart and mind with each step he carried onward, “Theres no room for wilting flowers. No more crying, stand strong.”. He continued forward leaving the foirest behind him as the tears dried up. He wouldn’t cry now, he had to much work to do to spend time crying. He reshifted the young pup and held him in a better position, before continuing back toward the city.

Once he returned the flowers to the priest, he and the priest spoke for a moment on what to do with the pup, Fujaku was quite happen when the father offered to take him and train him. Fujaku nodded and bowed deeply. Once he was payed, he left, looking back just once to see the young pup licking the fathers face. He smiled softly, and left.

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