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Into the Storm Before the Storm [Magnolia->Worth Woodsea]

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Into the Storm Before the Storm [Magnolia->Worth Woodsea] Empty Tue May 28, 2019 10:44 pm

"You two ready to go?" Vali asked his men in Icebergic as they mounted their horses. The Desiertan half elf didn't know what to expect when he returned to the village. He had heard days prior that Bunda was having a hard time managing and only recently he learned that his father had come to Fiore with his mother in chains. This certainly couldn't wait any longer. Part of him held it off because it was a lot to manage. A break was all he asked for and yet the gods had other plans in store for him. Already frustrated and angered he was ready to go. His men finally mounted their horses and replied that they were ready to move so the three of them immediately began traveling. I'll handle this then I'll be back in time to move to Astera. he told himself as he led. Unlike his two men behind him his horse was speeding through the town of Magnolia. The rain and thundering clouding his senses in the process. None of them were a match for the angered Demi-god though. The Gods continued to play with his sanity and they had done a good job nearly driving Vali mad. The elf was stronger than that though, he'd never allow himself to lose his way especially when he didn't know exactly what was going on. Worth Woodsea had another thing coming for it. Skaal loved their young leader but if they weren't following a direct order and obeying Bunda then they didn't love him enough...or...they just didn't fear him enough. Either way Val had his mind on quickly setting things straight so that he could help Fiore slaughter their demonic enemies- and Nerva if it came to that. The titan was deep in his head and it showed. His men behind him were silent following their fearless leader as they eventually began speeding through the forests and roads that would lead them to their destination. In about two hours the trio began speeding through the leafy town of Orchidia and in no time they began to approach the first trees of Worth Woodsea. in a total of three hours through the heavy rain they finally made it. The travel time was cut in half thanks to how urgent the situation seemed. Suddenly the The iceberg stopped in his tracks. For a moment he gazed upon the forest, the rain still falling and drenching his gear. "Vali, we should keep moving." One of his men stated softly. With a nod the viking lord continued to move forward at the same speed he was moving before. In about twenty minutes he finally approached the entrance of his village. People were outside storing food, some farming but most of them inside. The angered lord jumped off of his horse and slowly began to enter, seeing the eyes of his people light up with excitement but many with worry. The Young Lord was back to handle business.

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