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The Storm Before The Storm [Sage]

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#1Vali Onfroy † 

The Storm Before The Storm [Sage] Empty Thu May 23, 2019 5:14 pm

Vali Onfroy †
Vali impatiently roamed the halls of Fairy Tail. The gods were playing with the young lord it felt like, but nonetheless Vali could do nothing about it. Just when the group of Fairy Tail mages were about to venture off to worth Woodsea a horrible storm erupted, stopping them before they could even leave the town. Because of how hectic the storm made things, Vali was sitting in the guild the day after the storm started. Not only was he frustrated but the thought of his mother being in chains and not knowing the reason bothered him more than anything. Four vikings sat at his table quietly. They didn't dare say anything- not while their leader was in such a mood. "Two of you leave now and tell my father that I will be there in another day." He commanded coldly in Icebergic. All of the vikings looked amongst each other in confusion, all trying to decide who would be brave enough to go. After a few moments of silence Vali sighed and pointed to two random warriors. "You two, go...now." Following sighs and grunts two men stood and left the building doing exactly as their leader instructed. Sure it probably was dangerous for them to be traveling in such conditions but Vali didn't care. Anxious, he stood up and made his way upstairs to the guild masters office. Perhaps there was something he could do to beat time.

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#2Sage † 

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Sage †
It was as if something had stopped them from journeying to Worth Woodsea. Which to Sage was such a downer, he was so excited to help his new friend who is like a big brother to him, Vali. Sage decided to go back to the guild to check up on things. He was worried of how Vali was feeling. Sage stepped into the guild with the other guild members not making such a fuss about his entrance, one of them even waved at him and smiled. Maybe because they had seen him before and they thought that Sage was a guild member.

He walked towards the group of people that waved at him, as they appeared very friendly. "What's your name boy?" they asked. "Oh, I'm Sage." he would answer with a warm smile of his, "Have you seen Vali?" he then would ask as he couldn't see him anywhere in the guildhall. They then looked at each other, hoping that at least one of them would know the answer but then a voice appeared from behind Sage, "I saw him walking to the guildmaster's room." Sage would turn around and saw a mysterious figure, "Thanks," Sage answered and headed straight to the office. Once he reached the office, he would knock the door first before allowing himself to enter, "Hey... you good?" he would ask as soon as he saw Val.

#3Vali Onfroy † 

The Storm Before The Storm [Sage] Empty Thu May 23, 2019 6:51 pm

Vali Onfroy †
The young Elven viking made his way around the guild masters desk until eventually he was sitting in the comfy chair. It was built for a queen that was for sure. The desk had nearly been cleaned thanks to Val who took it amongst himself to sort through papers and such every chance he got. He knew how many guild members were in the guild and he knew their ranks but the information lacked the sort of magics they all used. That was something he'd have to get to eventually. For now though he shuffled the papers sorting them out and placing them in the drawers attached to the desk. "What's this?" The giant mage asked himself as he came across a paper sent from "The Council?" Quickly he popped the stamp that was holding the paper and what he read next nearly made him lose it.

We, the Council, have corresponded with the Order, and have come to an agreement. We must approach this problem together. While we may have our differences currently, the outcome of this current issue concerns us both. In order for this relationship to succeed, the Holy Knights have agreed that whatever Nerva is doing is no longer part of the Holy Knight's operations. They have revoked the position of Holy Knight from all of Nerva's followers. Unfortunately, the Holy Knights are as unaware as we are about Nerva's plans. They did share with us that Nerva had been secretly leading an operation for a while now involving human experimentation, but this could not be confirmed. Should this be true, Nerva might have an ace up his sleeve in the coming ordeal. Still, he is no ally of ours. Despite the fact that he also slays the Demons coming out of the rifts, his methods are cruel. We have read that Nerva could not find a horde of Demons in a town, because they had assimilated themselves perfectly among the humans as a disguise. The townsfolk could not help out Nerva and his Inquisition, for even they were unaware of the Demons among them. Nerva made them feel secure and told them that it was most likely a miscommunication and left the town with his Inquisition. In reality, he only wanted the Demons to feel secure enough so that they would not depart. In the middle of the night, when everyone was sleeping, Nerva annihilated the entire town to ensure that the Demons would have no time to escape. Many innocent townsfolk lost their lives. Now, together with the Holy Knights, we will form an united front, against the Demons, and against Nerva's Inquisition. Brave adventurers, go, and rescue Astera before it's too late.

For King and Country.

— Vittorio, Council

Vittorio... he mumbled. "So this is the head of the Council." He concluded. That was the men he'd eventually have to face if he planned on avenging his brother. Him and probably the rest of the council too. Vali groaned aloud, folding the paper back up and running his fingers through his hair, staring at the wall beside the door of the room. "Fuck!" He shouted suddenly in his native language. Now he definitely wouldn't be able to go to Worth Woodsea for at least a week or two. How ironic that he just sent two of his men to inform his father that it'd take a day. It seemed like the Gods didn't plan on him seeing his parents yet, but for what? His family was extremely important to him but the fact of the matter was that these demons were the bigger problem.

*Knock Knock Knock*

The half-elf's eyes shifted to the door as it was pushed open. The being behind was none other than Sage who usually would have brightened his mood a little more. The smaller half-elf asked his elder if he was good. With a sigh and a fake smile the Viking lord sighed. "All is well..." He began as he grabbed the piece of paper sent from the council. He then extended his hand for Sage to take and read. "Looks like Worth Woodsea has to wait a little longer."

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#4Sage † 

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Sage †
Sage walked into the room and he could already feel the atmosphere of the room was filled with a mixture of emotions. The elder half elf's sigh and what Sage could easily tell was a fake smile didn't translate to Sage that everything was okay. He was then handed the piece of paper. He took it without hesitation and read it immediately, curious of what Vali read. As Sage read the letter, his heart began to ache. He had heard some stories about Nerva but didn't know exactly what it was, he was so focused on the demons. Sage's fingers began to tremble as he read what Nerva did to the innocent townsfolk, tears began to stream down his face, "H-How could they..." he questioned as he drop himself onto a nearby chair. He had always been a sensitive little thing, and such news, a whole town, it was too devastating for him.

His fists would tighten, and slowly yellow aura began to emerge around his body. He wasn't crying anymore, he got over it quickly, his mood swung from being sad to being mad. He stood up from the chair and wiped his tears with a determined face looking at Vali. "We must stop them." he said while his eyes were filled with flames of determination.

#5Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †
Val watched as his little brother read the letter. Immediately tears began to stream down his face. Vali's eyes widened. Having not once seeing Sage cry, the smaller elf's tears made him hurt. The boy sat down and his boy soon radiated the same light that he saw when he first met Sage. Vali could feel the immense energy from the small boy surprising him to say the least. How could someone so small and frail possess such boisterous power. There was not a single doubt in the viking's mind that Sage possessed more magical power than him. "Sage..." Vali spoke softly. Although he was frustrated, angered, annoyed and all of the above it was clear to him that this was something that was much bigger than himself. The boy stood from the chair and turned towards Vali. His eyes no longer wept. They narrowed and showed that Sage was serious. The gold elf stated that the enemies needed to be stopped. With a nod Val folded his hands. "We will stop them in the days to come, my friend. In the meantime we train and get as strong as possible before the coming storm." Vali stated. Somehow he always seemed to have an answer. Most likely it was because a leader always had to have an answer. "Can you tell me about this man they call Nerva?"

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#6Sage † 

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Sage †
Vali's voice and words were suited to that of a leader, it calmed Sage however, his bright aura faded away, he seemed pretty much calmed than before. He took a deep breathe and exhale, taking a seat and pulling the chair nearer to Vali before he answer. "Nerva was a member of the Holy Knight, but then he grew crazy, wanting to separate the three realms. He was playing god." Sage explained shortly, there was few information he could tell, as he didn't think that Nerva was quite that of a threat, to him at least.

Sage looked up towards Vali, "I'm afraid that's all I know," he said with such a disappointed voice. Only if he knew what magic he had, what his weaknesses were, maybe he could come up with a strong plan. The only thing that he had was the element of surprise. Sage knew very well that most of the holy knights didn't care much about him and thought he was weak, only if they saw him in battle would they know how fearsome he was. His emotion and spirit was his flaw and his strength, even though he was sensitive, that strong emotion made him a relentless fighter.

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#7Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †
 Sage eventually calmed himself. The brighting light that radiated from his body dimmed until it was nonexistent once again. Separate the three realms? The young lord pondered. So this Nerva man was a mage on a mission to break away from grip of the gods? Considering Sage only mentioned three realms and using logic to understand deeper, The Desiertan Viking came to the conclusion that Maybe Nerva only believed that wherever Illumin resided, Earthland and Hel(?) were the only realms. Sage was probably mostly spot on but Val figured more information on Nerva was needed especially since Sage didn't know anymore. "Odd...there are more than three realms..." The viking began as he lightly rubbed his chin. Quickly he turned away for a second to think then turned back towards Sage who'd been right across from him. "We are dealing with a man that destroyed a village for the sake of Humanity. I do not agree with his methods but I understand his way of thinking." The titan began picking his teeth. "Do you think this man is strong enough to stand against gods?" He asked Sage. The Council made Nerva seem like the villain but in reality he was only doing what probably needed to be done. Either way, killing countless innocents was wrong but if Nerva was helping them win the war against the demons then was he really the enemy right now?

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#8Sage † 

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Sage †
Sage shouldn't have said the three realms. He felt this as soon as Val said there were more. Probably because Vali was raised in a different environment unlike of Sage's. Maybe in Iceberg they teach you something different or maybe more than that. He would sit quietly as Vali think about something. Then the next question Sage was hit with felt like he was being asked a very simple question like what one plus one is. "He annihilated an entire village in a matter seconds." he stated out, making it obvious that whoever Nerva was he was a powerful one. "But I don't think he wants to go against the gods, more like wanting to be independent of gods. Nerva believes that Earthland has what it takes to take care of itself, hence going to the extremes to prove it." Sage gave out his opinion on the matter.

He had an uneasy feeling when saying that Nerva is very powerful, but he was experienced enough to know that power doesn't equal to triumph. "No matter how strong someone is, the one with the best strategy always wins." he said the words out of his mouth without realizing it, staring out the window at the storm. He then would let a long sigh, "All this is making me feel awful..." while leaning towards his chair, trying to relax his tensed muscles and brain.

#9Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †
 The golden elf answered as if the answer to Vali's question was easy. How could it be though when you knew close to nothing about an enemy. Sage responded with him annihilating an entire village in seconds. Also adding that he thought the man didn't want to go against the gods. None of which made sense considering he planned on claiming something the gods molded and shaped. "What he wants does not matter. Why would any king willingly give up their kingdom? It does not make sense. If this Nerva man wants to break the grip that the gods have on earthland then he will have to fight them eventually- he must know that too or else he's dumber than we think." Vali stated calmly and matter of factly. The young viking looked away and thought to himself as Sage said he began to feel awful. "Better to get all of it out before the coming storm." He murmured loud enough for his little brother to hear. The rain tapped on the window behind the desk, calming the viking but also reminding him why he was so frustrated. Right now Fairy Tail had to get themselves together because any day now they would have to march to Astera. The Desiertan lord turned to Sage. "Will you fight with Fairy Tail?"

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#10Sage † 

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Sage †
What Vali was indeed true. His feelings that time were overpowering his logical thinking and reasoning. It is one of his weaknesses. Thinking that Nerva could go against the gods, it made him feel like he couldn't win a fight over Nerva. It somehow made him feel like he couldn't do anything about it, it made him powerless. But no, his mind was searching for a way, even in the darkest night his soul will try to find a way, the flame of hope in him burns endlessly. His big brother's murmuring reached Sage's ears and a memory came into his mind, a memory came into his mind, he remembered Vali telling him that his tribe believes that elves are demi-god. That little fact gave Sage something to hold on to. The next question Vali asked the blonde made him look at the taller man for a moment too long. Joining a guild was a hard decision for Sage, he then could hear the laughter coming from outside the room, then he looked at the roof where the sound of raindrops smash on the surface of the guild. His gaze shifted to Vali next, seeing him, a smile appeared across his face, "'till the end." he answered with a voice full of determination and passion.

#11Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †
 Vali's eyes watched the younger elf's as he thought about his next words. The question was dropped onto him in what appeared to the young viking lord as a perfect time. Sage wasn't a member of Fairy Tail officially yet, but his response could easily change all of that. While the guild was doing pretty good at rebuilding none of the newer or veteran mages were actually a threat to mages who understood their powers. Sage however... this golden elf was different. So young yet so powerful and full of raw potential that could be shaped and molded if guided by the correct person. With only another moment going to waste Sage finally set his eyes on his elder and responded with words warming to the Icebergan warrior. With a devilish smirk the Viking stood up  and quickly searched for the magical guild stamper. Last he seen it it had been riiiiiight here. He thought as he grabbed the device from under a book of papers. "After this we should find Aisha, Tomoe, the others and head to Astera." He stated thinking for a moment if he had seen them around the guild. If he couldn't get to them now, he'd leave it up to the bartender or post the letter somewhere everyone could see it. "You sure you wanna do this, little brother?" Trick question really. He couldn't back down now- not unless he wanted to disappoint Vali.

If Sage finally accepted the invitation to become an official member of Fairy Tail Vali would be so much more at ease knowing someone he trusted was by his side. If not though, the viking would understand and would simply tell him that whenever he was ready the guild would be here...again. Either way Vali would then head to the door of the office, handing the letter to Sage. "We will leave in two days with or without the others." He stated proudly. He couldn't help that we was so commanding sometimes, it was part of who he was. The elf made his mind up. Despite the nasty conditions of the weather he'd still have to handle business. Iceberg was far more brutal in terms of climate so there was no reason for him to be stopped now. "I will meet you here, then we will go to Astera. Make sure the guild knows about this, aye?" He'd state before leaving the office and quickly moving down the stairs. While he did so he scanned the guild for his Joyan friend and the Titan woman but when he didn't see them he commanded the remaining two of his men to come with him.

- EXIT -

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#12Sage † 

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Sage †
Sage smirked when the taller man asked for his reassurance whether he wanted to do it or not. There was no doubt, he was determined to do it. "Not a speck of doubt, let me join you." he answered with his voice full of spirit, determination and confidence. The flame of hope were as if burning in his eyes, not resting even the slightest moment.

Sage took the letter from Vali. He was then finally a member of Fairy Tail. None of the guild members there knew that he was a Holy Knight, not that it mattered anyways, he left his past, it was time to move on. He will have a different life, a life filled with people that he could treat like a family.


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