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False Prodigy [Quest]

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#1Ace Brookes 

False Prodigy [Quest] Empty Tue May 21, 2019 7:48 pm

Ace Brookes

The young gas mage had heard rumors circulating between Rune Knight members regarding the highly acclaimed businessman in Magnolia, Giuliano Salvadori. The news that circulated within the scattered Knights said that the renowned Salvadori was looking for a trusted mage that he can rely on. There wasn’t much proof that the rumor had any solid grounds in the first place.

So far the youngster’s day was going terribly. It was nice and sunny outside when he first left the inn but it had quickly turned into a gloomy miserable shade of gray. The gas mage was out to get his groceries as usual when it started lashing rain. He was soaked from head to toe, including his oversized afro that was now as wet as a sponge. For some reason, the older Ace grew the more he disliked the rain. It just seemed to be an annoyance for him to have to go back home in wet clothes. What was even worse for the young mage was that he wasn’t going home just yet. Even after getting his groceries he still had to go to the Rune Knight office in Magnolia. One of the Lieutenants had requested to talk to the young mage.

After ridding himself of the tedious grocery shopping task he walked back out under the pouring clouds. Unfortunately the office wasn’t that close to where he was staying either, which meant more joyous minutes of walking under the lashing rain. Upon his arrival at the office, the young gas mage was fully drenched. His facial expression couldn’t be helped and he only thanked god that he didn’t have to meet the Lieutenant in person. The apprentice that ran the office greeted Ace and escorted him to a little empty room where he’d used a magical lacrima to contact the Lieutenant.

“Ace Brookes. How’re you doing?” The Lieutenant asked. “All good, Lieutenant.” Ace replied formally. “I have a little job for you. The guy is a friend of mine and a highly respected figure In Magnolia and since you’re there I thought you’d be a perfect fit for it.” Ace was delighted that his superior thought of him over any other Rune Knight that was present in Magnolia at the moment. “He might also contact you for his own personal requests after if you do a good job today. It’ll be a good image for us Rune Knights” The Lieutenant continued. Ace took the rest of the details from the Lieutenant before the magical lacrima disconnected. He walked back out the room and thanked the Rune Knight officer in charge of the Magnolia office.

The meeting location was going to be at Giuliano’s mansion and all Ace had to say was his full name to be let in. The Lieutenant said he’d take care of everything else to make that happen. The young mage walked back to the inn for a quick meal and shower before his job, then proceeded to walk to the mansion located somewhere in the heart of Magnolia city.


#2Ace Brookes 

False Prodigy [Quest] Empty Tue May 21, 2019 8:17 pm

Ace Brookes

He could see the mansion as described by the Lieutenant standing at the end of the street. The grand marble mansion looked marvelous. Ace couldn’t believe that someone of his social background was about to go in a masterpiece of architecture like this. He’s been to grand buildings before, one such example being the Rune Knights headquarters in Era, but this was a private owned property. Meaning Ace would get to interact with one of Magnolia’s most successful businessmen.

Upon his arrival, he greeted the guard that stood tall at the gate. Ace paused for a second, “Ace Brookes” he stated. The guard’s eyes opened wide to get a better glimpse of the kid under his bulky helmet, “So you’re doing the mission for master Salvadori?” The guard chuckled lightly before continuing, “Not gonna lie to you kid, I thought you were one of the guests. You do match the description we were given but they failed to mention you were fourteen.” Ace pretty much kept quiet throughout the man’s amusement. He was then escorted in by another guard from the inside. Ace paid attention to every little detail, his eyes scanned their attires as he walked in. He was a fond of dressing up all formal and had wished if he could’ve showed up in his formal Rune Knights clothing, but the Lieutenant asked Ace to dress casually for the job. The young mage wondered why as everyone around him seemed to be fitted in formal clothing, just like the Rune Knights’ headquarters.

His escort had stopped in front of one of the rooms and knocked on the door gently. A soft voice can be heard from the inside beckoning the guard to enter. The guard then signaled Ace to wait at the door as he walked in and bowed down, “Master Salvadori, the mage has arrived.” Giuliano then spoke up again, “Oh yes, bring him in.” The guard peeked back out and signaled Ace to come in. “Oh my, oh my!” Giuliano exclaimed as he shooed the guard out of the room, “I didn’t know you were going to be this youthful. Lieutenant Taro wasn’t wrong when he said you’d be a perfect fit for this job.” Giuliano guffawed in a friendly manner.

The successful businessman then explained to Ace that he’d be using his own magic instead of his beloved son, Luca. Giuliano wanted no one to be suspicious of anything. Ace was then escorted again to a grand hall where Luca and his friends were. The young mage then understood why his superior had asked him to wear casual clothing. As much as he would have loved to dress up in his formal clothing, this proved to be beneficial for the task. The Lieutenant’s words echoed in Ace’s head. He had to execute this job smoothly to get on mater Giuliano’s good side in hopes of getting returning job offers.

The day went on normally with Ace playing an act even on Giuliano’s son himself. He watched out for the keen guests and through different gas shades of green proved to them that Luca had a different magic. After the party was over, Giuliano asked Ace to come back to the meeting room where he’d pay him for his troubles. He said nothing about any potential job offers, but Ace felt like he’d impressed Giuliano.

~ Exit ~

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