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Prominent Light [Training|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

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Sage †
The dim light of the orange sun began to rise above the horizon, some of its light went through the curtains of Sage's motel room and had woken him up from his deep slumber. Sage sat on his bed from laying down and rubbed his eyes. He then had yawned, but then smiled brightly as that day he will be meeting someone. Yesterday, he received a letter from Ryoma saying that he would be visiting him the next day as he was back from his mission in Baska, and while he was on his way back to the headquarters he thought he would give Sage a visit as it had been a very long time since they last met. Sage jumped off his bed with excitement, impatient to meet his friend that he had not seen in such a long time. He then went to the bathroom and took a shower, he was singing with joy while doing so, when was the last was he so thrilled to start the day? Probably in like a very long time ago. After having a weirdly fun bath he would dry himself up, still having his excited smile on his face, and quickly wore his usual cloth along with his white silk coat. He then went outside, locking his motel room's door on the way. He basically slid down the handle bar of the stairs as he was so excited for it. Then he reached for the main entrance of the motel room and went to the outside world.

The morning air was the same as always, but to Sage it had a different taste to it, he would be seeing the man he regarded as one of his closest friend. He had been lonely these few months after all so meeting someone he knew for a long time would be such a nice thing to do at that moment. Ryoma specifically told Sage to meet him at this diner to have breakfast together, and there was something he had to discuss with Sage too, he wondered what it was, well he would eventually know so he made his way to the diner. After reaching at the diner he entered it and tilted his head left and right with his cute genuine smile of his. Then he saw Ryoma beaming at him, in which he returned the smile. The two had a close bond, having working together and such so after a long time of not seeing each other they both are very excited when they at last did. Sage happily and excitedly walked towards where Ryoma was sitting, at the edge of the diner, a table specifically for two. "Hey! It had been awhile how's your last mission?" Sage asked immediately as soon as he sat down opposite of Ryoma. As always, Ryoma had always liked how Sage could be so happy and carefree. Before answering though Ryoma looked at Sage as if he was appreciating his presence, "Ryoma?" Sage said, bringing him back to reality.

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Sage †
"Oh I'm sorry", Ryoma apologized, smirking as he was kinda caught off guard. "Oh yes. you were asking me... It was fine, boring as always," Ryoma answered with his raspy voice, chuckling at the end. Despit being only a few months older than Sage. It was pretty clear that Ryoma looked way older than Sage. Having a slight beard and board shoulder, his height and size are also way bigger than that of Sage's. But despite the looks they have almost the same age and the reason why they became such good friends, was because they understood each other in their young age. Maybe it was the reason why the Hidden Moon organization put Ryoma as Sage's guardian when the demons began to attack him randomly, was because that Ryoma could bond well with Sage. "How about you, how are you? I heard you've been doing things... alone lately..." he would ask Sage with a worried voice, showing that he truly was worried about him and even maintained deep eye contact with him. Sage couldn't handle such question at that time, even with Ryoma. He would look away, couldn't afford to look at Ryoma in the eyes, "Well yeah, I guess. B-but I made some new friends I promise you!" he answered shyly and awkwardly. Ryoma could only sigh, "Well that's good then, I hope you don't feel lonely anymore, I could tell from your letters," he had chuckled at the end. Sage could only blush about it. Then the waitress came and they had ordered their breakfast, talking about what had happened over the few months and had a good laugh about it all.

Then after eating Ryoma brought out the subject that he wanted to discuss about. "So about the thing that I wanted to discuss about," he started. Sage sipping the very last of his apple juice was shocked to this statement, "Wait so what was the thing we just discussed just now?" he asked, completely oblivious. "No, there are more important stuff to be talking about right now," Ryoma said with a very worried tone. "So what is it?" Sage asked, couldn't keep his curious ass down at all. The green eyed man then looked at Sage, "Will you come with me on a quest?" he asked, saying the sentence in one breath as he was quite shy to ask it from someone who looked like he couldn't protect himself. Sage then laughed, "Well that was it? Should've said it in the first place, of course I will!" Sage replied, accepting the offer. "Come with me then," Ryoma said smiling, happy that someone would help him out. He paid for the food and lead Sage out. Usually Sage would quarrel on who pays the food but he was used to Ryoma paying for him and from past experiences it would only be a waste to fight over Ryoma. Ryoma then lead Sage out of the diner room and started walking into a direction, Sage walking beside him.

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Sage †
"I would need to borrow your strength, if you will?" Ryoma broke the silence between the two. "Does that mean we'll use magic?" he asked with such excitement. Ryoma could only laugh at how adorable Sage was with the whole ordeal, "Of course you'll be using magic,". Sage then asked Ryoma where they were heading to but Ryoma only said, "You'll see later,". They then entered the forest, which got Sage more excited as it brought out the other side of him, his elven side. He was beaming with excitement and looked at Ryoma, but then his warm smile turned upside down as Ryoma didn't look like he was going to enjoy it, "Hey Ryoma, are you okay?" Sage asked, worried about his friend who was looking happy just a few moments ago. Ryoma took a while to answer his short friend, "Y-yes,". They then walked further, Sage only following Ryoma. They walked in silence, Sage wondered where Ryoma were bringing them, until he saw an old cabin in the distance. He looked at Ryoma in awe, stopped in his tracks. Ryoma noticed the gazing his friend gave him and stopped too, he then sighed. "Guess I have to tell you everything before you can rest your ass a little huh?" he said amusingly, Sage was happy that Ryoma seemed happy a little bit after that, maybe being there with him lightens the weight that he had been carrying around, whatever that weight is. Ryoma then started explaining what the whole ordeal was, "So in that cabin, there is a cursed book and we need to retrieve it before... someone else does." he said with a worried tone at the last part.

Then they heard some rustling, "What was that?" Sage asked in shock, immediately positioned himself in a fighting position. Sage then could hear Ryoma clenching his teeth. As if he already knew someone would come. Then out of the bushes opposite of them a man jumped into view. He then stood up and what Sage saw left him gasping. He then looked at Ryoma, his eyebrows buried, confused. "You have a twin brother?" he asked with anger and confusion mixed into one. Sage thought that he and Ryoma are the best of friends but keeping a twin brother a secret felt like treason to Sage. "No Sage I don't have a twin brother," Ryoma explained furiously, wanting things to not get messy and msunderstood, Ryoma burrowed his eyebrows and looked at his doppelganger in front of him who was smirking maliciously, "She has the power to take on the looks of people as soon as she touches them." he explained. Ryoma's doppelganger laughed evilly. Then she transformed into a lady, who looks evil as soon as Sage laid eyes on her, red hair and black lipstick, black tights and what seemed to be a whip on her hand. "How shame of you bringing a kid into a battle," she laughed hysterically, eyeing at Sage sadistically. Sage could then hear Ryoma chuckle a little.

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Sage †
"It is not wise to underestimate your foe," Ryoma said, with a slight sly tone. The lady then smirked, then looked at Sage, "I am Veres, and I hope you won't end up on my feet," she introduced herself at first then sounded sadistic at her last sentence. Ryoma then spoke up, "Sage be careful, if she touches you she can transform into yourself and harness your power, that is not the only thing she can do, her whip can do some insane stuff." Ryoma warned Sage, telling him what was going to happen if they happen to fight. This means that Sage had to give a one shot blow at Veres to defeat her, or not she can transform into him and use his magic, which to Sage is something to worry about as his magic was listed as one of the strongest among the people in the Hidden Moon organization, so he must be wise at this. "Shall we dance boys?" Veres said while cracking her whip, sounding sadistic then ever. "Let's do this Sage, she is Hidden Moon's top nemesis, always stopping from completing our mission,". Then Veres made a shocked face, "Oh Sage? Could it be... the son of the well known power couple Dexter and Elaine?", then she made a disgusted face and smirked, "Tch, I've always hated them, they always defeat me," she said, not sounding sadistic anymore until, she looked at Sage in the eye, "Well let us see if what they bore could bring down their legacy and the legacy, huh Sage Elm?".

Sage began to feel scared of Veres, of how much she know and how she is the top of the Hidden Moon's nemesis. "Bring it on." Sage said, his tone serious. Sage had always been like this, carefree and easy going outside of the battlefield, but once he is in he changed into a different person. Something that Ryoma had been used to. Ryoma then conjured dark matter in his hands and threw it at Veres, Sage couldn't catch the speed, but a loud crack was heard and a sonic boom was created, eliminating Ryoma's dark matter, "H-how did she do that?" Sage asked, sounding a little bit scared and a mixture of shock. Ryoma then looked at Sage, "I know you can do this Sage. And I'm afraid I can only support you from behind because..." he looked at Veres again, "she had defeated me a lot of times before.". Sage then stepped forward walking towards Veres. "So that scar on your back, it was her?" Sage asked, his tone dead serious and angry. "Y-yes," Ryoma could only reply then he was shocked as what aura Sage gave off. Sage was surrounded by radiant light. "Ohh what is this?" Veres said with interest. "It had been a while since I sense this kind of aura," she said smirking again. "Come." she said. In a split second Sage dashed towards Veres and when she knew it Sage was above her.

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Sage †

Sage then landed a strong kick with both of his feet at Veres towards the ground. Ryoma was at the background, his face shocked them ever. "I...", then Sage turned to face Ryoma, his light aura began to dissipate as Veres didn't move which means she must have been K.O-ed by Sage's move. "I was told not to his a woman but... I can't give mercy to someone who had done something like that to you." He said turning to Ryoma. Ryoma then walked towards Sage and gave him a strong hug, "Thank you." was all he could say that time. "Now let us go and retrieve that item!" Sage said with his usual excited tone. After tying Veres up at a tree with Ryoma's crafting magic. They went inside the cabin and searched it thoroughly, after what seemed like a long time, Ryoma finally found the item. He created a special bag made from his darkness magic to put the cursed book. Sage could only see it for a few seconds and he could already tell the book does seemed like it had been cursed. Then without expecting it, something bright crashed into the cabin, destroying half of it. When the dusts have cleared Sage and Ryoma were both shocked of what they saw. It was Sage, smirking evilly and had a bright aura around him. "Tch," Ryoma gritted his teeth. Veres must have woken up and used her magic to transform into Sage, using his powers to break from Ryoma's binds.

"Run. I'll deal with this." Sage said, sounding serious than ever. Ryoma hesitated for a while then purple aura surrounded him, then he ran at the speed faster than a normal human could run. "Oh you are not going anywhere," Veres said with Sage's voice. They both then literally light up, illuminating the area. Veres then ran towards where Ryoma was running, catching up to him, but of course Sage was more experienced with his magic than her so he catched up with her almost instantly and threw her on the ground before she could catch up with Ryoma. Veres than turned into her real self and used her whip to attack Sage, which threw him to the ground, dealing quite the damage. She then laughed hysterically. She then turned into his mother Elaine. Elven ears, light green hair. But Sage could tell it wasn't his mother but instead the maniac Veres. Veres then held her palm towards Sage. Knowing his mother well he blocked the invisible attack that sent the whole forest behind him rustling as if a wild storm just passed by it. Then when he landed on a stop from dodging that attack, Veres clasped her hand and thick roots began to emerge from the ground and binded Sage. Veres then laughed hysterically. "Ahahahaha, so what does it feel to be trapped in these nasty trees huh?" She would say transforming into himself back, and went to catch up with Ryoma. "No!!!" Sage shouted but he couldn't get out of the trap even with his magic.

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Sage †

He then started to cry after what seemed like a long time being trapped under the tree. He had used most of his mana to break from it but it doesn't seemed like it was of use. Then suddenly he could hear footsteps coming towards him and what he saw made him sad, angry, frustrated. He saw Veres carrying Ryoma with the cursed book in her hands. "Let go of him!!!" he shouted. "Ryoma! Wake up! Wake up!!" he shouted with all his might but it seemed like he wasn't moving at all. "Oh how wonderful it is to see such strong bonds between this too," Veres would say sarcastically. "Let go of him you monster!" Sage shouted, angrily, tears running down his cheeks. "Alright I will," Veres replied, then he could see Ryoma's face. It seemed like he was beaten completely out of his breath. "Hmm how about some torturing huh Sage?" she said smiling at him sadistically. Then Ryoma's eyes began to open and he woke up "W-Where," the Veres laughed sadistically. She grabbed her whip and lashed it at Ryoma's already scarred back. "NO!" Sage shouted, his tears increasing, "please I beg you..." he said while crying. Veres laughed maniacally after hearing Sage's plead. "What was that? Torture him more?" she said then whipped Ryoma's back even harder. Then Ryoma's back began to bleed and Sage saw it. Blood. Ryoma's blood. More blood. He wasn't crying anymore but instead his pupils grew bigger and he wouldn't blink, devastated of what was happening before him.

Veres noticed the sudden stop in Sage's sobbing and pleading, so she turned back to look what had happened to her captive. What she saw took the life out of her. Sage was eyeing at her. His gaze filled with hatred and anger. But mostly he wanted to avenge. Around his body, his aura grew brighter and brighter. he embodied the sun, his light prominent giving hope to those who needed it. His strength was overwhelming he broke out of the wood easily. He walked up to Veres who turned into Sage but the light she gave off were far more inferior than Sage's. He kicked her and she was thrown to the other side of the field. He then caught up with her, standing in front of her with almost no mercy in his eyes. Veres couldn't stand after she received the kick, barely keeping her alive. "P-Please, I beg you... mercy..." she said weakly, then she coughed out blood. Sage then raised his fist, a prominent light aura around it and swung it towards Veres' face. Veres closed her eyes, knowing her destiny had been sealed. But then she heard cracking of the ground. When she opened her eyes Sage punched the ground right beside her head. When she turned to look at the ground, it was in cracks all over to the other side of the forest. She fainted right after that as it was a devastating power she had ever seen throughout her long life.

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Sage †

After all that his light vanished, he was almost out of mana. Then he heard footsteps, he could hear two people were running towards his direction. When he turned he could see two familiar face running towards him, the people he had seen from the Hidden Moon headquarters. He was glad everything was over and hoped Ryoma was okay. But he was so out of mana he could barely kept himself straight, he fainted right after that. When he woke up he realized he was sleeping on a bed. When he turned around he could see Ryoma beside him. He was shocked that he let out a little squeal. Then Ryoma, who was reading a book turned to look at Sage who obviously attracted his attention. "Oh you woke up," he said to the blonde, smiling, happy that his partner had finally woken up. "W-What happened? And why are we shirtless on a bed together???" he asked out of shock. Ryoma could only chuckle, "What we need to change these bandages every once in a while. We are in my sister's house so we should be okay. And they don't have a spare bed." He had laugh after that, finding it quite amusing. While Sage on the other hand was blushing. "We were rescued by the Hidden Moon and Veres were sent into a dimensional prison, she had been interfering with us since the last 500 years." Ryoma explained, Sage looked at Ryoma, "500 years???". Ryoma could only laugh.

After that Ryoma's sister walked in and was glad they both woke up. She invited them both for dinner and told Ryoma to take some of her child's cloth from her room so that Sage could have something to wear. During dinner, Sage met with all of Ryoma's family as his parents were staying with his sister too. She had a husband and a 8 years old daughter, which whom Sage was wearing the shirt of, at least it was yellow in color and not pink. They talked and laughed, and threw a celebration on the defeated Veres, it seemed like the whole family was apart of the Hidden Moon. Later that night Sage decided to stay the night as he couldn't walk properly yet. Ryoma's mom scolded Sage for using his whole mana which could leave him dead. Sage was looking out the window of the room he was sharing with Ryoma. he could hear Ryoma walked in. "I'm glad things are fine now," Sage said without looking at Ryoma, knowing full well it was him. "H-hey," Ryoma said, asking for attention. But before Sage could turn around he could feel Ryoma's arms wrapping around Sage's body. "Thank you, you saved me back there." Ryoma whispered to Sage's ears. Sage grabbed Ryoma's arms and laid his arms on top of it, "It is something I'll always do no matter when, where or what the circumstance is." Sage replied. They spend the night talking to each other and having a good time, as tomorrow they would part ways again, and who knows when they will see each other again.


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