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For The Joy of Cake(open)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

For The Joy of Cake(open) Empty on Wed May 15, 2019 5:05 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
After a nice bath and rest some where Priscilla went to the next thing she could consider the next day, it was something she had not had for a while now, Cake always wonderful and tasty. So Priscilla would head over to the cake shop with a normal content smile that Priscilla could normally for once having seemingly a normal life.

So wonderful was this day where for once murder was no on her mind, their was not a lot bothering her anymore which was good it had been a while for her to feel such a way she did not feel weird or odd about feeling normal anymore. This was what being normal was? it was interesting and oddly delightful to not be plagued with such heavy problems on the mind.

So walking into a place being for once a normal person was interesting, refreshing and new for Priscilla it was like trying to make a new name and personality for herself with out even trying. She would try to even act so what normal and like the other people in the area while she entered the cake shop, Maybe this was one of the many way of being normal she sometimes wished were a thing for her.

So finding a table by a window and sitting down in it she would wonder what to want to try? something else rather then Red Velvet cake most likely since she wanted to try other things new, it would surely be a nice one. So many things that could be interesting and new, For the moment however she could bask in the sun light and actually feel relaxed, something else that was new. What was all these normal feeling and why where they all so uncommon to Priscilla, IT was something to leave her rather curious.

#2Vali Onfroy 

For The Joy of Cake(open) Empty on Thu May 16, 2019 3:00 pm

Vali Onfroy
Today, Vali was was wearing something...unusual? At least for him one would say. Unlike his usual battle gear he decided on something a bit more Fiorian. A black button up, some slacks and black sleek shoes would do the job undoudebtly. However, the viking lord couldn't help but feel slightly weird, especially with the glasses that he didn't need sitting atop his nose. To be fair even with all this gear on he still looked rather different then the rest of citizens of the country given that he was still a daunting seven feet. Eh... he thought as he shuffled around the crowds of people hurrying to make his way to this famous cake shop he heard so much about. Everyone around Fairy Tail had been talking about it despite the amount of members that were actually present, so why not give it a try himself? The day had begun with rain but finally that was long gone. Now the sun was out nearly drying the streets and the clouds floated amongst the vast blue ocean that was the sky with not a worry in the world. Vali himself though, had many things to worry about. Hopefully this visit to the shop would take his mind of things.

Finally he reached the cake shop and wasted no time in pushing open the doors. First he gazed amongst the people inside looking for somewhere to sit. What a coincidence that the day he decided to come there had been absolutely no place to- Oh. There it was, an open spot at the table where a woman sat all by herself. The woman's face was quite intimidating but nonetheless a pleasure since she was beautiful altogether. With a slight smile Vali made his way towards the table and sat directly across from her. "Aye, beautiful day is it not?" He began with a warm tone as he glanced out of the window. Vali's luck with women was hard to downplay so he was sure this woman would have no problem with him sitting across, that is if he was judging his own game and not the woman across from him. "A woman like you should not be sitting by herself." As he gave her a smile.

Suddenly the waiter approached them both. "What will it be?" She asked smiling at the two of them probably believing them to be an item or something.

#3Priscilla Ivalice 

For The Joy of Cake(open) Empty on Fri May 17, 2019 6:57 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It seems this was an interesting moment to have happen, It seems her second trip to magnolia was always yielding a lot more things that were more interesting then she was around for that short period last time. She did miss this cake shop but surely this part never happen last time.

Then again company for once was welcomed by the normally kind of anti-social but kind of distrusting person she was."Brighter days, bring out the brighter people."She said rather delightfully in reply to him, But then again being actually happy and free feeling did that to a person since it was something like that for her, Hopefully she would be at peace for a while.

She chuckled slightly about it, Maybe she was just use to sitting alone for that much of a long time so Priscilla did not notice."Oh is it now my dear? Here I did notice at all."She said that like it was normal of her to be alone."I guess I must stick out too much."Good thing she did not seem too bothered by this person just sitting here with her."But I see their some one else to change that problem, So it seems."So far the stranger was met with welcome by her

Then again she would wonder what he would want or why he wanted to sit with her, After all she figured there would be more pleasing woman around than just her, But was not the type to judge him beyond that thought.

So far up until that waiter arrived she just stared at him with that one remaining eye and asked. her"So what makes a man like you sit with a lass like me Dear?"She was curious but friendly sounding about it.

#4Vali Onfroy 

For The Joy of Cake(open) Empty on Fri May 17, 2019 4:47 pm

Vali Onfroy
The woman in front of him spoke with nothing more than confidence. Her presence almost as daunting as Vali's height was yet she seemed just as genuine as him. With a smile he chuckled. She was right, Days like these always brought out the good in people but she seemed to be someone more fit for the darker days ahead. Although she was respectful, Val could see that she was a warrior woman kind of like Aisha. "True, you do not blend in with the other people of this town, but fortunately I am an odd one too." He admitted, his tone warm to prevent any negative feedback. Normal was overrated these days. The viking lord folded his hands in front of her, gazing into her eyes as she spoke. He tried hard not even acknowledge her missing eye- not that it would influence his thoughts on the type of person she was anyway. The waitress stood impatiently waiting for the two to decide their order but none of them seemed to pay her any mind. Once the woman in front of Vali asked him what brought him to her table, the waitress sighed and turned to assist other customers. "There is nowhere else for me to sit..." he chuckled. "And you look more...interesting than all the other women here. I can tell you are not from here, so what is your story?" He asked leaning back. Part of him was on a mission to recruit and part of him was on a mission to just...well...chill but something told him that this woman was a fighter and he needed as many of those as he could get. "I will tell my tale after you, milady." He nodded, still keeping the warm smile on his face.

#5Priscilla Ivalice 

For The Joy of Cake(open) Empty on Sat May 18, 2019 6:00 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed interesting enough, Priscilla then again would finally answer who was waiting for her to make a choice."Black Forest Cake, As well as a piece of Cheese Cake, if you could please darling."She at least sounded like she was being polite or trying to be considering it was their work was to serve and take their order.

So for the moment she was interested upon why he was surely interested in her and about herself. Did she craft a name and a fake story? or did she thinly veil what she was actually like currently? it seemed she would figure it out while she continued talking to him. So far she did not mind this man boldness, Much like the other man who she met in this town. Given entirely different situations over all which so far was a lot more interesting then doing a lot of her normal habits, But Priscilla was sure that was not needed to be mentioned she was not at risk of such a problem coming to light, She assumed anyway, That problem was vastly unpredictable.

But nonetheless Priscilla would at least continue the conversation of her company."Well if their is no where else to sit, I do not see why not."Anyone who actually knew Priscilla's reputation would find this odd, But it seems she was more of a ghost here since she had not done much in Magnolia

In a bit more of a humorous manner she just mentioned."Oh so I am more interesting, Is it the hair? The missing eye?."She laughed about it because of the fact she was far different then anyone who would be generally be around here, in the place of general. Priscilla could easily just be poking at the fact she knew she stood out and was not trying to hide it.

So she would just state a bland story with not much detail in it for him."I mainly a night time worker, Often taking jobs guarding things or people in the evening."Which was true she had done that for a long time, it was interesting and still night time work."Sometimes even staying on caravans to protect travelers from robbers and bandits."It could be of interest to him if it was what this man was looking for but she was not sure, But still giving him something to go off of.

"That some of the things I have done or do currently."
Huge details or other things a bit more dark, bleak and maybe even horrible would be the parts she kept quiet about, It would be a bit of a line to try not to cross even if she currently knows and remembered that fact.

"Does that sate your curiosity stranger?" She asked sounding rather playful about it seeing what more this person wanted to learn."Or was there more your mind wishes know?"Sure this could cause a few more things to spring up but so far Priscilla did not mind at all for the moment, It was interesting. But he got a tale, an intentionally vague that easily could leave lot more to be desired but he still got a tale from her.

#6Vali Onfroy 

For The Joy of Cake(open) Empty on Sat May 18, 2019 1:03 pm

Vali Onfroy
Contradicting to the women's appearance, she was very easy to talk to. Though she looked like she'd have no problem slicing his throat if he prodded around the wrong areas she was unusually interesting. The woman spoke about being a guard of some sorts, sitting that he mostly worked at night. A mercenary. he immediately thought. Working in the dark was where people made the most money logically speaking but that was because the work was a bit darker itself, The viking lord would assume she wasn't one to not partake in quests like that. He needed someone like her on his team, especially if he was going to survive Fiore. He had a tribe of Nekomatas and a village of Icebergans to take care of and this would all benefit him in someway.

Val nodded when she asked if that was enough for his curiosity. "I knew there was something about you, I could feel your aura the moment I stepped in this shop, the eye is what I noticed second." he chuckled leaning forward folding his hands atop the table. "You said enough. Your business is your business, Milady." he smirked charmingly. "I am Vali Onfroy..." He began by extending his hand for her to take. If she did, he'd lean over to lightly kiss it. Every woman deserved utmost respect."I guess it is my turn then." He sighed. " I am a Lord of Iceberg, currently I have a tribe of Neko's and Icebergans here in Fiore." He stated blatantly.

Since he didn't know her personally yet or offer his proposition he wouldn't tell her where his people were. They could have been in the vast forest of Magnolia for all she knew. "You know, I can offer you a more...beneficial job. With your experience "guarding" things, I think you have what it takes." His words rolled off his tongue with a thick outlandish accent, he couldn't hide the fact that he was Icebergan even if he wanted to. Quickly he waved his hand in the air for the waitress to come back considering she only took this woman's orders, whilst waiting for this woman's response. The conversation between these two were just picking up.

#7Ace Brookes 

For The Joy of Cake(open) Empty on Sat May 18, 2019 1:55 pm

Ace Brookes

After a formal meeting with one of the Lieutenants present in Magnolia had concluded, the young mage walked out of the hall still dressed in his royal silver knight armor and royal blue cape. His oversized hairstyle still puffed up despite the formality of the meeting. It kind of stood as his signature, something that people recognized from miles away. A few blocks down from the meeting hall Olly’s famous cake shop still stood. It’d been almost a year and a half since Ace last visited. Although he’d been in the shop before, he was yet to taste the renowned cakes. That one time he was in the shop he came for a delivery service. A job that he’d gotten paid to do.

The pink and white striped shelter caught the mage’s eye. The cake though… Plated on the tables outside the shop. A nice slice of sugary cake or even the lingering smell of freshly baked goods never failed to draw the young boy in. Three wooden tables, all occupied with satisfied customers, chattering pleasantly under the shop’s shelter. “Why not?” the gas mage thought to himself. His sweet tooth never failed to get what it wants.

The minute he turned and pushed through the crystal clear glass door; options. Where should he begin? The pies? The tarts? The ice cream cakes? “Ugh how in the world did I go in here and not get something for myself…” he muttered to himself in disappointment. Until he recalled never walking in through the front door. Olly had requested that he pick up the deliveries from the back door so as not to block the entrance.

Too blinded by the cake, the young dark skinned mage walked in without looking for a table first. He stood at the till, gazing at all the options, “Which one would you recommend?” he asked the waiter standing at the counter as he plated a slice of the black forest.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A few minutes later, Ace was carrying a box of cake and heading for the door. It must’ve had at least three slices in it. His eyes still focused on the cake, pondering which one he should try first with a finger resting lightly on his bottom lip.

Someone’s hand went up as it brushed past his fluffy hair. He turned his head in shock to see whose silly ass decided to feel his hair. “Oh Vali. Hope you made it to the toilet in time.” He stated jokingly with a neutral facial expression. He then noticed that there was a woman sitting on the other end of the table. Ace wasn’t one to not pay attention to detail, but the cake got the best of him. “My bad. Didn’t notice you had company. Enjoy your cake!” He then briefly cracked a smile and walked away as his little cape brushed against Vali’s chair.

He walked out, deciding to try the chocolate fudge first.

~ Exit ~

#8Priscilla Ivalice 

For The Joy of Cake(open) Empty on Sat May 18, 2019 5:08 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
He was different that was for sure, Priscilla was impressed so far knowing it was different to experience this so Priscilla could really be interested but she would really wish to know more. Even enjoying the fact she respected and did not dig into much else about her, Over time this man could learn more about her if she could trust him. That would happen over time if he truly wished to know.

She shoulder answer her question but mostly she was still slightly enjoying the flattery he was giving her, It was....new and oddly endearing. When he extended the hand, She understood what it meant and followed along it would be the first time some one would lay a kiss upon her."Remarkable."She even mentioned when getting the kiss on the hand. Mostly out of different this was for her. Priscilla also found it rather really joyful about it as well, it kind of won her over for the moment."Priscilla, It has been wonderful so far my dear."Maybe Priscilla had been around the wrong kind of people he so far was a lot easier to get along with then anyone else she has met, or Priscilla was the monster one of the two.

She would be distracted for a moment by whomever seemed to know Vali and started speaking to him he was interesting but almost seemed easily forgettable with in the moment they were having. But she could not help but ask him anyway."A friend of yours Darling?"She sounded for a moment a bit more curious and not playful, nonetheless he did not seem to stick around long.

But when would also finally mention a few other things."I have more skills then guarding things, But I am sure that what else I could do maybe of use."She admitted as well just leaving what else out for the moment."But I would ask what this job is and what all entails before I give you a yes or no answer."She was being fair in her eyes about it. She wanted to know the risk and what she was getting herself into. Hopefully he would not blame her, She was interested, She was not the type to skirt around she would do or get asked to do, So far as long as she knew what it all entailed he would most likely get a yes.

#9Vali Onfroy 

For The Joy of Cake(open) Empty on Sat May 18, 2019 10:44 pm

Vali Onfroy
Priscilla... he remembered. For a moment he looked at the girl, eyes lingering over her body, analyzing her more than anything. Vali had no intentions of recruiting anybody today, his mission was to relax with a nice warm piece of what the Fiorians call cake. However, something told him that this woman would be valuable to him- maybe it was her appearance. Just before the purple haired woman could talk he looked up to see a familiar face.It was none other than that kid he met that one day in the forest doing that one thing. "Oi, sorry about that, uhh, Ace. Maybe when you are older I will make it up to you?" He chuckled. The boy then noticed he was in the company of a woman and went about his way.

When he was gone Priscilla asked if that was a friend of his. "I do not have many friends." He laughed. She then went back on topic and began asking about the "job". Apparently she had many skills that Vali hadn't known about at the moment. "I would not call it a job really... I am offering you a position as the eyes and ears to a lord. The Lord of a country that is not exactly allies of Fiore." He said warmly. "In turn you will receive land." He made sure he was only quiet enough for Priscilla to hear. Truth was, he was taking a big risk by offering this to a complete stranger, but from experience it seemed like strangers worked better.

#10Priscilla Ivalice 

For The Joy of Cake(open) Empty on Sun May 19, 2019 8:00 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It would still be bury in humor, showing interest still however was still in there."Well a offer still most interesting, Can't say some one has put one such as this before me that would seem so....Convincing."good thing Priscilla was a risk taker still, The thought of just gaining land for herself was a bit more tempting but or the most part having a fall back and having a honest and loyal helper would more than likely be a help and benefit to both of them no manner the situation, She could still wonder if this thing could really happen.

She could wonder still if this is even true, After all Priscilla have met enough con artist that sometime vastly outlandish ideas such as this were an easy sucker for some, Yet she had faith and felt this one was a bit more truthful, So she would not be backing down even if she was a bit more of a dark mannered person she still wanted faith in others and a to consider her own.

"What a risk asking a vastly scary looking woman for such a thing."With a slightly toying smile she followed it up with."Guess it is just in your luck I am a risk taker, I will help you my dear."Priscilla had her answer for him, It would only be possible problems down the road of this path would be interesting to them both.

"I guess you can say we have that in common, I do not really have friends either." Maybe that was that very sign he mentioned that he went towards her for the offer. But she was leaving the part out that she killed them. That was not hugely important for the moment unless it became part of the conversation.

But she had to ask this one."Why some this far and here? Of all places to search out too, One you mention is not so friendly surely is risk to people you mention."Who knew more about risk then a woman missing an eye was she right, Knowing very well there could be a very good reason she did not know yet. Surely she asked out of interest she was toying around and seeing what else he had planned or figured out since she felt like it might be good to know what all has been set in place so far."But I do not know how much you are risking and just how much more you're willing to."which would be more her trying to get him to think   if he had not already thought it out, Guess Vali's now new partner was already trying to work as well and act normal.

#11Vali Onfroy 

For The Joy of Cake(open) Empty on Sun May 19, 2019 11:07 am

Vali Onfroy
And there we have it. Priscilla would make no doubt prove herself useful. Judging by the look of her she's probably been through more than most woman can fathom. With a smile she agreed to be what he needed. It was a big risk revealing even a fraction of information to her considering he had no idea if she was apart of an organization or even a Rune Knight, but that was just a chance he would have to take. Priscilla admitted that she didn't have much friends either. "Well we are friends now..." he smirked before laying back. The more he looked at her the prettier she became and if he sat in her face any longer he'd only want to take her back to his room and...well...you know.

The next question she asked was a reasonable one, one Val had already the answers to. It was true that coming to a slightly hostile land was a big risk but he and his father had been planning this voyage for nearly a year and finally they had the resources and information to be here. "Land mostly. Fiore has a large unclaimed forest complex that could easily keep my people safe- but before I tell you anything more..." He began, remembering that in order for him tot rule accept her he had to make sure she was loyal. "I need you to swear loyalty to me, as your lord, as your leader, as your friend." He said genuinely. This was the process.

If she swore her loyalty then the viking lord would be sure and only then would he speak."The goal is to take the entire Worth Woodsea, building an army large enough to protect us in the process. Then, I will annex worth Woodsea. If Fiore declares war, then we will go to war with the backing of Iceberg. I do not wish for a war though but I do have a certain vendetta against a certain someone in the Magic Council...and that's where you come in." he stated. His words only able to be heard between the two of them.

#12Priscilla Ivalice 

For The Joy of Cake(open) Empty on Mon May 20, 2019 4:35 am

Priscilla Ivalice
So he did have a plan, better then most people who just even harbor a single look at her for work most people do not think this far ahead. Which means what she figured she was getting into was going to have a few things less for her to worry about to start with.

So unknown to the customs then again, A type of lady like her also just found it a bit off with that in a moment."Swear loyalty huh?"She would raise one of her eye brows in such a remark after all getting a lass like her to swear loyalty depending how it shown could be tough. She would be a bit witty and cheeky about it."How does on swear loyalty?"After asking that she chuckled about it."Because You have my word and promise on my Loyalty."Since she was comfortable she also then said this as a follow up."Just don't try to get into bed with me Darling."She did sound like she was joking as well as being slightly serious about it at the same time.

Priscilla seemed to lean in slightly at the mention of a vendetta with a Rune Knight."Well, How lucky of you and unlucky for them, Which Rune Knight is it?" After all she could do many things just so far no name or face, But seemed way more interested and ready to get to work."As well as do you have any clue to were this one is?"She was getting right to work that is for sure, but that is just how she was, Work first since she was meant for work. things like getting to know one another seemed to not be her focus, Maybe not yet anyway Priscilla barely knew Vali and she seemed to have more important things to do then just laze around for the moment, Then again Priscilla could also be getting ahead of herself as well.

#13Vali Onfroy 

For The Joy of Cake(open) Empty on Mon May 20, 2019 2:02 pm

Vali Onfroy
Priscilla raised an eyebrow when the viking mentioned swearing loyalty to him. This part of the conversation was essential if he was going to trust her and offer her land as payment. Swearing loyalty was a very serious thing. Only those without honor would swear loyalty and lie- and there were many without honor. This woman, however, did not seem like the type. She didn't know how to take an oath but her following words proved to be just enough. Hopefully her word and her promise would go a long way. Part of him believed that the woman didn't understand how serious this situation was just yet but the other part of him didn't mind and so the conversation continued. "If that is what you truly want." He nodded with a smirk, referring to her not welcoming him into her bed. Chances were that if Vali tried he'd be successful but he didn't plan on having little lords and ladies any time soon.

Now business was being discussed. Priscilla was obviously experienced in this type of thing because her questions were questions that implied she would begin searching. "Very Unlucky..." he began. "Years ago my brother came to Fiore doing exactly what I am doing now...looking for land- a new life for all of our people. Months after his arrival we received word that him and his men were attacked and wiped out." The young lord swallowed as his eyes glanced down at the table. Just remembering his brother brought so many emotions. "I know the Magic Council is responsible for wiping out my people, however I do not know who leads them. When we find that out then everything becomes a little easier." He looked around, making sure nobody was watching. Finding out who lead the magic council wasn't the hard part, hell he could probably go to Era and ask himself, he just needed to know the name of the man he wanted to kill.

"Finding who leads the council is not the hardest part though. The hard part is finding who led the attack on my brother, and also finding out if the King had any part in this. I need to know how many active Rune Knights there are, what weapons the council has and more importantly I need to know if they know that we're here."

The Lord of Skaal sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "I still do not know If I am going to attack out of vengeance or if I'm going to wait for them to attack first." His eyes met with Priscillas quickly talking before she had the chance to. "I know it is a lot, but now you are apart of something much bigger than yourself, much bigger than me. You gave me your loyalty, now I just need you to help me." His words were genuine almost desperate and his eyes were full of rage. "We are the good guys, not them."

#14Priscilla Ivalice 

For The Joy of Cake(open) Empty on Mon May 20, 2019 4:13 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
A Fable tale of family death and loss. Priscilla if she was not the type to hide entirely what her life was. As well a part of her does not remember much about it anymore just remember having the images of her past in her dreams sometimes but since Priscilla did not fully remember because of how often she did not remember it and forced herself not to remember it. Eventually if it all tied together and she reached some kind of peace in life, Even with enough trust in this man Vali could learn more, For now it was not needed.

At least she was not one to take her time getting into the mess of things. Then again she figured she should ask."How much time do you want me to commit to this?"Which is also showing her to manage things for a bit better of what she needs too."To what extent should I be willing to achieve this information?"At least she was figuring out if he really had way she could go about it, After all he was hiring her. Priscilla would not harm a person if she was told by Vali not too, as well she would effortlessly murder them as well. The balance of two ways as to say.

that was just the attention of detail she goes into for her work. Eventually she looked around to check if the piece of cake she ordered had arrived after all this conversation might be a bit private but she was here to enjoy the more sweet things in life."A lot of work or not, Names are what you are wishing for, I will get as many names as I can, Former or Current Rune Knights."She most likely was not talking a big as just merely putting it our there.

So far two goals seemed pretty forward and upfront So Priscilla would have that in mind if and when she would leave to do such tasks. But the woman she was."Do not focus if you are the good or the evil, Focus on what gets your people to continue living."She sounded like she was making sure he did no linger on it so hard."As well as what is right for them."Maybe it was her being that honest helper even if she was for other kinds of work, But Priscilla was still a person and humanity was something people could learn to express more.

#15Vali Onfroy 

For The Joy of Cake(open) Empty on Tue May 21, 2019 11:00 am

Vali Onfroy
Much to his surprise Priscilla had been just as professional about things as Vali had been. The thought of having someone like her on his side put him at ease. It was certain that that he managed to recruit someone extremely useful- or at least that's what he thought. The one eyed beauty asked how much time she had and also if there were any limitations on how she should work. Just after she was finished speaking the waitress finally arrived with a single piece of cake, placing the dessert directly in front of Priscilla. "There you go. And what about you?" Vali glanced over at his new friends piece then back at the waitress. "I will have what she has." With a nod the woman walked away. Priscilla then continued on ensuring her new leader that she'd get the names. The confidence in her voice convinced Vali rather easily. Perhaps that was a certain gift she had; the art of convincing... The purple haired woman then went on to comfort Vali, telling him not to think about what is good or what is evil but instead to think solely of his people. She was right. There was thin line between good and evil and even then that was up to interpretation. "Aye. You are right, Milady. Doing the right thing has always been easy for me back home, but now much more is at stake." He sighed. "Take all the time you need and gather information by any means necessary." His eyes lowered hinting to her that it was alright if she had to hurt people or take a few lives here and there- it would all be for the good of his people. "When you are done you can swing by Fairy Tail, I will be there." he admitted. Soon the woman came back with his piece of cake. "I'm sorry sir but that was the last piece of that flavor. However, we have cinnamon swirl cake, try it and you'll fall inlove." She winked at Vali as the plate was placed in front of him. Soon she was gone again. "I need you to start today..." He added before picking up his fork. "But for now, let us enjoy what Fiorians call 'Cake'."

#16Priscilla Ivalice 

For The Joy of Cake(open) Empty on Wed May 22, 2019 2:57 am

Priscilla Ivalice
Beyond these other few moments Priscilla would avoid talking about anything else, She learned all she needed to start her work, Which was more of a her thing to be sure after all, nothing left to question about it."All I need to know then."So with that she would try to keep it normal now.

Fairy Tail of places to meet afterwards? What a place  no one would expect at all, genius idea in his part and Priscilla never thought about it then again he could be a member of that guild, Which was also clever to have as a cover. What else would happen to that guild if something were a miss to that end, unless that was not on his mind. Priscilla's done something negative against a guild she was in and wanted to help her once but that could easily be a story for another day if it ever came to light.

She would act entirely normal like she did at one point."If you really wanted to try the piece that has none left, I am sure I could share with you."he would say no and she would understand but this was more of a he doesn't know what cake is like so why not at least keep it some how normal between the crazy things they could be starting and implying that they would be doing."Consider cake. A festive bread that is more sweet, with other things to make it look nice and taste a bit sweeter as well."Best way she could explain it anyway, More of less waiting to see what would happen when he ate something. These lands people found it odd if cake was not a normal thing. But both of them were not exactly what would be considered normal.

#17Vali Onfroy 

For The Joy of Cake(open) Empty on Thu May 23, 2019 12:59 pm

Vali Onfroy
To think that this conversation started off casually was sort of amusing. The two had only met moments ago and already they were both ready to work with one another. When two people's goals and ambitions correlate, working together made them damn near invincible. Priscilla understood what she had to do. By any means necessary she was to gather information...killing, kidnapping, torturing, whatever worked. As a lord you learn to accept ways that show the most results, usually it was violence. Judging from a hole in the wall, Priscilla was a killer. He knew that for certain because he too was a killer and it takes one to know one. After she successfully gathered enough information, reporting to Fairy Tail was the smartest thing for both of them.

Vali began playing a dangerous game when he sailed from the country of Iceberg onto land belonging to a country called Fiore. That game became deadlier when he joined Fairy Tail. "Oi. Gratitude, milady. You are welcome to make a home of Fairy Tail." He bluntly stated after Priscilla offered him a piece of her dessert. Vali glanced at her with a devilish smirk, shrugging his shoulders. The viking used his fork to stab the cake, taking a small piece and allowing his taste buds to Judge the soft and squishy bread. Mmmhmhmhm." He laughed with his lips sealed together. The fucking taste was unreal. The sweet buttermilk frosting with the creamy center...it was like sex...in in his mouth. The one eyed mistress began explaining the dessert making it clear that she understood exactly what he was tasting.

"Fuck the gods, this is strange...but I like it." He smiled. His voice was deep and raspy resembling the voice of a man a couple of years older and his accent was thick. Sometimes he hated it in this country, people were always asking him to repeat himself. "Aye, tell me more about you. Why do you have the eye of someone dangerous."

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Priscilla Ivalice
It was an interesting question but what kind of answer does she give. Once she was done trying not to laugh about his reaction over cake was surely interesting to her, But Priscilla was bounced between different things that could entertain her. Nonetheless it should be an interesting conversation. So she would answer that moment in some manner but Priscilla was the type to play coy to such a question."What truly makes me dangerous, is it just the dark purple eye."She asked, This was more her curious about what else he thought."Or the missing one."Which she thought was the main part, but she wanted to know more, after all it was details she could attempt to change in a moment of finding or doing something else not related to just being around her currently working partner.

"It is the way I speak?"
Could easily guess Priscilla knew how change the sound or even tone of her voice, as well many things left to wonder. She then her normal voice she had the very well manner and respectful tone with a slight mature sounding nature to it. To one a bit younger and almost childish."Or is it what you don't know?" Priscilla was either teasing him or could start to annoy this man at this point, She would wait to make sure.

And like that the voice went back to her normal voice."Is it the black clothing? Is it the rouge-ish outfit? with the paleness of my skin to contrast it."there was actually a point to it some how."I have the eye of some one dangerous because people think I am my dear Vali, Something times a woman like myself can not help."It really did not seem to go anywhere but the point was, She has the eyes because people assume she is dangerous, Even if true given what could be pieced together about her already, As well the counter for it is, Priscilla is dangerous because people assume she is, She easily couldn't be dangerous either it was entirely people's view around her.

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Vali Onfroy
Vali smirked as the woman began tp speak. She asked hime exactly what it was that made her appear dangerous. Was it her eye? The way she spoke? Or perhaps he couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was? Was it her outfit that seemed fitting for an assassin? The young Viking listened as Priscilla admitted that she was dangerous. "Aye, but you, milady, have the eye of a killer." He said with a smirk almost matter of factly. To be a killer wasn't necessarily a bad thing. They lived in a world where a lot of people were forced to become killers whether that was to protect something important or to achieve something important. Vali himself was a killer. He didn't like doing it, but sometimes he knew that it was necessary.

"So why do you live with yourself?" He asked Priscilla. The question was blunt and would strike strong to anyone who was softly bred. Vali found that living with himself wasn't as easy to do after he first murdered someone. Any normal person would change after killing someone. Some people go on to continuously murder, becoming blood thirsty until they eventually crash and die a horrible death, while others justify their reasoning for murder- like Vali Onfory. The only reason he was able to live with himself as a killer was because he simply had to. There was no other way around that, he was too important to Iceberg, too important to Skaal and he still had a job to do.

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Priscilla Ivalice
It seem the time for coy walks around the question that not gonna be a thing anymore she could do, No fooling this one, Even if she was barely attempting too if she tried a bit harder it would most likely but harder to tell she was toying with him about it."Yes I guess I could only play such things off for so long, Pretending can only go so far."She mentioned it was fun yes but guess it was serious time in which she was not a fan of but for now she would follow along.

So alas she would talk, even if such tales would annoy her."I only have an eye of a killer because I have needed to be, The road was pretty insightful."At least she admitted that part."I've had to have such a life since I was a younger and much different looking."different looking could be a thing to wonder but she was going to explain it to him."Purple isn't my natural hair colour to start with, nor is it my normal eye colour."She seemed so casual about it as well even if it was a bit more of a personal conversation between them, it everyone had a story, She had many and he would learn only a small shard of this.

Quietly eating a piece of her cake she then leaned forward and putting both of her arms on the table cupping her hand then raising then to go understand her chin to rest."I had to change into a monster, For everyone thing around me just wanted to either end me or have me for their own greed for horrible manners.....sold away as a child for parents wish for money and personal desire for becoming high-class."She started off by saying that so casually for some reason and oddly politely as well, part of her still did not wish to speak of this tale."Eventually growing use to such a life you get use to what abuse is handed to you for messing up. But some situations abuse and work almost when like a glove in a hand, As well as a life leaving a corpse."She did not clearly mention what kind of abuse it was it must have a reason for her not to mention it, most likely was not yet comfortable.

"You leave that life behind so to say, throwing away maid hood for learning life in the outside world, Become a member of a guild."She pause for a moment. Would lead into something else."A mission goes sour, You get abandoned by your fellow guild members, Captured....Stripped naked, made to suffer in many ways. then that spark in your brain actives and not only do you break your binds, But the necks of every one in that room. You leave behind that life and move on to the next." To have such a life would could easily assume who she is just use to it but also another reason why she just acts the way she does."Reality, I most likely kill for it is only things I have to help me relax and feel normal."But that was her mentioning all of the reasons it could be for her being that way. It was all dark pretty quick.

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Vali Onfroy
The elf listened with all ears as the woman began to talk. Not only did he listen with his ears, but his eyes watched her eyes and his body was fully towards her giving her utmost respect. Priscilla began by first acknowledging that there were no more games to be played. That's usually how things went with Vali. He liked to get right down to the point unless it was a game he was interested in but not when it came to business. It was important that he understood how the purple haired mercenary thought. Now that she was officially under his protection whatever evil she carried with her- if there was any- would also be carried with Vali Onfroy, the young lord of Skaal. The bronze man chuckled at her comment just before she got into the gritty things. Apparently she was a killer because under certain circumstances that's what she had to become in order to survive. As she went on the Titan nodded, genuinely interested in her story. Surely a woman with one eye and covered in borderline edgy clothing was bound to have a dark past right? Val lifted his fork once more, taking a small piece of Priscillas cake as her next words proved to be quite shocking.

"Oh?" His eye brows raised as she revealed that her hair and eye color weren't her natural color. Considering she didn't go into deep detail on specifically that Val assumed it was probably too deep for her to talk about. After all, the two were only just getting around to know each other. Still, the Fairy couldn't help but wonder how her hair came to be such a color. It was brilliant really unlike a purple he'd ever seen on anyone. When Val finally swallowed the woman took a piece of cake and leaned forward. Val was ready for whatever she would say next honestly hoping it was just as interesting. People became monsters before they even knew they were monsters and it seemed like this was sort of the case with Priscilla, except now she acknowledged that she actually was a monster. Terrible things had happened to her; her parents gave her away for a better social standing and she was abused by people from then on. Oddly enough her life sounded like some of the commoner women in Iceberg. They too were often brutalized and taken advantage by men- it was the way of life over there.

To know that she endured such a past nearly filled Val with anger. Women were special, even the gods knew it and no friend of his would ever endure such pain like that again. Priscilla spoke calmly though, she didn't seem angered or really bothered by the topic. In fact she seemed almost at peace...almost. She was human though, Val was sure that her past haunted her if it was that terrible. Her life had caused her to be betrayed, battered, broken, it seemed and finally she admitted how she could live with herself. Killing helped her feel normal and relaxed. At this point...she enjoyed it. Val nodded. He couldn't blame her really. Back home killing was apart of culture- it was sport and the people had become accustomed to it- most enjoying it. While war and blood weren't as frequent in Fiore it was still quite shocking to know that a lot of people had such fates.

"Nothing wrong with that." He stated with a smile. "In this day and age you learn to enjoy doing what you have to do or else you will drive yourself mad." His smile faded slowly. "I am sorry that your life was filled with so much pain and betrayal." He leaned forward just as Priscilla did, the two of their noses almost touching. " I promise you from now on I will protect you. You have committed yourself to me and you have given me your loyalty so my warriors will fight for you- and if need be I will kill anybody who wishes to bring harm upon you, Lords, kings, queens and common folk alike."

Finally he stood up, putting his hand out for Priscilla to take. If she did, the young lord would gently place his lips onto her skin. "I do not betray my people, and now you, Priscilla, are my people."

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Priscilla Ivalice
She seemed rather quiet about it now, almost like her brain was unsure of how to really think of this moment, few people could get so close to Priscilla and not suffer in some manner for it, Thus the saddening cold withdrawn emotion Priscilla would slowly let out of her system would proof either she is fighting her own emotions or being caught so much in her own problems, Some one actually showing for compassion and empathy was so far it almost left her more nervous and unsure for when people just acts like she was a monster and left her alone.

This was not him trying to charm her like she almost expected most men too, So sure it was confusing and froze her mind. trying to process it, but eventually she did."I have manage this far, I can still live now."It seemed unintentional that she shrugged off being told sorry for her suffering. Almost more like it was instinct for her mind set of that."I can hope for a change and for a peaceful life for myself, Until that peaceful life is with in my grasp."It seemed she was trying already to focus something else but given the moment could pick up the face it seemed a bit harder.

Vali might be one of the few people who could try and change this woman's way of wanting to stand this place and reality, it could give her some kind of hope. It seemed a bit more of habit when yet again accepted his hand and what happen."I am far too use if people try too that it is often strange when people may not." Which given the current case, She seemed more like she was being honest and was not trying to hurt anyone's feelings.

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Priscilla Ivalice
Eventually this hiring and almost date like moment would go to a close. He have had gain hope into this broken soul's life. It gave the hopeless hope. Such an interesting situation for Priscilla have happen. For it was still slightly uncomfortable in her mind but they would still settle and finish this date and arrangement.

It would be shortly after finishing that date and leaving him to his own things. Priscilla would keep an eye for anything that would be interesting of him. But as well anything for her goal that she wanted as well. going eventually back into the night to linger once again.

Eventually something she would pick up on a rumor from one of the street walkers she was talking too that some one of her own personal interest. Rumor of even with the demons being in Astera. A person of her interest was also there, It would give her a reason to travel. But out of desire to learn and know the location of these people and seek out were they were closer and closer. Being on a lead with that idea Priscilla would head over there as a part of something she felt in her heart would better her much better then she assumed.

Knowing very well now she needed to pack up and move to an area she had no idea about, There was a reason.....a task...a goal. Something was now in reach within her life and wishes aside from the wishes of another. Priscilla was vastly far determined for this situation. She had not had a clue on such a situation in a while, This lead was important to her and would not let this pass at all. too good of a lead since it was fresh and recent.


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