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Name: Flannever Gallows

Age: 15. October 20th, X771.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Phantom Lord

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Left hand, red

Face: Illya - Fate/Stay Night


Height: 5'3"

Weight: 120 lbs

Hair: Long with bangs, platinum blonde

Eyes: Red

Overall: Flan is a short girl of average weight with a build that is as she calls it, "a cutting board". There's little in the way of actual development, which for a girl in her teen years is a social death sentence in Flan's eyes. Nevertheless she tries not to let this bother her, instead often choosing to wear flowing clothing to cover up rather than show her flatness to the world. Following with the theme of flowing clothes is her hair, which is often kept long in a princess style cut.

Lending to this, she has a particular fascination with Icebergian clothing and is often seen wearing Fiore-style Iceberg attire. As it's Iceberg gear with a Fiorian twist, it's lighter than regular winter clothing while still giving the comfort of furs and warm linings.

She would prefer to avoid wearing more revealing clothing, but if the weather becomes too warm she'll concede and wear more casual clothing, or perhaps various miniskirts and lighter dresses.

Extra: -


Personality: Flan could be described as an ambitious adventurer with a passion for learning and growth. Alternatively, others would know her as an aspiring mage wishing to further her studies. More still would go so far as to say that she's just a simple teenager discovering herself through acts of gut instinct.

Of those the latter would be most accurate. While Flan talks about grand ambitions, truthfully she's just trying to rebel and refrain from going home. Her adventurous personality and hunger for magical power is merely a coping method for all of that.

Truthfully she's still trying to figure out who "Flan" is, and hopes that by dipping her hands in everything, eventually something will stick and appeal to her inner self the most of all. Despite this, her outgoing personality and plucky behavior is no lie, and she does indeed have a deep desire to explore Earthland and learn its secrets. There is a deep sense of naivete within her such that she tends to blindly believe most people's claims outright, with even some of the more unbelievable things out there requiring deeper thought to see through.

Going along with these naive beliefs is a sense of justice and righteousness, such that she wants to do the right thing for the people around her when she can. She can often be seen going out of her way to help with less glamorous tasks for little or no reward simply because she feels that if she doesn't, it's likely no one ever will.

Flan also has a rebellious streak given her age, and dislikes authority and knights. In order to feel at home amidst her peers she would commit minor crimes in order to get the adrenaline rush that comes with it. While she would never stoop to the level of using her powers to harm anybody who didn't attack first, her temper is such at times that she will lash out like a hungry dog if she must. While it's only minor now, time will tell if her frustrations are a product of her rebel side or something seeded deeper.


  • Books: Flan loves books. She'll often be pulled into all kinds of worlds and far off lands through the ink scratches found within books. Even something as simple as holding and smelling a book is a gift for her, and she treats each new story as a new person being met for the first time.

  • Power: Regardless of the side of the moral spectrum it's used for, power is respectable to Flan. All things can be solved at their easiest through power, and it's immediately recognizable who has more leverage based on the power difference with all parties associated. Flan loves power, and would do anything to be the superior party and use her given power to make the world a better place.


  • Unhelpful People: Anybody who doesn't do something to help Flan personally is somebody that she cannot respect. Everybody has their own views on the world, certainly, but hers is the only correct belief! As such if they refuse to help or are overly rude to her without underlying cause, they aren't easily forgiven to Flan. Going against her wishes is the easiest way to make an enemy out of her.

  • Government: The government represents looming power over the people. In some cases it even represents oppression. Flan actively distances herself from governmental figures and any who would support them, thinking less on any who would wholeheartedly support the vultures in charge of managing the world. Their grip on society is purely out of greed and envy. A dying, suffering, burned alive politician would be music to Flan's ears.


  • Become a teacher: For all that she speaks of disliking authority, Flan wants to one day become a teacher. After her adventuring days are over and she feels content with the knowledge she's attained over the course of a memorable journey, she'll use that to help the next generation. For that purpose she also wants to overcome her own flaws and shortcomings to be the best person she can be for her future self.

  • Fight her father: One day, Flan wants to return home with all she's learned and fight her father. She knows that he's still an accomplished wizard, and wants to reveal his lies to her mother and the world. She wants everyone to know that they suffered needlessly, as her father could have easily solved all of their problems through power. For that, Flan wants to return one day and beat him to prove she'll be able to do what he couldn't in the future.


  • Water: As Flan can't swim, she fears water once it gets deep enough that she can no longer walk in it. As such, she'll try to avoid even the risk of the ocean claiming her whenever possible.

  • Insects: Creepy crawlies as they are, Flan hates the sensation of being touched by insects. Just as well, she hates how they look and how their bodies are, with the various appendages used for Illumin only knows what purpose. They're disgusting creatures that could creep up on her at any moment, and for that she eternally distrusts them.


Magic Name: Fire Magic

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Description: The most basic, common magic for a beginning wizard. The caster can summon flames primarily for the purpose of offense, but may also blanket flames around their exterior to protect from attacks in a defensive style. It also retains some less conventional abilities through supplementary magic.


History: Flan was born to merchants in the mountainous town of Baska. Her life was one of relative happiness for a time, assisting her mother and father in the shop's sales. They were sculptors who specialized in pottery, and their unique designs and aesthetics were sought after locally. The Gallows family was one that prided itself on handiwork and handiwork alone, as humble sculptors that served the people and boosted local morale with their art.

As years passed though, their art became less valuable. With other merchants setting up bigger and more important businesses in the area, they slowly lost business and customers. Those that did come by were drunken knights or even actual cutthroats that would smash their wares for fun and pay after. While they still made money, it was disrespectful and humiliating what their business had turned into. With a booming new age of salesmanship, there was less need for humble out of the way shops like theirs by the day.

As Flan grew older and questioned more into why her parents would be such doormats for the people paying for stress relief with extra steps, she would always get the same response.

"We're still making money."

That was the fire that lit the hidden fuel within her. Stumbling into their attic one night to look for anything she could find to sell for massive profit, she found a mysterious magical book hidden underneath piles of junk and documents. "The Cure For Poverty" it was titled, and inside it listed the basics of fire magic alongside notes scribbled on pages within. From what she could make out, it was her father's book. He practiced magic back in his youth and was so consumed in the flames he produced that he had to remove the book from his sight, buried under countless other memories. It was a crude, insulting book that implied that the cure for poverty was destruction until one found what they wanted.

Flan, overcome with frustration at her dad's secret past, packed up and left the following night. She traveled far and wide until she found Phantom Lord, who she heard was low on the Council's radar due to their chivalrous nature towards the local townsfolk. She respected that, and sought them out in a streak of rebellion against her parents and the government that allowed people like her to be stepped on without a second thought. Ever since she has learned magic under the watchful eye of her peers,
feeling right at home with her guild mates by her side.

Reference: -

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Ace Brookes

This character application has been approved.

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