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Battlemages [Social|Vali]

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#1Sage † 

Battlemages [Social|Vali] Empty Sat May 11, 2019 2:54 am

Sage †
The night sky was suspiciously dark. Not even a faint light of a distance star could be seen. The moon too wasn't in view, as if something had stolen all the lights from the heavens. Sage was hiding behind a tree, his pointy ears were trying to pick up any sign of movement, which he could detect instantly as the night was also unnaturally quiet.

Sage was wearing his white silk cloak, inside was his usual black clothes. After what seemed like forever, he could hear the sound of twigs being stepped on along with distance whispers. Although he couldn't make up the whole conversation, he did pick up some words like, tonight, summon, demons. He peeked through the branches of the trees and he could see two figures in purple hoods.

He then jumped out of the tree and dashed towards the two figures, punching one in the chin and grabbing the other one's cloak. "What are you guys planning?", he said with a menacing gaze, not a hint of a smile could be seen on his face. The one in the hood hesitated to answer and sounded scared as to what had happened to his friend. "I said -answer- me." Sage sounded threatening. The one in the hood then gave up and gave Sage all the information he needed.

Then suddenly there was a distant crack of thunder and lightning, on top of a mountain in the east forest. Sage clenched his teeth and brought his hand to his his heart, "Celeritas Maxima.", his body then had a radiant yellow light around it. He jumped towards the east forest, leaving wild winds behind him as he did.

When he arrived at the spot, a portal already opened and what came through it was a nightmarish demon, it's body huge and it's hands the size of a mansion. Sage felt anguish. He couldn't believe that such people would summon such a thing on innocent land and even AT NIGHT. He saw the summoning circle where there were people around it chanting about. Sage looked at the demon and it haven't walked past through the portal just yet. He dashed towards the summoning circle and hit the ground with a loud 'Boom!' that could be heard throughout Magnolia.

Dusts were everywhere but one thing anyone could see was the radiant light Sage was emitting. After the dusts cleared he was standing on a pit hole, his impact did that. He looked at where the portal was and it now it was gone. He sighed, he would have been in a tough situation if he had to fight the demon all alone.

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"Wait!" The seven foot Viking lord shouted as he rode his jet black horse through the woods. Even with such a fast companion, the mysterious blue eyed figure in front of him seemed to have almost incomprehensible speed. At this point Vali was unsure if the hooded figure had been running, or flying? "Who are you!?" He desperately asked in Icebergan once more. It wasn't too long ago when the mysterious hooded figure had left the cursed dagger for Vali. It was the same day he had fought with Tomoe and Shin. That morning this same mystery person appeared before him, standing directly in front of Magnolia's church. By the time Vali had approached him, he vanished leaving nothing but the ruby red dagger behind. The Icebrgan lord was no fool. This had to be the work of his gods. This being, it wasn't human that much was true. Could it be possible that a god was actually reaching out to him? The dark skinned man picked up the pace. "Yah!!" he shouted as his legs kicked the side of the horse.

To his surprise the mysterious figure seemed to be getting closer, and closer...and closer. Val eagerly stretched out his arm as he tried to grab at least the hood but just when it seemed like his hand was about to touch the figure he heard a loud bang about 30 meters in front of him. Quickly he picked up his hands, bringing his steed to a halt. Just like that his target vanished...again. "Fuck." he sighed. His eyes averted to what was now in front of him. What the hell? Dust swirled in a circle from where the bang came from but around the dust the Titan could see about 10 people gathered around trying to cover their eyes from all the dust. In the center of the dust, Val could see sparks of yellow, almost golden like the suns light. When the dust cleared he gazed upon a blonde headed boy in the center of the hooded people and when the hooded folk finally saw him, they all began to run forward towards him to attack.

"Yah!!" the seven foot viking shouted before commanding his horse to move towards the Frey. As the Fairy approached he jumped onto his horses back, riding it as if it was some sort of water board while drawing his dagger. When he was close enough he'd leap onto two of the hooded men, slamming their hands onto the ground. Another hooded person faced him, lifting their hand to conjure a dark magic circle. Quickly the Viking, ran forward, moving to the right slightly to dodge the small darkness beam and bringing his dagger up to the darkness mage's neck, slicing without hesitation. "Are you alright?" he asked concerned before turning towards the boy. The first thing he noticed was his ears which happened to shock the fuck out of the half-elf himself. "An elf?" He'd ask in Val'Elvarin as more men emerged from behind the kid. There was no time for conversation right now.

"Cultists..." he whispered in Icebergan.

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Sage †
It was a bad idea to cause such smokescreen that not only obscured his vision but he would be easy to be targeted due to the light he was emitting. He was ready for impact, but then he heard some of the cultists yelled in pain, when the dusts finally cleared from his view, he could see such a tall man slaughtering one of the cult magic casters. He looked at him in awe, and kind of shocked. It wasn't everyday someone came in to aid him. The tall figure asked if he was alright, for Sage everything seemed like it was freezing, he was drowned in questions, who is this man? where did he come from? why did he help him?

He was such in a shock because he hadn't been socializing for such a long time and someone asking if he was alright? It totally made him flatter. It made him feel more surprised as the tall figure spoke in Val'Elvarin, when he looked properly, the tall figure was also an elf. What was he doing here in Fiore? He got so many questions, his mind was so clouded. Then his gut shrunk, his intuition told him something was behind him.

Like a flash of light Sage turned his body in a way and swung his light covered fist at the cultists behind him, knocking them a few meters a way from him. He then turned towards the man, "Yes I'm fine,". He had experienced before a similar situation like this, where someone thought that he couldn't defend himself. Yes he looked like a kid and had been treated like one ever since he was born. Even though he was older than most teenagers.

To prove himself that he wasn't a vulnerable kid, as he had enough of being treated like one, he dashed towards the other cultist at an insane speed and knocked them unconscious, as if the tall man wasn't there, he searched the cultists for clues and found a summoning book, he grabbed it and tucked it between his armpits. Them turned towards the man, "We should go before the rune knights arrive,".

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The berserker of light before him was nothing more than a kid it seemed, but his power was clearly beyond his age. Although Vali was only fresh into adult hood he could tell that when it came to magical ability, this kid was superior. Perhaps not fighting ability though. He noticed how the kid moved while he attacked the cultists. His movements were basic as if he wasn't a properly trained fighter. Vali's crimson eyes picked up such a detail because he was a warrior himself. With a magic like his though, this kid didn't need proper training, he was knocking men out left and right. The titan wouldn't allow the kid to fight by himself though. In moments the viking lord had defeated a handful of men as well but when all was said and done a good portion of Cultists vanished into the woods.

"Tsk." The brown man placed his dagger back on his hip as the battle was finally over. On the ground there seemed to be a cultist trying to crawl away. "There we go." he whispered in Icebergan as he quickly moved towards the man, slamming his face onto the concrete to knock him out. He would serve as an Informant of sorts so Vali picked him up and threw him over his shoulder. These cultists weren't very strong, their power was obviously in their numbers which didn't make much of a difference anyway. With demons purging Fiore it didn't help that regular people wanted to add fuel to the fire. The golden half-elf retrieved some sort of book whilst Val threw the Cultist body on the back of his horse. He too then climbed on. Did that being lead me here on purpose? He wondered. Sage then suggested they leave before the Rune Knights arrived.

"Who are you, boy?" He asked as his horse began to walk through the woods.

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Sage †
The light that radiated from Sage extinguished after fighting with the cultists. He heard the tall figure whisper in a language he couldn't understand, which made him curious of who the man really was.

As they started walking, the question that Sage was pondering about was asked towards him instead. He shifted his gaze from the ground towards the tall man, trying to reconfirm himself that was he really talking to another elf. He then looked at the ground again, answering in Val'Elvarin, "Elm, Sage Elm.", his tone wasn't confident at first, but then it got better. For some reason his gut told him that he could trust this man. He then continued, "I've been assigned to stop these cults from causing havoc." he explained shortly. The organization that had sent him was a secret one and he couldn't give that up easily. He didn't know the man properly so he didn't want to mention that he was a holy knight which may cause a conflict Sage really don't want to start.

He then turned to face the man, "What about you? Suddenly appearing out of nowhere." he said with amusement and a little laugh at the end. Who Sage really was started to emerge, being very carefree and lighthearted. He just needed some time to get comfortable with the new environment, which in this case was the tall figure who had heroically jumped in and aided him.

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While Vali rode his horse, the blonde headed boy walked beside him finally revealing who he was. Sage Elm. A simple name with a nice ring to it, definitely rememberable considering it was literally only two syllables. Vali nodded, facing forward as the man admitted that he was assigned to stop cultists. Now Val couldn't determine how strong this kid was off what he just saw but if whoever was in charge of him had enough confidence that he could take on an entire group of mages, then he had to be strong. His appearance alone didn't make that obvious.  "Sage Elm, nice to meet you." He said strongly with a smirk. The young lord had a rather heroic vibe. He was strong, fast, tall, brilliant and not to mention extremely handsome- he really couldn't help how manly(?) he was. Hopefully this boy wasn't intimidated, after all they were both elves, a positive relationship was probably going to benefit both of them.

The horses hooves clicked against the ground with each step. The moon had been hidden behind the clouds, just like most of Vali was hidden under the beige colored cloak he was wearing. The Half-elf picked up the cloth around his neck as the man spoke, covering his mouth as he glanced towards Sage. "I am Vali Onfroy." He stated simply. "I was...searching for something which led me to you. When I saw a golden boy surrounded by mages in black I assumed you were fighting for justice." He sighed. "I'm fromFairy Tail, and you?" He casually inquired. He noticed that Sage didn't explicitly say who his superiors were. Could he have been a Rune Knight? Perhaps, but there was a chance he could have been something else to. Val heard rumors of Knights who were kind of like Runes but did their work in the name of their god. They were kind of Like cultists...only difference was that they were accepted for following the teaches the widely accepted false god.

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Sage †
Sage's cheeks turned a little bit red as the man said that it was nice meeting him. When was the last time he heard such warm words? And he mustn't lie to himself, that smirk was quite charming. He didn't know how to respond so he kept it to himself.

Vali Onfroy, what a manly name, which fits so well with his character, Sage thought after hearing his name. What he said next attracted Sage's attention fully onto him, he said he was searching for something? What was it? And why in the middle of the night? Then his next statement made Sage felt like Vali was disappointed of him plus the following sigh he let out. He thought Sage was fighting for justice? He literally stopped a giant demon from being summoned.

But before he could say anything Vali continued and said he was from Fairy Tail, which was reasonable as they were in Magnolia. Sage had always wanted to meet one of the Fairy Tail members, he wondered what a member of an independent guild was like, he envied their freedom. Then the question was asked towards him, he gave it a moment to answer. He didn't want to say he was a Holy Knight because one of the popular knight, Augustus, was a racist bastard even towards elves, so he didn't want to ruin a bond with another half-elf just because of who he worked for. Plus elves was supposed to worship other Gods beside Illumin so he didn't want to make the situation awkward or worse. "I'm afraid I can't tell you, the one who sent me tonight would literally kill me and you if I do tell.", he ended his sentence with a slight tone of amusement, and he wasn't lying, he was referring to the Hidden Moon, a secret organization his parents worked in before.

He then remembered of something he was very curious about, "Oh and where are you from? I heard you muttering in a language I haven't heard before." he asked Vali, looking at him with a face full of awe and wonder. Sage had always been curious of the world around him and wouldn't stop seeking for answers.

#8Vali Onfroy † 

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"Rune Knights are not very big on secrecy so If I had to take a guess I'd assume you work for the Holy Knights? I've heard they specialize in these kinds of things." The fairy looked Sage dead in the eyes to see how he'd react to Val's inquiry. The titan remembered hearing that the Holy Knights were once a secret organization but given the demons raiding the realm there was no need for secrecy any more. Perhaps he was wrong and they still wanted to remain under the radar. His proficiency in Val'Elvarin was thanks to his mother. While Desierto was her homeland, she always ensured her son that the language of the Elven society was much more important. In fact, Val was better at speaking it then Fiorian. "You don't have to confirm it." He quickly added with a warm tone. Vali watched Sage for body language rather for him to literal speak. Of course if his words were true then he didn't want to pressure him into death. It made sense as to why somebody would blatantly join someone who was willing to murder them, it was a sign of seriousness...strength. Vali himself had to behead a few traitors back on Iceberg. "I'm an Icebergan Lord of a village called Skaal." He simply said. He tried to speak before Sage could manage words from Val's last question. The crimson Titan was proud of his heritage and it showed as he spoke. "Where are you from?" He asked, his eyes with genuine intent as he looked into the boys own orbs. There was a chance that despite being a half elf Sage could be from Athalran.

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Sage †
Hearing 'Holy Knights' made Sage wanted to vomit. It had been a while since he last served them. He had been stopping demons under a different name, and of course not the Holy Knights, most of its members are humans and some of them are followers of Augusto, a racist superior in the rank of the Holy Knights. Sage joined them at first was because he was offered the job, and because he was interested in the teachings of Illumin he accepted, and one of the other reasons was because he was quite lonely and being invited to join an organization, boy was he excited, his hormones were being pumped all over his body. But after working for them for a few months he felt as if his identity had been stripped away. He could no longer do as he please and many of them looked down on him and were disgusted as he was a half-elf.

He looked away from Val when he mentioned the faction, looking at the dark sky instead. He didn't know what to think, it was all cluster fucked together. Then Val's warm voice drew Sage back into the real world. When was the last time someone treated him like that?

Val then answered his previous question. He was from Iceberg. Sage remembered the time he traveled there, the harsh memories he had hit him straight in the gut. The snowy mountains and the ruthless warriors they had. But Val seemed more civil than some that he met there. Maybe due to the fact that he was a Lord, which amazed Sage a little, what was he doing here in Fiore? He was then asked the same thing, which he had a few moments thinking what he should say, "I was born in Caelum. My mother's from Athalran but she got kicked because she birthed me." he answered directly. He had hoped Val would understand the kind of pain he was going through, it was quite rare to find another half-elf and most of Sage's life he felt very left out and all alone.

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The two had managed to become affiliated with one another. The more they moved through the woods, the closer to they were to the town. While Vali rode his horse, Sage continued to keep up. It felt...right(?) to be in the presence of another elf, let alone a half-breed like himself. Perhaps it was the fact that they had similar heritage but he could feel a literal connection between Sage and himself. It was deeper than he had felt around any Icebergan besides his family. From atop his steed the viking lord could see the buildings getting closer but the night sky gave them a shadowy appearance. Val noticed Sage's body language as he looked when when questioned but even then he wasn't sure if that truly meant he was apart of the Holy Knights. After the titan had asked the golden haired boy where he was from he was surprised to know that he was rejected the chance to live amongst wood elves from birth. "Really? Huh. My mother told me that they weren't fond of half-breeds but I didn't think they'd outright reject us. She didn't know a lot about Athalran though, she grew up as a slave and was eventually made a gladiator." He admitted. In truth he was proud that his mother was a trained warrior. She fit right in as a viking on Iceberg since she was so addicted to battle. Compared to the Jarl of Skaal, even as his wife she was far more dangerous than him. A light smile spread across his face as he thought of her for a moment...oh how he missed her. "It's good to have another mut like me around. It can't lonely sometimes, aye?" Finally they reached the end of the woods. The viking pulled the cloth down from over his mouth and took the cloth wrapped around his head off, revealing his silver hair. "If you ever have nowhere else to turn, Fairy Tail will always open their doors for you especially as long as I'm around." he ensured. People like them had to stick together if they wanted to survive this brutal world. "You hungry? We can munch at the park. I've got some Ale and cinnamon raisin bread." His warm smile never fading from his face as he patted his saddle.

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Sage †
His heart dropped as he heard that Vali's mom was a slave, but then was relieved a bit when he knew that his mom then became a gladiator. It was true that some of the wood elves accepted the half-elves but, "When I was born, the wood elves feared that I would bring upon calamity to their homeland. As they knew my father pretty well, and he's quite a troublemaker." he ended the sentence with a slight chuckle. At this point he realized that it was the first time he had talk about this with another soul. He was so lucky that Vali found him.

A warm smile appeared at the edge of Sage's mouth, what Vali said was true. "Yeah I always feel like I don't belong," then he thought about how they have met, Sage was stopping a group of cultist while Vali was looking for something. Was it destined that they crossed paths?

They finally got out of the woods and Vali unclothed the garments that was covering his face. Sage could then admire how the man actually looked. He seemed quite young for a Lord, maybe around Sage's age but a little older. Although it is a fact that Sage looked too young for his own age. He admired Vali's silver hair, it looked very nice. Vali then said that Sage could always come to Fairy Tail as long as he is around. To Sage it felt unbelievable, never in his life did he thought he would hear those words together. Sage looked at the taller man and without knowing he smiled genuinely, a warm smile of his. In his mind though he didn't know how to thank the man.

Then his mind stopped thinking about it when Vali asked him if he wanted to sit down and have a snack, Sage smiled brightly, showing his teeth. "Yeah sure!". When was the last time he felt so... belonged?

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So the wood elves really weren't any better than irrational humans it seemed. Either that, or Sage's father really was a bad guy. "You? If I hadn't witnessed a bit of what you were capable of I wouldn't believe that you could hurt a fly." He chuckled. "Aye." Vali nodded as Sage approved of the two sharing a snack. If Sage was really hunting down cultists, this would be a good way to find out what these cultists were doing in magnolia. Logic told him that they were probably aiding the rampant demons but he couldn't know for sure. Sage probably had an idea or two about what was going on. Vali climbed down off of his horse and decided that walking it would make conversation between the two easier. It was already bad enough that he was 7 feet tall, the horse only added to his monstrous height. The hooves tapped on the ground creating the clicking noise that the lord loved so much. With a sigh of relief he turned towards Sage as the duo made their way to the park. "Truth is, we don't fit in but that's what makes us great..." He began, spreading wisdom. "Ya know...my people believe that elves are Demi-gods, that the blood of gods is flows through all elves- good and bad." The Fairy closed and opened his hands as if he were adjusting to his own body. "Back home my people think that the Satri gods favor me above all." He turned towards Sage. "I believe that Elves are demi-gods so guess what that makes you?" He asked. A part of him felt the need to educate only because this boy was part elf just like him. He understood how it felt to feel alone because of who you were. Sage's race alone made Vali his friend.

#13Sage † 

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Sage †
He laughed along with Vali as he was quite amused. Deep down inside him he doesn't want to hurt anything or anyone at all. Ever since a kid he have this strong empathy towards his environment, he can understand a situation at a spiritual level. He can feel other's pain and joy. But deep down him he also wanted to protect the weak, and to do that he had to hurt some people. So when doing his job he would focus on the evil things his enemies are plotting, to keep himself from being too sympathetic of his foes.

Vali then hopped of the beautiful black mane, he was taller than Sage, probably about 2 feets. As they walked side by side Sage felt like home(?) but at the same time shy because he hadn't walk with somebody side by side for a very long time, and the fact that he just met this man not long ago. Then Vali started speaking, in a tone of a wise man, quite suit for a Lord. He listened tentatively to Vali while looking at the ground. 'Demi-gods huh?' Sage had thought. Then he was asked the question, "Urrr, that would make me a demi-demigod? Since we're half-elves?" He had guessed while sounding amused by his own statement, looking at Vali with a slight grin at the corner of his mouth.

#14Vali Onfroy † 

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"That's only if you choose to believe that too, my friend." Val chuckled. Sage gave off an aura that was completely innocent but the young lord knew that mages were hardly innocent, especially mages as strong as them too. Perhaps Sage had done right all his life and hadn't harmed a single innocent or hadn't done completely selfish things but Val didn't think it was likely. The viking himself had done things that sometimes he wish he could take back, Like raiding villages, burning homes to the ground for the sake of Skaal and even killing women and children. Of course those were in his younger days, the times he thought that killing and death were the only parts of his culture. Those days were long gone now though, in fact ever since coming to Fiore he felt as if he could begin anew. The two reached the park moments later. The Fairy quickly tied his horse to the gate's entrance before grabbing the food out of the saddle and making his way a few meters into the park, sitting on a random spot in the grassy area. "So tell me..." he began as he brought the entire loaf of bread out of it's clear plastic bag. "Since whoever you work for has you out here tracking groups of cultists, is it safe ti say that you've come across your share of demons?" He asked as he placed the bag onto the ground and then the loaf of bread on top. his tone grew more serious because finding out information about these rampant demons was a serious mission if he wanted to keep all he cared about safe. From his waist he took off the leather flask, popping the bottle open before taking a few gulps. Ale was man's best friend especially for the Icebergan Lord. Everyday he had a cup or so at least- not because he was an alcoholic but because to him the taste was exquisite. Often times he wouldn't even get drunk from drinking it and he didn't really need it at all.

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Sage †
Sage felt great after Val replied to his answer with the same energy. Sage had the power to protect the weak from evil forces, and it kinda suppressed his true nature. Sage is carefree, lighthearted, and very sensitive. But ever since he had to deal with these evil forces, he had to be serious, lives were on the line. But after meeting Vali he felt safe to show who he truly is. Probably because they share the same race and was quite hard to find one. If Vali hadn't shared the same race as Sage he would probably be in his serious mode as he couldn't trust just anybody, especially during the dark times.

They finally reached the park and Sage followed Vali with a beaming smile, wasn't because he was extremely happy but because it was his normal face, who he truly were. He then sat opposite of the young Lord and when he was about to grab for the loaf Vali spoke, "Huh?" Sage automatically replied to the first phrase, then he continued to listen what Vali was about to say. "Yeah I've been dealing with them since day one," he answered briefly, sighing after that. "There's a reason why I was granted this magic of mine, and it seemed like I can protect those who can't protect themselves with it. So I've been secretly dealing with these creatures," he explained to Vali, his tone had changed a little bit. "Up until now where 'they' noticed me going berserk towards this demons and sent me here." he said while sounding a little bit amused by the idea.

From the moment he set foot onto the holy knight's building they all looked down on him because of his child-like face and body size. They all thought he was a kid and wasn't suitable for the job of dealing with demons. But Sage knew deep down that he had the ability to deal with the evil creatures. So he went into the battleground, on his own, without anyone knowing. Then The Hidden Moon organization noticed him, and sent him here. Which was a good thing since he met Vali on the way, which was sort of a miracle. Then he remembered something, "Oh yeah, didn't you say you were searching for something? Sorry I got you distracted." he chuckled at the end of the sentence, while feeling a little bit guilty it wasn't entirely his fault so why feel so bad about it.

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In a matter of moments he learned that the half-elf in front of him had dealt with demons already. The fact that he was still standing here meant that he was strong and/or lucky, either way Vali took note and planned on asking him more. There were things he needed to learn as soon as possible like they're weaknesses, strengths, abilities, where they come from and hopefully he had a clue of where they might be going next. If Sage worked for the Holy Knights chances were that he had some useful information.  The viking elf nodded as he listened to he new friend. Even under the night sky, his aura was bright and warm like the light he used for his magic. His purpose was to defend those who couldn't do it themselves apparently, a noble gesture indeed. "Going Berserk aye? So after seeing your power, they sent you to deal with threats here rather than the threats where you were before....huh." He concluded. That could mean that his superiors expected demons to start randomly popping up in Magnolia. "The world is being plunged into chaos." He sighed.

Sage then remembered that Vali mentioned looking for something wondering what it was. For a second the viking looked into sage's eyes thinking if telling him the truth was taking a risk. After a moment of silence he decided that it wasn't a risk at all, besides what could Sage possibly know about anything in Vali's life. "To be honest, I'm chasing after what may be a ghost." He stated simply. The viking took his dagger from his waist and waved it in front of his face. "I keep seeing this being with bright icy blue eyes. I don't know who it is or what it wants but the other day it dropped this." He extended his hand to give Sage a better view and if he wanted to hold it he could. "It's some sort of cursed dagger." The language of elves was an odd one with weird letters merging with one another to make words that would otherwise sound like some sort of alien language. "I went after it  and it led me into the woods where I found you." Val put the flask to his lips, "I don't know if it's the gods or if its something else but whatever it is doesn't seem like it's trying to hurt me." He said looking a while while finally taking a swig of his Ale.

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Sage †
He couldn't deny the fact that what Vali said was true, the world was being corrupted day by day, but deep inside Sage, he still believed that there were still hope, he seemed lost in his mind and without noticing he muttered, "Even after the darkest night the sun still rise." in his breath.

After asking Vali about what he was after, the young Lord looked at Sage straight in the eyes. Sage wondered why he was giving such gaze then he concluded that maybe Vali was thinking if he could trust Sage or not, and by what he said next, it seemed like he did. "A ghost?" Sage would look confused. He then shifted his gaze towards what Vali had brought out, a dagger covered by what seemed to be crystals. At the first sight of it Sage could already tell that something was off with the crystal, he could feel it is cursed. Most cursed items gives off a bad vibe and the fact that Sage intuition were high he would only look at the dagger not wanting to touch it as he didn't know what terrible things might happen to him. Vali then confirmed that it was in fact cursed.

After explaining what had brought Vali to the forest, Sage smiled, "Maybe the ghost purposely lead you to me?" he sounded amused, chuckling at the end. Then he sounded slightly more serious but his warm smile still intact, "But truth be told, it is quiet rare to meet someone like us, the probability is very low." he explained, throughout his life he had been wondering if he could find someone that shares the same race as him and he always told himself that the chance is close to impossible. He then looked at Vali, "So are you gonna look for this, ghost, after this?" he asked as he reached for the loaf, breaking a piece of it and stuffed it into his mouth.

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The noble viking chuckled at Sage's comment. While it was a possibility what reason other than friendship would the phantom bring him to Sage for? Did he have some sort of hidden relationship with the gods? Vali couldn't see anything too specific at the moment but he wondered if Sage was right.The blonde boy continued on admitting that it was rare to come across people like them and ended up asking him if he would pursue the phantom. "Aye. It is very rare, perhaps our purposes intertwine?" He suggested in the common tongue tryin to validate their connection. The elven viking took another gulp before answering Sage's question, handing him the flask of Ale in the process with a nod urging him to take it. "Maybe. It comes to me whenever it wants and disappears whenever it wants so I will just go home and rest after this..." He sighed, remembering something rather important. "Ah fuck me...." Quickly he stood up." I fucking forgot that I have some things to finish up for the guild." He said. "You're welcome to stay with me for as long as you like if you have nowhere else to go." Truth was that he could definitely use the company. It was bad enough he felt rather alone because he was the only Icebergan around it seemed like- specifically the only viking, and it was even worse that he was the only elf. Sage felt like the only person he could truly trust, even moreso than his own guild mates.

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Sage †
Sage came to a shock when Vali spoke in Fiorian, he brought his hands to his mouth then bring it down after when he calmed down a little, "I didn't even realize I spoke in Val'Elvarin, how long had it been since I used it? 5 years perhaps?" he sounded very amused at the beginning. "I'm surprised I still got it in me," he chuckled. He took the ale from Vali and gave it a chug. Back then a little drop of alcohol can make him drunk. But after a while, Sage started to develop stress and such and alcohol had been his best friend after some late night work.

Then Vali stood up cursing, Sage could only watch as he said what was wrong. Then Sage's face beamed and he jumped from sitting, standing up in front of Vali, "Of course I'll go with you!" he said with lots of enthusiasm in his voice. He then took another gulp of the ale letting out an "Ah~" at the end and gave the flask back to its rightful owner. After dealing with the cultists, from that morning where he had been searching for clues not resting even a bit to fighting with them had been very exhausting, so if he had fun once in a while with a new friend who shares the same race with him sounded very nice at that time.

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Sage explained how long it's been since he spoke the tongue of Elves and it was amazing that he was still so fluent in it. Upon mentioning the smaller male being welcomed in his home Sage lit up with excitement. Just like his glorious light, his soul was just as bright. With a smile Vali nodded, picking up the bread that had barely been touched and placing both his ale and his food on his horse. Taking a second to prepare himself, he jumped onto the horse and looked back at Sage. "Come on then." he said warmly with a smile. That was his invitation to ride with Vali. If he declined though the viking would simply ride his horse at a pace that kept up with with elven brethren. This kid was special, it didn't take a seer to see that, Vali was pleased to have him around... especially since darker days were among them. With a quick "Hya!" the horse began moving. Back to the Dawn hour inn it was then, Val had some important work to do. Tomorrow he expected Fairy Tail mages to come to the guild for some intense training. It would be a shame though, if nobody came at all. However, the viking lord had faith.

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Sage †
Sage followed Vali, walking to where he had tied up his horse. At first he thought that it would suck if he had to walk all the way to god knows where but then Vali invited Sage to ride with him, Sage's face beamed immediately. He jumped on the horse, sitting right behind Vali. It had been quite a while since Sage rode on a horse, so he was prepared if something bad was gonna happen to him.

Sage was light, in terms of weight. So when the horse started moving he felt like he couldn't keep himself stable, so before he fall he hold onto Vali's waist. Hugging him. Sage didn't know how Vali would react but one thing for sure, he felt shy doing so but he had no choice, ever since a child he had always feared from falling off, anxious of how bad it'll feel after he had fallen. "Err I'm not good with big horses," he would say as an excuse, laughing afterwords, amused by his own silliness. Despite being good in the battlefield, Sage particularly wasn't good with all these physical activities. He would simply become so anxious of his surroundings and hence act very poorly. Not to mention the pressure he could feel from others expecting him to do well as he was a man after all.

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Once sage was on the horse the two of them began moving. Vali laughed as Sage hugged his waist tight exclaiming that he wasn't good with big horses. The viking picked up the speed and the horse began zooming through the streets of Magnolia with not a single soul to stop them. The hooves clicked against the floor. To make matters a bit more frightening it was completely dark outside so the two of them couldn't see anything. Still to Vali it was quite fun but maybe not for Sage. In fact the viking hadn't even been traveling to the house. Only a few minutes after going for a joy ride he would make his way over to the Inn he was staying in. It was called Dawn Hour inn and although it was a rather small place it still made for a cozy spot. Vali would finally hope off the horse, waiting for sage to do the same so that he could tie him to the post. "Alright, come on." He'd say to his friend before entering the Inn. There was so much Vali had to think about before bed, but right now he was still hungry as hell.

- EXIT -

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Sage †
Sage couldn't help but grin a little as Vali laughed at his statement. They went for a ride and at first Sage was a little bit scared if he would fall off. But little by little he raised his head to feel the wind brushing past his face. He had never felt so alive. He would laugh at the excitement of the wind blowing his hair. At one point he would shout in excitement, the adrenaline that had been stored in him burst out into his circulatory system, pumping it to the rest of his body. He was actually having fun, he looked at the taller man sitting in front of him, then he smiled, he felt lucky to find a friend in such dark times.

When they finally reached the inn, Sage followed Vali and hopped off the horse. When they went in both of them ate something, and they would talk and talk, knowing more about each other. Val let Sage to stay in his room and so he did. Sage thought he would leave the next morning but no he spent more time with his new found friend, having fun and laughing all day long. He had never felt so grateful for meeting a person, except for that other person.


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