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Honor to a Name [Open]

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#1Miles Nakamura 

Honor to a Name [Open] Empty on Fri May 10, 2019 10:14 pm

Miles Nakamura
It was a dear shame.

The party was not so fun afterall. It annoyed him so much with how nobles and high-class people could be. He was fortunate none of his relatives were like this, even on his mother's side. At least, they were respected and mostly fire mages. What was it with the Nakamura males and finding fire mages? He just noticed that. Both of his Uncle Nicolas and his father married someone with fire magic. That was truly weird.

"Well, mother will be angry. They should of known I was not perfect to maintain the family image. I am FAR from that. Dad or Astrid would of been more suited to go. Oh well, who cares..." he spoke out loud. Many reasons the Nakamura family was not accepted among the other rich clans of the country. They all held a stuck up opinion and stuck to it. Hating other races and for Illumin, the very religion that hurt his family. Leon thought the same as him.

Orchidia was a pretty country, something he had not noticed before. He paused and looking at hte beauty around him. "Sight for a thousand words...perfect. I can see why this town is so well liked. Lamia Scale really chose a pretty place to call home" he spoke. He was not too keen on joining a guild anytime soon. He hoped to just protect his family and put honor to Deliah's name. The lightning mage gave a heavy sigh, clearing his hair out of his eyes.

"Let's hope something interesting happens."

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