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Lusinya Weyr, dragon bonding RP with pirates!

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Lusinya Weyr, dragon bonding RP with pirates! Empty Fri May 10, 2019 6:31 pm


Amid the thick jungles of the Southern Continent lies Lusinya Weyr. Both the envy of and the bane of the North, Lusinya is liberal, rich, and well-established. Sure, their seaside port of Belior might have a bit of a pirate problem, and the new Pass began in the worst possible way: in the middle of a Hatching. But in all, the first Turn of the Pass went as well as could be expected.

Late in the second Turn, however, the long-standing Senior Weyrwoman was murdered, and the first gold to rise after her was young Dunecaith, fresh out of weyrlinghood, a rebellious gold who hates the rules. With Lusinya now run by a teenage Senior and a brown-riding Weyrleader, the next few Turns look bumpy.

At the Weyr, Dunecaith's first clutch is about to hatch! Our lovable rapscallion pirate crew is dealing with the ramifications of an increasing crackdown in the seaside Belior Hold due to the murder of the last senior weyrwoman. Finally, at the request of our members we have recently introduced whers and wherhandlers!

Come join the fun!

We offer:
~ Canon flexible play
~ Lots of open rank positions to be filled
~ Leadership opportunities for all dragon colors
~ Opportunities for members to write clutches
~ Plot input
~ Playable Holds
~ Pirates!
~ Dolphins!
~ Now accepting whers and handlers!

[u]Recent Updates:[/u]
~ Gold Dunecaith's first clutch is on the Sands and due to hatch later this month (May)
~ A Turnover Gather Event coming soon
~ Spring Writing Challenge (with prizes for top winners!)

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