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Iemochi Kashiwa

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#1Iemochi Kashiwa 

Iemochi Kashiwa Empty Fri May 10, 2019 3:42 am

Iemochi Kashiwa


Name: Iemochi Kashiwa

Age: 28 (January 13, X759)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Sorcerer 

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Rune Knights 

Mode: Normal 

Tattoo: Right Bicept, pink

Face: Shinya Kogam- Psycho Pass



Weight: 145lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Overall: Iemochi is a human male that stands around five-foot elven inches, and who possesses a rather muscular but slender build. He has jet black hair that has a messy unkept look to it, and a clean-shaven face that he always makes sure to trim at least once a week. For the most part, Iemochi is considered handsome and even mysterious, which is mostly due to his apathetic and even near-expressionless demeanor. Iemochi has dull cold black eyes, which can be creepy, especially when he is unintentionally starring at someone when he accidentally zones out. What he wears, depends on the situation at hand. While on duty, Iemochi commonly wears white tank-top and navy-blue slacks alongside a pair of black combat boots. Over his tank top, Iemochi wears a navy blue nehru style military jacket alongside a long, thick, dark pelted fur coat over his shoulders. When he is not working, Iemochi can be seen wearing various t-shirts and various joggers, however, he still wears his large coat over his shoulders and his pair of black combat boots. At home, however, Iemochi will almost always wear a tank top and pajama pants, and walk around barefooted. 

Extra: None


Personality:  Iemochi is a solitary and private person who usually keeps to himself.  He doesn’t really speak much but instead prefers to listen closely and observe others without directly getting involved. Since he is easily prone to headaches, Iemochi prefers quietness over loudness and he sees silence as bliss. Because of his headaches, Iemochi does try to stray away from large social gatherings like parties and festivals. He often appears to apathetic towards other people, and at times it seems like he active ignores or avoids people. Iemochi often speaks about sensitive topics bluntly and speaks his mind seemingly without any regard towards other people’s opinion. Iemochi can also be a sarcastic butt whole at times and has a bad habit of mocking others for their stupidity. However, unlike most people who mock others Iemochi knows when he is going too far, and he knows when to stop. 

Another major aspect of Iemochi personality is his laziness and laid-back demeanor. He has a natural inclination to do as little work as possible. When he was younger, Iemochi would always find the easiest way to perform a task, and when he couldn’t find the easy way out, he would then instead try to find some way out of it. At one time in his life, Iemochi wanted to live an unremarkable life free of any major responsibilities, but that would later change as he grew older and matured into the man that he is now. Iemochi has a rather strong moral compass which moved him away from his lazy pursuits, as he often finds himself volunteering himself to help others. Admittedly, Iemochi will still try to do as little work as possible and discover the easiest way to complete a task. But if it is required of him to put in hard work then Iemochi will begrudgingly do so but he is notorious for complaining along the way. An example of his moral compass moving him away from his lazy pursuits is his decision to join the Rune-Knights.

Iemochi’s compassionate nature and moral compass are often seen in his personal belief of justice. You see, Iemochi, unlike some other rune-knights, does not believe in the violent nature of absolute justice. Instead, Iemochi believes that justice can change depending on the situation, and thus how you carry out justice should change as well. While he is fully committed to the Rune-knights, Iemochi is not above questioning his orders. Furthermore, Iemochi will not automatically take innocent lives as his first option, instead, he will explore other options before killing an innocent civilian, and only when necessary or unavoidable would he kill an innocent man. Iemochi is also not above letting someone who committed a morally just offense escape or go free, however, he is absolutely merciless to those who committed evil and atrocious crimes. 


  • Sweets: He absolutely love sweet treats like candy and cakes. A good way to apologize to Iemochi is with something sweet and delicious. He especially likes trying foreign deserts and candies.
  • Sleeping: Iemochi needs his beauty sleep. Without his sleep, Iemochi will become this grumpy old man and an overall unpleasant person to be around. he views the times he sleeps as a time for him to recharge.


  • Holy Knights: Iemochi does not believe that any religion should have a military force to control. He also doesn’t agree with some of their beliefs and tactics that they use. Iemochi especially doesn’t like the Holy Knight’s mission of converting others.
  • Dark Guilds: Iemochi holds an inner hatred for Dark Guilds and mages. Especially, if those dark mages killed innocent people just for the fun of it. However, Iemochi does believe in second chances, and fortunately, he does know how to hold back his hatred.


  • Duty: Iemochi has a sense of duty that keeps him active and off his couch. He believes that it is his duty to innocent people who cannot defend themselves, and to play his part in making the world a better place. Sometimes his duty to protect others is often confused with his duty to justice and his duty as a Runeknights.


  • Corruption: Iemochi fears that he will become a monster. He fears that one day in the far future, he would lose sight to his honor and morals, and become the very thing that he swore to fight against.
  • Failure: Iemochi fears that he would fail his tasks of defending the helpless. This could be because of his own inability to defend those around him, or it could be caused by his own moral corruption.  


Magic Name: Mochi Mochi Body 

Magic Element: Earth

Magic Description: A unique form of caster magic that revolves around Joya sweet treat. Mochi is Joya race cake made of mochigome, which is a short-grain japonica glutinous rice which is pounded into paste and molded into a desired shape. This unique caster magic allows the user to transform his body into mochi and to create mochi from their surroundings. The mochi that the caster creates is usually white in appearance and sticky, however, the caster can control the viscosity and thickness of the mochi. Offensively, the caster can create mochi thick enough to use as large blunt weapons, and the caster can use the mochi to create various tendril-like weapons. The caster can also use his magical energy to harden his mochi allowing him to create more effective weapons, this would also change the color and appearance of the mochi. The mochi can be used to extend the caster’s limbs for various attacks, to bind his opponents, and to transform into mochi.


History: Iemochi Kashiwa was born on January 13, x759 in a city located in Joya. His parents were both Joya merchant who owned a simple but successful shop that sold magical items. However, before he was born, and his parents opened their magical shop. Iemochi’s parents were well-known treasure hunters and explorers, and they often traveled the world searching for bizarre and weird trinkets to collect. Iemochi’s mother was a powerful sorceress in her own right, while his father was a skilled swordsman and fighter. A compassionate couple, Iemochi’s parents believed that those with power should help those without power, and during their travels, they would help anyone who was in need. Their adventuring would soon come to end when Iemochi’s parents decided to settle down and start a family. They returned home to Joya and opened a shop to settle down.  The magic shop that they opened contained the many strange and bizarre artifacts that his parents discovered. People would come from all over Joya to purchase the rare artifacts contained within his parent’s shop, and they managed to keep a steady input of goods by hiring other treasure hunters and mages to obtain more trinkets for them to sell. It didn’t take long for his parent’s shop to become a successful business.

Iemochi lived a rather simple childhood. Even when he was younger, Iemochi was a rather reclusive individual. He was rather shy and a socially anxious little bean. Combine this with the fact that he was easily prone to headaches, and he was quick to find other children to be immature and obnoxious. This would cause socializing to be stressful for Iemochi and for that reason, he would spend most of his time in the shop with his parents or alone in his room. His parents, however, would often kick him out of the house and the shop, and force him to socialize. Despite his awkwardness and grumpy demeanor, Iemochi managed to somehow make a lot of friends or well acquittances. But he only hangs out with these acquittances and friends at school or when his parents forced him to socialize. The only exception to this would be his best friend, Kaori. Iemochi and Kaori became close friends, and Kaori was the only friend that Iemochi would bring home. One day when Iemochi and Kaori were hanging out at his parent’s shop, Kaori dared Iemochi to eat a magical dumpling. Letting his ego get the best of him, Iemochi at the magical dumpling and over the next three days his magic started to develop. Iemochi got into huge trouble when he told his parents, but his mother reluctantly taught Iemochi how to control the magic.  

Iemochi’s parents, fortunately, didn’t end his friendship with Kaori, and over time the two became closer to one another. At the age of sixteen, Iemochi joined the city guard as a recruit, and the two developed a romantic attraction towards one another. Iemochi would take his job very seriously, and at times without question. On the other hand, Kaori would eventually join a gang in order to get money to provide for his family. This would set Iemochi and Kaori against each other, and Iemochi at times couldn’t find the will to arrest his former friend. One day, Kaori’s boss would send him and some other members of the gang to rob Iemochi’s parent's store. Kaori tried to convince his boss otherwise but angered that Kaori would question his command the boss killed him. Heartbroken, Iemochi was sent into a rage and tracked down the gang boss and murdered him. Ashamed of his actions, Iemochi decided to leave his home and traveled to the Fiorie. He joined the Runeknights in hopes to correct his past mistakes and to find peace.

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#2Ace Brookes 

Iemochi Kashiwa Empty Thu Jun 13, 2019 5:45 pm

Ace Brookes

Hey Iemochi, I'll be reviewing your character app.

Basically, everything looks really good! All I need you to do is put "-" or "none" instead of the text in Extra, under Physique. Otherwise, this character application is good to go.

#3Iemochi Kashiwa 

Iemochi Kashiwa Empty Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:03 am

Iemochi Kashiwa
Thank you ^.^, I fixed the mistake!!!

#4Ace Brookes 

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Ace Brookes

This character application has been approved.

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