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Persona Trapped

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Persona Trapped Lb4dyVh
The city of Sanyo is a diverse metropolis inspired by different parts of Japanese culture, and to a lesser degree various parts of the world. However, the diverse opinions of the city's residents is as much a curse as it is a blessing - many schools of thought clash among its business and political figures, and this trickles down all the way to Sanyo's everyday citizens.

As of late, the city has been suffering from inexplicable weather phenomena where some sections of the city suddenly lose natural light. What's odd is that devices, electricity, and so on continue to function. Other times, a fog seeps into the city at night blanketing sections of it before suddenly disappearing. What isn't common knowledge is that on the rare occasion, people go missing for a day only to turn up the next barely conscious...

...Save for a lucky(?) few. What lurks in this town and why? The answer, I fear, is yours to discover.

We're Persona Trapped! A Persona role-playing forum that is in its own continuity and open regardless of roleplay level or familiarity with the Persona franchise. Please take a look if you're even the slightest bit interested!

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