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Olida Region [Jcink] [AU Pokemon, Slice-Of-Life]

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#1Olida Region 

Olida Region [Jcink] [AU Pokemon, Slice-Of-Life] Empty Wed May 08, 2019 9:40 am

Olida Region [Jcink] [AU Pokemon, Slice-Of-Life] NOtElJT

We are a Pokemon roleplay based in an original region... a region that, up until now, has lived without a Pokemon league, gyms, or even battling! With Olidan League being built, the Region is participating in a year-long contest beginning January 1st to determine their new figureheads.

The Olida Region takes inspiration from all main Pokemon entries, the anime, and a dash of Stardew Valley and earlier Harvest Moon games.

We are a slice of life roleplay focusing on living life day to day with each other and Pokemon - statless, battle-optional, and no leveling! As a community, we are interested in uplifting writers and reading their stories, as well as giving an interesting outlet for their creativity!

The Olida Region holds monthly events, contests and battle games for those interested. Character creation is mostly staff-hands off and 'anything goes'. Come check us out!

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