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Name: Drain Cybalt

Age: 15. August 15th, X772

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Unknown

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Boscosi

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Half-Dwarf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Phantom Lord

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Left shoulder, green

Face: Tressa - Octopath Traveler


Height: 5'2"

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair: Brown, ear length hair with two long bangs on either side of her face

Eyes: Green

Overall: Drain stands at 5'2", 130 lbs. While still young and not entirely embracing the Dwarven side of her ethnicity, she is nevertheless heavier than a girl of her height and age despite attempting to appear rather lean. Her stockiness is par for the course for a Half-Dwarf as she is, and she's already felt that she's near the end of her physical growth in multiple ways.

She likes to wear loose cloth that's comfortable and doesn't cling to her too much. She prefers to keep light and not dress dark, as she doesn't want to appear depressing to those around her. Drain often wears leather vests over her dresses and robes to bind her chest, self conscious about her lack of curves or feminine features. She can also almost never be seen traveling without her signature green feathered hat and optimistic, cheerful smile aspiring towards greatness. More often than not, she can be seen with open and welcoming body language and a proud and tall stance; as tall as she can stand, anyway. Overall she loves tomboyish, practical styles and would prefer never to wear anything formal unless absolutely needed.

Extra: -


Personality: Drain is a fount of boundless optimism. She doesn't let any of the anxieties of the world get to her, in part because she hasn't lived or experienced enough yet to truly know the dark things that await in the world. As such she's truly quite naive and carries a sense of wanderlust to discover the world. She has an adventurer's spirit at heart, and a love for the world and the people in it. This naivete extends further in that she can't seem to see 'good' or 'evil', but rather simply sees people that are helping her and those that aren't.

Those who have known her for a long time would even say something is broken in her mind, as she can only definitively comprehend what is good or bad based on her own morality. Protecting the world at large is important, and it's the ultimate desire mankind should strive for. Everything else is meaningless and lives could be sacrificed for the greater good. This is the result of many fairy tales and novels she read as a kid regarding heroes making the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good, culminating in her perception of it all.

Other than her idea of what being a hero means, she appears as a normal teenage girl otherwise. Most of the time she is a plucky, happy-go-lucky girl seeking adventure and friendship. As long as one only explores Drain's external persona, they'll never know the things she's subconsciously suppressing for the majority of the time. Not that there's anything wrong with preservation of humanity through sacrifice.

She also upholds an ironclad sense of honor, and refuses to go back on any promise she makes. She will repay any debts she owes and keep on top of any debts others owe to her. Despite her age, her willpower and ability to calm down in tense situations is well above her years.


  • Adventure: Drain's love of adventure is rivaled by nothing else. She's always looking towards the horizon and towards new things to satisfy the empty feeling in her stomach.

  • Aggression: Drain has an odd love for combat and all things concerning aggression and passion. She wants to fight, grow stronger, and learn from those above her. Without power, there's nothing else worth living for.


  • Stubborn People: Drain dislikes the kinds of people who won't give up their morals for anything. Everybody should follow her instructions no matter what, if she firmly believes that her way is the right way.

  • The Ocean: Drain hates the ocean. From the smell to the view and the feeling in the air, it's an entirely unlikable location to be in at any point. She also has a tendency towards seasickness, which only adds as fuel to the fire of hatred towards the ocean.


  • Find the cure to save her mother: Drain's mother is dying, which is what set her on her journey in the first place. She'll do anything to save her mother, and delve to any depths to find a cure to her curse. Morals and the idea of good and evil do not concern Drain in her quest to save the one she loves most.

  • Protect the people: Drain wants to discover a power fit to protect the people of Fiore, and the world at large. She wants to discover all sorts of rare magic and decide which would be the best fit for the cause of protecting people. By any means necessary she will uncover the deepest secrets of the world in order to discover that which is most powerful and worthy of saving Earthland.


  • Darkness: Drain is young enough that she still hasn't quite gotten over her fear of the dark. She fears the unknown things that might lurk in what she can't see, and hates feeling vulnerable in those moments.

  • Fire: Fire causes Drain to freak out and retreat from the more intense displays of it. It's so constantly dangerous, bright and flowing that it registers as a threat at any point when visible. While contained fires like that of a fireplace are fine, the wild and untamed flames of an enemy in combat terrify her.


Magic Name: Dark Venture

Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Description: Dark Venture is a generic magic of the dark element, used to manipulate dark matter, that can be easily learned by anybody with a desire for a long journey and a boundless enthusiasm for learning. It is a magic suited for Sorcerers with an adventurous mentality, who would prefer to demolish enemies quickly and return to their adventure rather than drag fights out. Dark Venture can be used for offensive, supplementary, defensive and self-buffing purposes as per the Sorcerer's class spells.


History: Drain is a carefree young girl who loves adventure and learning. She grew up in the comfort of the capital city of Fiore: Crocus. She grew up in a loving family with her father, mother and two older brothers. Her parents ran a food cart daily and made decent money for themselves, resulting in an average upbringing among a working class family. She always had a passion for learning magic, but her mother forbade her from learning it, being a Dwarf who feared such things. As such she spent her time assisting her father who was a librarian - sorting books and managing the stock to ensure people were keeping up with their borrowed literature. It was a mundane life, but there was little that such a young girl could do. Regardless, Drain was content.

One day Drain's mother refused to hand over a customer's order at the food cart due to lack of money, and the customer took it personally. Muttering something under his breath as he walked away, mysteriously no one could remember the man's face. In that moment, Drain's mother turned pale and grew faint, blacking out in the middle of the street.

She was pulled back home and a doctor was called immediately, who could not determine what was wrong with her other than that she was cursed by something slowly sucking the life out of her. Her brothers, being physically capable and filled with a talent for magic, set out to find a cure. Weeks passed, and when there was no word from them or any sign of their existence, the father was sent into an alcoholic depression.

Drain had to work overtime at the library in her dad's absence, and eventually stumbled across a book that an old robed man had donated days earlier.

"Tome of Adventure", it was called. Needless to say, it piqued Drain's interest. She read it from end to end in a single sitting, becoming enthralled with the tale from page to page, absorbing its words late into the night and early into the morning. She needed something to cope with her family's losses, and this book made her feel happiness.

Upon closing it after reading the final sentence, she felt inspired to do something about her family's fate. She would find and bring back her brothers, cure her mother's curse, and save her father from his depression. All she needed was power, and the ability to evolve as a person. The sheer inspiration of the book bestowed the unknown knowledge of adventurers' past, giving her access to the dark secrets they found on their quests.

She set out with nothing more than a goodbye letter left in her bedroom and the clothes on her back, seeking out a cure. Eventually she would stumble upon a place the book informed her would lend well to her ambitions and goals - a guild by the name of Phantom Lord. Ever since she has pledged herself to the phantoms, fighting under their banner and protecting the weak from harm.

Reference: -

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#2Ace Brookes 

Drain Empty Wed May 08, 2019 7:32 am

Ace Brookes

Hi there, I'll be reviewing your character app.

You need to add one more motivation for your character.

Also, Drain has a fear of darkness and also uses darkness elemental magic. Therefore I just need to make you aware that your magic might affect your character negatively. For example casting an area of effect (AoE) spell would trigger her fear. So its up to you if you want to change that or leave it as it is.

The app looks really good though.


Drain Empty Wed May 08, 2019 11:34 am

Added the motivation.

And yeah, I'm aware of the magic + fear contradiction. Left that as an intentional thing.


Drain Empty Wed May 08, 2019 7:27 pm


This character application has been approved.

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