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Daliah to Magnolia(Foot Travel)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

Daliah to Magnolia(Foot Travel) Empty on Sun May 05, 2019 5:21 am

Priscilla Ivalice
Sometimes you just needed to take a break from the things you were around, Even if you enjoyed what you were doing in that area, Priscilla did enjoy Daliah a lot more then she first assumed, But so far she had not found anything she was looking for at all. Maybe from the varying other things going on their, some information was their but had of little to go off of, So she would move to a more populated area.

Wanting a break from searching and learning what she could make herself into that was not human, Priscilla would head off to a not so grim place. Maybe the change of a different area would do her a bit bitter maybe finding a move lively pace could also ease her mind in a different manner.

But where oh were would such a lady such as Priscilla go? Maybe the city were Fairy Tail was in would do her good. She could easily lay low in an area of such mages of their reputation. So such an area would be good for a slightly....well not slightly dangerous murderous person, But hopefully that need was just held back for a while, a good long while.


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