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Hargeon to Magnolia [Foot Travel - Grace]

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Hargeon to Magnolia [Foot Travel - Grace]    Empty Fri May 03, 2019 8:12 pm

Grace looked at the town before her, as she saw the wreckage, from which she had previously helped out the lord who runned the area. As she looked at it now, she had an agitated look on her face. She stood there and said aloud, "How dare this city help the poor, like they need it. They don't deserve any of the help they get. Sooner or later, I will be able to prove my strength in more non idiotic ways. I look down upon you people as a take my final turn that I will for this idiotic town. Don't worry, I'll be back, but not to do labor for you imbeciles. You are all lazy, and taking the help of the lord of Hargeon himself only proves it. Now then, goodbye, I will deeply hate you." As Grace turned around, she fixed her stature to a more calm and noble face. Walking down the path, she noticed in her head, the agitation still falling on her. As she looked down at her nails, she saw a chip in the nail polish. With a stomp of anger, she looked over to a medium sized rock, she looked at it and extended her hand forward. As she did this, a magic circle appeared, as a squirrel had come out of it. With an enraged point at the rock, Grace said to it, "Decimate it...now!" All of a sudden, the squirrel had summoned a nut to its hand as it through it at the rock, making a dent in the rock, as both the nut and the squirrel disappeared. As she looked around to see if there were any on lookers, she saw none. So, she regained her composure and said, "That's better."


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