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Noble Reconstruction(Quest: Grace)

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Noble Reconstruction(Quest: Grace) Empty Thu May 02, 2019 8:33 pm

Grace silently looked upon the area around her. It seemed to be as though they were in some sort of reconstruction. Some of the buildings were destroyed, along with multiple people doing hard labor, as they tried to rebuild the areas. Some were picking up rubble, while others thought it be a good idea to just look around aimlessly, trying to find some sort of work to do in all the madness. Grace didn't exactly know what happened to the area, and she didn't care. There was no reason for her too. If the only things these people could do to get better, was just rebuild everything, then they should've worked smarter, and found a sponsor to help in the rebuilding process. But just like always, the filthy civilians seemed be as dumb as ever.

In all honesty, Grace didn't know what pulled her to Hargeon, but she felt the area call to her for some reason. It was odd, that she would pick a place like this to go, when she was rich enough to visit nearly anywhere she wanted. It wasn't normal for her to be in this sort of situation. She looked around in a bit of disgust, looking at all the homeless people begging for money. She couldn't believe that people like them would just lose something, and decide that they weren't going to work for money. No, they were just gonna be lazy beggars, on the side of the street, begging for just a tiny bit of money. Well, Grace wouldn't help, not in the very least. One of the filthy scumbags looked at her, and pleaded with her, trying to get her to feel some guilt for "his situation" and she just did a tiny giggle as she shunned him by looking at the other side of the street. The man got on his knees, and Grace couldn't help but laugh at his stupidity. She was thinking about giving him a coin, but instead, she walked slow, just to taunt him. She said to him, "If you're going to do anything in this world you better work for it."

As she said this, she began running, as fast as she good. Even in her heels, she was able to outrun the man. Under her breath, she said to herself, "Pitiful..." All of a sudden, she looked up from the area, to see a young man in front of her. She did a tiny smile towards him, seeing that he was of high stature. With that, she said in a very calm voice, "So, what is someone of your status doing here with these...civilians." With that final word, she elongated it, as she spoke about them in disgust. "Ma'am, I don't find that to be very kind. I am the lord of Hargeon, and I would like you to not talk about my citizens like that. I won't say anything negative about you to your guild, but only if you work for me. I will reward you for your services, and maybe put in a good word instead of a bad one." Although Grace did not like the idea of helping the poor and homeless, she decided to listen to the lord. I mean, after all, he is one of the upper class. Just like her mother and father always said, "Connections equal Social Power." Which meant one thing, "Okay then, I guess I'll help your cause. Just know I will not break a nail for your underlings."



Noble Reconstruction(Quest: Grace) Empty Thu May 02, 2019 10:10 pm

As Grace went to the area the lord had sent her, she looked around to see that there was some sort of blockage in the way. It seemed to be as though a pile of rubble was completely blocking off a way towards the reconstruction. This path was one of the quickest routes from the town and back from the docks. Yet, it was blocked off, making the working even harder than it already was. Looking at it now, Grace scoffed. She couldn't belief that someone of her high of stature would need to do this kind of idiotic dirty work for laborers to get an easier life. It was everything she despised, but she knew that sooner or later, the jobs she would get would be way better than these ones, and she'd finally be able to prove herself without needing to get her hands as filthy, at least not with dirt anyways. Looking at the rubble now, she extended her hand outwards as a magic circle appeared around it. All of a sudden, an eagle made of water came flying through it. The eagle was majestic, and extremely detailed for it being formed out of water. Either way though, it was out for an objective. One that was set forth by Grace. She yelled loudly towards it, but not in a completely commanding voice. More of an intimidating one, to show that she meant business. What she told it, was that she directed the spell to destroy as much rubble as it could with an attack. As it did this, it flapped its wings extremely violently as it sent out feathers, to try and wear down the rubble. Luckily, a lot of the tinier pieces of rubble had broken off, leaving one final huge piece of concrete to stand in the middle. It seemed to be a bit cracked from the eagle's attack, but not so much to the point where it could be broken just from a punch.

So, as Grace looked upon it, she decided that she would try her best to be able to weaken it as much as possible, but if the spell she used didn't work, then she would pretty much just leave it to the  other workers to chip away at it. Either way, she would be satisfied. So, as she extended her hand downward, a magic circle appeared, as a tiny squirrel had come out of it. As it darted its head around, it looked right at Grace, waiting for a command. With that, she did with a stern and calm look on her face as she pointed forward towards the rock. All of a sudden, an acorn made of water appeared in its hand as it through it right towards the stone. With that, it cracked extremely well, but not enough to the point where it broke. So, Grace left it there as laborers began to surround it, breaking it down even more, to help make their lives easier.

With that, she went back to the Lord, and told him extremely politely, but not enough to make it look like she was kissing up to him or a weakling,  but just enough so that she couldn't sever ties with him, about everything that she had done that day. He congratulated her on her work, and gave her reward, allowing her to finally leave the hell hole they called home.


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