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The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe]

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#1Aisha Connors 

The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe] Empty on Wed May 01, 2019 6:00 pm

Aisha Connors

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It’s unlikely, but with Adriana and the other old hands in the guild away, I’m not sure who else to turn to? A slight knot in the brow of the bronzed beauty as she moved along the streets of Magnolia, having spent a few days now back in the town that she had called home and started to feel increasingly restless because of the lacking return of faces from her guild that she recognised, Aisha Connors had opted to cope with her restless feelings by getting active with the task that preoccupied her so. Hating that feeling of sitting around her house while there felt like work to be done, though the dishy Desiertian had managed to soothe some of that agitation by pouring plenty of her energy into exercise, she still found herself unable to sit still for too long without wanting to do something.

Khalash has those contacts from his days as a wandering merchant, and since his field is magic, maybe he’s heard something on the grapevine? Compelled into action as the sun took a slow dive toward the horizon as dusk set in, after spending her day trying to occupy her mind and hands with things that seemed trivial and unsatisfying, Miss Connors had elected to move on her urge even though the hour was starting to get late. Evening in full swing as she moved through the streets in a black tank top and pants over which she wore a fur lined jacket in order to protect her desert born body from the chilliness of a Fiorian night, having hit up the bars that her mentor had liked while he was in town the nights before and found neither the men who offered him drinks or the women who offered him their bodies seemed to have been given any news, the young huntress had elected to search in places that seemed a little less conventional to most people’s minds.

It’s probably a wild goose chase coming here, but I suppose it beats sitting around the apartment, waiting for news… An amateur detective at best and her approach largely seeming to be to cover as much ground as possible and rattle as many cages as she could to see who or what might come spilling out, while Aisha carried herself with her usual degree of beauty and elegance there was a look of determination about her expression that some might have found a little bit off putting.
“Hey baby, you wanna-“

“Not. Now. Not. Ever.” Not exactly scowling but certainly wearing the kind of expression that would tell any who passed by her by likely picking up the vibe of a woman in a rush, as a fool from an alleyway missed this obvious clue in her countenance and tried to hit her up in a fashion that she would not have indulged even on her best day, Miss Connors gave a gruff reply and didn’t even cast even one of her amber eyes in the direction of the fellow as she marched along. Fists practically clenched and all too easily made to look like she was going to deck someone, getting this wound up was probably not good for the popular appeal of the girl but what could she do? The longer the man was missing the more that nasty little voice in the back of her mind whispered wicked things about the fate of the man, and he had already been gone more than a year now.
There’s got to be something, something I’m missing. A man doesn’t just vanish into thin air, does he? At least not without a ton of magical power. That was far too long for her to patient, and so off she marched, in search of answers that another part of her knew she was unlikely to find, but she wanted to anyway. Usually down to earth but when left to her own devices things like this getting her, she was a far cry from the laid back soul who hung out at the Fairy Tail guild right now and her sense of isolation and failure was only making the girl worse in this regard. More tempestuous than ever as she found everything she counted on falling down around her, or at least that was how it seemed, Aisha had become irritable and impatient and perhaps a little bit reckless.
Damnit Jack, all that uproar with the changing of the guild masters and then you up and vanish? News around town about a find who was sapping people dry of their mana something that had stopped many coming out when the sun went down, while the threat did not daunt a woman of her talent or experience she was still being somewhat foolhardy by going out with the danger around her, though right now she didn’t care. Determined to find some answers or at least something that might take her mind off her troubles, had she paid enough attention to the warnings then she might just have gone out into the night looking for a fight with the fiend that was stalking the town, but right now she only had one thing on her mind.

Driven by desperation, few things would have stopped her from finding what she wanted right now but unfortunately she was about to be confronted by something that could, one could only imagine the curse word that the caramel chose as she found herself standing in front of the building she aimed for, only to find it’s façade trashed and a big ‘shop closed’ sign on the front door. Apparently, this wasn’t her day…

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

credit to nat of adoxography.


#2Ace Brookes 

The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe] Empty on Thu May 02, 2019 11:21 am

Ace Brookes

The young gas mage strolled around Magnolia adorned in a pair of black slim fit trousers, folded about two inches from the bottom so that it hangs over his ankles. Paired with a classy royal blue turtleneck that complimented his rich black skin. His subtle classy look made him seem a couple years older than he truly was. However, his face still didn’t encourage familiarity. The two thickly carved eyebrows on his face gave an unwelcoming look to those strangers he might’ve run into, although he hid a big heart underneath it all, it was still pretty hard to uncover with his lack of talkativeness. The fourteen year old boy stood at three feet and eleven inches, just one inch shy from being four feet tall, and yet was still an entrusted member of the Rune Knights. Officially the youngest member to make it past being a page. This was apparent to most of those who crossed paths with the young mage as the Rune Knights’ logo was imprinted on his left ear lobe in a fresh azure blue, popping out in contrast with his smooth chocolatey skin. Obviously enough, the feature that stood out the most and caught strangers’ eyes was the huge afro that sat on his head. His naturally coarse thick curls intertwined with one another to form this huge ball of dark brown hair.

The frosty winter winds brushed past his warm skin as he weaved his way past the Magnolians, headed for the renowned magic shop. He’d heard from a rumor going on around the Rune Knights headquarters of this ‘Mana Vamp’. Rumor has it that he was indeed a vampire that lurked around the alleyways of the fairies town and used one of Khalash’s artifacts to fuel his scheme. Ace was acquainted with the old man Khalash. He’d done a couple quests for him back when he first joined the Rune Knights around two years ago. So, the afro haired mage decided to pay the old man a visit to make sure for himself what the true story was behind the people’s fabrications.

Ace Brookes turned to the street where the shop was located and seen the silhouette of what seems like a tall well-built female standing there relatively still. With both of his hands tucked neatly in his little pockets, the gas mage approached the shop only to stand around a meter from the girl. She was few shades lighter than his own complexion as well as tall, graceful and smooth.

“A shame isn’t it…”

He said quietly to the female as a small misty cloud lingered around his pale lips. Ace would’ve expected Khalash to be in shock after all those years of running his shop only for a heartless bastard to walk in and affect his whole source of income. The young apprentice had come to the shop for the full story and now seems to be even more lost than before. Could he find a lead just by staring in through the shop’s damaged glass front. As a Rune Knight, it was now part of his duty to investigate further.


The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe] Empty on Thu May 02, 2019 11:36 pm

"Ah! Be careful not to trip, love..." Tomoe murmured like a gentle breeze in the darkness that evening brought out.

Crouching behind the counter inside Khalash's shop was a couple that could not be made out visually without setting foot into the store itself or without the hearing of a wild animal. Underneath the shadows was Tomoe laying lowly next to a woman in waitress attire, caressing her arm gently as she stared at him in wonder.

"So you really are... a vampire...?", the woman whispered with her face inches from the rugged features of the brigand seducing her.

He gave a tilt of his head in acknowledgement and revealed the set of blade-like fangs within his maw. Yet his gesture as he drew towards her would not appear frightening to the woman, but rather alluring - hypnotizing, almost, yet still acting of her own free will.

"As I said, the initial entry might sting a little, but after that we'll both be feeling the high of our lives."

Vampires typically had this process perfected on instinct alone, but Tomoe was the kind that still somewhat rejected the idea of feeding altogether. Yet as it was his sole way of staying alive, the most he could do was reassure those sharing the moment with him that it would be ecstasy. Yet at the last second before he would be given his meal by piercing the veins of the woman's neck, he could decipher chatter just outside the shop. Pointless dialogue for all he cared, but the presence of people outside the shop was worrying in the first place.

Shit, what're people doing h-

As a knee-jerk reaction turning his head towards the door, Tomoe accidentally pierced the vein of the woman's neck. The sudden spark of it caused his feeding partner to scream out in a mixture of pleasure and pain - though in the dark of night and the fact that the shop should be unattended at the moment, it would likely sound more akin to a crime taking place in the shadows. Her shrill voice calling out in shock would be more than enough for anybody just outside the shop to hear clearly, and Tomoe had no guarantees that they would leave it be.

"Shit, shit, shit...", he muttered under his breath, trying to silence the woman to no avail.

Figuring it would be too late to stop now, the blood-hungry samurai would continue feeding until he'd taken enough to satisfy his own lust without harming the woman in the long term in any way, his eyes occasionally darting to the door to see if those outside would attempt to check on the scene inside.

#4Aisha Connors 

The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe] Empty on Fri May 03, 2019 1:34 pm

Aisha Connors

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What happened here? Standing in something of a shock induced stupor as she surveyed the front façade of the Mag Drug Magic Shop, it was easy for Miss Connors to tell that this closure was no simple case of an owner dashing out for supplies or taking a well needed break. The windows of the shop broken and the door looking like someone had tried and nearly succeeded in ripping the doors from the hinges, a heavy looking chain had been wrapped around the handles of what was left of it, over the entire front of the building it looked like the Rune Knights had wrapped tape to warn people of the crime and keep them away from the place, presumably their investigation ongoing and the place needing locked down in case further clues could have been found within there.
Is Khalash OK? The titan of a woman not quite believing what she was looking at and running her hand back through her hair, the sorry state of the storefront made her worry as to the safety of the merchant who ran it. Certainly some rather mean individuals responsible for what had occurred, even though the trader wasn’t really a member of her guild Aisha was still on somewhat friendly terms with the man. 
I hope so... This town isn't the same without those old faces? Offering her the odd job here and there and some advice on spells and things not to mention a nice little discount on things that caught her eye now and then, Khalash had been a stalwart figure in the town of Magnolia and the life of this foreign femme for quite the long time and she couldn’t help but worry, and want to know what happened to whoever did this to his shop.
“W-What?” Startled as her scrutiny and speculation left Miss Connors a little bit blindsided when someone approached her from behind, as a voice called out to her from behind some force of reflex compelled the bronze beauty to spin around to face whoever it was who had spoken to her, and the high level of tension also made her do it rather an aggressive fashion. Unsure of whether it was the threat of an attack by whatever fiend was draining folk of their mana or the displaced belligerence that she was feeling because of the agitation she felt this evening, as the Desi girl turned she couldn’t help but clench and raise her fists a little bit, at least until she saw who she was facing.
A kid?! Not exactly sure of what she expected to find behind her but a short stack boy not among the guesses she might have made, after a second of blinking confusion at discovering a soul whose afro was almost as big as the rest of him combined, a hint of colour shone in the cheeks of the volatile vixen as she realized he looked no threat to her and lowered her mitts with a tinge of embarrassment.
“Oh, yes… Very much so…” Letting out no small sigh as she looked this stranger up and down again and scratched the back of her head at the awkwardness of her initial impression, Aisha turned back toward the storefront that had been wrecked and shook her head, agreeing with the opinion of the lad even if she had no idea who he was really.
“It’s the first time I can remember him being closed?” Assuming him to be some youngster who lived around here or maybe even much like herself someone that had taken the odd job here or there from Khalash, she paused for a second or two of sobriety before a mix of concern and curiosity overwhelmed her, making the desert dish cock her head with her brow arched on one side as she looked toward the interested party next to her.
“Have you heard if he’s OK? I’d hate to hear old Khalash had been hurt?” Not exactly sure of why she opted to engage and even question this youngster but perhaps that feeling of inaction getting to her, maybe  it was because the sight of the broken shop seemed to be less of a surprise to the youngster that the girl guessed that he might know something of what was going on, or at least more than she did, but Miss Connor opted to engage him. Briefly of course.

“What was that?!” Not even given much time to process the response she was given before a shrill scream suddenly split the silence of the Magnolia evening with a pitch and sense of panic that made the bronze beauty brace, after spending a second to realize the shriek had come from inside the shop that they were staring at Aisha rushed forward, trying to see through the broken windows in order to see what was going on. Of course the combination of tape over shattered glass and not to mention diminishing light not the best combination to provide a person with a crystal clear view, with her dread mounting quickly the tall women wanted to waste no time in coming to the aid of someone who sounded like they were in danger, and so she took action.

“Sounds like someone’s in trouble!”  Moving across to the half broken door and finishing the job so to speak with the firmness of her heel as she sent her boot slamming into it, as the force with which the guild girl kicked ripped what was left of the screws out of the wall and sent the surface flying backwards she wasted no time in making use of the opening, shooting inside the building to see what was going on within. Of course the job of investigating crime not really the responsibility of the average mage but Miss Connors not the sort who could stand the idea of someone being in trouble and being unable to help them, as she summoned some of her mana and made a crackling current of electricity envelope her fine frame, the mocha marvel narrowed her eyes as she fought to see what was happening within the darkness, ready for a fight and actually kind of hoping she would get one…

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

credit to nat of adoxography.


#5Ace Brookes 

The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe] Empty on Sat May 04, 2019 6:12 am

Ace Brookes

The caramel skinned beauty that was now standing next to him seemed to acknowledge his presence. Her first impression of him was similar to that of many, thinking he was just a naïve kid, or so he thought. It has happened on several occasions and has gotten to the extent where it doesn’t annoy the kid anymore, nor does he feel the urge to prove himself to anyone.

He nodded his head in acknowledgement to her statement regarding his closing times. His counterpart now stood only a meter away to his left as he continued to glare at the details of the crime scene. He wasn’t one to saunter past the magic shop on a daily basis, however the caution tape that dragged over the wreckage gave fundamental grounds to the public’s speculation. Forensics wasn’t his field of specialization, yet the knowledgeable young mage was well aware of his fellow Rune Knights’ work.

“No clue… A valuable artifact has been looted, or so I heard. Rumor says it’s a vampire sucking out people’s magic.”

A loud ringing high pitched scream startled the young mage, causing him to dart his eyes from one corner to the other in confusion. There was no mistaking it… The noise was coming from inside Khalash’s shop. Just before he regained control of his merely chiseled body, the tanned beauty had already sprung into action calling out that someone was in trouble and knocking the rusty hinges off the door with one forceful blow. Ace rushed in right behind her in confusion not really aware of what to expect.

The closest streetlight did a very poor job of getting any light into the pitch black extremities of the shop. So intense that his hazel eyes could barely make out shelves and stands under the weak flickering streetlight that outlined their silhouette to whoever lurked inside. “Rune Knights here, show yourself!” exclaimed the young mage with confidence. His body turned to face the fine lady that seemed reluctant to hold back. He signaled her to examine the left side of the shop while he headed right. Setting his feet down firmly yet as quietly as he could to catch the intruder, occasionally stepping on the tiny shards of broken glass.


The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe] Empty on Sat May 04, 2019 1:56 pm

Tomoe's eyes felt as if they became tennis balls for a second, expanding in shock as he heard the door hit the ground. By that point, the shrouded vampire would be crouching among the nooks and crannies of the shadowed shop for the back door. Due to his vampiric nature, there would be no sound from the bloodied man's movements such that he could even sneak up on a rat without alerting it.

It was on the right side of the shop behind the counter that one would find the girl, bloodied and in shock but conscious and alive. To an eye that had spent longer than a second gauging her, they would even find that she was barely harmed - only a single bite mark on her neck and a small scratch from what seems to be a quick exit wound, and a smaller pool of blood on her torso that seems to have originated from another source.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh c'mon, this is bullshit! Who are these psychos?, Tomoe thought in a panic as he reached for the doorknob at the back of the shop to make a quick and silent exit.

Looking back one last time he saw the familiar and beautiful figure of Aisha searching the shop, alongside some other kid with an afro. Admiring the child's afro in a bid of mutual respect for messy, puffy hairstyles, he rated the style a solid 6/10 as he raised his palm for the doorknob. It was moments like these - moments of secrecy - that he was glad he could see as clear as day in all of this darkness. Even if the sparks of electricity dancing among the shadows spooked him somewhat.

Twisting the doorknob, he felt no budge.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me.", he muttered lowly in guttural frustration, and after taking another glance back and seeing the investigative duo searching further into the shop, decided on a risky course of action.

Using the supernatural strength brought on by food, Tomoe kicked at the doorknob a single time with force, knowing it would break the lock in a single hit. Unlike other noises, the auditory clue of the snapping of a lock and the visual cue of moonlight pouring into the back of the shop would give away his position in that moment. Tomoe knew this before he had decided to break the lock, and knew what he needed to do afterwards: run. Leaping into the back alley of the shop, he made a mad dash out into the night with all of the silence of his vampirism still aiding him. With any luck he would still get back to the guild in time for some more shit-talk with Vali and the boys. With a smirk, the escaping shadow laughed to himself in his head thinking of how nice this life of constant danger was.

#7Aisha Connors 

The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe] Empty on Sat May 04, 2019 5:11 pm

Aisha Connors

WORDS: 1128 | TAG: Tomoe & Ace | BLACK N’ TAN

A Rune Knight?! Certainly not expecting the youngster to follow her into the shop she had exploded into and then even more surprised when the supposed kid declared himself a member of the nation’s guard force, with lightning still surging through her body Aisha couldn’t help but turn around in surprise and blink at the boy behind her for a second or two of bewilderment.
Him?! Never having pegged him for an officer of the law in a million years and perhaps none too small a part of the girl finding the assertion rather farfetched, the young pugilist had no time to indulge her suspicion verbally as she scanned the shop around her to see what was going on, searching for the source of the scream she heard or whatever might have inspired it.
“You there, wait!” The latter seeming to be what she discovered, while flickering light that was provided to her by the power that surged through her form was not enough for Miss Connors to recognise the member of her own guild whom she had stumbled across, all the same she was capable of seeing a shadowy figure move around swiftly through the darkness and even more able to observe the racket the man made as he exited via the shop’s back door. Calling out to the figure that she could in no way clarify as someone she might have in other circumstances called a comrade as she bolted after him with her body still crackling with electricity, after clearing the countertop behind which their assailant had been hiding the girl skidded to a halt as something caught her attention from the corner of her eye that seemed to have far more urgency to a girl like her than giving chase.

“H-Hey? Are you OK?” That spirit of the huntress that the amazon carried wanting her to run into the night after the mysterious figure but her heart stopping her in place the second that she saw someone lying on the ground, as a girl whimpered Aisha responded instinctively, deactivating the thunderous cowl she had been carrying in an instant and diving to the floor next to the delicate damsel she had discovered. Shooting a quick look toward the back door of the shop before dropping to her knees and checking the form of a fellow female over for injury, even in the dim light that the new entranceway to the shop offered the desert girl could tell that this woman was not in the best of states.
“Can you hear me? Can you talk?” Some kind of wound oozing from her neck and a slightly thick wetness coating her clothing as the vixen checked her over, whether she was silenced from the injury she had been given or simple shock Miss Connors did not know but whatever the reason she seemed unresponsive vocally, though gladly at least a little bit alert. The eyes of the young woman darting toward the face of the thunderous titaness and then around her environment, she was conscious and reactive despite the muteness that seemed to afflict her, which was a fact that helped our heroine breathe a sigh of relief.

“Here, let’s get some pressure on that, eh?” Another quick look sent toward the doorway as that part inside her begged the bronze beauty to set off after the crook that had done this but the compassion of the young woman keeping her in her place, after scanning their surrounding and finding a strip of cloth in her environment Aisha wrapped it up and attempted to staunch the wound on the neck of the girl she had found, cooing as soothing as she could when the young woman winced in response.
“I know, I know… But better this than bleeding out, right?” Perhaps a little forthright in her bedside manner and certainly pretty far from a medic, the mocha marvel smiled gently at the girl she had found and lifted her hand to the hair of the young woman, hoping she would offer at least a little reassurance as she tried to tend to her…

“Tch. They always struggle, don’t they?”

Elsewhere another young woman not finding that she had as much luck as the girl that Aisha Connors tended to, in an alleyway a none too inconsiderable distance from the shop of Khalash another hand pressed down on a dainty damsel in order to deny something escaping her, but this time what it prevented was not the loss of blood but rather a scream. An unfortunate soul pressed against a wall as spindly fingers like the legs of a spider wrapped around her mouth as a callous voice asked a question that he did not expect an answer to, all the lass could do was kick her legs as she tried to escape the pressure that pinned her to the grimy surface behind her, tears rolling down her cheeks even before she realized that such efforts were in the end rather futile.

“Don’t know it makes it harder to leave a little left in em? 
Tryin’ to be kind here.”

Each kick seeming to have less and less force behind it as her body seemed to have the very essence that drove it drained away by that menacing grasp, though the unknown girl tried to fight against what was happening to her all she could really do was squirm and let out muffled screams until everything faded away. What was left of the light of the day seeming to get dragged away from her as her eyes lost their clarity than any ability to accept even the dimness that surrounded her into them, the limbs of the young lady that thrashed grew weaker and weaker until they finally fell down limply, hanging from her body like a marionette who had suddenly had their string cut as all her senses were stripped away along with her strength.

“Don’t go blamin’ me if you’re dead before midnight then, honey…”

The last of what she could recall being lost seeming to be her sense of hearing, as a sick voice that seemed almost pleased with what he had done spoke up before finally letting her go, though some part of the girl wanted to rush away from the alley she was in now that her freedom had been returned to her, nothing happened. Everything, every morsel of energy that had once compelled her body into action seeming to have been pulled out of her, all she could do was lay on the cold ground and hope a kinder soul than this one might come across her. After all, it wouldn’t be hard. Even the average wife beater had more compassion and restraint than the one who had ambushed her…

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

credit to nat of adoxography.


#8Ace Brookes 

The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe] Empty on Mon May 06, 2019 8:37 am

Ace Brookes

The gas mage walked around the unlit shop with his arms out in front of him in case he crashes into something. His partner seemed to have already made progress by finding someone who was in need of her help, and there he was, bumping into everything around him. “Dammit…” he murmured under his breath as he seemed to feel every artifact that sat in Khalash’s shop.

Out of nowhere, there was a loud noise that came from the very back of the shop accompanied by what seemed to be the culprit’s heavy panting as he dashed out through the new exit. Thankfully there was a better source of lighting now guiding the young mage around the small stuffy shop. In an instant his raspy maturing voice spoke out “Hey! Stop!” as he started running after the man. He hastily tripped over a bucket that sat just about a half a meter from the exit and went crashing outside the shop. He looked up to see if he can still spot the man but he was already nowhere to be seen. His full hazel warm eyes glanced back at the girl. She had her hands full comforting the victim and so he knew he had to be the one to chase after the speedy runner. He pushed himself off the ground and dusted his clothes briefly before heading off to hunt the man down.

Unluckily, Ace roamed around the shop and its adjacent streets for a while to no avail. He stopped for a breather around one of the corners and spotted a couple droplets of blood stained on the ground. He quickly bent over to check how old they were. That looked like it was Ace’s first lead…


The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe] Empty on Mon May 06, 2019 8:18 pm

Tomoe smiled a devious and triumphant smile as he ran off into the night. He felt powerful for his success at his task, and laughed a bit to himself once he gained significant distance through the network of alleyways. In the maze-like structure that the alley was comprised of, the escaping rogue's smile faded once he realized he no longer knew where he was going even with perfect vision in the dark.

Eventually however, he heard the presence of others nearby. Before turning the corner, he hugged against the wall and listened in.

Some kind of fight? Or... , Tomoe would allow the one-sided conversation to play out, and inferred something was definitely wrong.

A demon? Or perhaps a dark guild had infiltrated Magnolia. Regardless, while Tomoe wasn't one to jump into danger like a proper hero without pay, it was on the way out. A few good smacks and it'd be over - especially if the man was as despicable as his voice and actions let in on.

The shadowed vampire would escape from behind his cover and sprint full force down the narrow alley of the man's voice. Thanking his ability to be perfectly quiet even at a sprint, he made no efforts to reveal himself as he charged the man who he could now clearly see was at least not of the demonic variety. Next to him was a woman, collapsed on the ground.

"Disgusting...", Tomoe would mutter to himself as he soundlessly unsheathed his katana and used the momentum of his sprint to ascend into the air and then drop upon the man with the blade of his sword aimed carefully to slash across the sicko's chest.

In the back of his mind, Tomoe was not the kind to help out random strangers. In this instance though, it was convenient. More than that though, the woman seemed drained. Could there be a relation to vampirism somehow in this man before him? If there was anything there, Tomoe would uncover it at a moment's notice from the man's unconscious body - or dead, if it came to that. The Joyan thug would not be aiming for a fatal attack, but if his target was weak enough to bleed out from it anyway, that wasn't any fault of Tomoe's actions. Thus that same mentality directed his hands firmly to attempt to slash across the man's midsection, empowered further that it wouldn't be too late for Tomoe's pursuers to catch up if this took longer than a minute or so.

#10Aisha Connors 

The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe] Empty on Tue May 07, 2019 6:09 am

Aisha Connors

WORDS: 969 | TAG: Tomoe & Ace | BLACK N’ TAN

“Wait, kid, don’t-!” Not exactly expecting the curious youngster to go rushing after the fiend who had done this to a fine young lady, as lad whose name Aisha still hadn’t learned the name of lurched through the broken back door of the shop and set off into the evening’s lack of light, the mocha medic yelled after him out of concern and moved to follow. Unfortunately her path seemingly cut off but the whimper of the woman she was attending to, the jerking motion she took as she tried to turn around on reflex made the injured girl yelp, a sound that made her flinch and one that she simply could not ignore.

“Don’t worry, you’re going to be OK, let’s get you to someone who can help?” Sighing as she turned back toward the injured girl and offered as gentle an expression as she could manage, while Miss Connors wanted to speed off into the alleyway with the spirited youngster she felt a hint of responsibility toward the bleeding thing she had found, and couldn’t in good conscience leave her to her fate. Naturally concerned about the small fellow who had bolted but a part of her hoping he hadn’t been lying about being a Rune Knight, the caramel champion lifted the rag she had been using to staunch the flow of blood and was happy to see it seemed to be slowing down, which seemed a good sign.

Dammit, let’s hope he doesn’t catch up to whatever did this, at least before I get there…  Shaking her head as she lifted the opposite hand of the girl to her wound to pressure it and then scooped the second stranger she had met this evening into her arms, with a slight sense of urgency the woman carried her charge like a princess toward the front door, hoping the commotion would have drawn other people that could take care of the girl while she dealt with other matters. Perhaps the image of one tall woman carrying another like their wife something that might have been shocking or sensational to others, in the moment Aisha thought little of it as her mind was on the danger that stalked the town and her chance to do something about it…
“Whoa, shit!”

The blade of the samurai showing no shortage of skill as it swung toward the body of the brute in the alleyway, despite the stealth and precision with which it swerved it did not quite fail to meet the eye of the vampiric villain. Yelping in surprise as something glinted in the corner of his eye, while he had been focused on his victim enough that Tomoe could approach him without notice, reflexively the lad who was responsible tried to duck out of the way but it seemed he would fail. Relatively speaking.

Not managing to pull his body out of the slicing swing entirely but offered a little help in his endeavour as something that hung from his neck began to glow, a brief flash summoned a thick and meaty arm from a strange object that dangled at the chest of which swung back at the blade to try and deflect it, doing a half decent job. Not inflicting with a horrific wound to his chest at all from the strike but the sword not failing to draw a little blood from his body, with the mixing forces clashing and his own attempts to avoid the blow throwing the injury somewhat off course, the shoulder of the fiend was grazed and he panted out of pain and surprise before glaring at the idiot who had attacked him wrathfully.

“Jeez asshole, don’t ya know it’s rude to swing swords at people in the street?”

The ethereal glow that emanated from the oddity he wore illuminating the features of the villain as he took a few steady steps backward in order to create some space between himself and Tomoe, while the way he spoke was tough the image of the lad was anything but. Spindly and slim with limbs that would serve a spider better than a man, his face was gaunt and pale though heavy and dark bags seemed to hang from underneath reddish looking eyes, all these facts contributing to the notion that he was not particularly good looking.

“My friend here doesn’t like it when people try to hurt me, do ya buddy?”

That not seeming to matter particularly to his choice of company however, as he eyed up the assailant who had tried to slice him up the object on his chest seemed to grow brighter and birth something a bit more impressive than a simple arm. Mana seeming to surge from it in a semi-solid form, a spectre that had horns and fierce looking claws and only hollows where its eyes should have been belched forth, snarling like a beast as it did so.

“Looks like you’re getting a second course tonight! Dig in!”

Wasting no time in putting that aggression to good use, as the man with the odd relic around his neck smiled maliciously, while one hand gripped the injury to his shoulder the other thrust forward and seemed to compel his paranormal partner to act. The demonic aura launching forward with inhuman speed and its claws ready to cut through anything in its path, while it was unarmed as it launched itself wrathfully toward Tomoe with an aim to take his head off that didn’t matter it this being too much. The talons it possessed as sharp as any sword and strength so great that if it’s bearer so chose it could easily lift a horse above its head without issue, these gifts were certain to prove problematic not to mention the fact that it could wilfully turn incorporeal whenever it wished to…

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

credit to nat of adoxography.


#11Ace Brookes 

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Ace Brookes

The young gas mage was already lost in the maze-like alleyways of Magnolia. He was confused as to whether he should follow the lead or just head back to check up on the girl. How the hell was he even going to manage getting back to Khalash’s shop from here. All the time he’s ever spent in Magnolia has been due to orders from his superiors. Mainly doing smaller quests to maintain order throughout Fiore in general. As an apprentice, he did have some sort of essence of prestige to his rank, however he was still mostly spending his time doing the higher ranked Knights’ dirty work. This upcoming promotion meant a lot to the young mage. Essentially, he’d gain more respect right off the bat, which would eventually lead to his voice being heard louder. It all tied in neatly to his plan in correcting the flawed system. It’s funny to him how such a small action out of impulse might ripple and lead to him to his end goal.

Following the light trail of blood seemed like the more reasonable option to him. After all, the light skinned beauty was already looking after the victim. He stood up straight and focused his eyes on the scattered trail of blood, then started tracking the so called ‘Mana Vamp’ down. There was absolutely no time for the gas mage to waste. He knew that there was absolutely no way he could catch up to the culprit had he still been running. Ace’s much shorter and smaller physique would restrict him from catching up to his prey no matter how much effort he put in.

“Hmm?” Ace stood in his tracks as he heard a fight breaking out right off the corner. “Has another mage already caught up to him…” he thought to himself. The gas mage then turned the corner as fast as he could only to witness an atrocious demon-like creature reaching out in front of a brave soul who stood there with a katana clenched tight in his hands. They stood only but a few meters away from the young boy’s frightened eyes. A fragile and pale lady had fainted on the curb behind the assailant. Her skin looked unnaturally wrinkly and pale, leading the gas mage to the conclusion that her mana must’ve been drained. His eyes darted back at the evil spirit who’d already started making his move towards the swordsman and impulsively ran forth in attempt to aid the man.

“Look out!” he shouted at the top of his lungs as he dove towards the swordsman in attempt to shove him out of harm’s way. The gas mage would most likely manage to protect the man and take some of the damage himself. The razor sharp claws of this malicious creature would sink deep into the boy’s left arm, leaving a warm rich splatter of his blood on the plain canvas beneath him. This was basically setting the afro haired boy up for another menacing swing as he laid there with his right arm trembling, and clenched as tight as he could on his wound.


The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe] Empty on Wed May 08, 2019 11:55 am

"What the fuck?"

Tomoe stood there, flabbergasted for a moment at the phantom gliding towards him. There was more to this man than some common street punk, and with all the visual processing in the world the lone samurai could not take it all in so fast. It almost appeared as if he was going to take a nasty hit, but was pushed away at the last moment. He went with the momentum of the shove to the right side, and saw a child no older than fifteen take the hit instead. Blood splattered, but Tomoe had his fill prior to the encounter so it didn't shake his resolve. Instead he would bring his katana down upon the creature while it was still upon the lad, using both of his hands to bring the full force of his strike to deliver a shaking blow to its head provided it was still focusing on the boy before it.

Afterwards, he would grab the boy and dash further back into the alleyway, gaining a distance of one meter from the creature before turning to fight it once again with his blade poised towards it the entire time. He took note of the boy's injury and thought it not quite ideal for a fight, but then raised a brow wondering why a kid would step in to fight in the first place. Didn't he have homework? School the next day? Kids these days were so irresponsible.

"You alright there, kiddo?", Tomoe finally spoke, breathing out his stress as he did so.

If he continued to run into problems like this nightly he was going to get grey hairs much sooner than most. But for now that didn't concern him. He released his grip on the boy and descended into a defensive stance pointing towards the ghostly creature. His eyes stared blades into the hideous being, ready for it to charge forth once more. Assuming it did so, Tomoe would counter with a quick block and follow-up slash in retort to it. Other than that, he was simply curious about what the boy would do next as well - would he run, or stay and fight somehow? It was all up to him in that moment.

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Aisha Connors

WORDS: 991 | TAG: Tomoe & Ace | BLACK N’ TAN

“Thank you, I think she’s pretty shaken and lost some blood but as far as I can tell she isn’t in any danger of dying…” Finding that she was glad that whatever noise they had made in the shop scuffle had woken up several households in the vicinity of Khalash’s place, and even more so that among the number of folk was an off-duty matron who stood in her slippers and dressing gown, with a sigh of relief and no shortage of gratitude Aisha laid her ‘bride’ down on the ground to leave her in the care of a slightly grumpy but on the whole sympathetic woman.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be back to check on you soon, I just need to make sure my friend is OK?” Keen on getting started with her own chase, while only a minute or two had passed since the nameless youngster had bolted out of the door in pursuit of whatever force had done the damage to the girl, after squeezing her hand and assuring this stranger of her return the bronze beauty stood up and rolled up her sleeves, eyeing the shop she had come from before breaking into a sprint.
I’ve left him alone for far too long… Should I really have stayed with the girl? More and more aware of how much she had been delayed with every moment that had passed by, as she lurched into the doorway that only a short while ago she had broken through and then vaulted over the Mag Drug counter once more Miss Connors clenched her jaw tightly as she broke into the back alleyway, her head full of questions about what had gone down.
She seemed OK physically, but rather scared… Certainly flooded with fear about the fate of the short fellow despite his claim of being a part of the keepers of the peace in Fiore, perhaps the amber eyed amazon was underestimating the lad because of his size or how young he looked but as she dashed through back alleys she couldn’t help but feel she was about to turn a corner and find an even bloodier scene waiting for her.

Don’t go dying on me, Rune Knight boy! Half wishing that she had simply turned her back on the wounded girl and hoped that she had been OK given how much she felt like she had been detained in getting her to safety, while the rational part of Aisha’s mind tried to reassure her that she had done the right thing, the more reckless side of her character wrestled with her internally. Compelled by this clash within to chase down both the youngster and whatever villain was doing harm to Magnolia at her top pace, with her long and strong legs pounding the pavement to push her along with every ounce of speed that she could muster the bounding black beauty bounced off and over garbage cans and crates, thinking that every second of this chase would be critical to someone else’s survival…
“Naahahaahahaaa! Who’s this? The afro samurai and his plucky little sidekick, is it?”

A chorus of laughter ringing out through the alleyway as the claws of the ethereal demon carved through flesh, despite the target turning out to be someone other than the one that the spidery master had deigned to hit he was in high spirits all the same. The blood exciting the ‘friend’ he had summoned and the connection that they shared sending that sense of elation back to him, while naturally he had a mild sense of irritation at the fact that the guy who had given him a fresh slice through the shoulder was still on his feet, the scene was one that made him cackle to no end.

“What’s the matter big boy, you only good at attacking people from behind? When the shit hits the fan, you let a kid do the fightin’?”
The spindly man with the power of command shrugging it out as he saw the new entrant to the fight on the ground because of the injury he had suffered, the confidence of the creep was skyrocketing with the second as he saw fit to taunt his attacker, it only the amusement that he felt that kept the monster he unleashed at bay. Though it was only a brief respite.
All too soon the wraith launching into another act of aggression, with those wicked claws whipping like razors toward the swordsman, to the dissatisfaction of the demon he found that maybe this punk was a little more up to the snuff than it had expected. Slicing strikes blocked by a blade sturdy enough to deny even its own impressive strength, the spirit snarled as the sword was swung toward it, the resulting attack not only gouging that spectral body but strong enough to send the phantom back a good few meters, prompting it to howl with rage.
“Oh? Looks like he’s not just made of piss and vinegar after all, you’d better start taking this seriously then!”

The master of the monster seeming far cooler in his nature than the bellowing beast as he found his friendly fiend buffeted backward, with a wave of his hand a little more mana flowed from the hand of the man in charge to repair the damage that had been done to his ghastly guardian, cocking his head smugly as he wrote off the sum total of what Tomoe had achieved before compelling his comrade on. The words of the controlling creep next seeming to prompt his partner to show a little more of this arsenal at his disposal, with a hiss the beast sank into the ground beneath it and disappeared from view, travelling through the earth like it was little more of an obstacle than the air it had been floating through before sending a swiping paw straight up at the warrior in order to cut him clear in two…

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

credit to nat of adoxography.


#14Ace Brookes 

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Ace Brookes

In a flash the gas mage witnessed the man he’d just shoved now plunge his katana down with full force into the bellowing spirit. Carried over to the sidelines, the young mage was now dazed with thoughts that flooded his mind. “Argh…. How the hell am I supposed to fight like this…” He took another glimpse of his left arm and was reassured that he wasn’t able to use it for battle. He however needed to figure out a way to numb his pain immediately and hurl himself back into action. “Yeah I’m good” he groaned softly while avoiding eye contact with the samurai.

“Am I really going to be worthless in this fight? Am I even worthy of a promotion if I fail this easily? Am I even the warrior I claim to be if I succumb to the pain?”

A mix of furiousness and self-doubt clouded his face. It was in times like these that a warrior was pitted against his own doubts first, and only emerges victorious after defeating his own delirious thoughts.

His heavy breathing was occasionally coupled with a faint whimper. The dark skinned mage conjured highly euphoric gases throughout his body and directed them towards his wound in attempt to numb the pain. He grit his teeth as the pain peaked around his left arm, eventually numbing it completely. He opened his eyes softly to trickling cold tears streaming down his cheeks. His head was still pressed firmly against the pavement with dust clipped on to his coarse sponge-like hair.

“What in the world…” he muttered to himself. Where the hell did the demon disappear to? The young Rune Knight was able to lift his body up of the ground with his left arm dangling with streams of dried blood marked all around. He was now standing one meter behind the samurai, not knowing what was about to happen next.


The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe] Empty on Fri May 10, 2019 7:02 pm

Tomoe would shake off the taunts of the coward hiding behind his phantom. While the rogue loved some wordplay now and again, it served little purpose on the fields of combat. Once battle was initiated and was to the death, the samurai's gaze would turn more serious and less of the carefree demeanor he strode around his days with. He was locked in battle with a murderer, and treated the situation as such; even if the murderer was also a sniveling coward once the phantom was taken out of the equation. That just made it more important that Tomoe not die here, or else feel eternal shame in the afterlife to come. This was his first life or death battle since leaving Joya, and he wasn't about to let it end fatally for him. Not in this alley.

That was why when the phantom was healed and then disappeared, Tomoe being the former assassin that he was knew to expect a sneak attack. Sneak attacks were intended to kill on the first attempt, thus he would have his blade in a blocking stance at the ready for the first trail of anything to appear in his vision. In particular he was prioritizing the floor, noting that the phantom had sunk inside of it.

Moments later, Tomoe's first assumption was correct, seeing at the last moment a claw hurtling towards him. The surprising speed and strength with which it shot up from meant a less than graceful defense however, as while the strike was mostly blocked by the wary samurai's blade the end of the claw still nicked his cheek. He would attempt a fleeing counter-slash on the phantom while taking a hop backwards. Tomoe observed that his blade was heavily clawed at and chipped in multiple places. Being that it was a brittle and rusty sword to begin with, he noted that it would likely only take another such attack before the hunk of metal would become scrap once more.

"Cheap fuckin' replicas...", the perturbed warrior would mutter to himself closely enough to the child that he would likely hear.

Tomoe took note in that moment that if the cowardly mage would continue healing the phantom, fighting it was pointless. He gave no indication of this thought to the boy, whom Tomoe hoped would either pick up and follow his lead or retreat and mind his own business. The boy wasn't dead or even unconscious, so for a kid of his size to still be even thinking about standing his ground at this point was impressive to the Joyan warrior who had seen his fair share of rough days at the boy's age.

Seeing a potential opening with the idea that the manipulator of the phantom was likely not that tough, Tomoe took to using the alley wall to his right as leverage to jump, and then make a dashing Lunge parallel with the wall to clear past the phantom and attempt to deliver a quaking helm splitter to the coward's skull from above using his drop speed of 5 m/s.

Damage Taken: D
Katana Damage Taken: C
Lunge CD: 2 posts

#16Aisha Connors 

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Aisha Connors

WORDS: 523 | TAG: Tomoe & Ace | BLACK N’ TAN

“He’s pretty hot on his heels ain’t he? The Dancing Blade~”
The claws that lurched from the ground like a trident that would have skewered an unsuspecting boar with ease, as the wild samurai’s reflexes proved just about enough to avoid a fatal strike from what blow and sacrifice a little blood in order to return the blow, the man behind the monster had to offer up a little bit of praise. Clapping his hands together a couple of times in a mock display of commendation before sending a bit more mana to his demon to patch up the hurt it had suffered, he was glad that he had plenty of time to drain away plenty of reserves to share with his buddy. In situations like this cowardly opportunists tended to thrive, but unfortunately for him, recent experience had also made the villain somewhat overconfident.

“Maybe got a career as a balleri- Hoshiiiitt!“

Underestimating both the pace and insight that was shown by Tomoe as he quite quickly guessed that the best way to deal with the brute was likely by taking away it’s brain, while the beast itself was strong as hell and more than a match for the man with the sword unfortunately the same could not be said for the person behind it. Not much of a mage or fighter really just the type who had that right inclination to research dark magic’s and artefacts enough so that when he saw the trinket above the counter of the Mag Drug shop that he knew what it was, unlike the merchant who owned it, he had been sharp enough to swipe the item and put it to good use.
However, the real quality or lack thereof was plain as a sword sailed through the air toward the skull of the vicious crook, all he could do was squeak and throw himself out of the way of the slice as best he could. Caught gloating the response of his minion delayed enough by it that he couldn’t quite intercept the blow, the villain howled as a mix of his own weakening knees and the force of the strike sent him sprawling across the ground, ducking the blow but not avoiding all of the harm as a red trench was carved into his forehead and cheek which made him howl in pain.


Screaming with a mix of agony and anger as a fountain of the red stuff spurted from his face and bloodied his vision, the risky move of the samurai had left him able to get the jump on the ‘head’ of the operation but as the injured creep flailed and tried to crawl away from his attacker it seemed he might just have overstretched himself. Bypassing the demon but now caught between it and the wall, with a roar the brute flung both sets of razor sharp claws straight at the swordsman, one aimed at his skull whilst the other was meant to bury itself in his belly, not caring particularly much which one found its mark as long as one of them did…

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

credit to nat of adoxography.


#17Ace Brookes 

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Ace Brookes

Ace had managed to stand up and gather his strength once again, this time hoping to bring the raging spirit down with him. The euphoric fluid that had surged through his abused body had caused his eyes to dilate and boosted his confidence off the unnatural high that he’d been experiencing. It definitely wasn’t the best method to cope with the pain but it did the job for now. With the immense pain from his left arm suppressed, the gas mage’s blazing eyes were now fixed at the demon-like creature and his cowardly partner.

The samurai that stood before him was putting up a pretty good fight. However his sword resembled more of a rusty old pipe than a samurai’s katana. It seemed as if it was about to snap in half any moment now. The messy haired samurai had a somewhat elegant fighting style and somehow managed to wrap himself around the shoplifter for a sneak attack. It was smart, swift and powerful. Ace concluded that if he was to rush them, he’d be able to land a sly attack as well to disorient the beast even more.

With his vision still dazed by the overdose of euphoria, Ace lunged his body towards the beast that had now turned to face the samurai. A crimson red surge of blood shot up into the sky signaling Ace that it was his turn to mark the culprit’s body. His fist glowed in a yellowish green hue. The youngster had encased his fist in a condensed layer of corrosive chlorine gas ready to pay the man back with a painful scalding scar.

Ace hurled the punch towards the back of the coward’s neck but was uncertain of how accurate it would be given the current state of mind he was in.

It felt as if the young mage’s body would give out at any moment due to the overdose of toxins circulating through his system. Though it was his own magic running through his veins it still managed to take a heavy toll on the young man.

After either landing the punch or missing he’d take a quick step to the left, leaving himself around a meter away diagonally from the duo.


The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe] Empty on Mon May 13, 2019 1:21 pm

The coward was not subtle, that much was clear as the night that Tomoe saw freely. That swindler was so dumb as to reveal his exact motives and tactics openly, proclaiming to his demonic ally to strike at the samurai. Still recovering from his speedy rush however, Tomoe was currently not in a position to make any movements as fast as he had made on his attack towards the thief. Thus, the Joyan rogue would turn towards the phantom, seeing the child covering his flank as the boy rushed past to continue attacking the puppeteer, and blocked both attacks directed towards himself with the chipped blade. Unfortunately for Tomoe, this would prove to be all it would take to destroy the blade, crumbling it into scrap metal over the alley concrete.

In that moment Tomoe would counter the demon with a swift kick of supernaturally powerful strength almost equal to his blade towards the phantom's jaw, which would send it spiraling backwards upon hit. In that same motion while delivering the kick, Tomoe would use his right hand to retrieve a piece of the sword's metal shards and throw it like a dagger towards the coward's throat after the boy had finished his attack. After throwing the projectile, he would finally follow up by running towards the swindler and attempt to go for the simple pleasure of fist-to-skull contact on the sniveling little rat.

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Aisha Connors

WORDS: 583 | TAG: Tomoe & Ace | BLACK N’ TAN


The man in charge of the monster certainly far beneath both his minion and the others in the alleyway in terms of raw fighting power and simple experience, having lost his mind to fury at having received his head wound all his attention was on that of the swordsman and had completely forget about the lad he had dismissed as a sidekick until it was too late. The fist of the youngster slamming into his neck with a sizzle as the caustic substance it was coated in burned his flesh, he hissed and howled with pain at the agonizing interruption, and worse was to follow.
“Y-you... You motherfu-!”

Pulling a dagger from his pocket with a cruelly waving edge and about to jam it into the body of the boy in return for the hit he received, as he bellowed in anger all too soon his words were silenced by the blade of his other enemy, their accidental combination far too much for him to handle. Throat punctured by the improvised projectile to cut off his voice and then the fist that followed up knocking him over, the weapon he had been carrying clattered to the floor as he tumbled over. Force of the hit making the lad skid over and roll across the floor as blood began to pour from his throat, while he tried to speak or possibly cry out in pain all the sound he could make was a gurgling mix of wheezing and attempts at words that were denied by the object that had punctured his jugular, his arms flailing and flapping until a hand of his managed to grip the relic he wore and rip it from his neck.
“Unngfff glrrrrb rrrrop grrrebbbb!”

The loss of words from the fool enough that one would not know that the final things he tried to utter were curses upon the pair that had bested him, as a sluggish arm lifted up the object and then slammed it into the floor, one might have given a clue into why he chose to use the last of his energy to perform such an odd action. Shattering the artefact with his last ounce of strength in an act that looked rather foolish at first, though it might take a moment or two for the men he had fought to realize the deed was rather a sinister one in of itself. The item he wore summoning the beast and providing it with energy provided it obeyed him, by breaking it apart he released all that energy for the demon to feed on and empower itself as the dying fool no longer cared what sought of destruction his minion wrought so long as it killed the people in the alleyway.

Energy exploding outward from the move he made and rushing toward the monster in this vengeful deed, for the most part all that the master had done was hold the leash and direct the devil up to this point, and he would no longer be able to hold it back. Empowered by the sudden rush of mana and swelling in size to be as tall as a house because of it, though blowing this load would mean it would be unable to sustain itself for more than a few minutes, neither the dying fool nor the demon would care about that. After all it had plenty of time to ruin the neighbourhood and everyone in it before returning to whatever realm it had come from…

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

credit to nat of adoxography.


#20Ace Brookes 

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Ace Brookes

Ace’s fist managed to connect with the thief’s pale and frail body while Tomoe’s sword connected shortly after. Ace stood there swaying slowly from side to side as his eyes processed what had just happened to the man. He was only but mere inches away from Ace’s feet. The gas mage was in a steady state for now. He was adjusting to the euphoric high; or so he thought.

The crippled man squirmed in his place as he mumbled something that the young mage couldn’t make out. He calmly watched as the man’s hand ripped the relic off his neck. Ace wasn’t going to interfere knowing that the man wouln’t be able to do him any harm at this stage. He let him have his last couple of breaths peacefully to himself, even if he chose to squirm around with the relic gripped tight in the palm of his wriggly hands. Just like that, the man decided to destroy the artifact. Ace still looked down at the man in disgust as his soul left his scrawny body. “Time to clean up this me…” He started saying as he looked up at Tomoe. The youngster was interrupted by a loud thunderous roar coming from the demon that once served and protected the thief. “Oh shit!” Ace had completely forgot about the demon until now. His thinking urged him to assume that the beast would perish with the destruction of the artifact that summoned him. It seemed as if all the remaining mana was fed into the demon at once, giving it a similar loss of control that Ace had experienced with his own high.

His head tilted fully back for him to get a better look at the beast. The gas mage still swayed from side to side as he squinted his eyes. At this point he had no energy to think of a way to stop the demon. “You lead and I’ll go along with your plan…” Ace said to the sword-less samurai.


The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe] Empty on Tue May 14, 2019 8:30 pm

Upon the dying man's ramblings, Tomoe could be seen with half-moon eyes casually kicking him in the gut over and over to draw out grunts of pain from the bleeding coward. It was his way of relieving stress from a broken weapon and some body aches he'd be feeling in the morning.

"Well, you owe me this at least. It'll do something I guess.", Tomoe murmured, retrieving the sharpened dagger from the man's bloody corpse and scanning it over.

In the time after pilfering it though, Tomoe's stress relief session was interrupted when the swindler smashed the item he was waving around earlier. The resulting spell was powerful enough that pure magic was running rampant in the air, flowing past Tomoe and the kid and directly into the phantom from before. Tomoe's eyes sharpened and in that moment he knew the fight wasn't over yet. He would turn his gaze over to the boy for a moment and then further back into the alley that they were on the side of.

"Get the girl a bit further away, we're gonna need some fightin' room and I don't need a dead woman on my conscience while we do it. We're gonna retreat to a main street for some more breathin' room while leading it to focus on us.", Tomoe spoke concisely, realizing this was the time for maximum use of the environment and that a narrow corridor would be the worst place for them in such a fight.

The thought did cross his mind about other civilians, but drawing attention to the main streets would also prompt a guard response and perhaps other mages to join in so the samurai didn't think it was the worst tactical retreat that could've been ordered. He would stay behind for an additional moment, knife raised in a backwards grip position, observing the beast while dodging and falling back as a first line of protection towards a main street with more mobility for the both of them.

#22Aisha Connors 

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Aisha Connors

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The beast unleashed without the brain to hold it back anymore, for what it lacked in regard to intelligence it more than made up for in terms of pure punishing power and relentless desire for destructing, it’s swollen size meaning that it could lash out indiscriminately as it vented it’s wrath on everything around it. Showing little gratitude for the master that had brought it back to the realm now that it had been let off the leash, out of some form of petty cruelty or a desire to punish the one who had bound it the monster roared with delight as it sent a gigantic fist crashing down in a vain attempt to attack the swordsman, finding no shortage of satisfaction when it’s blow missed Tomoe but slammed into what was left of the murderous mage with a sickening crunch.


A deep, almost rumbling chuckle echoing from the beastie as it lifted the claw up and saw blood and worse dripping from its hand, after inspecting the damage it had caused to its former ally it howled as it turned its attention to the fool who had hacked away at it earlier on. Now so much bigger and bound to no will but its own, as the Joyan’s agility and athleticism allowed him to slip out the way of those massive claws thanks to the sluggishness that its colossal size had imparted it did not care. Tearing at walls and the floor with wild strikes meant to cause as much damage as possible, chunks of debris flew in all direction as the monster acted like a cat that had cornered a mouse, seeming sadistic in its delight to chase the fellow around and toy with him while ignoring most other figures in its surroundings.


Batting at the swordsman partly in an effort to simply make him dance around helplessly as a harrowing grin spread across its face, seeing how much bigger and stronger it was now appeared to make the apparition cackle with delight, letting loose a mixture of roar and guffaw as it chased after the man like a child after a balloon. Feeling practically invincible now and the only thing that could curb its rampage the inevitable time when the mana that sustained its form ran out, since the beast knew that its time in the world of mortals was limited it wanted to enjoy itself as much as it could, fearing nothing as it swung its claws wildly, tearing through buildings like they were made of nothing more than cardboard as it ‘played’ with Tomoe.

That’s…? What IS that? The size of the titan certainly a strength but also something that made it easy to spot, as Aisha Connors heard the thunderous cries and crashes of the beast as it went on the rampage, it was a simple task for the woman to catch sight of the creature and the destruction it wrought.
Only one way to find out! Running through the alleyways in search of the young lad or the fiend that had attacked the girl from earlier and a little breathless because of it, after spending all of a second staring at the wake of devastation it was creating the amber amazon ran toward the shape that she saw, dashing through a crowd that was heading in the opposite direction as she did so.

Up we go~ All too soon finding the task of running into an opposing force was rather the detriment to her speed and position, after taking a moment to check the position of the beast the bronze beauty snapped her fingers and activated a pair of magic girls that shone with golden light around her feet, which Aisha put to good use almost immediately. Vaulting into the air and slamming her heels into the wall with just enough restraint to prevent her from smashing through it the dashing Desiertian smirked as gravity tried in vain to pull her down, but did not succeed. The spells she had cast enough to allow the mocha marvel to cling to and climb the wall with ease, without even breaking her stride she headed straight for that towering threat on the same kind of trajectory a crow would fly, preparing a little ‘treat’ to hit the monster with as she ran along rooftops and sent tiles sprawling in her wake…

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

credit to nat of adoxography.

#23Ace Brookes 

The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe] Empty on Thu May 16, 2019 6:21 am

Ace Brookes

The dark skinned youngster heard the samurai’s direct orders and immediately sprinted off towards the girl that had still been laying on the cold pavement helplessly. Ace started by lifting her head slightly only to notice how light she was. Her skin was all wrinkly and coated her bones as if there was barely any muscle left in her body. He then fully lifted her up to his shoulder with an arm straddling her body securely and proceeded to stagger as far away from the demon as he could.

Every corner he turned his vision got fuzzier. His ears vaguely made out the pleasured roaring of the beast as the ringing noise intensified. The youngster eventually stopped with his head bobbing down every other second. He let the girl down as gently as he could and tottered in his spot. The intense ringing fully took over. The throbbing pain returning to spread through the nerve endings in his arm. His hazey red eyes darted down at his left, throwing his head down with a loss of balance. The youngster crashed down on the cold pavement next to the drained victim, feeling just as helpless as she was. His eyes lids felt heavy as ever as he dazed off.

Sadly, the gas mage’s physical and mental states had suffered too much damage for him to even stay on his own two feet. He definitely wasn’t going to be proud of this moment. The young man wasn’t one to give up easily. For him to face the fact that only one hit from the beast was all it took to take him down. How was he supposed to accept a promotion from his superiors after his own self doubt had shrouded his mind? How was he supposed to look straight in the samurai’s eyes after he’d proved to him that he was ‘just a kid’ after all? Was he truly worthy of being a Rune Knight; the people’s savior?

"...I'm sorry..."

~ Exit ~


The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe] Empty on Thu May 16, 2019 12:30 pm

Tomoe had finally escaped to the main streets, turning on each side to see no civilians other than the girl from the alley. Looking even further, he realized the kid was nowhere to be found. It wasn't the best time to lose an ally, especially after the kid proved himself able to fight, but everybody had to look out for their own survival at the end of the day. Such a thing wouldn't bother Tomoe, as it would just mean he had to kick it up a notch.

"Oi, fuckhead! You gonna keep swinging or are you gonna hit me for once?", Tomoe shouted with a half smirk aligning his expression.

Realizing he didn't know the first thing about knife fighting, he would use his full arm strength to hurtle the dagger towards the demon's face. Hit or miss, that was only a ruse for Tomoe's follow-up attack - a stone-shattering shin kick to the demon's leg in an attempt to topple or stagger it and bring its ugly mug closer to punching range.

"You 'n me, let's have a good time of it! We've got all night here, bud, and I'm plenty confident that I can go the distance!"

The swordless samurai would await to see the results of his attack before deciding whether to withdraw or press his offense on a wounded enemy. If the enemy wasn't harmed enough to topple, Tomoe would go on the defensive and avoid the demon's swipes for another opening.

#25Aisha Connors 

The Hunters and The Hunted [Aisha/Ace/Tomoe] Empty on Fri May 17, 2019 1:58 pm

Aisha Connors

WORDS: 674| TAG: Tomoe & Ace | BLACK N’ TAN

I am the blade that cuts through the storm… Mentally chanting out the incantation that built toward one of her strongest spells as she sprinted across the rooftops on beeline toward the beast, electricity began to crackle around the body of the bronze beauty as she converted the mana she gathered up into the force of lightning, her amber eyes like those of a hawk that were locked onto her rather sizeable target. Not intimidated in the slightest by the size of the monster that she was up against or entirely sure of the fact that this was indeed an enemy really beyond the destructive path it seemed to be wreaking, Aisha relied on her instincts and the feeling in the pit of her stomach to guide her in this regard, feeling a much stronger pull to protect the city by striking out at the menace she saw than stop to consider the situation. It was a leap before you look type of scenario for her, but the mocha marvel knew that whatever lay over the metaphorical edge was something she’d be able to deal with once she saw it.

“ARC LIGHTNING!” Looking quite literally like she had just been struck by a heavenly bolt as she lurched from the slanted surface she had sprinted along and screamed the name of her spell, as a golden circle of magic appeared around the leg of the amber amazon, she twisted herself around in the air and broke into something of a pirouette as gravity took hold of her body. Not sure just how much more oomph it might add to her spell as she spun around a couple of times and then unleashed a momentum fuelled roundhouse kick from her glowing leg, in the matter of a moment all the electricity that had saturated her form rushed toward the limb that she whipped and shot through the air with all the speed and grace of an eagle, straight toward the demon that devastated the streets.

Try that one on for size, big boy~ Smirking to herself as she watched her attack spread wider and wider as it picked up pace so that when it finally reached the body of the beast it was almost as wide as it was, though the monster had a mitt drawn back ready to flatten something beneath it, the attack gave it no chance. The cutting edge of something as hot as lightning no small matter regardless of how tough your hide was, as the bolt born blade slammed into the flesh with a force far greater than anything that Miss Connors herself could summon it bit into that bizarre body with relish.

Cleaving the brute’s form in two or almost managing that, a nasty gash formed in the cruel creature that separated its ethereal flesh at the point at which the shoulder and neck met and left a jagged wound straight through it that nearly passed all the way through its waist, and that wasn’t all. The residual electricity after the attack not exactly having a whole lot of places to go other than straight through the fiend as it grounded itself, a deafening crackle sounded out in the streets as it soaked a body that was far less able to handle it than a trained lightning mage like Aisha, stunning the brute even further as it was cooked by the lingering effect of her strike.

Now, there’s just one problem… It quite the wonderful combination really as it seemed to slow the creature down and also hit it for no small degree of damage in a single stroke, the airborne strike of the Desiertian delight was practically perfect in every way, though found itself lacking in one pretty major regard.
Gotta stick that landing! The haste of our heroine’s strike meaning that she hadn’t thought too much on her landing, Miss Connors was left in something of a freefall following her feat, hurtling toward the ground as gravity made her pay for the flashy entrance she had made…

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

credit to nat of adoxography.

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