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"Yep, I agree. It's a good plan."

Tomoe sat back down at the bar stool and watched as Aisha walked towards another room further into the building - and by the gods did this particular man love watching women walk away. Not that he would comment on it of course, as this was a professional work environment and he would never stoop so low towards his admitted passion for the female body. No, certainly not.

With that, the shady samurai's gaze turned more serious towards Vali upon hearing his words of searching for threats in Magnolia. Darting around to make sure nobody else would hear him, he leaned in to his comrade and whispered once he was sure nobody else would hear besides the two of them.

"Truth be told, bud, there was something I spotted a while back. Me 'n Aegis were just out after hearing about some rumors, nothing big really. So we went out on a patrol one night, see, and..."

Tomoe looked towards the ground with a grim expression for a moment and brushed the hair out of his eyes before continuing. He would even take a drink from his glass of water before revealing his experiences.

"You know Kardia Cathedral? Well, a few nights ago we found a guy ripped limb from limb with his entrails strewn about. Brutal shit. He was like pasta sauce spread all over the walls around the back of the building.", the Joyan breathed towards Vali in a dreadful tone, somewhat shaken by the whole experience.

"There's someone - or something - out there, going around Magnolia turning everyday people into fucked up art exhibitions. We got a guard to report it, but they've kept awful quiet about the whole thing since then. Probably to avoid panic or whatever.", Tomoe finished with a shrug, leaning away from Vali to his default sitting stance to appear natural as if his words weren't important to any outsiders who might see them.

Tomoe would of course think to himself that the last part was a blatant lie - that the guard never did make it to report anything in that night, thanks to the vampiric hunger in him. Or at least, that guard didn't report anything without his life also changing irreparably. Julian definitely was such a cooperative friend, at the end of the day. The rest was truth though, with Tomoe stumbling across a spaghetti man outside of Kardia Cathedral alongside his fellow guild wizard. Even more so was that a part of him certainly was concerned that the perpetrator was never caught; at least not to his knowledge. Whoever performed such vile acts was still out there, and there was a decent likelihood that they were related to the recent demon activity in some form. Whether that be a cultist or a true demon in of itself, it was worth looking into and solving as soon as possible.

"I'd like to start there, probably. Follow up a bit more, since the guards ain't doin' shit about it right now as far as I know. No better place to start than to clear out our own turf first, eh? Saving the world 'n all that dandy stuff can come after."

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Vali Onfroy †

Alas there was a sign that this plan was pretty valid. Aisha seemed rather interested in going out into the field and demon hunting as well rather than helping Vali with the paper work. Naturally Vali didn't have any jurisdiction over her so while he thought it would be best for her to stay, at the end of the day it was her choice. "So you also want to hunt for demons? Alright. I guess I'll stay behind and make sure the guild is protected? Although I think it is wiser for you to stay since you have the people's trust, this demon threat may get out of control." Aisha's mind seemed to jump around often which made sense. She was obviously full of lots of energy. With a chuckle, Vali watched her scramble around asking Mikey for some communication device. Eventually she went to search for it instead.

The Viking sighed and leaned on his chair. This conversation had proven to be very productive. To think that it all seemed to be going in a different direction earlier. The young lord watched the thicc Fairy Tail woman leave the two men, boy how he'd like to get in between those golden legs. Val couldn't help but trail after her with his eyes until Tomoe broke him out of his gaze. The Joyan leaned forward then began speaking. What he revealed next came as a shocker even to the seven foot tall Titan and not much shocked him. The Cathedrals were churches or something like that. To be quite frank, Val wasn't too familiar with any of that bullshit. It was all mostly retarded anyway alas at the mention of somebody being torn apart his interest was piqued. Something like that would definitely be strange and horrifying in this country. he thought.

"That is perhaps the only place you can start. By now most the evidence that could give you leads would be gone, but there is a chance that you can find a clue I am sure." Vali leaned back, looking into the distance to gather his thoughts. "You seem sure that you can face the dangers of what you may find..." he began as his eyes fell back onto Tomoe. "You should leave now then, we do not have any more time to waste. I'll start working on something so that the guild has a defense system." He picked his teeth. "Are you going to fetch Tomoe? Or will you wait to see if Aisha accompanies you?" He asked, looking to see if Aisha had been returning. Vali hadn't seen her, so she was probably still searching for something.

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Aisha Connors

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Jeez Adriana, you could at least hire a maid or something… The lock to the Master’s office nothing to a person who could use their electrical powers to tweak things like magnetic fields, while Miss Connors felt a little guilty for snooping through the private quarters of a woman who was for all intents and purposes like an aunt or older sister to her, she knew that Adriana wouldn’t hold it against her. The room that she entered stacked with papers and empty bottles of wine and other forms of alcohol that seemed to cover every surface, the slovenly attitude of the so called lady who ran Fairy Tail shone through in the state that she had left her room in, with the scene looking more like one might expect of an old drink or unmonitored teen than one might expect of a respected guild leader.

Just like old times, huh? Shrugging as she scooped up a trash can and began to drop the scattered bottles inside it, Aisha was quickly reminded of her time as a girl when she would be left to clean up the ‘ruins’ that usually followed a blowout between Jack and Adriana. Remembering the amount of times she had risen in the morning to find the pair of them practically dead to the world and surrounded with the remnants of their evening, like the good little girl she was the wee mocha madam would dash around and put things away and generally tidy things up, to earn much cherished head pats of course. Not particularly seeking said affection these days though perhaps not exactly against the idea either, the caramel cleaner set to work partly out of habit and partly because it would make her search easier, still looking for that old crystal ball she had wanted to see and after a few minutes finally laid her eyes on it.

“Adriana… Just what were you doing with this?” A knot forming in the brow of the bronze beauty as she came across what she had been searching for in a heap of what seemed to be dirty laundry next to a small bed that was tucked behind a tasteful looking curtain at the back of the office, Miss Connors did not know whether it was the fact that she had pulled it from a pile that included no shortage of underwear or the cheesy crust that were stuck to the item which disappointed her more, but with a sigh she used one of the cleaner looking garments to wipe it off and give it a little more shine before she returned to the boys downstairs, making sure to lock the door on her way in order to spare the blushes of Adriana. Or at least that was the theory. Given the fact that she doubted the woman would care too much if people went fishing through her used panties, she might even get a laugh out of it in fact.
“Heeeeere we goooo!” Returning to the main area of the guild without much of an idea of what Tomoe, Vali or anyone else in the hall had been talking about with a spring in her step as she presented the prize she had searched for to the pair and then placed it on the counter atop the pedestal that was built for it, with a happy smile and an optimistic tone Aisha hummed as she got the magical device fired up by injecting a little mana into it.
“Let’s see if it still works, huh?” Not used to being the ‘communication officer’ of Fairy Tail really but having seen Adriana and others use it often enough that she had a rough idea of how the Lacrima functioned, after giving it a little juice to fire the orb up and then the customary tap of firmness that it seemed all pieces of guild equipment needed to encourage their good behaviour, the desert delight smiled as she saw runes begin to swirl around it before the object brought up a list of names that seemed to be a somewhat outdated contact list for the old faces of the guild.

“Looks like it’s still working~” Chirping happily as the interface responded to her so pleasantly, with a smile on her face Miss Connors hummed to herself as she allowed for a few seconds of sentimentality as she scanned the names that came up, seeing all sorts of faces in her mind as monikers floated in the air in front of her.

“With this we should be able to send a message to the lacrima of any members we have listed? No guarantee they’d show up but we could tell them about the training session? Also, while people are out and about it can help us stay informed?” Blinking herself back to the moment after letting her gaze rest on the name ‘Jack Connors’ for more than a few seconds, perhaps because she felt that Vali and Tomoe might have been confused by her reasoning for suddenly wanting to play with a magical crystal ball the girl offered an explanation for her fervour. Really it a surprise that this had been removed, given these guys were new and this item seemed to have been missing for a while given the state of it, it seemed a good bet that they never even knew this existed…

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

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"I work best alone.", the jovial Joyan would state plainly, shrugging off the idea of working among a crowd for long periods of time; to the point where even a single job working among a team proved to be too much work for him at times.

That was putting aside his desire to keep his own abilities hidden from as many as possible. If he was allowed to warm up and grow accustomed to others, it would jeopardize many opportunities for him. Even a single person finding out would be worrying, and Tomoe didn't particularly like worrying about anything. He would stand from his seat and give a thumbs up to Vali and a warm smirk his way.

"You don't gotta worry though. I'll kick some ass out there, and if I get in over my head, my life ain't worth enough to cry over anyway.", he spoke aloud with absolute confidence, particularly in the last part.

In truth there was little in the way of self-worth in Tomoe's mind. If he died, that was simply the way it was - a street rat with a sword would pass on, and there would be one less scoundrel in the world to keep in front of one's eyes. That was likely the underlying reason for Tomoe's lack of care towards situations like this - if the gods decided to wag a finger and finally end the thug's cursed life, that would be the end of it.

Tomoe's fleeting gaze was broken once Aisha returned with a strange object in hand. His brow furrowed, focused on the crystalline thing before him now. Magic was off-limits to the untrained like him, so he kept cautious about it until Aisha explained what it was capable of - and presumably, what it wasn't. With that, he relaxed, allowing himself to absorb the full knowledge of the explanation. Tomoe nodded once he understood the usage of the... 'lacrima', it was called. It was simple enough to grasp: communication.

Afterwards, he would fill Aisha in on the details that he and Vali were speaking of in her absence. Of a maniacal figure wandering Magnolia and turning people into paste. That it was even done at Kardia Cathedral. Of the lack of action taken by guards and knights. Once he was finished, he downed one last glass of water before shaking his head in rejection of it all.

"So, I'm gonna be looking into it. If you guys wanna set up the training while I'm gone, I might pop in to see how it goes if I have time - and if I'm not dead."

He breathed the last statement casually before strolling his way towards the doors of the hall leading out. Popping his head and turning on his heel one last time however, he faced his conversational companions and raised a finger to indicate another inquiry.

"Oh yeah, what's the status on that lacrima thing? Can we set up a connection somehow to keep in touch? It'd be real helpful, I reckon."

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Vali Onfroy †

"Aye." Vali understood Tomoe completely. This samurai was the lone wolf type of guy much like most people these days. The viking lord himself could work rather efficiently alone, but with an army behind him he was probably unstoppable. None could really come close to defeating him and his army back home, and many have tried. The Joyan stood up from his seat to speak once more, ensuring the silver haired Fairy that he would be fine on his own, even casually speaking down on himself in the process. Now Val didn't know much about Tomoe or his abilities but he favored the scrawny man. He was good company. Any friend of the Lord didn't deserve to see themselves as a grunt. "Of course I will not weep, fool. Your life is worth more than tears. If you die out there I will be sure to avenge you, even if I have to slay the ruler of the underworld myself." Tomoe's confidence was matched with Vali's as he spoke. Tomoe was certainly a friend and he would honor him if he met his end.

Aisha finally came back from being in her own little world doing whatever she thought was necessary. After the two men shared their words, the caramel glazed woman revealed an item. It was some sort of magical device that beeped and booped as she toyed with it. Apparently it could help them all communicate with each other somehow. From what Vali could see there was only one device, so how would they stay connected? If this thing worked though, it could bring the mages who weren't around at the moment, back to the guild. Val watched the girl as she began to speak noticing how her eyes rested on a certain face. The Viking didn't make too much of it though. "Good, good. This will do us justice then. You should send word out immediately." He nodded, assuming leadership.

Tomoe then filled Aisha in on what was going on, while Vali stood up from his chair and stretched a bit, bringing his arms over his head and lightly groaning. The viking turned back towards the bar for a cup of water. He actually didn't really use words to ask, instead he pointed to Tomoe's cup after he downed it and smiled at Mikey. "Please?" he asked innocently. The bartender rolled his eyes but eventually delivered a fresh cup of water. "Then don't die." Quickly downing his glass of water. "Training will start in two days, take your time dear..." He teased, blowing a kiss to Tomoe. That was his way of telling him to search hard.

"And tread cautiously." The Samurai turned to make his way to the door which meant that now was the time for all three of them to get busy. The bronze warrior walked towards the stairs that would lead to upstairs. He then turned to Mikey as Tomoe asked Aisha one last question. "Adrianna's office is up here, aye?" The bartender nodded. "Yep, and to the left." With that, Vali nodded and found his way to the Guild masters room. This was probably the best place for him to learn about the members of this guild.

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Aisha Connors

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They’re sweet, in their own way~ Smirking as she silently watched the short but sentiment scene unfold between Vali and Tomoe nearby, while the two were acting tough toward one another Miss Connors could easily sense the friendliness underneath the banter and bravado, approving and even envying it. As much as a lone wolf as the two men here really, while she was friendly with a number of people in Fairy Tail few had ever really become true partners to her. This relationship apparently quite new between the men but the Desertian Delight seeing that strong sense of connection they had built already, while she had no idea if something had happened which brought the two so close or whether it was a simple case of them clicking in a sense of character but she couldn’t help but wish she had that kind of bond with someone herself. Jack was probably the closest thing to that in her mind, but as sad as it was to admit, he was not really an option right now.
“Given that the requests we get take us all over Fiore and even beyond that, most seasoned guild members carry their own communication lacrima so they can stay in touch…” Turning her attention back to the ball and the list of names that scrolled around in the air via a form of holographic script, as she gave the newbies a lesson on keeping in touch that she hoped they would not forget, Aisha tapped the names one at a time in order to include them in the message list.
“Sometimes quests can get changed or even called off while people are out in the field, so the Master and others at the guild can let them know of stuff like that. It’s also handy if you need advice or support on things…” Index fingers tapping names to make them glow even brighter, despite not knowing who would respond to or even welcome a message from the guild right now the bronze beauty went through the list of people rather methodically as she continued her explanation, not wanting to leave anyone off who might be waiting on even the simplest sign of life from the guild to return.

“We can send them something to let them know what’s going on, that the guild is still here, and the plans we’ve made?” The finger of the foreign femme hovering over the name of her mentor before rapping that too, the experience she had in searching for Jack made her doubt she’d get anything back, having tried sending him no end of messages over the communications network alongside Adriana and getting no joy. Not feeling right about leaving him out, on the off chance he might just get this one message where all the others had failed Miss Connors made sure to include him, and it was partly for this reason she wanted to be the one who sent the video out as well.

“Probably better if I drop the proverbial line, familiar face and all that?” Certainly appreciating the idea that folk might respond a little more favourably to seeing her than the unknowns that were Vali and Tomoe, but in her own way almost wanting to get her face out there to show her hero that she was still around and making sure that the guild was taken care of, after finishing up the list of recipients Aisha looked toward her new allies for confirmation on her idea before starting up the transmission and being bathed in a blue light that took in her image in order to relay it over the network via recording. Sending her video out to the mailbox of all those who had been associated with the guild up to the point that Adriana had left, or at least that the assumption she had made, after a second or two to let herself relax a bit in front of the ‘camera’ the amber amazon took a deep breath and spoke up as she flicked a rune to record and began to speak.

“Members of Fairy Tail, this is Aisha Connors.
Hopefully this message finds you doing well, I contact you in order to let you know that we’re still alive and kicking back at the guild, and looking to make Fairy Tail great again. While member numbers have slumped we’re fighting back and we hope you can join us in this endeavour? 
Any in the Magnolia area should be made aware that we will be holding a guild training session two days from the time of sending this message, in the Magnolia East Forest. If you’re available please attend so that we can gauge the remaining numbers and strength of the guild before moving forward. 
Fiore is facing a fierce threat from the demonic portals that keep opening up all over the country and Fairy Tail has been waiting far too long to get involved in this, so join us and let’s show those devil bastards just how we like to raise hell round here, OK?
I look forward to hearing from you all soon.”

Perhaps the manner of Miss Connors a little stiff in the beginning due to her inexperience with public speaking and a hint of nervousness, as she got rolling and let herself relax the lightning lass gave up something that made her proud and spoke of the guild she loved. Looking toward Tomoe as she did so and the other souls within the great hall as she spoke for a hint of inspiration that really helped her drop the formality of her phraseology, by the time she was done the desert beauty could already sense that Fairy Tail spirit swelling inside her and hoped she was not the only one who felt that way…

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

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"Yeah, vengeance could be good. I'll leave a mark to let 'em know who killed me. Just look for the permanent slash scars all up and down their body!", Tomoe boomed with laughter towards Vali's remarks on the consequences of the samurai's death.

There was a particular kinship within these halls that Tomoe couldn't quite explain, and it was clear that the camaraderie around was something not found elsewhere. For better or worse there was a warm feeling of belonging that Tomoe would never admit aloud was present - that was no way to keep up his image, after all. So with a simple smirk and a nod of acknowledgement towards the danger his mission posed Tomoe patted himself down, ensuring he hadn't forgotten any of his belongings, and made his way to the door.

The curious rogue would stop for a moment, however, to hear Aisha's speech to the guild over the lacrima. He watched with inquisitive and optimistic reverie, feeling a faint lightness in his chest at Aisha's amateurish tone and stiff inflection. Tomoe nodded his head in approval at the message delivered. He felt that while she was stiff in her speech at the beginning, even the more rough parts would be waived because it came from her; a pretty face did a lot to ease people's hearts and burn a fire in its place, and it wasn't to be underestimated.

"You could use some work with the opening sentence, feels a bit too formal. Relax a bit, we're all fuckin' fools around this place. But other than that, nice work. I think your words reached the people you care about, 'n that's what really matters, eh? Chin up and all that.", Tomoe spoke loudly to Aisha from across the room, making direct eye contact in a sincere and sympathetic way; after all, she had just returned to the guild and found no one familiar. That would surely be a difficult thing for somebody with nostalgia goggles and a sense of youthful passion towards a place to return to and discover it beyond its glory days.

Tomoe himself felt invigorated, even though his task was not one to allow personal emotions to enter into. The Joyan would take a small bow uncharacteristic of his behavior, noting it could very well be the last time he would see the guild in such a happy state, before taking his leave out the front doors.

"I'll c'ya all in a few days. Don't let the place burn down without me."

With that, he walked out and back into the fresh air outside and made his way down the streets of Magnolia. The confident smile he had on faded the further from the guild building he went, knowing that in order to uncover deeper mysteries into the origin and location of these demons he would have to potentially put his own life in danger.

Riskin' it for the biscuit, huh? Didn't know I'd be helping out with all of that at any point... fer anyone but me., Tomoe thought to himself with a melancholic expression across his features.

He glared swords at a Rune Knight patrol passing as he walked further into the heart of Magnolia. Soon enough it would be time to change things, so he stayed his hand for the moment and acted as if he was any other citizen; even going so far as to nod his head in respect to them as a sign of goodwill. Tomoe wasn't strong enough yet, he knew that. It would wait for later.

For now, he wandered the streets in search of information, cautious and hoping he wouldn't be assaulted. It was a deadly task, and it wouldn't be any stretch of the imagination that Tomoe would feel anxiety in the pit of his stomach towards his next task. Towards an uncertain future the cautious rogue would venture, ready to spread bloodshed everywhere if need be.


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Vali Onfroy †

As the crimson Titan made his way up the stairs he turned his head to hear the temptress relay a message to all the members that could be reached via the device she was using. For a moment the Viking stopped in his tracks to watch. Her speech was cute not to mention how warm and comforting her voice was. Knowing that Val had both Tomoe and Aisha to count on made him even more confident then he already was. It made him believe that with their help and the help of all the guild members, his people would be safe. Especially if Vali was to ever face the demons. His service to the country of Fiore would undoubtedly allow his people to live freely in Worth Woodsea. Until then though it was essential that the government of Fiore hadn't an idea of Skaal's arrival. After Aisha finished with her speech, Val found his way to the guild masters office.

He said all he needed to say to Tomoe, his only hope was that he remained safe. It's been a while since the young lord had sacrificed anything to the gods alas for Tomoe's safety he would sacrifice a handful of animals. For now his main focus was to create a training regime to help shape up his guild mates and organize a defense strategy. Once again he had found himself in a leading position only this time he wasn't the only leader. Aisha and Tomoe would no doubt do their parts to keep the guild sturdy as well. Each of them had different skills and it showed already. Val was used to being the dominant force considering he was a born noble. Usually his word was law if his parents had nothing to say about it. Now though, he wasn't leading as a lord.

The titan slowly opened the door to the guild masters room, half expecting the guild master to be sitting at her desk. Only books and stacks of paper comfortably sat on the table, eagerly waiting for someone to sort them out and go through them. "Fuck me..." he murmured with a sigh as he stepped into the room. As he casually walked towards the desk he looked around to familiarize himself with the room. He had a feeling he would be here often. When he approached the the brown wooden desk his fingers trailed over the papers. There was so many documents it made him wonder just how long the guild master had been absent. After a minute or two the Lord of Skaal exited her room and walked to the stairs, stopping at the top with no intention to go back down.

"Friends..." He began with his hand raised and a warm smile. His voice was loud but not obnoxiously so. Just loud enough to get their attention since there weren't many members present anyway. "If you do not know, my name is Vali Onfroy. I am from the country of Iceberg. I know not all of you are familiar with me, I know Iceberg has a reputation... and I know this is only my third week in Fairy Tail..." He continued as the members began to look up at him. " but In three weeks time, Fairy Tail has become my home. Every single one you has become a member of my family." The viking moved towards the center of the second floor, placing his hand on the wooden fence that would protect people from falling while peering down at his guild mates.

"I am saying this to say that while our guild leader, Adrianna is gone, I am stepping up to continue whatever work she has left. This is my way of doing my part to gain your respect..." His smile turned into a more serious expression, his tone becoming just as serious. "I am sure that you have all heard of the demons in Fiore. It is time that Fairy Tail pull their weight just as all the other guilds have. We will not be looked down upon by anyone and we will show these demons the power of our guild..." His eyes looked around. The members seemed to be more intrigued now, many of them nodding and agreeing with what Vali was saying."Just because our guild master is not here does not mean that this guild has no longer has a purpose. Is that what it means to be a Fairy? To lose hope so easily?" Vali asked rhetorically.

"I didn't join this guild because I heard that you were all a bunch of pansies, I joined this guild because I heard that you were the greatest in the country. Is that true?!" He asked, his voice gradually getting louder. The mages below nodded their heads, murmuring amongst themselves in agreement. "Tell me, is this all Fairy Tail has to offer!?" The mages shook their heads but Vali wasn't impressed. "I said...is this all Fairy Tail has to offer!?" Suddenly the small crowd of mages "no'd" him in unison, their voices collectively creating an unexpected boom. "Hope is all we have and with that we will show the whole fucking world what it means to be a Fairy Tail mage!" That surely did the trick. The entire guild began cheering, banging their cups on the tables and agreeing.

"Aye! 'tis the spirit! In two days time, we will all have a day of training. It's time to get in shape!" Was his last words that would leave the guild cheering. Mikey took it upon himself to begin playing music and turning the volume all the way up it seemed like it. Suddenly the guild was partying? This reminded him just like home. With a smile Vali winked at Aisha if she had been watching and listening to his speech. He'd then wave his hand to gesture her to come to the guild masters room with him and help him sort out the papers. If she hadn't then that was fine too, but her help would definitely make things so much easier around here.

- EXIT -

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#34Aisha Connors 

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Aisha Connors

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“Eheheheheh, let’s hope plenty of people get it~ Be nice to see a few more familiar faces around these parts?” Smiling with a hint of blush upon her cheeks once her speech over the guild network was done, though she felt a little self-conscious for having put herself out there that way Aisha felt good all the same for having done so, finding encouragement in the words of Tomoe and even the way that Vali had stopped to watch it as well made her hopeful that she might reach a few hearts who were currently lost in isolation. The main hall of the guild filled with over a dozen souls but by comparison to what she was used to this seeming practically deserted, it would be nice to have some of that old rowdiness return to the place and if it took her pretty smile and friendly words to help accomplish this then it would be worth her making a broadcast like this one every day if she needed to.
“O-Oh, well, it wouldn’t be the first time that happened, but we always build the place back up bigger and stronger when it’s been knocked down~” A little surprised to see Tomoe moving away so quickly after her words were done as she half expected him and the tanned titan to join her for a round or ten afterward, after remembering how he had mentioned having a job to do later Miss Connors nodded at her new nakama and gave a cheeky wink as she let him in on a little history of the guild.
“And that goes double for the people here~! We’ll be better than ever by the time you get back!” This building not quite the one she had been first introduced to when she had arrived in Fiore and undergoing several renovations, some had indeed been down to the fervour of members or their lax attitudes, but the girl also had the experience to expect that whatever didn’t kill the place only made it stronger. That stood true for the people especially so, the reminder helped the mocha marvel feel that bit brighter as she waved to her new friend after shutting the lacrima down, finding her way back to the stool on which she had hung her coat as the other promising rookie caught her attention next.

Adriana is gone… Only for now, though? The words of the towering man perhaps slipping under the skin of the lightning lass as she sipped on her drink and listened, while she knew Vali didn’t mean to dishearten her with the frankness of his speech she couldn’t help but feel glum that a second mentor in her life was missing from the guild she loved.
Where have you both gone, jeez… Leaving me to hold everything together? Sighing gently as she wished that the woman in charge would walk in the door right at that very moment, while she had no urge to steal away the proverbial thunder of the new recruit at the same time Miss Connors couldn’t help but crave contact with someone who was friendly and familiar with her in a more deeply developed fashion than the rookies, regardless of how fired up they seemed to be.
I miss you guys… Feeling like something of a failure in the fact that even after all these months and all those trips she still had nothing to show for the search she had taken, though she had guarded the secret from Mikey and rookies with whom she had shared such an uplifting drink all that Aisha had really wanted was a nice firm hug. Tough in her body and strong of spirit but more demoralized than she let on, when the desert beauty let herself think about these things then they would quickly get on top of her and she craved some sort of comfort to take that pressure away. Unfortunately, it seemed for now that was not on the menu.
Well, at least what’s left of the guild seems to be in better spirits… Sighing again as a wave of applause and cheers seemed to follow the end of Vali’s speech, while Miss Connors had drifted in and out of her words as memory and melancholy got the better of her she at least joined in the cheer as things ended.
“For the Guild!” Lifting what was left of her drink into the air and calling out alongside the other voices in the room in response to the monologue of the mocha man, maybe if she had been in higher spirits then the caramel girl might have returned the wink that was sent her way by the man up the stairs, but in this circumstance all she could do was offer as warm a smile as she could give and a nod. Not in the mood for flirting right now, really.
What now then? Sighing yet again as she sank the scotch she had been on and then slipped off her stool, while a more positive minded Aisha might have stuck around and tried to make a party of what was going on, with her mood subdued by her sense of sentiment the amber amazon instead was rather sober despite her drinks.
I should probably head back to the apartment, maybe get a workout in or something? Scooping her jacket up and putting her arms into it as she thought through her plans for the rest of the day, after sending a semi-saluting wave toward Vali if he was paying attention the girl drifted toward the doorway as she opted to head back to her place, or well technically it belonged to Jack.
Place probably needs a tidy too… Perhaps heading to the guild first for a sense of comfort because she didn’t like spending too much time thee without her mentor given how much it reminded him of her absence, all the same she would welcome the comfort of her own bed, not to mention the set of workout gear she left in the living room…


The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

credit to nat of adoxography.


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