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#1Aisha Connors 

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Aisha Connors

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Another bust… Slender, caramel coloured fingers lifting up and sweeping back her silky soft locks as the train she had just stepped from hooted and began to hiss with steam behind her, Aisha Connors let out a slow sigh as she strolled along the platform at a sedate pace, attracting a couple of lingering gazes as she did so. The best part of a head taller than the average girl around her and the mocha tone of her skin certainly making her stand out, the dashing figure that she cut as she walked along in a leather jacket and jeans was certainly enough to catch the attention of the people around her, either out of awe or intimidation or perhaps a mixture of both.
All the way from Orchidia to Oak, and still nothing… Men and women alike seeming to glance toward her and gawk just a little bit, on another day she might have appreciated and even played up to the attention she was receiving, but today the amazon did not feel up to smirking and winking at the folk she passed by. Right now, as she toured the streets of Magnolia and headed for her home, the ego boost was the least of her concerns.

Jack, where have you gone? Particularly pensive upon her return to the eastern city, with a knotted brow the black beauty brooded over her latest lacking success as she walked along half in a daze, not really paying attention to her surroundings more than she needed to in order to reach her destination on autopilot. Heading to the western reaches of Fiore for even the smallest crumb of a clue as she took any far reaching job she could, while the task she had attended has been relatively simple, Aisha couldn’t help but find more disappointment than enjoyment in what she had done because she had heard nothing there of the figure she had spent more than a year now looking for.
Damnit, if he’s just gone swanning off on a world tour chasing skirts, I won’t forgive him! A little puffiness appearing in the cheeks of Miss Connors as she speculated on the fate of her missing mentor, the mocha marvel stuffed her hands deep into the pockets of her jeans and pouted a little as she pictured the image of her hero grinning from the middle of harem, though she was irritated at the idea and mentally vented her anger she knew she was in truth lying to herself if she thought she would feel anything less than sweet relief at seeing the man again no matter the situation. Her idol since she was a little girl, though she had tried to rid herself of it a lingering crush remained in the deepest parts of tall temptress’ heart and she knew she couldn’t stay mad at him for too long. If anything, she was angrier at herself for not finding him than anything.
He better not have… Touring the country but only really having managed to track down rumours that seemed to go nowhere, though Aisha was taking a kind of no news is good news type of approach, with the time that had passed without a word she couldn’t help but harbour a sense of dread in a deep and dark place of her. This not the first time that Jack Connors had wandered off from the guild but certainly the longest one, even Adriana had seemed a little worried about what was going on and that spoke volumes of the situation really, given how unflappable she was.

There she is, huh? The mist of her mind fogging the path of the femme until she saw something familiar, as the three tiered building that she called her home rose higher and higher with every step that she took, Miss Connors couldn’t help but let her lips curl into a small smirk. Something comforting about the mighty building of Magnolia, the young woman felt a little of her woes lifting away as she read the words ‘Fairy Tail’ inscribed above a large and open door, her mind slipping back to the first time that she saw this building rather than dwelling in a dark place she disliked.
Well, at least it’s still standing… Taller now, at least two or three times the size she had been when she first set eyes on this odd building, whenever she saw it Aisha always seemed to feel that bit more like the girl she once was. Awed and amazed by the place as soon as she set inside it, the dishy desiertian felt a sense of hope and excitement rise up in her heart as she neared the doorway, remembering all the faces she had grown up with and letting out a far happier sigh than she had when she left the train in the minutes before.

Not knocked her down yet, have you guys? Chuckling softly and shaking her head as her mind flooded with memories of all sorts of things happening inside the walls of this grand building, Miss Connor was eager to see how things had changed in the weeks and months that she had spent searching for her master, eager to see old faces and hoping that maybe she might bump into a few new ones she liked as well…

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

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#2Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †

If you asked Vali Onfory, the son of a the great Tristan Onfroy lord of Skall five years ago where he saw himself in the future chances are that he wouldn't have said anything related to Fiore. Yet here he was in the middle of the country he only heard rumor about- and in one of it's guilds at that. Life had a funny way of working. Fiore was his start-over. This country was going to provide a home for the people of Skaal sooner or later but he couldn't help the fact that he was beginning to fall inlove with it. It's been two weeks since he's joined this guild and already it began to feel like a second home. Of course without his men with him part of him did feel naked but besides that there was really no reason for him to be upset.

Fairy Tail had provided him with steady income. Most of his money went to Worth Woodsea where his people lived but he was still managing. The guild hall was nearly completely empty as always. No guild master, hardly any guild members and the same ol' bartender. The young lord sat at the bar with his mug half empty. Although it was the middle of the day a drink was very much needed. Perhaps later he would go out to complete more quests. "Aye. What will happen if the guild becomes completely empty?" He asked the bartender. The man had been placing cups where they belonged but he wasn't too busy to respond to Val. "I dunno...it closes forever maybe? I lose my job, I go broke, my wife leaves me and takes our kids, then I become a bum on the fucking street? Why?" Vali nodded with an eyebrow raised in confusion. Seemed like the bartender had some problems of his own too. "Just askin'."

The half-elf grabbed his mug and began to chug the rest of the drink, slamming it back onto the table when he was done. "Another round, my friend." The bartender nodded and filled his cup up. The guild was so empty that he could hear the faint footsteps of someone entering. Usually the doors were closed but today in particular they were open to regulate air. Sometimes this place could become a sauna. Upon hearing the the foot of someone tapping on the floor the viking lord turned to see who had entered. Immediately his eyes widened. A woman with soft caramel skin almost glowing in the sunlight moved with confidence into the building. His eyes scanned her body landing on her breasts then tracing her physique until finally meeting her eyes again with a slight smirk. If she had seen him then the two of them would make eye contact for a moment.

"No way..." the bartender began. Val turned to face him again, his gaze breaking from the seemingly majestic woman. "You know this woman?" he asked curiously. "That's...Aisha. She's a member of this guild but I haven't seen her since god knows when." he whispered.

"Well...she looks like a good fuck." the lord chuckled.

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#3Aisha Connors 

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Aisha Connors

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That smell… I can’t describe it but it feels so welcoming, so familiar… The lustrous black locks of the lady dancing in the breeze and making the beads in her hair sound just a little bit like wind chimes, as she stepped inside the main hall of the guild building, she received a treat that she hadn’t expected but one that really helped the smile on her face. Months and months spent on the road, so long that she had almost forgotten that nearly imperceptible atmosphere of her guild, as she walked inside something warm and comforting hit the nose of Miss Connors, something she couldn’t quite put her finger upon but still helped to put her at ease like the smell of grandma’s baking or the scent of a parent. It was an ineffable quality that just felt calming and wholesome, even if it was flavoured with nothing in particular, and one that the girl only realized she had missed once she had been confronted with it.

Looks… Mostly the same? A sigh of satisfaction escaping the lips of the towering temptress as she adjusted to the warmth within the guild, perhaps because of that hot blood in her veins from Desierto, Aisha found a bit more chilliness in the air of Fiore than most did but soon found herself feeling a little warmer than she needed to as she stepped inside the guild and so began to peel the scarf she wore around her neck off.
Seems quiet though… Eyeing her surrounding keenly as she let her amber eyes wash over her environment, though the girl hadn’t been expecting a hero’s welcome or something of the sort upon her return, she did feel a tiny bit of disappointment at the emptiness of the long tables that filled the halls as she surveyed the landscape. Almost no one seeming to be in the room and certainly none of the usual faces she tended to like talking to here, the girl felt a hint of sadness to not see the souls she had expected in the great hall, but all too soon found herself distracted by a ruby red stare that seemed to focus on her from the bar.

Oh, he seems new?
A pair of scarlet eyes seeming to stare back at her as she scanned the stand where one could get a nice refreshing drink, perhaps it was the confidence of the young man who looked at her or the darkness of his skin, but Miss Connors couldn’t help but feel a little bit intrigued by the naked regard she was shown. Not catching the way he had looked her body up and down and far too distant from earshot to really pick up on the crudeness he spoke with before chuckling, the smile of the dishy desiertian lingered on this stranger for a second or two before shifting toward the man that served the drinks and giving at least one ‘old hand’ in the guild a friendly little wave.

“I’d almost thought that I’d walked into the wrong guild with how quiet things are, Mikey... Don't tell me the council has finally gotten around to carting the guild off while I was gone?” Flicking her long locks gently as she stuffed her scarf into the pocket of her jacket and made a beeline for the man behind the bar, with a sense of familiarity that reflected the long years she had spent growing up in this large room the amazon offered a joking greeting toward the giver of drinks as she drew near, hoping that he might know what was going on better than she did.

“Is Adriana around?” Not exactly wishing to ignore the new face next to her and the eyes of the mocha marvel slipping to survey the white haired fellow that was nearby with a sense of intrigue and curiosity, a mix of surprise at seeing the room so empty and haste in wanting to speak to the master of the place maybe made Aisha a little slow to greet the stranger on the stool, even if she was quite interested both in his name and why he had caramel skin like she did…

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

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#4Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †

"Haha, you know the council needs Fairy Tail even if they won't admit it. You haven't heard then huh? The Rune Knights are paying more than any legal guild in the country, guess that's where everyone's gone. Ya know...with criminals and demons running all over the place the council seems like the safest bet for new mages these days." Mikey sighed as he turned to grab a random drink for Aisha. The bartender hadn't seen her since she was young so he had absolutely no idea at all what her preference of drink was but he grabbed something dark, something he was certain a woman of her caliber would enjoy; that good ol' Jack Daniels. Vali remained quiet, putting his cup to his lips and gulping a few times before lightly placing it down. Only slightly moving his head, he looked over at Aisha as she spoke.

Who the hell was Adrianna? "Adrianna? I haven't seen her since almost as long as I haven't seen you. Is everything fine?" Mikey asked as he began pouring her cup. The bartender glanced up at Vali remembering that he was still here. "Oh, Aisha meet Vali by the way." He leaned in towards the bronze fairy tail woman before placing his hand beside his mouth as if he were whispering. "He's a lord." the man chuckled mocking Vali. Vali rolled his eyes and huffed. "Pleasure to meet you Aisha." He winked with a toothy grin. Vali noticed the tattoo on her eye. It looked familiar to a symbol his mom used to wear on her neck. The eye of one of the Desiertan gods or something. It made sense now. Her beautiful sun baked skin, her eyes, her tattoo even her hair. Was she Desiertan too? Only one way to find out. "I new to guild but I not heard word of any person named Adrianna." He said in Desiertian language. He wasn't exactly the best at speaking it considering his mother didn't use the language often. She was more invested in teaching him Va'Elvharin more than any other language but he was sure she would understand considering he was decent.

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#5Aisha Connors 

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Aisha Connors

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“The Rune Knights, eh?” Surprised to discover that some of their rowdy number had found employment with the lawmen of the country though it seeming to make sense given how she had noticed their presence more and more as she had travelled, while Aisha had no particular problem with people in uniform keeping the peace per se, she couldn’t help feel like it was a bit of a waste of talent really.
“Well, if they ever feel like pulling the stick out of their ass, I’m sure master would take ‘em on again?” Feeling that generally the service of the realm felt a little too plain and lacking in imagination for the characters she had met in the guild, while she appreciated the idea that they might be looking for a decent steady pay check, as the girl lifted up the drink she was offered and sipped on it, she couldn’t help but vent her disappointment in the idea. Sure guarding the realm might seem noble and filled with honour, but in a way, it felt ‘beneath’ people who were once her brothers and sisters. Though that might have been Adriana and Jack’s influence rubbing off on the girl, really.
“She’s been away too, has she? Huh…” The tone of the tall temptress growing softer and more distant as she was told that the master of the guild was away on the day of her return, she felt a little sad to miss the woman who she considered something akin to a favourite sister, swirling her drink around in response to the question as she began the brood again at the news. Usually Adriana never straying too far from Magnolia, or to be more specific the favourite holes where she could get a good drink from, it surprised Miss Connors to learn that her friend and mentor was absent, just like Jack.
Maybe she’s gone out looking for him as well, I know they were friends…  One of the more tolerant people of the antics of her adoptive parent and the duo seeming to have the closest thing to a platonic friendship that the womanizer could have with anything who wore a skirt, Aisha couldn’t help but draw a correlation between his absence and that of the woman who led what was left of Fairy Tail these days, and silently hoped the woman would have more success than she did if that was her aim.
“It’s no big deal really, Mikey, I just wanted to let the master know what I’d been up to really?” Shrugging off the barman’s concerns over the importance of the issue and passing it off as something trivial, while in truth she had been hoping to speak to Adriana in the hopes of getting some advice about looking for Jack and even ask the woman if she had permission to start scouring the countries around Fiore for their absent member, the desiertian dish did not wish to burden either the man in front of her or this new face with her woes really. From the emptiness of the guild hall, Fairy Tail could use a few more happy times, it seemed.

“Nice to see a few people remain in the realm with the right kind of taste, Vali~ I’m Adriana Connors…” Sighing softly at the sense of disappointment that she felt and taking another sip from the bourbon she had been served up, as the barman realized the lacking introduction between the girl and the man nearby, Miss Connors responded to it with a soft smile and even put her drink down to offer a handshake to the newbie as she greeted the man next to her.
A lord? Blinking in bewilderment as Mikey seemed to offer an odd little addendum to the exchange that only made this new face in her guild seem all the more mysterious, though the man seemed to be joking around or something the caramel goddess couldn’t help but wonder why he was referring to this Vali fellow as such, her brow arching a bit as she looked from the man behind the counter to the one nearby and her sense of astonishment would only grow when she was spoken to in a manner that seemed to provoke all sorts of memories for the girl.
That’s… Desiertian? Perhaps not drawing the connection between the dark skin of the white haired stranger and her own heritage because of the varying ‘strokes’ of colour that she had encountered in the cultural cooking pot that was Fiore, when words that seemed familiar and reminiscent of a time she had almost forgot left the lips of Vali, all that Aisha could do in response was blink in a blank fashion. At least at first.
“Good ness, it has been some year since I spoke the talk of home?” Some almost redundant part of the brain of the bronzed beauty finally firing up after a few seconds of confusion and compelling her to speak with words that seemed clunky and awkward compared to the way that she commanded her Fiorian these days, it was odd for the mocha marvel to realize that the language she had learned from birth now felt uncomfortable and alien to her.

“Heheheheh, wow, it’s been a while since I spoke to someone from Desierto~” Almost humbled by the fact that her unpolished speech and attempts to mentally translate her words from the linguistics she had become so accustomed into ones that now felt odd and even a little embarrassing, a tiny hint of pinkness spread across the cheeks of Miss Connors as she reverted to what should have really been her second language but in actually was what she had come to speak far more readily than any other.

“Really, it might be better to stick to Fiorian though, it would be embarrassing for me to show off how rusty I am in the company of a stranger?” Dragging her hand back through her silky back locks as she found a hint of shame in the fact that over the years the words her parents had taught her were now something that she struggled with due to lack of practice, with her head slanting apologetically to one side as she regarded this stranger and slipped onto the stool next to him out of habit, the desert rose lifted her drink up and took another sip from it as something as a distraction from how clunky and crude her attempt at the speech of her home nation had seemed. Hoping that Vali wouldn’t mind it too much of course and by now so unversed in Desiertian that she didn’t even notice the awkwardness of his own dialect, in that moment Aisha realized that while she had once called that place her home it seemed by now she had become as much a Fiorian as anyone around her…

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

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#6Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †

Mikey chuckled at Aisha's comment. The barman of course agreed with the caramel woman. If the guild master of Fairy Tail accepted him as the bartender considering his rather dark background, then she'd surely allow certain members back into the guild. The Desiertan woman ensured that everything was fine, she was just curious on where Adrianna was. "Uhuh...if you say so, Aisha." he responded before turning and tending to other work. Vali knew that Aisha was Desiertan. Between the style of her hair, her complexion and the strange tattoo on her eye it was almost a dead give away. No... it was a dead give away. The only other Desiertan Vali knew was his mother and even she ended up basically renouncing her heritage so there wasn't much he knew besides a bit of the language and lore of her former gods. Seeing another Desiertan woman who was almost as beautiful as his mother was a delight. Perhaps by the end of all this talk he'd get her to reveal what was under her clothes. He couldn't help but glance at her chest every so often but who could blame him? When Vali spoke the tongue of Desierto, the Fairy responded back. Her own dialect almost as broken as his. Maybe she wasn't raised by her real parents? Maybe they didn't bother to teach her too much? Hearing her speak though made him smirk.

As Val took another gulp of his bitter ale Aisha admitted that it had been some time since she spoke the tongue this time in Fiorian. "I see that." He snickered. Although both of them weren't the best at speaking Desiertan it took him by surprise that the woman would rather speak Fioran. She was probably one of those people that came from foreign countries and drowned themselves in the culture of Fiore, losing a sense of theirselves in the process. After all, she did have a sense of style that only a Fiorian would wear. The half-elf scratched his slightly pointed ear, nodding in understanding. "Aye. I get it. I am not from Desierto though, the only one from that country is you, M'lady." The crimson clothed viking took one last chug. He whistled to Mikey who then poured him another cup of Ale. Val raised an eyebrow looking the woman dead in her eyes. "Why did you even come to this God forsaken country? A delicacy like you would bring in a pretty penny for some men if you are not careful." he teased with his thick outlandish accent before taking another sip. Back on Iceberg woman would take that as a compliment but they were made from a much tougher cloth. Admittedly, this foreign lady was much bigger than average women and she didn't strike him as a softy based off conversation, so maybe- just maybe- she was tough too.

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#7Aisha Connors 

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Aisha Connors

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Not Desi? I suppose the accent does feel a bit off, now I think of it… Feeling a little bit foolish for the guess that she had taken as to origin of the man, as Vali to her more, Miss Connors began to see the way the accent of his did not seem to resemble the one she had when she was younger. Memory foggy given the fact that more than a decade had passed by since she came to the country, aside from the obvious facts of her appearance, the only hint of her own exotic origin was in the way she pronounced certain words in Fiorian but for the most part that character had melted away to close to nothing.
“Ah, heheheheh, forgive the assumption then, Milord~?” Proud of her heritage in a way especially when it came to her looks, though some might have judged her for adopting the culture of the country around her so strongly the amazon did not mind one bit. Aisha knew who she was and was comfortable as a woman who embraced two countries of origin to varying degrees, so as she offered a joking apology she felt little shame for her mistake and gave it more out of a sense of courtesy toward a stranger than anything. However, it seemed that courtesy was not universal.

First he calls me a lady, and then he speaks like I could be what? A slave? A whore? What a baffling man… The body of the beauty growing that bit stiffer the second that she heard the next statement from the guild’s new member, though Miss Connors tended to be easy going with most little comments and jokes, she couldn’t help but take a hint of offense at what she was told next. Perhaps a hint of her subtle femininity flaring up or the pride she had as a warrior firmly rejecting the notion that the only value she could have was in her looks, the tall temptress turned on the stool she sat one to face the bar rather than the boy next to her in a clear showing of her disapproval at his statement, letting him stew for a few seconds of silence as she polished off her drink before responding to his statement.

“You don’t like it here in Fiore, Lord Vali?”
The warmth with which she had shown this caramel man seeming to ebb away as she slid her glass back toward Mikey and nodded at him for a refill, after sighing the woman chose to overlook the insult she had been given so as to soothe her temper and instead focus on the slight that her second home had been given.
“Compared to the country I remember from my childhood, I find it a much kinder place?” Certainly not knowing where this coarse fellow had come from but certain in the fact that of the places she had visited Fiore was the furthest thing from a forsaken country that Aisha could remember, the truth about the ease and speed with which she had become embraced this land as her own was probably because it was definitely a step up from what she was used to.

“No more wondering when the next meal would come, or watching the horizon for the next band of brigands looking to make off with everything you own, and that’s all if you were lucky? Certainly the memories of Miss Connors stained with the recollection of the loss of her parents, her village, everything that she had known, it had been villains from the great nation of Desierto that had took all that from her and so she couldn’t view her homeland without the taint of her loss.

“Perhaps these are concerns that would not trouble a 'lord' like yourself?” Not exactly knowing exactly what had brought this man from whatever country he called home and neither knowing why he was called a lord, in the offense that she had taken to the crudeness in his query, a little of that fiery passion showed in the tempestuous titan as she spoke with cool sarcasm at the haughty man next to her. At first intrigued by his looks and his lingering stare not the mention the connection to her homeland he seemed to represent, though the first impression of this Vali had caught the interest of Aisha, all to soon she found herself feeling none too impressed by the words he spoke with or the attitude he seemed to show…

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

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Homecoming [Social] Tumblr_n8w1bctrxM1qf9l6uo3_500

"Now just remember to play it cool, alright?"

In the bright afternoon sun gracing Earthland on another gorgeous day, the scruffy and chiseled features of a thuggish young man could be seen striding down the main streets of the town. With his chest puffed out and pep in his step, hope glimmered in Tomoe's eyes with an arm around an armed and armored man. They were friendly with one another it seemed, as odd as that might seem due to the drastic difference in personality and dress; one was as a virtuous and honorable town guard, the other a brigand one might see swooping to hold up a merchant's goods at sword-point.

"Just take this time to adjust, you'll definitely be fine. You've got this. I know you do, er... what's your name?", Tomoe stuttered, pausing in the middle of the street to face his comrade.

Shrugging the rogue's arm off his shoulders in concern, the guard put a fist to his chest in salutation and straightened his posture nervously. As the saying went, "eyes are a gateway to the soul", and this guard's eyes indeed gave way to malice or perhaps fear as they stared daggers into Tomoe. Yet despite this, the guard's words and actions veiled this attitude that only Tomoe would know of.

"I'm Julian, a guard in service of the king and Magnolia. And currently, uh... your friend partaking in drinks, as you said?", the guard named Julian responded, confused with a head tilt, before returning to a normal stance with Tomoe once more wrapping a friendly arm around him.

"Yep! That's right. We're gonna go drinking at the only place where we should be drinking - Fairy Tail."

Not that Tomoe ever spoke of the devil, but as they turned a corner they had finally arrived in eyesight of the guild that the samurai had come to call his drinking hole over the last while. He released his grip on Julian, unintentionally strong as it was, and made his way forward with ignorance as to Julian's brused right shoulder, pushing the doors open with thunderous theatrics.

"How're you bozos all doing today? I brought a friend, treat 'im well and show 'im a good time!", Tomoe boomed in front of the open doors of the guild hall.

On a normal day for the old, rag-tag hall of warriors that Fairy Tail was, his voice would be easily drowned out by dozens of men and women much bigger and taller than him. Yet another day entering the guild, and another disappointment at the abandoned yet preserved haunt that the building had turned into. It wasn't so much that he had any attachment but more so that he knew it could do better than it was.

Of all of this he didn't make obvious visibly, especially from such a distance away, and instead pushed Julian into the room with a slam on his back stronger than intended. Stumbling and almost falling over his own feet, the inexperienced town guard would catch himself just before crumpling into the hardwood floors within. Red as tomato, he gave a coy wave to the patrons and guild members around and took a seat in the corner of the room to relax while Tomoe went to business.

Scanning the room, the Joyan thug noticed very much the same crowd with a few exceptions - the most notable being the diamond-tier woman sitting by Vali. From first glance it didn't seem like they were hitting it off too well, but Tomoe wouldn't deny he loved seeing it go that way regardless.

He's already making a move? Not that I really blame him, but at least take her to dinner or something first. Damn., he thought amusingly, allowing the doors to slam on their own as he moved across the hall towards Vali and the woman. He took a seat a few stools away from the pair and snapped his fingers for the bartender to bring him the regular - water. Pure and unfiltered water, with all the minerals and even less of the taste due to his biological makeup.

"I'd ask if you come here often but I guess we already know the answer to that. You got a name?", Tomoe spoke in a calm tone with his usual gruff voice, cooling his throat with his tall glass of water.

"And good to see ya again Vali, how've you been doing? Your boys not give you enough attention so you decided to try your hand at bein' a lady's man?", he leaned back and spoke in a mocking tone, yet knew that the man was thick-skinned enough not to take any jabs personally.

With a smirk, Tomoe finished his water and awaited a response from the duo, chin held up and supported by his hands as he crossed his legs in the stool.

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#9Vali Onfroy † 

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Vali Onfroy †

The woman's expression changed almost entirely as she simple looked forward. Vali's once toothy grinned dimmed down to a slight frown. It was obvious that his comment upset her. Perhaps he still had a lot to learn when talking to people, it was just as Tomoe and Aegis had told him when he first came to the guild. A bit embarrassed from how he spoke, he rubbed his ear, taking another chug from his cup of ale. The Bartender glanced at him with both brows raised and his lips tucked. He then turned with a sarcastic whistle. Val rolled his eyes with a sigh. Fiore would take some getting used too. Everyone was made from a much softer cloth like cotton, or maybe something even softer... toilet tissue? Being himself may pose as a challenge if his peers couldn't take a little friendly fire sometimes. Aisha's voice surfaced again, this time a bit colder and seemingly less interested than before even referring him to "Lord" which may or may not have been sarcasm. "Well...it is not what I am used to." He said calmly. His accent nordic as ever.

Vali crimson orbs watched the golden woman in front of him as she spoke. Apparently Fiore was a much better place than where she was from. It was obvious that she had her own hardships in the past. Of course Vali attempted to respectfully listen but he really couldn't stand her sarcasm any longer. Did his one little comment really get under her skin? The half-elf faced forward. He put his mug to his lips and chugged the rest before slamming it onto the bar just as she assumed that his status as "Lord" meant that he hadn't ben troubled with his own hardships? At least that's how the crimson giant took it. "I have been through my share of hardships..." beginning as he faced the bar. Now slightly annoyed just as she was, but he remained calm just as he usually did. "Hardships that would eat you alive if you cannot even take jokes." Perhaps he could still plow her?

Just as his comment came to an end Tomoe interrupted. Vali turned as the door slammed, making eye contact with the afro samurai.Val nodded to the tender for another refill before the Joyan sat and ordered a water. Of course he spoke to the woman first he was probably trying to make his mark. Jokes weren't the Icebergans specialty but he loved to make them and he loved it just as much when people he liked joked with him. When Tomoe made his comment about Vali trying to be a lady's man, all he could do was smirk and lean back in his chair. A shrug forced his shoulders up and with a chuckle he spoke. "My friend, I am certain we both know that I do not need to try...only you do." He joked pointing at Tomoe.

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Aisha Connors

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“Thank you, Mikey…” Nodding at the bartender as he shuffled over with another glass of something stiff and strong for her and offering him thanks and a wad of bills to top up her tab a bit after so long, Aisha paused for a second or two silently as she swirled her drink around in her hand before she turned her cool gaze back toward that of the man next to her as he spoke.
“A joke, was it? Perhaps you might do well to get a sense of a woman’s character before comparing her to a whore?” A part of the girl expecting some form of apology or something for ruffling her feathers that little bit, the distaste of the desert beauty was only strengthened when the crude character next to her seemed to instead take the standpoint that somehow it was her fault for being overly sensitive?
Maybe some girls liked being talked to as if they were nothing, but that arrogance was something that really got her goat and while a part of the fairy femme felt a hint of sympathy toward the hardships he mentioned she struggled with that irritation his attitude caused. Perhaps it was fortunate then that before she had too much of a chance to unload some of the annoyance and anger that was building up inside her, all of a sudden something occurred that in its own way helped to set the girl at ease with her surroundings. Bracing as all of a sudden some bombastic stranger burst into the guild hall with a crash and a booming voice, not the mention a ‘friend’ in tow, after a second of surprise and wide amber eyes Miss Connors felt much of her tension drain away and began to snicker at the antics of this animated unknown.

A new face, but same old Fairy Tail… Shaking her head as she smiled and took a sip from her drink, loudness seemed far more fitting to a place like this and the dishy desiertian definitely felt more at ease at having at least a little of the atmosphere that she remembered and loved about her home return to it. There something just wrong about the place when it was quiet, like the silence was more deafening than any raucous round of singing and laughter, or even boisterous banter and brawling bodies, the scruffy fellow that walked in seemed the very image of the guild she remembered.

“Not of late I’m afraid, but you could say I’m an old hand here~” Humble in appearance but strong in spirit, while the choice of drink was somewhat surprising Aisha couldn’t help but sense a roguish amount of appeal in this man and spun around on her stool to greet the stranger with the brightness of her smile, finding just a hint of a reminder of Jack about him in one way or another.
“The name’s Aisha, Aisha Connors, and what should I call you gentlemen?” Scooping her drink into one hand as she offered the other to this new man and even went so far as to repeat the gesture to the shyer fellow that this loud but seemingly lovable soul had brought along with him, once she was done the girl of the guild smiled and let her gaze flash between the men around her as she took a slow sip from her drink, finding herself somewhat surprised at the friendship she sensed between them.

“Oh, you Lord Vali is trying his hand as a ladies man? Huh, I hadn’t really noticed that… I look forward to seeing this effortless charm then, when he puts it into action~” Certainly by no means shy and perhaps a hint of her lingering irritation at the arrogant ass next to her stirring up a little more sarcasm from Miss Connors than she might ordinarily treat a new face with, perhaps because she felt a sense of amusement with the new face in the bar she couldn’t resist the chance to let one of her own joke’s slip into the conversation now she was feeling that bit more comfortable with her company…

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"Why would I try when I've already won? The lady's spoken!", Tomoe blurted out with a chuckle, taking a break between giggles to sip his water.

Returning to a less contained posture more akin to the sitting habits of a normal person, Tomoe stretched while being asked his name and opened one eye while rubbing dust out of the other. With a smirk and a winking expression, he raised a pointed thumb to his chest while slouching towards her slightly as a show of informal respect.

"I'm Tomoe, the new guy around here. Well, still got seniority on the master of seduction over there though. It's nice to meet ya, Aisha.", Tomoe raised a hand towards her to shake it; if she would, he would give a smile and a nod before retracting to his original position on his seat.

With that, he took the drink that Aisha had given him and slid it along the counter to Julian.

"No offense but I got a job after this! A man's got to stay sober to make full use of his strength. Besides, my buddy could use the extra hair on his chest!", the samurai boomed, speaking entirely in friendly inflections despite the words that could be seen as dismissive.

In truth, Tomoe simply didn't feel like vomiting again right now. Water seemed fine in small doses, but anything more drastic than that was becoming a problem. To blend in, he would need to use every social strategy he could to avoid eating whenever possible. This would usually be the part for a human where their stomach would churn at the thought, but as there was no such organ in his body he could only mimic the noise with effort from the movement of blood in his abdomen.

On the other end, he simply wanted to see if Julian could keep his own drinks down with his newfound abilities, and how hilarious it would be if he couldn't. Tomoe visualized Julian puking his now-lacking guts out in front of everyone. Perhaps a bit of it would even get on Vali's shoes or something.

"Er, thank you, milady..." the shy guard responded, sipping slowly from his drink before retreating to the other side of the room with his two drinks.

Tomoe sipped bit by bit from his glass of water while taking quick glances at Julian to see how he'd react.

So far so good..., Tomoe thought with suspense for his new disciple.

He'd focus on that later though. For now, he had a beautiful woman and an entertaining companion around, and that was enough on his plate.

"So what brings you here, Aisha? You definitely ain't here just to talk shit with some drunks in a dimly lit outhouse.", Tomoe blurted out after finishing his water.

He eyed the bartender and handed him his empty glass for a water refill, and felt a pang of curiosity towards this woman's origins. Clearly she wasn't from Fiore, and it remained to be seen if she would be staying.

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Vali Onfroy †

"Now when did I compare-" Women were crazy. Sure he could have continued on with his thought but that'd solve nothing. Instead of continuing on he decided to return to his drink. If there was anything he learned from his older brother, it was that women were always right... even when they were wrong. Aisha in particular was obviously a bit more stubborn than most. If anything he'd just end up making her angrier. Vali turned faced the bar as Tomoe took over the conversation. The Joyan was good company, that much was true. He was the only one that could take the Icebergans somewhat dark jokes. Aisha and Tomoe spoke to each other while Val chugged the rest of his drink. The effects of the ale were finally kicking in. Val hadn't even paid attention to the shy man Tomoe had with him because at the moment he was irrelevant.

"You have won nothing, haha!" He chuckled, still facing forward as the two mages introduced themselves. Val's eyes darted towards the man with Tomoe, raising an eyebrow when he noticed just how uncomfortable he looked.  Probably just a new recruit. he thought. Whatever the reason he was here was probably none of the elf's concern. His business had to do with another cup of ale. Val whistled towards Mikey. The guild was so empty that the sharp noise echoed throughout the guild hall. Mikey grunted before filling his cup, obviously annoyed that he had to do his own job. After this cup Val would have no more Ale, he didn't want to get too crazy. Surprisingly, the Desiertan woman suddenly had her own jokes. "Effortless? Being this charming is not easy, it is tiring actually..." He joked with a light chuckle before turning towards Aisha with a warm smirk. After a moment of pausing, he spoke. His eyes glued onto her eyes, shimmering in the sunlight that managed to peak into the guild. "Hey, I apologize for what I said to you earlier. I can be...insensitive sometimes but I meant no harm." He said softly and genuinely. His Fioran wasn't the best but everyday he was learning. His thick accent didn't make it any easier for him though. For a moment his eyes stood on Aisha's so she could see just how genuine his apology was. The eyes could say many things- another thing his elder brother taught him.

Moments after, Tomoe asked what Aisha what brought her back to the guild. To be quite frank, the crimson viking was curious as well. After being gone for so long why would she come back now? With demons rampaging perhaps she could offer some aid to Magnolia or thought that here was the safest place to be. Vali had his own reasons for coming to Fairy Tail. Being affiliated with a light guild would make it easier for his people to thrive in Worth Woodsea. As a pagan raider from out of this country it was important that he wasn't seen as an enemy- especially since one day he planned on destroying whoever was in charge for his brothers death.

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Aisha Connors

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“Oh, well then enjoy the drink, friend of Tomoe~” Chuckling gently and finding herself oddly amused at the generous way that the drink she gave was deferred to the shy friend of this booming fellow, Aisha had to confess that she was surprised to see such an act of charity take place both because of her locale and the general bearing of the man next to her. Perhaps it a little presumptuous of the dishy Desiertian to guess at the manner of the man based on his appearance, all the same she had guessed that a fellow with those rough and ready looks and outgoing attitude would love to sink a drink or two, but that was not her only source of reasoning.
“Sounds like you’re a dedicated soul, Tomoe~ I can think of more than a few times the guild has had complaints from the council about members turning up for quests hungover or stinking of drink, so I’m sure that your attitude will help to soothe them at least…” The guild that foreign fox remembered one that was full of mirth and good times, many were known to overindulge or take on some ‘courage’ before heading into battle, given the fact that Miss Connors had grown up in this place where Jack and Adriana would down jugs of frosty ale and be none the worse for war she had become somewhat accustomed to the habit, and so found this change of pace more unusual than most would. Not that she minded it really, if this new member was more the type to take his job’s seriously then it would certainly do reputation of the guild some favours, but the beauty also hoped that he did live up to his appearance somewhat and let loose. After all, everyone needed a bit of fun now and then.
“Heh, perhaps I took your comments in a way you didn’t intend…” Maybe the amusement that the amazon felt helping to soften the hardness in her attitude as she found herself surprised by a stranger for the second time in a row, given the attitude she had felt from Mr Vali in the moments before Aisha found that she was surprised when he humbled himself with an apology.
“It can be odd, coming to a new place and getting up to speed… I should know that?” The little act of courtesy enough to make the girl take another look at the assumptions she had made about him, perhaps because he looked like a refined and somewhat regal fellow she hadn’t been expecting a sense of crudeness and clumsiness in the way he behaved, so the difference had seemed that bit starker.

“With that in mind, perhaps fresh start might be in order then?” Letting out a sigh and happy to move on from that initial tension so long as the sense of respect between them that had been established stuck around, with a softer expression the girl offered her hand to the man who shared her caramel colour and opted to let the bygones be bygones.
“Hi, I’m Aisha, nice to meet you, Vali.” It feeling wrong to get off to a bad start with someone she might very well find herself working with and a part of Miss Connors understanding what it was like to be removed from what one knew and exposed to a whole new culture, hopefully a fine friendship could be established after their stumbling start? That would be nice. With the guild numbers seeming to have reduced so much, it felt all the more important for those who stuck by Fairy Tail to feel like a family, at least to this long time member.
“Oh, you know, just checking in and seeing what the place had been up to while I’ve been away…” Sighing as she let herself relax that little bit more now the unpleasantness was behind her, as the new face in the bar also seemed to show a curiosity about her presence here, Aisha shook her head and stood up before peeling the jacket she wore off her shoulders with a smirk and then the turtleneck sweater she was wearing as well. Certainly the warmth of the day and the drink enough that she felt no particular chill as she revealed the bright white tank top she was wearing beneath her garb to keep herself comfortable, as if to prove her right to be here or something similar the mocha marvel leaned to one side and showed off the dark mark of a fairy that covered most of her left shoulder.

“I’d guess you new faces probably wouldn’t know, but I’ve been part of this guild for a very long time now, since I was a little girl really…” 
It actually something of an odd occurrence for the girl to feel like the outsider in a place she had spent so long, after letting the rough looking fellow get a look at her mark and then flashing it toward Vali as well more out of courtesy than anything Aisha wound the sleeves of her sweater around her waist and slid her jacket back onto her shoulders to give herself a more casual image as she slipped back onto her Pew.
“I wasn’t much older than ten the first time I walked into this great hall…” Finding that she enjoyed the feeling of air on her chest more than she had anticipated and also not minding at all that the slack garment that covered it also highlighted no small portion of her cleavage either, after taking a moment to admire the ‘view’ she had created on herself the girl smirked a little bit and rested her back and elbows on the counter behind her, once she’d picked up her drink of course.

“Actually, it’s kind of surprising that this place is so quiet at this time of the day? I know you guys are new, but is it usually like this now?” Flicking her hair as she settled and enjoying the soft little tinkling sound that the baubles in her locks made as they swayed from side to side, Miss Connor hummed gently as she looked at the emptiness that surrounded them and couldn’t help but frown at what she saw. Fairy Tail certainly seeming in a sad state if the place was occupied only by the handful of souls that currently hung around the bar and the man behind it, though the bronze beauty had aimed to move on almost as soon as she had met with her master to search for Jack again, a part of her now wanted to stick around a while really. At least to drum up a little of that hustle and bustle she remembered, but should she? With her mentor still missing, that felt like a higher priority.

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- Aisha Connors

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"It's like this morning, noon 'n night at this point. I haven't been here long, but it's quieter than the fucking library."

Tomoe had taken care to absorb the info Aisha had spouted out, and absorbed a bit more of the view that he also couldn't quite tell if the woman was intentionally letting in on or not. Regardless it was a nice few seconds that perked his eyes up for a moment, though disappointingly not as much as he was accustomed to for most of his life. If a woman this nice to look at a year ago had happened across him, he would've already taken to his catcalling and inconsiderate inquiries such as, "how much do you cost?". Yet for better or worse, and through no means holy, he was reborn. Now instead of the usual amount, he would only have a slightly higher than usual sex drive.

Taking note from past experience not to compliment a woman's breasts openly, Tomoe pretended to ignore her clothing change and scratch at his stubble. Running a hand through his admittedly slightly dusty hair and attempting to slick it back to no success, he sighed and stood up from his seat.

"That's why I came here. I wanna fix this place up and see these seats filled like I heard they used to be."

Extending his arms to visualize a brighter, louder and rowdier guild hall, he let out a small smirk at the idea that he could be part of such a group of tough bastards. Turning back towards Aisha and Vali, his expression was dimmed once again when he was brought back to reality.

"...Though with how the guild's been lately, all we've really done for the last while is talk shit and get drunk. Not very motivating to think about, huh?", Tomoe continued with his head turning towards Vali for the last part; knowing that the pair together had likely done enough drinking the past couple of weeks to drown a lesser man and then some.

"Not that I hate talking shit and getting drunk, though. Bar fights are some of the most outrageously fun things you could ever imagine!", he boomed and let out a chuckle, putting his hands into his pockets with a slouch as he approached the bar counter once again to lean against it.

Drilling patterns into the woodwork of the counter with his index finger, he stared at the engravings thoughtlessly for a moment. He wondered how or by what means he would actually improve the guild or himself - a question he's thought about since he joined two weeks ago. For all of the big talk and bravado he stormed in with, he's felt little in the way of improvement on either front. After three more rotations in the wooden patterns he snapped himself out of those doubts and faced his two guildmates with a confident smirk.

"I think to start small, we can aim for getting enough members to have the guild's first magical bar brawl, eh? If a bar brawl among drunk nobodies gets the blood pumpin', think about what a bunch of wizards 'n shit throwing their weight around would do to the place! That'd be hilarious!", Tomoe cheered boisterously, imagining the scene with a gut laugh and wheezing slightly from lack of air for a moment.

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Vali Onfroy †

Vali smiled wider and brighter than before. He was truly happy to know that Aisha would hold nothing against him, at least that's what he took away from her response. She expressed her understanding of how hard it could be to adjust to a new place. "Aye. Iceberg is very different from this country." he said softly. She then suggested that they restart and reintroduced herself. With a chuckle Vali attempted to gently grab her hand, kissing it before responding. "Pleasure to meet you, Ms. Aisha." A woman as beautiful as her deserved his utmost respect, granted that she had earned his by accepting his apology. The conversation continued between the three of them now. After Tomoe asked her why she had returned Aisha began to state her reasoning. Apparently she just wanted to see how her home was holding up. Fair enough. What was even more interesting though was that she had been a member of this guild since she was a child. Out of the three of them, she was the veteran. Vali nodded, actively listening to her as she went on. The guild was empty, that much was true but of course it probably always wasn't this way. Aisha seemed surprised that at this time of the day it had been so quiet. It made the viking wonder how different Fairy Tail was before.

Tomoe responded first, pointing out that the guild was usually like this at any time of the day. "Aye. From what I have seen so far we are the only active members of this guild. The others do not usually do much besides lounge around, but I guess we do not do as much as we should either. I heard that this guild was one of the strongest... no offense, but I have not seen anything that would lead me to believe that this is true." The borderline alcoholic picked up his cup and sighed. The thought of being apart of a weakened guild saddened him. His people were now depending on Fairy Tail which meant that it had to be a stronger guild not just for themselves anymore. Needless to say it wasn't their fault that the desertian elf had been so selfish, putting his peoples lives in the hands of mages who didn't even know they existed. As Tomoe continued, he expressed how he joined to help rebuild this place. Honestly, Vali hadn't joined Fairy Tail to find companions but in the short time that he's been here he has really grown love for this place and the people in it. For the most part the people were very kind and welcoming, so at this point he felt the same way the Joyan felt. Tomoe looked at Vali as he added that they had done nothing but drink and mingle around. Vali snickered with a shrug. "Heh, what can I say? I love my ale." he admitted.

Then the idea of a brawl was brought up as a way to bring life back to the guild. Of course Val felt that his friend wasn't actually serious but you could never be too sure with Tomoe. It was hard to tell if he was joking or not sometimes. Out of the two he was definitely the goofier one but perhaps he was entirely serious. "A brawl eh?" Vali laughed aloud, rubbing his chin as if he was actually considering the idea. The idea of a brawl brought memories of Iceberg back. The fighting between friend and foe alike never stopped back in his homeland. In fact, Vali could admit that part of him strived for battle...it was a way of life for most people on Iceberg. However, he also wanted to break away from that state of mind, after all that was part of the reason why he came to Fiore.

The half-elf opened his arms and raised his hands giving a half shrug. "Truthfully, I see potential in this guild." He admitted. At first I did not. he admitted with a chuckle, almost embarrassed as he brought his hand to rub the back of his head. "I joined to protect my people. You know, being an outsider from Iceberg a lot of people may be wary of me. Fairy Tail was a start to showing that I am one of the good guys. Now though... I have grown a love for this place and I too want to help make it greater." He began, leaning back in his chair. Val's words caught the attention of the bartender who had never seen Vali so open and vulnerable. "The people here are not motivated enough though, and it does not help that the guild master is absent." He turned his body to face both Aisha and Tomoe, his eyes shifting between the two as he spoke and his tone becoming more serious. The elven titan leaned in a bit with one of his arms resting on the head of his chair.

"We have to be the ones to bring life back into this place if we want Fairy Tail to thrive. I do not know you two very well, but I can sense that you are natural leaders. Us alone can become what the guild needs but that means from here on out we will have to get serious. Let us assume that our guild master never comes back... If criminals and dark guilds start to see that Fairy Tail is shifting from what it once was, then they will begin to target us. We have to get stronger to protect this place...to protect everyone." Val leaned back to grab his drink to quickly return to his peers. With his accent, his Fiorian was almost robotic. He wasn't used to using words like "Don't" or "Can't", though with time he'd get better at speaking.

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Aisha Connors

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“Oh, so this is that effortless charm that I’ve heard so much about~?” Not exactly expecting the tall and tanned man to lift her hand and kiss it like some gentleman at a party but perhaps it making a little sense given his lordly status, while it perhaps didn’t deliver the same kind of sentiment that perhaps Vali meant when he used it, Aisha couldn’t help but feel a little bit charmed by the act at least in the slight goofiness she felt in it. A tall and robust woman who was used to making men look at her with a sense of intimidation as well as intrigue, in an odd and slightly ironic way the mocha marvel enjoyed the ladylike fashion she was being treated, a tiny bit of colour showing in her cheeks as she smiled and joked about the act that let this fact on despite the humoured fashion in which she spoke.
That’s disappointing… Lifting her hand to her chin at the discouraging news that what she found herself looking at was the sorry state of the guild, Miss Connors curled her index finger around as she contemplated the colourful description she had been given for a few seconds, feeling no end of disappointment and dejection in the discovery.
Were we right to choose Adriana as the next master? Despite her habits she always seemed shrewd and had a definite sense of charisma… Remembering what Mikey had said about the Rune Knight’s offering a better paycheck and not quite buying that as the reason for this sorry state of affairs, while some might have placed the blame with the woman in charge even more now that she was absent, the mocha marvel could not bring herself to do that.
But with her away, and Jack as well, it makes sense that the place lost that sparkle that kept people here? People have a favourite haunt because of the atmosphere and the biggest contribution to that is the company they keep? Sighing softly as she recognized that in many ways that it was the faces in this place that made the guild what is was, with the old greats disappearing it made sense that some who frequented the place because of their love for the people would gradually lose interest in returning. A vicious cycle really, Aisha could guess that every time one person dropped away another few would become disheartened until things ended up in this ‘library-like’ scene that Tomoe described and a part of her felt guilty for leaving for so long and allowing that to happen. However, it seemed that no everyone saw this sad situation as something to wallow in.
“Heheheheh, to be honest, that sounds like how any good guild member spends ninety percent of their time here?” Disheartened initially but the brightness and enthusiasm of this new recruit offering the desert dish a slice of hope that she greatly needed in this situation, as the scruffy fellow next to her spoke of his grand designs and how he was maybe failing to live up to them, Miss Connor was quick to clarify the fact that he certainly seemed fit for Fairy Tail from the sounds of things.

“When I was growing up, it was a bad omen if there wasn’t at least one decent brawl a day, and one cannot cultivate a nice friendly spot of skull bashing without a generous injection of alcohol and shit talking now can they?” Amused by the unusual guy she found herself in the company of and in a way finding herself a little bit reminded of the man who raised her, the tall temptress shone a smile toward Tomoe and encouraged him, even slipping a little into the crudeness of his language as she did so. Something about that perfect lack of pretention seeming to set her at ease, he really did fit the guild like a glove and it was hard to feel down and dour when up against the unstoppable force of someone whose mouth was operated more by their heart than head. Hopeless fools really were the best kind of people.

“Hahahahaha, first? Half the reason the council hates us so much is because of how out of hand we get when we’re driven by our passions? The amount of times we’ve wrecked this place and any number of others around it after a debate got a little too heated even in the time I’ve been here seem too many to count~” Chuckling and flicking those jet black locks as she scoffed playfully at the ambition of her new companion, Aisha smirked and sipped from her drink as she remembered those times when she had been a little girl dodging fireballs and chunks of ice as friendly conversation in the hall turned sour and people with the fairy brand set about one another. It all in good spirit of course and no one getting seriously hurt usually, some of the older hands in the place had told her not long after she had joined that you weren’t a real member of Fairy Tail until you’d both gotten and given a black eye in the great, and the impressionable young girl had set about achieving that rather quickly. Thankfully calming down a lot since her most raucous days, though for the most part she had taken Adriana’s example of spending her time in the building having a few good drinks while chatting with her mate’s that didn’t mean that the mocha marvel was against the idea of getting rough again should the occasion call for it.

“It’s something that I’d definitely like to see more of, though. Quiet certainly doesn’t suit this place, does it? It’s not Fairy Tail unless we’re on the final warning from the magic council~” Happy to not only encourage the ambition of this spirited fellow but also give him cause to build upon it, with the aim of restoring this great guild as their challenge, Miss Connors was eager to see just what her new comrade could do if he put his mind to it. However, it seemed that Tomoe was not the only soul to impress her either.

So, he has more of a heart then he lets on, does he? Perhaps a hint of her first impression continuing to taint the view of the vixen up to that point, as Vali began to speak with passion about his own similar interests in restoring the guild Aisha blinked in response before her expression grew softer with her approval. A different side to his character seeming to be revealed as he spoke from his heart, the desert beauty nodded along with his words and hardly even noticed the thickness of his accent, hearing more the meaning behind his message than the way he pronounced the words.

“Heheheheheeh… Looks like we’ve picked up some good guys~” The mixing speeches of her two comrades seeming to melt the guard of Miss Connor a little bit, with a broad grin and the scantest hint of a tear in her eyes the ‘veteran’ chuckled and polished off her drink before throwing her arms around the necks of the men either side of her and pulled them close to her.
“Jack and Adriana would be proud!” Not even noticing the way she was tugging her new friends faces into her bust as she pulled the ‘boys’ into a tight hug and giggled with delight, the mocha marvel shouted out with excitement as she found her fervour growing because of the infusion of companionship and camaraderie that she had craved in her absence, glad to know that while the guild was down it was certainly far from ‘out’ with people like them here…

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"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

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Sitting around and talking about things made Tomoe feel more resolved than before. It was unable to be pinned down in the usual way, but he felt reassured conversing with these people about the potential of the future. Not unlike the feeling of relief one would attain after a long interview, in that same manner the Joyan rogue was allowed peace of mind and a sigh of relief. This sigh extended overlong though, once Aisha pulled the two into a rather intimate and revealing hug. His face became one with the soft cushioning of the woman; though his enjoyment admittedly lessened noticing that Vali was sharing in the embrace. Tomoe would allow it to continue until the most natural time to pull away from such a moment, a dash of red across his features when pulling away.

Mmm, pillows..., he thought wistfully, feeling as though he was looking out into an empty and vast ocean.

Regaining his composure, he whistled and tilted his head, signaling for Julian to return to their area of the guild with two empty mugs in his hands. Placing them on the counter for the bartender to collect, Julian nodded his head and returned to his spot where he preferred - the corner of the guild hall, alone.

"I try to help my guy out with manners sometimes, do 'im a few solids so he knows what's what. It's rude to leave empty glasses around the place! Nobody likes that bullshit! Right, bud?", Tomoe called out to Julian with a grin, who responded with a quiet nod of his head before returning to his business of doing... well, nothing.

The drunken samurai would stretch his arms and legs, warming up for a day where he felt motivated by the power of breasts to do something, at some point, for some reason; it was a mystical power, Tomoe would admit to himself.

"So, how are we going to start this shit up? You guys got anything in mind? As far as I'm concerned we need to go out there and kick some ass, crack some skulls, 'n maybe blow up some dark guildies.", he would blurt out in the silence jovially, not concerned for the loss of life involved with such means.

Rubbing the stubble on his chin, Tomoe would enter a state of deep thought, sifting through the things he had heard in his brief time in Magnolia so far. What were the kind of things that would prove Fairy Tail's strength? Not just strength, but the power to defy those who would bring harm to their neighbors and friends? And then it came to him.

"Demons.", he would speak out, alone out of a quick trance.

Taking a seat on the bar counter itself to look into the eyes of both Aisha and Vali, Tomoe would snap his fingers in glee at the realization and begin bobbing back and forth while thinking about the reward involved for his ingenious plan. When he was certain he had their attention, he began to speak of his rather simple train of thought. Simple as it was though, he felt there was some merit or truth to his idea.

"There's rumors and stories of demons around Fiore, right? Terrorizing the place an awful lot. Now if we were to go out and kill us some demons, wouldn't that make us heroes or some shit?", Tomoe paused with excitement, ready to deliver the stinger of his next line.

"And when the citizens ask who saved them... they'll have no choice but to declare that it was Fairy Tail alone that stood against the darkness.", he finished with a clap signifying his proposition to the other two, also hoping that any other sad sacks and remnants within the bar would perhaps feel excitement at the idea.

Shrugging his shoulders with a smirk, he raised his finger to speak once more - an additional point of note, as it were.

"Of course, killing a demon also means we'll have gotten strong enough to prove to ourselves that we can defend the people. That's the more selfless badass hero's way to view all that, I guess."

After that, the excited samurai would look among the two and any others who might have overheard to see what they thought of his idea. He knew it sounded foolhardy and reckless, but that was the way that Fairy Tail had lived their lives, or so he heard.

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Vali Onfroy †

Aisha shed some light on how Fairy Tail used to be. It turned out that The magic council actually hated Fairy Tail because they were so reckless. How Ironic, Vali joined the guild to be on good terms with the council only to find out that the council hated the guild he was in anyway. The desertian woman seemed to be happy with the company she was in, pulling both Tomoe and Vali into her bosom. Immediately the Viking's cheeks flushed with a red color, his eyes closed and for a moment he was in Valhalla. Her breasts were so smooth, so warm, and they smelled amazing. If Vali wasn't so afraid of making this woman uncomfortable, he would've ripped her shirt off and started a different type of situation. However, he knew that not all women wanted to be treated like that. While some liked that type of attention, Aisha obviously didn't...right? This was one of those moments you cherish- not just because of the boobs but because the three of them had managed too create a comfortable space.

Val finally regained his composure, listening as Tomoe began to speak about his random friend. The viking glanced over towards him only to notice him doing absolutely nothing? He looked awkward really but Vali didn't really care too much. Tomoe proceeded to ask how they'd start contributing to the guild. Given Vali had experience leading, he had a few ideas in mind but as he was just about to begin speaking, Tomoe blurted out his idea. one thing he noticed from the first time they met was that the afro samurai spoke a lot. Back on Iceberg they'd call people who talked too much "Mouth Shitters". Tomoe though wasn't annoying like most people so the viking didn't really mind, if anything Val would gladly tell him to shut up if it came to that. Tomoe suggested demons, even adding that defeating some demons would give them fame for one reason or another. In truth it was the most obvious idea considering that was the main threat of Fiore. If Fairy Tail didn't join in on the action soon they'd probably be seen as useless mages.

"Aye. That should definitely be our main focus, especially since we are probably the only famous legal guild not involved." Vali agreed with his friend. He didn't know much about demons but if they were anything like he imagined then they would need to become stronger. "The only problem is... none of us are ready. We need to get stronger before recklessly joining the fight, that means training for every member of this guild. We don't know what these demons are capable of." Val spoke like a true leader. He couldn't help how assertive he was sometimes, his father was to blame for that. He spent his entire life training to become the next Jarl of Skaal. The wars he's been apart of, the people he's lost, they all contributed to why the Elven lord was the way he was. "Tomorrow, we should gather all of the members present and commit the day to intense training. That's where I think we should start." He ended as he turned to sip from his cup.

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Aisha Connors

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“Eheheheheh~ I suppose that’s one way to welcome you two to the guild~!” Only really realizing the wickedness in her grasp once she had released the heads of her new friends and spotted the colour in their cheeks, with a giggle that seemed practically immodest and only the scantest hint of a blush on her face Miss Connors scratched the back of her head as she looked at those reactions, quietly enjoying the effect she had on them. A complex creature like any woman should be, while she had her own notions of courtesy and respect she was for the most part the type who was down to earth and didn’t sweat small stuff like this, which shone through now that she had relaxed a bit. Certainly not feeling wrong in the way she had rebuked Vali earlier but also happy to show her affection with skinship and maybe more when she grew comfortable around people, the caramel goddess also knew just how good she looked and was perfectly comfortable with both her vanity and sexuality, seeing nothing wrong with a little sexiness as long as no one got hurt.
That’s an odd little mentorship… The brow of the bronze beauty arching once more as the more outgoing of the two next to her seemed to suddenly show a strong interest in a companion who for all intents and purposes Aisha had practically forgot was even in the bar, though certain aspects of how Tomoe dealt with his apparent protégé seemed a bit like how a brother might watch over a sibling, it did seem a little odd. The bombastic guild member boasting and fussing over the stranger to the guild like some kind of fussy housewife or something, though it was sweet in a way even one so obsessed with her own mentor as the mocha marvel couldn’t help but find the interaction a little awkward and weird, shooting Vali a look that said ‘What’s up with that?’ before the conversation moved onto more serious issues.

The demon attacks? The young woman certainly not ignorant to the growing threat that faced the land, having spent the past few months scouring Fiore for sign of her master or anything that might have led her to him, Miss Connors had heard plenty about the breaches that seemed to spawn bizarre oddities.
They’re beginning to pop up more and more… Rumours of tears in the very fabric that held the country together seeming to become more common as she had been away, in truth the dishy Desiertian had wondered if they had something to with Jack’s absence, though had yet to discover any truth in such speculation.
“Undoubtedly your average Rune Knight is likely to struggle against such dark forces, and the Holy Knights often get wrapped up in their dogma…” Regardless the growing threat seeming something worth dealing with, as Aisha considered the situation coolly, she could see the need for guilds to be involved in the defence of the realm even if it wasn’t what they had been created for.

“Even without considering the growing fame of the guild, these anomalies are something that must be dealt with… Perhaps we should even go as far as to get in touch with Lamia and Pegasus, create some sort of pact of cooperation should the worst come to the worst?” Not the sort who was particularly interested in her own personal glory but rather a soul who acted more as a champion of the people, while the matter of improving the reputation of Fairy Tail seemed a fine goal the tall temptress had no problem humbling herself if it meant the safety of others. Some seeing great rivalries between the ‘trinity’ that represented to top light guilds in Fiore, Miss Connors had a strong sense of respect for the people from either party she met, even though it might have gone against the grain of the conversation she guessed that in the long run they’d have a better time working together as best they could rather than trying to outperform one another.
“Hmmmm… Training together might not be such a bad idea?” Scratching her chin at the suggestion of the titan to her side and nodding at what he advised, being something of a workout junkie the mocha marvel could definitely approve of taking in some exercise and felt a little bit excited by the idea of seeing what these new members might be able to bring to the proverbial ‘table’ once battle got underway.

“What numbers do we have to commit to such an endeavour? Whilst I’m happy to indulge any set up, I hope we can count on more than just the three of us in this regard?” Naturally open to reveal her own arsenal of lightning magic and a rather capable body that her state of dress hinted at, though Aisha did feel a hint of reservation at the effectiveness of the pitch due to the possibility of a low turnout, she was by no means deterred by this prospect. Loving to get a good sweat on whenever she had the chance and finding that training with others worked well toward building a sense of connection and companionship, the young lord also earned a little bit of respect from the bronze beauty because of his proactive proposal as Aisha stretched and then clenched her fingers as she imagined the guild working together again, a part of her wishing she could somehow summon Jack and Adriana to the occasion to get them in on it as well…

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- Aisha Connors

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Tomoe cracked his neck as he got off the bar counter, a little less animated in his expressions, and turned towards the pair once more. The drunk bastard that he was, loosened his shoulders and sighed as if exhaling his excitement.

"I went on a big speech, makin' it sound cool 'n all, and you guys went and turned it into a discussion about teamwork, friendship and shit.", he spoke lowly, disappointment evident in his voice that no one seemed to share his genuine excitement for demon slaying.

Raising a finger to signify to them to "wait a moment" while motioning those exact words, Tomoe moved across the bar to Julian and whispered to him in his ear. It was quiet enough such that the only way anyone would be able to hear was if they were over there among them - but that would be obvious to them as well, of course. After a few seconds, the Joyan pulled away and Julian nodded his head in recognition. The shabby town guard would make his way towards the doors of the guild hall, and exit through them with an elegant glide in his step. In his face was a mundane look; some might even view it as borderline expressionless altogether.

With that Tomoe returned, eyeing the two and adjusting his coat to shake out the wrinkles.

"Sorry 'bout that, had to have a little chat with buddy over there."

With that, Tomoe had a light bulb go off in his head, and snapped his fingers to make this public knowledge to anyone looking at him. His mouth curving upward, he shook his head in acknowledgement of something that he would eventually make public knowledge.

"I have a friend who's registered as a member here. He's not much for talking to the extent that some of us are, but I think he'd at least be interested in polishing his skills a bit before we jump into the unknown.", the eager Joyan spoke, full of optimism.

He'd cross his arms and nod his head at his own ideas, very happy that they didn't seem to be discarded immediately the way he was accustomed to in other situations outside the guild hall. There was a weird sense of... 'respect', perhaps? Or at least the base acknowledgement of his existence - and that part, Tomoe as he was seemed less eager at the thought of that. Regardless it still felt nice, if conflicting.

"There's also the other bartender? The guy who stamped me in the first place. Shin, I think he called himself. Sorry, I should say... 'Flower Knight' is what he called himself. That was so stupid. Heheh.", the Joyan spoke and let out a chuckle before returning to his seat.

At this point he would gauge the responses and reactions to his bravado and ideas, taking a break from speaking for the moment to drink deep sips from his glass of water. Talking was hard work after all, and a parched throat was the worst thing opposing that work.

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Vali Onfroy †

As Vali usually did, he absorbed everything that was being said during this entire conversation. Although Tomoe was the least serious of the trio, he did often have some good ideas. The viking nodded as Aisha brought up making a pact with the other guilds. He could see why she'd think of such a thing, it was a good idea...if Fairy Tail was in a much better state. Logically all the light guilds would come together to fight the demons, it was their duty if he remembered correctly so going out of their way to reach each light guild and make a pact seemed pointless unless Fairy Tail had been under attack, but it hadn't. Precautions were always necessary but it'd look like they have nothing to offer if they went out of their way before the other guilds did. If there was anything the Icebergan learned, it was that pride was a necessary factor in building strength. "Perhaps..." he suggested after Aisha spoke.

The goddess-like woman seemed to like the idea of training that the young lord had proposed. She nodded and scratched her chin causing Val to smirk. Raising an eyebrow he nodded. She struck me as the fighter type Val turned to finish his drink, chugging the rest of the ale that was in the cup, some of it dripping onto his crimson suit. The desertian woman then went on to ask about their numbers, a valid question for sure. The viking was thinking the entire guild, perhaps running a sort of training program with the three of them as the trainers. The Icebergan turned to face the duo again, rushing to swallow his ale. "I was think-" he attempted before being interrupted by Tomoe. Vali rolled his eyes with a snicker as the afro samurai complained about his speech not getting the attention he thought it deserved.

Val remembered when the two of them had first met and Tomoe had some opinions about him that proved to be untrue for the most part but now he was being sort of what he thought Vali was. "The world does not revolve around Tomoe, puny man." Vali teased. Just then Tomoe raised a finger, pausing the entire conversation to whisper something to his companion. Val glanced over at Aisha with a blank expression then back at the frail Fairy as he picked up where he left off. Apparently he had a friend who'd be interesting in this training session that was being talked about and also bringing up someone called the "Flower Knight". Val couldn't help but laugh at such an alias. "Flower Knight..." he mocked. "That is good though! The more the merrier. I was thinking that we could get the entire guild involved, even them over there." he pointed at the miscellaneous mages sitting at the tables. That was his answer to Aisha, finally. There weren't many people besides the three of them and the bartender in this building, maybe about 15 in total.

"Maybe we can lead this training day. Start off with Physical workouts for a set amount of time, then move on to working on magic and spells, then move onto small spars. Perhaps we can even have a training day in the forest, a race? Scavenger hunt? Anything goes when it comes to training." He stated gesturing with his hands as he threw out each thought. At this point he was just throwing out ideas that he thought would be interesting. If this was Iceberg, he'd have an entire routine by now. "Aye. This is just me using what I know to do what I do best." He said looking at the mages at the tables minding their business. " Hell, somebody needs to help run this place when the guild master is not around, aye?"

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Aisha Connors

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“Are they… Dating or something? He fusses a lot…” Whispering toward Vali as once again Tomoe seemed distracted by the man he had brought into the bar, the mix of familiarity and concern as well as Aisha’s easy-going attitude toward personal connections had her make a rather spectacular mistake in the connection between her guild member and the placid boy he had brought into the bar.
Oh shoot, no wonder his friend seemed so distant after I…? Lifting her hand to mouth as she made a rather erroneous assumption and connected it to the intimate little cuddle she had given to the wild haired man in the minutes before, all of a sudden everything made a kind of sense to her about the strange habits between the two and feeling of silent intimacy they shared. Of course it all nonsense but the girl not to know this, as she watched the way that her guild mate continued to share that quiet sense of connection with his ‘friend’ before parting ways she couldn’t help but admire it and find it rather sweet really, and felt a little bit bad if she might have created a rift between the two with her friendliness, though she hoped they would get over it.
“Ohhhh, don’t worry about it, it’s nice to have ‘friends’ like that, isn’t it?” Perhaps the stranger not quite comfortable enough with his interests to share them up front, as Tomoe returned to her and offered an apology for the distraction Miss Connors saw nothing wrong with it, in fact approving of it quite strongly. Not exactly what one would call a true romantic at her time of life but cherishing the importance of having people you loved in your life all the same, she couldn’t help but admire the connection that she was completely misinterpreting and beamed toward her new friend because of it.
“It’s sweet, how you look after him~” Even more reminded of her mentor by this new member as she saw the way that that sense of roughness was contrasted by what she perceived as an inner sense of sweetness, the mocha marvel sipped on her drink gently as she smiled at her scruffy comrade through softened eyes, even going as far as to lift her hand to his shoulder and give it a reassuring squeeze that she hoped would tell him she approved of his lifestyle. Aisha wanted them to be friends, and so if the truth was that he liked boys as much or more than girls then she wanted Tomoe to learn she would be OK with him sharing that, when he was ready.
The Flower Knight…? The brow of the bronze beauty lifting up as a name was mentioned by her companions that she recognised, having spent her time sitting here wondering just which names she knew from the old guild that might remain to this day her spirits were lifted at the sound of one who seemed familiar to her, at least casually so.
“Oh, Shin’s still here, is he? Heheheheheh, I can guess why you caught his eye~” Not exactly best friends with the elegant and sometimes effeminate looking member of Fairy Tail but familiar enough with him that she would recognise that moniker anywhere, though she was surprised to hear about one of her peers being referred to as a mere bartender in the place, Miss Connors still found her heart feeling lifted up a little to know an old face still hung around the place even if he didn’t seem to be here yet today.
“Ooooof, that sounds amazing… I’ve been on the road so long I haven’t had half the time I need to workout?” Sighing as she heard the training plan that Vali offered and placed her drink down in response to it, standing up because of her eagerness to work out Aisha began to stretch her shoulders out simply because of how great she imagined it would feel to really work up a proper sweat again. Naturally not letting herself ‘go’ too much because of the Spartan methods she had taken to her search, despite having used her environment for her gym as she had moved from town to town and tried to keep herself in the best condition that she could, the Desiertian Dish couldn’t help but feel her usual standard had slipped a little, at least in her own mind.
“Be good to get back into proper fighting shape~” Certainly whatever regression she felt not particularly visible in her physique as she slipped her jacket off and threw a few punches around more to let loose the sense that overflowing enthusiasm than anything, the definition that showed from her arms, shoulders and the hint of midriff that her motion demonstrated certainly did not seem to be lacking in any noticeable degree. However, if there was one area in which Miss Connors was something of a perfectionist it was in how her body looked and felt, and she always thought she could do better.
“Yeah, looks like things have really been slipping without Adriana here really, if we’ve lost this many people…” Grinning at her guild mates as a short series of swift blows with her fists and feet seemed to at least keep her zeal under control for the time being, as next Vali brought up his apparent strong points in planning and preparation, while it pained her a little to admit how the guild had suffered in recent times it was a fact that she could not deny. The problem with souls that were as wild as those who tended to find their affiliation being in their varying directions, without a little drive injected into them with some decent leadership and proper motivation then they tended to all shoot off on their own path, which was probably what had happened lately.

“Though, if you’re looking to replace her as master, I hope you do better with the paperwork! She always used to let that pile up…” Hoping that her own return and the inclusion of some ambitious souls like the ones she had met today would be enough to try and steer the ship of fairies back on course enough until a few more of the older and wiser hands returned to it, while she might have needed a little more convincing of Vali’s credentials in order to seriously accept him as a successor to Adriana considering how new he seemed both to the guild and the land of Fiore, that didn’t stop her teasing him a bit.

“And, hopefully you’ll not expect us rough sorts to call you by your title all the time either, milord~” Accepting of any leader who could earn the respect and be named by her mates, should the tall newbie prove himself capable enough she might just acknowledge him as their leader, but that might not have been as easy as he seemed to think it was. After all, the mocha didn’t want to say goodbye to Adriana and even if she did, maybe she might want a chance to throw her hat into contention for the top job as well?

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- Aisha Connors

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Tomoe was beset by a strange kind of acceptance, with Aisha suddenly taking a very different approach towards him. It was an odd, conflicting feeling - like something important was received, but something else infinitely more so was being loosened from his grasp. After a time ruminating on it, a hand now on his shoulder, he finally figured out what the tanned woman's statements were motioning towards. The implications hit the rogue like a hammer in the stomach, and almost spat out his drink before containing himself and his composure. He set his glass down and shook his head with a straight face, chuckling a little at the misunderstanding itself.

"Uh, I don't like dicks. Whatever you're getting at is somethin' straw-grasping or whatever, because it just ain't true. Just needed him to go do some errands for me, since I'm here right now and all.", he would justify, doing his best not to laugh a lot louder at the mistake.

He had no issues with people's sexual preferences, but in this moment Tomoe would feel utterly defeated if Aisha saw him as someone not interested in women. Not that it was the most pressing of matters at hand, but nevertheless it was clarification worth making.

The rogue would scratch his stubble and look towards Vali with a smirk after explaining his plan. Raising a hand towards his chin in thought, Tomoe knew it would be worthwhile in the long run to train everybody else to get them up to speed; he just didn't feel much like the mentor type, and he likely never would. It wasn't in him to tolerate the mistakes of others for long, and looking among the other dumb lugs around the hall, there would be many mistakes indeed.

"I'm not much the type to train others. All I'd do is bring 'em down with shit-talk, and even I know that's not the proper way to motivate people. I'm willing to hang out with all the dudes and dudettes that already know what they're doing, but raising somebody up from zero ain't my style.", Tomoe would finally speak out, being the last to respond to Vali's proposal after giving some pause to think carefully about his choice of words.

On the one hand he could gauge more into his guild's overall potential and learn more about the abilities of his "allies". On the other hand though, the more often he was around them, the more they could in turn learn about him. Such a thing wasn't safe, in the end, and sincerity shined from Tomoe's eyes as he looked among his conversation partners once more.

"I could try to hit up some leads on anything that might help us in the fight? Lord knows there's some magical shit out there, so if there's any info I can find it. As well as the locations of where demons might decide to crawl out of The Devil's Ass from next."

With that, he hopped over the bar counter and retrieved some paper and a pen from a drawer on the other side. He eyed Mikey, the bartender, assuming it would be alright. It would have been numerous times throughout Tomoe's short stay in the guild that he would have done things similar to his present actions. Assuming there was no resistance, he would fold the papers evenly until they were small squares, and stuffed both the papers and the pen into his jacket pockets. Note taking was crucial to information gathering after all - every single detail mattered, no matter how insignificant.

Hopping back over the counter to the patrons' side once more, he eyed among his wizard friends once more and, while admiring Aisha's bronzed skin revealed once more, let out a shrug.

"If Vali ain't up to paperwork I can cover that. I'm a bit more into the lits than I look.", he spoke with a more optimistic tone than before, regaining the pep in his step.

"Yeah, so does this all sound good? We locking this plan in?"

His eyes darted to each of them, wondering what they thought of his own contribution to the plan - and more importantly, whether they approved of it or wanted him to stay for training regardless.

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Vali Onfroy †

Just the other day Tomoe and Vali had been celebrating life at the bar. Although the viking specifically asked for a brotherl, the bar was just as zesty. While the young lord had been occupied with his own women, the afro samurai had also been entertaining a lady or two. That's why it kind of caught him off guard when Aisha had suggested that the dude Tomoe with was his partner. Of Course it was funny that she would assume such. thing, but the young viking didn't give it much thought. Instead he was much interested in what was more important. The topic that was right in front of them. These two seemed to become distracted so easily, like children almost. None of this truly bothered him though, but he was eager to start getting serious about rebuilding the guild.

Everybody needed a good training once in a while. Life would continue to throw battles at you and the only way you'd be able to handle those battles is by becoming stronger. Val believed in Fairy Tail but if they didn't believe in themselves then nothing would get better around here. Aisha seemed pumped by the idea of training and Val could see why. He wondered just how strong the temptress was. Rumor had it that Fairy Tail didn't just accept anybody...but then again Val was inducted quite easily. The woman threw a few punches, admitting that it'd be good to get in shape.

Before Vali could speak his second point, of course they all had to respond. Such a chatty bunch, nonetheless they had points to make. Tomoe quickly added in that he wasn't the good person to train anyone. Obviously that was just an excuse because he was excited about brawling earlier which was part of what was being proposed. However, he admitted that he'd be better as the eye for the guild. That was a brilliant proposal. Holding onto that thought, Vali was able to add in his final sentence to which Aisha agreed to. She then joked about the viking trying to take the guild masters place- oh how Vali did hate to do paperwork. Tomoe on the other hand offered himself before asking if this was the final plan.

"I see no reason why I cannot split the paperwork with you, Aisha. You are a veteran after all." He said seriously. Unlike the temptress, he wasn't joking. It was evident in his eyes and tone that he would become Fairy Tails leader if he had to. "I will personally set everything up for training. In a few days I should have a training regime ready, tomorrow I will confirm the day, Aye?" He looked around for confirmation. "Back in my country I would already have something, but I think I should create something fitting for our guild mates. We aren't all barbaric warriors." He chuckled.

"Tomoe, if you are serious about getting leads then I say go for it. While you are gathering information, you can also keep a look out for any demons lingering in Magnolia, aye? Fairy Tail should be the first to know if the enemy is here?" He nodded towards his friend for quick confirmation. He wasn't sure exactly how strong the samurai was but something told him that he was strong enough not to die so easily. Did this make Tomoe Fairy Tails official scout? "If everyone agrees to this, then this is the plan." He said in response to Tomoe initially asking if this was the plan. Vali would then lean back to grab his empty cup before raising it in front of his peers to commence in a toast for confirmation.

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Aisha Connors

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“Ahahahaha, whoops! Sorry, it seems I saw something in that beyond what was there?” Glad that the little error she had made in her judgement was taken in such good humour, with a chuckle Miss Connors scratched the back of her head as she offered a light hearted apology for the misstep she had taken, though for the most part guessed from Tomoe’s reaction that he didn’t seem to hold it against her.
“Maybe because I like the boys and the girls equally I tend to assume others do?” Not particularly hung up on the topic of gender in regard to romance or really any other issue, though it didn’t seem particularly necessary for the Desertian delight to offer up an explanation for the error she had made, for one reason or another she did so, even if her response wasn’t burdened with the whole truth of her reasoning.

I suppose because he seems a little like Jack, with the way he was I couldn’t help seeing more to it than there was? The amber eyes of the amazon seeing more in the connection perhaps because of the lingering sense of romance that she held for her own mentor, though Miss Connors had been raised by the man for whom she now spent so much time searching like she was his daughter, her own perspective had skewed that standing slightly. The influences of teenage hormones and hopes helping her to develop more of an amorous interest in Jack than that which had been shown to her, while the mocha mistress had by this stage let go of a lot of that intention in regard to the man, it had proven a torch that was hard to ever fully extinguish and also one that she was a little sensitive about sharing with others.
Still not managed to throw that old crush off yet, have I?  The girl worried people might laugh at her for fancying someone who was not only a good many years older than her but also effectively her father, and because of this only those who were truly close to her had an inkling of that secret truth, the man himself remaining blissfully ignorant of course. As far as she knew, at least.
“Ooof, if that’s where they’re coming from I might think twice about getting involved?” Zoning out a little bit as she thought of her absent master and only returning to the present as the bombastic addition to the guild offered up a particularly colourful explanation for the recent influx of demons into the world, with a smirk jokey tone and a grin to her companions Aisha arched her brow as she joined the conversation once more, chuckling at the awful imagery that Tomoe inspired and shaking her head.

“Though, if its leads we need I can keep my ear to the ground too?” Appreciating the desire of their scruffy new member to act as their scout but sensing that such a role might be more in line with her own endeavours, while she had no aim of getting in the way of the loudest member of their trio if his heart was set on such an ideal, the caramel traveller couldn’t help but bring up her own suitability to such a role.
“My search for Jack is taking me all over the place, and I’d already picked up this and that while out, so I can certainly send word about anything I found the next time I’m away?” Happy to share the position of scout if she needed to really, though the recent events at the guild made Miss Connor want to stick around for more than just a flying visit on this occasion, she also knew that sooner or later she would be on the road again. That longing to see the man who had saved her a strong force that sometimes felt overwhelming, it felt to her that as long as Jack was missing she was letting him down to leave him that way, and so despite her intention to help the guild the bronze beauty knew that eventually she would have to set off again or risk losing her mind.
“Actually, while we’re on the topic of getting in touch with people…” The worries of the woman supressed for the moment by the excitement of the moment, as the influences of the two new men in the guild began to build a bit of steam on the hype train that was the return of Fairy Tail proper, Aisha frowned as she looked over the bar and saw that something rather essential to operation seemed to be absent.
“Hey Mikey, what happened to the Communication Lacrima?” The knot in her forehead born because of the lack of something that many might have overlooked as a simple decoration until they saw it in action, like any good guild Fairy Tail had a perfect way of contacting it’s members in times of need and honestly the black haired beauty was rather surprised to note that it was missing.

“I’ll be right back…” Unfortunately the fellow who served the drinks seeming to be as much in the dark about the missing crystal ball as the woman who had walked in the door less than an hour ago, as the query of Miss Connors was met with a shrug, she sighed and then strode toward the office of the master in order to see if she could find out where it had been stowed.
Hopefully Adriana hasn’t pawned it to pay her bar tab somewhere…? The quietness of the guild perhaps enough of a reason to tuck a valuable item away when it wasn’t being used that much for fear of pilfering, though this might have been a perfectly reasonable explanation for the absence of the Lacrima the bronze beauty couldn’t help but worry about slightly less sensible justifications for the loss. Especially when the woman who was supposed to be in charge has such a soft spot for the demon drink…

The Hunt Is On

"Now that’s a prize I wouldn’t mind~"

- Aisha Connors

credit to nat of adoxography.


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