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Grace Lucrin

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Name: Grace Lucrin

Age: 19(September 8th, X770)
Gender: Female

Sexuality: Gay

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: The Spellsword

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Right in the middle of the upper part of her right hand.

Face: Lissa - Fire Emblem


Height: 5'3"

Weight: 107 lbs.

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: A light green

Overall: Grace is a very pale girl,  due to being inside for most of her life. However, she is actually quite fit, even though one would not be able to tell while generally looking at her. One would have to observe her closely to realize how strong she actually is, since she is short and thin. She usually holds her hair in pig tails, but they aren't messy, they are usually extremely precise and straight. She holds a very poised stature, and can be seen as looking like royalty at most times.

Grace usually wears a very expensive white top, that has no sleeves on it. It is meant to allow her freedom of movement with her arms, which don't look very muscular at the moment. She also wears a skirt that is short in the front, but is long in the back. The pink fabric is very light, and flows extremely well. The dress allows Grace the ability to run forward without the worry of tripping over her dress, especially because the back part floats in the wind as she runs. She also wears white ankle strap heels to match with the whole style. She can run in these well, due to much training.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Grace is exactly what her name implies. She is a very graceful and poised person, who stays come in a lot of situations, no matter what. She is never the voice of reason, the aggressor, or anything else. All she usually is, is the observer. She chooses not to show emotions unless it is absolutely needed, meaning either dire situations, or something she deems worthy of needing her opinion. She believes that she is above others, and she looks that way as well. Although she looks calm, she is also intimidating. By being able to be calm, she can induce people with the feeling of awkwardness, fear, and many other things by just a tiny movement of her face. This is one of the things she's a master at, and it's her facial expressions. One of the first things anyone will ever see of you, is your face, so you need to make an impression, whether it be negative or positive. At least, that's what her parents taught her anyways.

Grace extremely likes to be fighting on the front lines. She doesn't want to only feel like she's superior, but she wants to show others that she is. She needs everyone to know that nobody should mess with her at all. If they don't mess with her, then they won't be a nuisance later on. Her presence is key to her ways. If she can't inflict her enemies and allies, with any sort of emotion, then she is doing everything wrong. She has a need to be remembered as a neutral or negative force. If people don't respect her, she will get mad, and she will lash out with viscous and precise words. Everything she does has reasons behind it, and that reason is respect, and fear.

  • Power: Ever since she was a young girl, she has always loved to be in control. Her parents would succumb to her will, and it would make her feel strong. Knowing people fear and respect her, makes her feel amazing.
  • Money: Coming from a rich family, Grace had always gotten what she wanted. It gave her a sense of power. So, when she comes to any contact with money, she can't but do an evil smirk.


  • Those that are Beneath Her: One of the things Grace hates the most, are people who are perceived as the "underdogs." People like the poor, or the losers. They don't deserve it, they deserve terrible things. She thinks as though those who are beneath her are just lazy and dumb. They don't deserve to get strong, or get handouts.
  • Disrespect: To those who disrespect her, well, they are never to be seen again. By her at least. She will eradicate them from her life, and make sure that they get emotionally scarred on the way out as well.


  • Her Lineage: Her family, and their status is the most important thing to Grace. As long as she is able to gain fame for her family, as well as respect towards the strength of her family, she will do whatever it takes to have them be looked upon as gods among society. Even if that means, she has to help out a low life on the way there.


  • Losing Her Family: Having her family not at her side, is one of the scariest things she has ever thought of. Everything she is, and everything she wants to give to the world, is for them. If she even lost their respect for her, she would cast herself away, to never be seen from again.
  • Dying: Grace isn't scared of death just because she's afraid of dying. She is afraid of what comes after. By this, I mean, that she is afraid of all the disgrace it would bring to her name, as well as her parents. Dying is one of the worst things a person can due, to ruin the name of their family. All it means, is that your family/family member wasn't strong enough. Which is the worst thing that could ever happen.


Magic Name: Woodland Creatures

Magic Element: Water

Magic Description: Don't be tricked by this magic, it is not a magic affiliated with the nature element. No, instead it revolves around the element that is the staple of all life, water. This magic is a regular caster magic, but with a twist. The products of this magic are animate animals of nature made with magical water, that can be sent out to do multiple effects, such as damaging others. However, these aren't summons persay, but instead regular spells that take on the form of animals, that move on their own, but in the same pattern the spell is meant to be sent out each time.


History: Grace is a girl who was born to a family that was rich. Richer than the rich themselves. A family that spoiled her as much as they could, because they wanted to make sure that she would pay them back in the future with fame and fortune. Their dream was for them to become a noble themselves. Actually, their dream was to become stronger than the nobles. Stronger and more influential than they could ever be. The only way they'd be able to get there though is through Grace. Their perfect tool in their plan. As long as they gave her what she wanted, she would be completely and utterly obedient to the family. That was their thought at least, and they were lucky that they were right. Things could've gone completely different, but as Grace grew up to be older and older, she turned out to become more and more obedient to them.

However, obedience wasn't the only thing her parents needed to give their daughter, they needed to train her in magic as well. She would not be able to do anything if she wasn't able to use something as simple as magic. So, they got her a private teacher, to teach her the ways of magic. The teacher decided that Grace needed to have some freedom, so that she wouldn't be a complete and utter robot. If she was, then there would be no way she could be as strong as her parents wanted her to be. So, the teacher deciding to use an element that was easily shaped, water. The perfect canvas for a creative mind to use. After that, Grace started to master her technique of forming adorable little creatures with her magic. Although she was still robotic in her ways, her magic seemed to show creativity, which in turn showed the private teacher she had the soul in her to make even stronger magics.

After that, her parents got her another private teacher, one to teach her the ways of the sword. They knew that versatility could go a long way for someone to take over the world. Status wise anyways. Grace however, didn't absorb as much of the information as she did the swords. Neither her or her parents knew why, but she understood the basics at the very least. She could really only slash with her sword at that point, but she realized that it was important for her to learn it.

Her final teacher was one that taught the ways of people. An effective noble didn't only know the skills taught before this, but they needed to learn the ways of controlling your own emotions, and the emotions of others. This was probably Grace's favorite class of them all. She was so excited to learn how to control people, by only subtle movements. Let's just say, she picked this one up extremely quickly.

Only at the age of 17, her parents sent Grace out on her own to prove herself to the family, and gain them as much fame, and as much power as she could. What they asked of her, was to make sure that her family would one day be one of the tops. That was all they ever wanted in life. They wanted more and more power. They wanted the undying attention of those below them, as well as having all of their enemies fear them. After all, isn't that the dream, to have as much power as one could? To be higher than what anyone could possibly ever think. To be almost as high up as the king himself.

Reference: N/A

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