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Aisha Connors

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Aisha Connors



Name: Aisha Connors
Age: 21 (Born January 20th X766)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual, Polyromantic
Ethnicity, Father: Desiertian
Ethnicity, Mother: Desertian with Minstreli heritage
Class: Hunter
Race: Human
Rank: D-rank
Guild: Fairy Tail
Mode: Normal
Tattoo: Black, Left Shoulder
Face: Pharah (Fareeha Amari) - Overwatch


Height: 188cm / 6’2”
Weight: 78kg / 171lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Amber
Overall: A tall and well-built young woman, though at first this exotic looking woman might seem intimidating because of her stature and honed physique, in spite of this many seem to regard her as quite the beauty, in an amazon kind of fashion. The complexion she has definitely reflecting her origin, it is easy to guess the part of the world that this mocha marvel comes from with the rich and deep tone of her skin and dark eyes and features.
Spending a great deal of time working on her body and that effort really showing by the amazing condition it is in, Miss Connors has a firm and well-defined stomach, along with noticeable tone in her shoulders and arms, as well as the rest of her body. The build of the beauty not lacking for a curve or two, she possesses an ample bust though often this can be overlooked due to the tight way she binds it because of her active lifestyle, along with a mild broadness to her hips and thighs from the developed muscles she possess, which when combined with her trim waist give the image of an hourglass to her figure. Skin soft despite her outdoorsy lifestyle thanks to a mix of care and attention as well as her fondness for visiting hot springs and spa’s when she wants to relax, its rich tone is the colour of mocha or caramel and practically blemish free aside from the odd subtle freckle here and there.
The face of this fair femme prettier than one might expect of a warrior woman, her features are slightly pointed in a girly manner that most might overlook when focusing on the more obvious lines of her frame. Large eyed, her amber irises can look anything from a rich and chocolatey brown to something that verges on red or orange depending on the light, giving them both a brightness and depth depending on the circumstances. One noticeable feature of her face the presence of a runic tattoo over her eye, it tends to lend a sense of mystery and glamorous appeal to her image that sets her apart even more from the average girl.
The raven black hair of Miss Connors straight and silky, her locks have a shiny lustre both from good genes and a care routine she has developed. More often than not tending to keep her hair loose though not averse to wearing it in a simple ponytail, with her ebony tresses reach her shoulders when hanging loose, the fringe of the femme is a little shorter but long enough to hang huskily around her eyes when not tidied away. Often putting beads or baubles in the locks that frame her face, this is a habit that comes from her youth growing up in Desierto which like her facial tattoo would be seen as unusual in Fiore, but she enjoys the image and finds it adds a touch of glamour to her appearance.
The choice of clothing that Aisha prefers usually suiting her tomboyish manner, she would be more at home in a tank top and jeans when she feels casual, wearing loose tee shirts, dungarees and shorts when she is in lazy mode. An active girl, she can far more frequently be seen in sportswear and sees no reason to stand on ceremony after a workout, often going around in a sports bra and shorts or something similar and enjoying the look because she feels it helps to highlight her ‘best qualities’. Certainly not adverse to ‘dressing up’ when she feels a reason to, given the pride she has in her body Miss Connors is eager to sport a fancy gown or good looking dress, feeling very little self-consciousness for her size and at times liking to show off her body with style and confidence.
Extra: Has a Desiertian Rune tattoo over her right eye.


Personality: A girl who is largely easy going and upbeat, it is rare for Aisha to go about her day without some form of smile on her face, be it a small smirk of confidence or grin because of something that has excited her. On the whole laid back but easily agitated when she is engaged by things, Miss Connors can be quite feisty and is rather assured of herself, rarely seeming daunted in the face of threats and usually the type to become hyped up rather than disheartened by the things that challenge her.

Somewhat defensive at times and perhaps a little quick in her temper, she can be quick to call out someone or something that she dislikes and despite the delicacies of her image can show great feistiness when provoked. Definitely the type that would throw a punch at someone who offended her or trade insults with those who seek to debase her, though Miss Connor can be quite humble she is far from meek or submissive and actually quite a handful when riled up. Perhaps holding something of a ‘might is right’ kind of opinion, on the whole Aisha tends to believe that high opinions should be backed up with personal strength and doesn’t respect people who don’t make at least some effort to better themselves.
Showing off that ‘Fairy Tail Spirit’ and becoming rowdy when she needs to, the most common manner in which her wild side can be unleashed is likely to defend herself or a guild mate, though at times she also extends her protectiveness toward souls that she’s sees as innocent and in need of help. Favouring children and women though not exclusively in this regard, with the combination of her initially cool manner and then impulsive defence of the needy, some have chosen to see Aisha as gallant and chivalrous though she would dispute the idea that her actions are motivated by any kind of personal code above it feeling ‘right’ to do.
This valiant streak adding to the charm she already possesses, even without her good looks and bouts of dashing to the defence of damsels in distress, Miss Connor can possess a certain down to earth and slightly roguish charm. Not exactly well educated in the conventional sense but several of the role models in her life the affable but indulgent sort, Aisha has picked up bits and pieces and can lay out a smooth line when she needs to, being able to talk her way out of a bad situation or into a good one if she keeps her head cool.
The mix of masculine valour and feminine good looks something that seems to have quite the effect on girls of a certain inclination, the amazon beauty can be more skilled in stealing the hearts of others than she realizes and even without intending to can sometimes find herself at the centre of a fawning crowd. Perhaps possessing more vanity than her down to earth nature might imply, there are times when Aisha likes to look good and despite her manliness loves a dash of femininity as much as any other girl.
Confident in her form, she is thick skinned enough to brush off teasing remarks and insults about how girliness might not suit her, though is very receptive to those who seem to enjoy the way that she looks. Enjoying that feeling of being ‘checked out’, she believed that if she has it she should flaunt it and loves the ego boost she gets when someone eyes her up regardless of what she is wearing, often getting a little flirty with those who make their interest known to her in a candid sense.
Somewhat forward, when she realizes a common attraction between herself and another, Miss Connors does not tend to beat around the proverbial bush by any notion of the word. The confidence that she has in herself a great aid in this, she does not wait for someone to come pick her up if she likes them and is happy to hit on boys and girls alike without feeling much concern for her image. Not really much of a fan of being teased though, Aisha does not cherish the hunt like some do, preferring to act on her passions and would likely lose interest in someone if they tried to toy with her and move on.

  • Physicality: Proud of her body and her strength, Aisha enjoys pushing herself to the limit and improving her power by training rigorously, often feeling rather restless if she doesn’t get a chance to work up a nice sweat and a great sense of satisfaction after finishing a good workout.
  • Banter: Enjoying a little back and forth, Aisha can be a bit of a joker who tends to share wisecracks and friendly slights with the people she’s close with, usually demonstrating her comfort with a person by teasing them and rarely poking at subjects she knows people are touchy about.
  • Glamour: Tomboyish at times and down to earth, while she is not obsessed with her looks Aisha enjoys a bit of personal glamour all the same, liking jewellery and baubles that make her look good as well as visiting salons and spa’s in her downtime to help polish up her appearance and finding herself a little captivated by those who demonstrate that effortless sense of beauty and grace.
  • Storms: Whilst many might feel fearful and wary of storms, Aisha quite likes them, finding a sense of energy and excitement in the air whenever the weather becomes wild but also a sense of comfort in that, choosing to favour lightning magic largely because of the awe she has in seeing and hearing the phenomenom.

  • Competition: Down to earth but feisty and competitive, Aisha likes to challenge herself and others with what she does, enjoying sparring matches with her buddies and feeling a sense of camaraderie with people she has shared blows with.

  • Rogues: Largely upstanding and moral, Aisha still has a bit of a soft spot for folk of a slightly roguish element possibly because of the man who saved her life, enjoying that hint of excitement and fun they can bring to her company, though it tends to be limited to those with a ‘cheeky’ or charmingly pragmatic approach to full on criminals and villains, who would usually be more off-putting to her than anything.


  • Bandits: Losing her family to an attack by brigands, though she dislikes lawbreakers and criminals generally, Aisha has a powerful sense of loathing for raiders both of land and sea.
  • Bullies: A rowdy girl but one with a certain sense of integrity, Aisha hates those who oppress and victimize others and feels a strong urge to act out against these types regardless of person and situation, often enjoying ‘showing up’ these people by using her strength to humiliate them.
  • Cowards: Possessing a strong sense of warriors pride, Aisha hates those who would run away from a fight or use tricky and deceitful methods to get the better of an opponent, usually acting against such people when she finds them.

  • Ships: Despite being an active swimmer, Aisha does not do well with seasickness, having hated the one journey she had taken across the ocean to travel from Minstrel to Fiore and avoided travel by ship at all costs since.


  • Strength: Proud of her abilities but knowing she can get better, Aisha trains hard and seeks out challenges in order to improve herself, feeling the damage to her pride more severely than wounds to her body if she refused an opponent as well as wanting to emulate and impress her saviour, Jack.
  • Family: Losing everyone close to her as a little girl, though Aisha can be hot tempered and even abrasive at times, she treasures the people she is close to and is far more protective than she might care to admit.
  • Chivalry: A little ‘roguish’ because of certain influences on her growing up but possessing a good heart and empathy toward people who suffer, Aisha’s memories of losing her home and family prompt her to act out in the defence of innocents, making her appear somewhat gallant to some even if she doesn’t consider herself that.
  • Finding Jack: A pretty specific motivation, Aisha is searching for the man who saved her life as a child after his disappearance more than a year ago, travelling Fiore in search of clues to his whereabouts with the hope that he is still alive.


  • Weakness: Proud of the prowess she has built, Aisha hates the idea of being incapable or inhibited in what she could do, reproaching herself more than anyone when she fails and occasionally showing sympathy toward those who struggle against their own shortcomings.
  • Loss: Left all alone in the world when her family and village were wiped out, Aisha greatly fears losing the life she has managed to rebuild, becoming her most hot headed and reckless in defence of the people who have earned their way into her heart.



Magic Name: Thunderstruck
Magic Element: Lightning
Magic Description: Capable of generating electricity which she can harness in a variety of forms, Aisha can use this offensively to harm other people but also use it in more abstract fashions, such as shaping it into tools to aid her, manipulating magnetic forces to attract or repel things or even boost things like her strength or speed by channelling her electricity through her body.


Born in Desierto in a small village not too far from the western border with Minstrel, Aisha’s early life was relatively peaceful and ‘normal’, if there is such a thing. The surname she had at this time not the one she now uses but rather Nadir, her mother was a migrant from the country to the west who had settled down peacefully with a herdsman in the town near a natural oasis. The girl’s parents raising both cattle and a few horses, the girl learned how to ride not long after learning to walk and rarely showed much fear around large creatures because of this, befriending the animals of her homestead in her way and was for the most part upbeat and happy. Being taught things like basic literacy and math by her parents, she spent her days doing the necessary chores of a farming homestead.
An energetic girl who would run around the homestead a lot, while at times Miss Connors was something of a handful for her parents because of her rowdy energy, she loved her parents and they loved her too. Friendly and outgoing, Aisha befriended the children her age easily and was something of a tomboy, though really in a place where even the young had to work it was hard for anyone to really be much of a girly girl. Excited at the news that her parents were expecting another child when she was five years old and loving the idea of having a new member of the family she could, for lack of a better term, boss around, the youngster was heartbroken when her mother lost the child. However, the village banded around them and they moved on, leading a simple but somewhat idyllic life that sometimes the youngster finds she wishes she could return to even now.
Everything changing when her village was overrun by bandits during a particularly dry summer when she was ten years old, though usually simple communities such as hers were hardly a prize for brigands, the villains were driven by desperation and hunger, wanting to claim whatever they could and happy to kill to get it. Aisha remembering that she did not want the raiders to steal or kill a pony she had become particularly fond of, when news of the attack reached her farm she set off into the night on the back of the creature to try and let it escape, soon finding herself chased by angry men on horseback, both the girl her pony being pelted by arrows and swipes from swords and falling to the ground with mortal wounds only a few miles down the road. Fortunately for Aisha, the journey had at least brought her to someone who could help.
A wandering mage from another country coming across the bandits as they attacked and taunted the girl and acting in defence of Aisha on impulse, though he claimed to be busy on a mission that had brought him to the land, the pleading of the young woman to help seemed to move man called Jack and so with a little reluctance he followed her back to her village. The sight that she saw upon arrival horrific, unfortunately, as Aisha returned to her home she found it on fire as the bandits plundered anything they could from the village, their cattle slaughtered and the cries of people echoing in the distance alongside the flow of further fires. The girl running around her home in the hopes of finding her parents alive but that hope sadly denied when she found both of them still and cold, in a rage the girl tried to take some measure of revenge on the bastards who had done this, but found herself being subdued by the mage she had brought with her.
Jack only able to quell her anger by knocking the girl out, when she came to Aisha found the fires had died out and the villains had been either killed or sent running into the wind, with the man making sure to assure her their leaders lay among the dead as he set about making graves for the townsfolk. Miss Connors refusing the help of her ally and making sure to dig the graves of her parents herself, though it was an exhausting process and she spent the whole time weeping silently, she laid them to rest underneath the tree where they had buried her little brother years before and said a prayer for their souls before wondering what she could do next.
Not the only one with that question, the brave man that had come to her aid told her he would find her a place to live and asked if she had any relatives in other towns or villages, but Aisha did not think that she did. Most of the people she knew coming from the small, out of the way locale she had been born in, if she did have family outside of it then she did not know where or who they were, so Jack elected to instead lead the girl to one of the larger cities in the region and take her to an orphanage where she would be taken care of. Knowing that Desierto was a dangerous country for anyone, he hoped to get the girl to the safety and security offered by high walls, hoping she would not be carted off as a slave or worse after he left her.
Not remembering a whole lot of the journey to the orphanage, likely because of the shock and stress she was under, after days of riding with the man Aisha found herself in a large place made of stone buildings that seemed large and intimidating. Jack taking her to a place that he said would look after her, though she had been quiet for much of the journey because of her grief, for some reason the little girl did not wish to leave her saviour. Perhaps a little scared of what might happen to her in this unknown place and in an odd way the man who had protected and fought for her the only thing now that made her feel safe, despite the protests of the mage, Miss Connors did not wish to leave his side.
Eventually Jack relenting and giving into the will of Aisha as she clung to his leg so desperately, with a little line about not having the strength to fight against a pretty girl, he changed his mind and asked the youngster if she wanted to come with him to his home, and despite warning her that the journey would be long and hard the little girl jumped on the chance to stick by him. Jack giving little Aisha his own surname so that he could pass her off as a relative in order to cross the border more easily, she has kept it ever since and to an extent feels more comfortable being called this than her original native name.
The mage, for his part, certainly not deceiving the youngster about the arduousness of the journey, though the initial part was easy, even crossing the dangerous deserts of her homeland proved quite a task given how far the duo had travelled into the land to find a decent orphanage. Moving from town to town, even journeying part of the way alongside merchants caravan’s, Jack would offer his services and strength as a mage as payment for their food and lodging, but even a girl from this land struggled with the exhausting heat they had to put up with and eventually the mage elected to stop over in a town to let the warmth of summer pass on, hoping that the cooler months of winter might help the girl move along.
Finding a small, abandoned homestead near a spring to stay in and the man used his magic to earn them a living while they waited for the harsh conditions to die down. This time helping to mend a little of the hurt that Aisha had suffered when she had lost her family and home both in terms of her body and soul, though initially she was a far cry from the energetic farm girl she had grown up as, she bonded with Jack and slowly began to become a little more herself. The mage beginning to teach her some Fiorian so she could talk with people in her new home, though she did not particularly enjoy this studious education she did enjoy the other things he would train her in.
The failure at the mountain something he wished to overcome, not only did he begin to harness some of that raw physical potential of the young girl in order to help her keep up with him a bit better by setting her an intense daily regime of exercise, he also indulged her curiosity about her magic by trying to teach her a few simple spells and was surprised to discover she had an affinity for the magical arts one might not have expected from a far girl. Happy that she could do something special which seemed to make the new man in her life praise her, though young Aisha still missed her parents greatly, the focus of his lessons helped her to not dwell on this too much. Jack even going as far as to teach her the basics of hunting and tracking as well as how to handle a dagger in order to defend herself should they run into bears or bandits in their crossing, in a few short months the youngster was transformed from an energetic farm girl into someone who could take care of herself in harsh circumstances and was glad for that. Miss Connors didn’t like being a weak little girl wholly reliant on others for help, not after what had happened.
The chill of winter finally coming and the two setting off on their second attempt to make it to Fiore, finally after days and days of walking through mountain paths did Aisha discover what lay beyond the her own country as she slipped with her mentor into Minstel. A refreshing breeze greeting her and a land that seemed so very different to what she knew, there was green everywhere and people who seemed relaxed and happy, not worrying about where the next meal would come from or when the next attack would happen. This place of growth and romance was peaceful, different, and it made her feel safe. For a time at least.
The ordeals that Aisha would suffer on her way to her new home not ending when she left the country in which she was born, all too soon she would face her greatest challenge yet; the sea. So very used to dry land and the shifting sands no substitute for the tide, as they took a ship from Minstrel to Fiore, Miss Connors discovered that the ocean was a cruel mistress, especially to her. Spending most of the voyage feeling dizzy and often hurling her meals up over the side of the ship, though Jack cast magic on her to help her deal with the symptoms it left the desert native with a dislike for open seas and ships that she has never quite managed to lose.
Certainly glad when she made it to the port of Hargeon and found herself in the new country that she had spent months and months looking forward to seeing, and as she crossed through the countryside toward the destination Jack had chosen Aisha found she enjoyed the land, finding the peaceful atmosphere and friendly people much like those of Minsteli but with the added bonus she could actually talk to them thanks to the lessons she had been given. Unfortunately, once they finally reached their terminus, the girl couldn’t help but feel surprised by the place she had been brought.
Not brought to a house at all but rather a large building with the words ‘Fairy Tail’ above its door, Miss Connors had been picturing some little cottage or even an apartment where they would live with just the two of them, so was somewhat flabbergasted when she found her new home would be shared with dozens of other people.

Seeing a whole new side to her mentor when they stepped inside the door, not only was he instantly and rather violently rebuked for failing the mission he had set out to Bosco to perform but only more shocks followed as a half dozen girls slapped him in the face as well. Jack something of a ladies man who had been keeping several women on the go who had all come to the guild searching for him while he had been away and found out about his womanizing because of it, the image of the mage as her noble and fatherly protector was pretty brutally shattered when Aisha saw the truth of the man. However, despite the roughness that Jack received upon returning, Miss Connors actually seemed to get quite the hospitable welcome by comparison.

Many of the folk in the guild seeming to soften up once he explained his reason for dropping the mission and the circumstances that had led to him bringing ‘yet another’ girl home, Aisha herself found she was greeted with firm hugs, cheek kisses, snacks and whole meals and even one woman tried to give her a tall glass of ale out of sympathy. Feeling oddly at home with the reception, there was something about the people here that reminded her of her village. Few of them related by blood and there often disagreements that got a little bit testy, there was a sense of community and connection that reminded the girl of how she had grown up, with most of the people in this ‘Fairy Tail’ eager to help her and each other when they really needed it.
The women of the guild friendly and warning her about the wicked man she had arrived with, it was weird but Miss Connors felt a fast sense of connection with the people, many of whom seemed eager to dote on a young cutie like her. This sense of acceptance and camaraderie really helping the youngster flourish, all too soon she was back to her old ways, running around rambunctiously and perhaps encouraged to get even worse as she acclimatised to her new environment.
Picking up a few bad habits and eager to join in on the fun, such as greeting the men of the guild with a nice vaulting kick in the face, she certainly came out of her shell quickly in the presence of such rambunctious people. Headstrong and at times reckless, she tended to butt heads with others at times when they upset her but was also warm and forgiving, learning to treasure her new family. Somewhat competitive at times with her guild mates, especially the ones closest to her age, these challenging but tolerant influences helped her to be firm in her beliefs and stand by her convictions, helping to foster her self-confidence after the ordeal she had been through. While she was never particularly meek at any age, Aisha became that bit more like her guild mates, developing a rowdy side despite being a little bit of a lone wolf, and someone who wasn’t afraid to speak up and challenge others when she saw fit.

The man going off on his jobs for months on end, she always felt a little bit lonely without him, and even when he returned with a pretty dress or piece of jewelry as a gift it didn’t make up for the heartache she suffered. The feelings of the femme morphing from those that resembled the affection a young girl toward an uncle or brother to something a little more romantic, Miss Connors was giddy whenever her mentor came home and desperate to spend time with him, becoming jealous of the girls he seemed to address in more of an amorous manner and wishing to have him all to herself like she did in those months before travelling to Fiore.
The life at Fairy Tail as rowdy as ever, to impress her guild mates and Jack most of all Aisha began to hone her abilities further, finding that the rabble of mages and warriors she lived with were perfect partners in this regard. Training her body and getting some tips from some of the better brawlers in the bar, Miss Connors managed to up her abilities in combat and became a decent hand to hand fighter, able to hold her own against boys that were bigger and stronger than her and take an opponent by surprise with the abilities of her body alone.

Not neglecting her magic while she did this either, while Aisha was more gifted with the physical aspects of her development initially because of her energetic and robust constitution, with practice she also became adept at wielding spells and favoured lightning magic. Perhaps the connection to the element enhanced by her fondness for storms and energetic nature, she fashioned her abilities both physical and mystical to complement one another and gradually began to improve her skills, modelling herself somewhat on what her mentor had showed as a warrior-mage.
Working her way up in the guild from simple odd jobs like cleaning and fetching materials for merchants and craftsmen, as Aisha moved through her teens she began to embark on adventures that were a bit more like one might romanticize as guild life. Travelling to other towns first with her guild mates and then on her own as she sought to improve her skills, she moved up from wiping out infestations of rats to tackling wild wolves, working as a bodyguard and bouncer in taverns and even helping spell makers and potion brewers with their creations.
Always hoping to have her skills catch the eye of Jack in the hopes he might take her along for a quest, though he did allow her to come with him as back up on some simple jobs, her mentor never really permitted the girl to come along on the long jobs that kept him away for weeks and months which saddened her. Not really comprehending that Mr Connors was doing so to protect her and let her grow rather than face the challenges he was accustomed to and struggled against, a part of the youngster worried that she was cramping his style and that he wasn’t as interested in her as she was him, and while a small crush remains in the heart of the young woman on her hero she has done what she can to ‘move on’ from him.
Not all times in the guild happy ones of course and like any place that prospered via besting monsters and wicked hearts there being the occasional loss, as the guild master’s changed Aisha was happy to discover that Adriana was for one reason or another chosen to lead Fairy Tail into the future and resolved to work hard to support the woman. That effort undermined however when Jack went off on a mission and failed to return, while the youngster continued to carry out her guild duties as best she could, she couldn’t help but want to go out and find what had happened to him and so with the approval of her master elected to take jobs away from the town of Magnolia in the hopes of finding word of her lost saviour.

This seeming to ironically give Aisha a somewhat similar approach to guild life to that which was demonstrated by Jack, she has gotten into the habit of being away from the guild for weeks and months as she takes jobs across Fiore and is even contemplating travelling to Bosco and the other nations that surround the country in search of news. So far her personal quest seeming to turn up little success, though the youngster has been on several goose chases in the wild in search of some clue about the missing man she has found very little, the closest she has come being the discovery of his signature wolf’s head necklace in a pawn shop but even that lead seemed to come to naught…
Reference: Alisa~

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Aisha Connors
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