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Hammer Time! [Aegis, Tomoe]

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Hammer Time! [Aegis, Tomoe] Empty on Sun 21 Apr - 22:44



Quest: Hammer Time

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Barras Berend: Barras is a smith who sells all sorts weapons and armors. He is a kind guy with a lot good in him. His skills even caught the eye of the lord, which got him the task of supplying equipment for the guards and knights of Magnolia. Even thought this alone grants him a pretty stable income, he still loves to produce for other customers as well.

Summary: Barras is an incredibly accomplished smith, his wares distributed everywhere. While this prestige is great for business, the demand for his wares is often more than he can reasonably produce. In order to make up for this, he has decided to ask for some outside help in the basic aspects of metalworking. Ideally he would prefer a stunningly talented metal mage, but he knows that the supply of those is very low. Anyone is fine for the job, so long as they can put in the work.

Enemies: None

Objective: Help Barras in the forge.

Extra Rewards:

  • Strength +1


  • Create a topic in the Black Anvil.
  • In the forge you'll find Barras busy, hammering away at some metal.
  • He greets you, and gives you a briefing on what you are going to be doing.
  • The smith's assistant, who has hurt his arm, will place a soft metal straight from the forge on the anvil for you.
  • Your task is to hammer it out a bit and flatten it out for him. You will repeat this process until the day is done.
  • When the day is finished, Barras will give you your reward.

The clickity-clack of wooden footsteps could be heard coming down the main streets of Magnolia. On a breezy afternoon day as it was, Tomoe was taking it in with a leisurely stroll. Hands in pockets with his left hand firmly grasping a request paper, he had read up on the job about a blacksmith of sorts needing assistance with his work.

"Not glamorous, but...", he muttered to himself.

The concept of smithing interested him, considering swordsmanship was his own profession of choice. Gone were his illusions that he'd ever cast magic on his own, and replaced by the embrace of sharpened steel. In this regard it would at least be an interesting undertaking, getting a glimpse at the process of creating the very thing he held so dear.

Turning the corner of the block, Tomoe could only assume he was running multiple minutes late. Of course that didn't stop him from taking his time regardless - rushing would just get him worked up, and he couldn't have that.

Recalling that his friend also seemed interested in the job earlier, Tomoe scanned with his eyes for Aegis as he walked down the street on which the blacksmith's shop would be in view. The sun was blazing down on the late samurai, and the only thing keeping him from being in a much worse mood than he currently was, was the cool breeze gracing his flesh.


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Aegis nearly fell off his seat when a new job was picked up for him. Leatherworking, Smithing, Clothier, all this things Aegis admires. Be able to start with something so insignificant as base materials and turn them in not only something unique, but something magnificent. So upon hearing that the local smith was looking for aid in order to keep up with orders, he was more then willing to accept the mission and give them a hand.

He of course went in early, as not only is punctuality a good sign of respect for the maker, he was eager to learn the basics of what they had to do to get started. The bartender had mentioned that Tomoe had also taken up the job request as there was too much work to be done, even with one extra crafter.
"Such is the life of a successful smithy I guess" he thought out loud.

The workshop to where he was required to go for the instruction and work was not very far from Fairy Tail, so getting there was a breeze, but he got direction ahead of time just in case. After getting to the smithy, he noticed that the doors were closed. It looked like he may have been a bit too early, as they were not there yet.


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A few minutes later, as Tomoe closed in on the building he could see a familiar face. Sure enough, his partner was early. Punctuality could only overextend itself so far, and the lives of workaholics typically ended sooner than most. It was with this that Tomoe sighed, realizing that between the arrogance of the viking crew, the flirtatious behavior of the bartender, and his lawful friend before him, he had stepped into a bizarre world.

"Hey, bud. How's it going?"

Waving as he moved closer, he had no care as to how late he was or how early Aegis ended up being. Upon getting close enough, he tried turning the door handle. Upon not budging he let out a whiny noise and stepped backward away from the door.

"We really about to do a job that has no pay? Where is the guy? Y'know, if the contractor doesn't show up within fifteen minutes we're legally allowed to leave."

Pulling out the job papers and reading over the details, he found himself absorbing the full knowledge of the request for the first time - previously it was bits and pieces about blacksmithing, but seeing as he had nothing else to do in the meantime other than talk. Lame as the idea of that was, he would give minor "uh huh" and "yep" responses to any inquiries Aegis might have towards him while reading the job description.

After a few more minutes of such activities, a brawny man and another rather built man with bandages and an arm cast approached the shop, shuffling past the two while the brawny man retrieved the keys to unlock the door. After pushing the doors open inwards, the man with the cast maneuvered inside while the brawny man turned around to greet the pair.

"Hey there, guys. The name's Barras. Probably heard 'o me. Best in the business, the go-to blacksmith around here. Sorry to keep you waiting! Come on inside and we'll get you sorted."

Barras walked into the shop, and Tomoe followed.

Inside, the smell of iron and coals already filled the air. There was a stark difference between the temperature outside with its cool breeze, and the stuffy, coated air of the smithy.

The assistant with the cast had already placed down soft metal onto an anvil and, according to the job description, this was the duo's time to shine - or at least perform adequately. Perhaps a little sub-par, or maybe trash. Time would tell.

Tomoe turned towards Aegis who he suspected was the more interested of the two.

"Wanna take a crack at it first?", Tomoe spoke, pointing towards the anvil.



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"S-Sure. I haven't really done this before so I'm not sure how to really start." He said, half towards Tomoe, and half in a prodding way to the seasoned blacksmith in front of him. Even though he was really excited, he was also worried that he might not hold up to the expectations that this blacksmith had or needed because as he had said, he was the best in town, and knew it.

"Ah, its a'ight. We'll teach ya the basics, and see what skills you got from there. Who knows, maybe you two got some beginners luck in ya. Ahahaha!" The huge blacksmith gave them a smack on their back so hard that it winded them both, and almost knocking Aegis over. "Come o'er here you two, and I'll show you how its done!"

With hammer in one hand and tongs in the other, he began using the forge to heat the metal back up for final shaping. While the sword had already been forged into its basic shape, it had yet to be annealed, and was still in its cooldown process. After explaining the basic process of the reheating, he began hammering the metal into the formation he had explained. Slowly over time the more defining shape started to materialize in the heated metal, with the melodic and perfect timing of sharp tangs heard throughout the room.

After some time, a bare silver blade lay on the anvil in front of him, as he placed it on the cooling rack he started talking to the two beginners. "That's what we need ya to do. We cant even start at grinding until all these are done." he said, pointing towards the stacks of metal placed neatly in piles off to one side of the forge. "We need to have all of those done by days end. Now, Atrius here with help you get set up, but as you can see..." He points to the injury the assistant had obtained. "He cant, and won't, help you more then that" glaring at the shopsmith as he said that. "Yeah, Yeah. I got it."

Atrius walks over towards the two newbies in the shop and grabs two chunks of barely shaped metal. "Now, shall we begin?" he says laying them out on two anvils.



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Tomoe would feel a shockwave reverberate through his back upon being smacked by the blacksmith. For a moment it felt as if his eyeballs would pop out, but he held his ground regardless and put on his best act in order to save face. He'd been hit by tougher after all, and he was accustomed to this sort of thing by now.

Rude..., he would think to himself regardless, immediately judging the blacksmith's character at face value.

With careful instruction from Barras, he'd spend the next few hours hammering away. Following the instructions given as best as he could, he'd found himself growing agitated with the process and making the occasional mistake as a result. A few pieces of metal that could be deemed mediocre at best, scrap at worst - but with trial and error it was still overall more on the end of success. To ensure this, Tomoe took his time and retreated into a more relaxed head space. Recounting his time as a student of the blade, he would treat the hammer as a sword striking an enemy. This mentality, while not up to the standard of a professional smith, would prove satisfactory towards the job's description.

Hours passed, and Tomoe would find himself feeling as if time had flown by. He was broken out of his trance at the forge's flames by the blacksmith snapping his fingers.

"Hey, guy. The day's about done. You guys can take off now, you've earned your keep."

Tomoe stared wordlessly at him, and then at Aegis, and scratched his head.

"Ah... yeah. Yeah, of course. It was about time anyway, I guess. That went on way too long, heheh.", he spoke up after a moment's delay, sounding slightly troubled.

Regardless, he finished the tasks he had begun working on and cleaned up after himself, and then turned to his partner on the job.

"Hey, bud. You about ready to take off?"



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Aegis was working as hard as he could during these few hours of work. Not only did he want to his job well to impress the shiths, he honestly wanted to try his hardest and learn a new skill that could be useful in the future.  

As one might expect, it was extremely hot and dry in the forge area and even into the main shop area due to the amount of uptime on the kilns. Even just trying to focus on the metal in front of him was a bit hard at times, but Aegis kept working as hard as he could, trying to stop as least he could for water while maintaining himself.

The first few that came out of their work didn't look too amazing. Some were slightly too long, and others had a bit of warping or a slight curve to the blades. Slowly however, they began to improve. The blades became to more consistently come out straight, and having good strength and shape. Over and over they worked to make all of the metal provided to them into workable swords, and as they came closer to works end, they could at least be considered competent in the new skill.

"Yeah, I am just working on the last one." He says in response to the blacksmith coming to check on them and seemed pleased with the progress that they have made.
As he finished up the last piece and was placing it on the finishing rack, Tomoe asked if he was ready to go. "Yeah, I am ready to head out unless there is anything else that you want or would have us do Barrus?'

He looks thoughtfully, "No, I think ya have done a good enough job, and we managed to get them all done. If you two are interested, could I send you guys a message if I got another job for ya?"
Aegis looked at Tomoe, and looked hopeful but extremely tired after their long day of work. "I don't see why not, If I am able to, I would be more then willing to. What about you?"


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Tomoe gave a thumbs-up with confidence and wiped his hands clean of any dirt or ash that might be on him still.

"I think I'd be up for that, perhaps. Makes alright money anyway."

He shrugged his shoulders and loosened his limbs, stiff from the day of labor he had to put up with. Going along with that, he could feel creases in his hands from working the forge for so long. Tense and stinging, he clenched and released his hands in an effort to regain flexibility and remove the muscle memory of stiff and immobile limbs.

"A bit more painful than it's worth though. I'll think on it, but I'm not entirely convinced."

Tomoe accepted his pay and began walking out of the building. In truth it was more of a courtesy, as Tomoe didn't particularly have an interest in a future in this field - just experiencing it once was enough for him. The physicality required for smithing was in direct contrast to the looseness he trained with. Due to this, he took the pay from his job, added it to his coin pouch, and gave Aegis a head shake as to indicate that he likely would not be partaking in this work in the future.

Giving a wave farewell to his friend and the blacksmith, he strode his way down the streets for a nice relaxing drink back at the guild.


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