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Janaael Rodwood

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Name: Janaael Rodwood

Age: 16. December 17th 771

Gender: male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian,

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Hierophant

Race: Half-Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Blue on right forearm

Face: Seyveril Aemenor-might wavers


Height:2.10 meters

Weight: 67 kg

Hair: Yellow


Overall: ike most elfs he is slender-built, with long arms. He has long brown hair with braids in front of his long, shaped ears. He always wears long green coat. Coat is really long, with his arms in sleeves, and with bottom of the coat near calves, it looks like he stole it from giant! On his feet he has deep black boots, that are reaching his knees. Around his neck he has necklace.

In his coat he is hidding "saint book" of his religion. Although he rearly wears of his coat, under coat he is realy skinny, with not much muscles.

Extra: -Necklace
-Tattoo on his forehead, that appears when he uses magic
-Tattoo of Fairy Tail on right forearm


Personality: riest of Linea gods, of Elven Pantheon. Sometimes he talks to elder spirits of forest, who are invisible to most  people, so he looks like he is talking to himself. He says that spirits of forest learned him how to use magic. His father was also a priest, who showed him way of religion, but he didn't learned magic from his father, so he had to learn it "alone". After his father saw his talent in magic, he told him to use magic only to help other people, and for self-deffence, and Janaael hardly respects that.

Janaael is pacifist, and instead of fighting he solves most of his problems with words. Most of his magic also servres to help people,  instead of hurting them. He is open minded and unlike most races he is accepting all races, because none can decide how they are born. He is example of that. His father is wood elf, while his Mother is human. That bond changed him alot, while making him open-minded, it also made him person who wants to discover the world.

He is really kind person, and he would always help others. When people ask him "Why are you helping me?" he just says "My gods told me that is right.". Janaael feels best when he is alone, with his spirits in the forest. He says that forests make all people calm, and that beings who live in forest are symbols of freedom.


  • Nature: All elfs like nature, and Janaael is not exception. His Elven half made him devote of nature, for all his life. Walk through forests make him really calm, especially when he is alone, with animals and trees.  
  • Traveli: Janaael is intrested in traveling, and discovering He wants to see other parts of the world, to meet new people, and to make friendships.


  • Violence: Janaael belives that all problems can be solved with words, and listening and understanding others is key to happy life. Violence is symbol of opposite, violent people hate others, and they don't want to understand anything.
  • Alchohol,cigarets and drugs: Vices show that person is unhapy, and unsatisfied with his life. Happy person like Janaael doesn't need that to have fun. He just needs good friends around him, or to be alone.


  • Protection: Elven gods say that every person is good deeply in his heart. Janaael wants to save evil people from darkness, and to show them light in thier hearts, while also helping them, and saving them from other people.


    • Wrath of Vhaladar gods:
    In Elven religion Vhaladar gods are considered as evil. Shilen, godess of destruction is especially feared among most elves, except Dark Elves, who only consider them as thier gods. He often considers them as schisms, because they don't worship Linea gods, and they say that Vhaladar gods are only "true". Like Elven religion says, at the end of the world Vhaladar gods will destroy everything, or Linea gods will create perfect world.

  • Captivity  Everyone should be born free, no mather of race, nation, and religion. If someone is captured, it's nearly same like he is dead! Captured people have no life, and all they do is just sitting, and waiting for death, or to escape to be free again.


Magic Name: Spirit's Blessing

Magic Element: :Nature

Magic Description: :This magic utilises power of nature spirits, and it's mostly used to help alies. Green energy appears on users hand, and he either touches his target, or shoots his targets from range. In some cases he can manipulate vines, woods, and flowers with spirits of the forest. This magic is mostly used as supportive, but in some cases it can hurt people. Sometimes he also says prayer on Elvarin, to call spirits of the forest to him. When Janaael is using it tattoo on his forehead appears and starts to shine.


History:Janaael is born in Fiore, in Era town. His father was Wood Elf, and his mother was human, so he is born as Half-Elf. Even though he is born in Era, where Humans are majority, he was always oriented more to Wood Elfs, thier culture, and customs.

His father is priest of Linea gods, in temple of goddes Sycha in Era. When he was little kid his father directed him to way of Wood Elven religion. Janaael started learning teology of his religion at Age of 10, and became priest at Age of 14. During his study of teology spirits of forest showed him up. They though him how to use magic. Magic he learned was mostly focused on healing other people with natural energy, and less focused on hurting others. He used it to help a ton of people, to heal them from desies or injuries. When his father saw him using magic he was shocked, because he was never able to use magic, and Janaael started using it as a teen.  He was pretty happy because his son used magic to help people, but he was also worried about Janaael, because he might start doing evil things, and get obsesed with magic. Janaael had no other choice than to swear his father that he will not use magic for bad things.His father allowed him to use and master magic.

Janaael was bored with life of a priest,  and he wanted to became mage. In town of Era Rune Knights where force of many strong mages where most mages go. However Janaael was not intrested in being a Rune Knight. He says that Rune Knights are not free mages, they must commit every command, and that they have no free will. He started traveling through world at age of 15. He was Guildless mage until he came to Fairy Tail.When he arrived at the doors of the guild, he saw that all people are really friendly, and happy. Only thing he hated was alchohol, but he later accepted it as something normal. Even though he is still young, he wants to be strong mage,  that can protect his friends, and nature (of course).


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There are a few issues with this application, the template must be identical to the one found in the code section of the Character Application template please adjust yours accordingly, otherwise, you have a few other formatting issues on the template itself which you can resolve by just copy and paste the contents into the official template.


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This character application has been approved.

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