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Celica Meryl

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Name: Celica Meryl

Age: 19. December 21st, X768

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Undetermined

Ethnicity, Father: Caelese

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelese

Class: Spellsword

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Phantom Lord

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Left shoulder, dark blue

Face: Lucina - Fire Emblem


Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair: Dark blue, ear length

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Celica is a woman of more humble proportions compared to others her age. Wearing her hair short and wearing a mask to cover the top half of her face, her style befits an air of mystery. Unlike other women her age, she has less curves to boast of and can often pass for younger than her actual age as a result when combined with her height.

She stands tall, rarely faltering in her stance of pride and power. Standing as tall as one of 5'7" possibly could, she is somebody that upholds a knight's code. She's of a slender build made for acrobatic maneuvers and quick, flexible attacks.

Her most common outfit is a blue tunic with golden trimmings held together by leather belts and bandoliers. With it is matching folded leather pants tucked inside knee-high blue adventurer's boots with white cuffs, and black fingerless gloves. A flowing silk blue cape with a red inside is worn on her back, giving off the impression of a regal adventurer or knight.

Extra: She's most often seen wearing a black butterfly mask that covers the top half of her face.


Personality: Celica is, in a word, spiteful. She has a profound dislike for the world that allowed the horrors that humans have created to persist as they have. This view extends not just to humans themselves, but also to the creations of humanity as well - magic, weaponry and civilization. She wouldn't consider herself an anarchist however; more of a nihilist. She sees little point in the continuation of the world as it currently stands. As such, she seeks the power to change the world's fate.

She isn't opposed to the usage of human's tools to accomplish her goals, as long as she herself discards them as well once the time comes.

Personally disgusted at her own human instincts and feelings, there's a deeply seeded hatred of herself that she can freely admit on a whim - the reasons of which are buried deeper. Despite this, she carries a hypocritical sense of pride in herself and always chooses to walk with her head held high. Viewing herself as the last true knight of Earthland, she upholds her own personal code of honor and chivalry as she fights. Though even in this regard she would still likely acknowledge humanity's disgusting side and bend her own ethics if it meant the difference between success and failure in her mission.

Aside from that, when not in battle she can typically be seen shopping to try out new recipes for cooking and baking as a hobby, or fishing when she has leisure time. These hobbies are typically something to remind herself of her own humanity, to keep her goals in check. What she wouldn't admit is that she does enjoy these small things as well.


  • Cooking: Trying out new recipes for cooking or baking is something she likes to do in her downtime. Not only is it something to do to enhance her knowledge and skills towards a goal in the short-term, it's also something with an instant reward in the form of the food eaten immediately after.

  • Fishing: Fishing is a relaxing hobby that Celica partakes in whenever she can. Time spent by the water clearing her head can do wonders for her mental health, degraded as it already is. It also contributes to the cooking hobby she has when she has a successful fishing trip, creating a loop of positive reinforcement.


  • Humanity: Humanity is a disgusting race that inhabits Earthland. They're responsible for countless tragedies and horrors that plague the world to the current day, more so than even the likes of demons and the various monster races. Humans hide behind veils of secrecy and deception, allowing their evil to be less obvious than that of the things that lurk in the shadows.

  • Authority: With the atrocities still committed worldwide daily, authority overall is pointless. Or at least, the easily bribed and corrupted authority of the Council and the Rune Knights as well as the king's own laws, are completely pointless. With all the evil in the world, there's little need for law enforcement that do nothing for the people.

  • Rodents: Rodents are gross, filthy mongrels that deserve to be eradicated. Some may find them, "cute", but Celica merely seeks their demise whenever she sees their beady soulless eyes. They're scavengers scraping by off of the crumbs of those more powerful. Truly and absolutely pitiful.


  • Restart Earthland: Celica long ago lost her faith in humanity. In Earthland. In those that inhabit it, whether they be the races, the animals or the spiritual beings. They all contribute in some way big or small to the overall problem: the corruption found in every corner of it. All it takes is a more cynical worldview to point out the things wrong with the world no matter where one might find themselves.

    To that end, she seeks a magic or ritual with the power to reset reality. She'll search far and wide, embracing the darkest of powers from the abyss itself to accomplish her dream. A new paradise, where people don't need to worry about the things that plague mortals in their daily lives.

    It's not entirely selfless however, as in the new world she'd allow herself to live a new life; a better life, free of her trauma and memories of the past.


  • Sex: Sex in general in any form can do anything ranging from unnerving Celica, to shaking her to her core. Due to her past experience with the act, even a simple flirtation requires self-control to avoid lashing out. The act itself makes her feel sick, digging up all of her trauma and reminding her of how it used to feel. To that end she'll tense up at the mere mention of such things, though depending on the severity it might not always be obvious due to her stone-faced expressions and mask.

  • Connection: Every emotional bond Celica forms means another tie she'll need to cut once the world's reset is brought about. She fears forming friendships and meaningful relationships with others as a result, worrying that it'll weaken her resolve to do what she knows must be done. The average person may even try to convince her not to go through with it, to give up; and coming from a trusted friend, those words would hurt her the deepest.


Magic Name: Dust Magic

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: Dust Magic allows the wielder to create and produce dust-like particles for the purpose of direct damage, buffing the caster through direction inhalation or injection of the particles, or to a weaker extent weakening foes by allowing them to be touched by the magic's power.

In truth it's not real dust, but many thousands of pieces of grey-colored arcane matter formed together to create the illusion of dust. This can potentially be used in subtle ways against those less knowledgeable of magic to surprise attack them with this 'dust' gathering in the air around them before attacking from seemingly nowhere.

This dust can be formed into various forms as it's a combination of particles. As such it can even draw blood with cuts or break bones at higher ranks despite maintaining the appearance of dust. In this regard it's a deceptive magic that initially appears weak until the moment the dust has already made contact.


History: Celica was born in Caelum, raised into a family of proud knights and warriors. Typically a male-dominated profession and family within her small town in Caelum, she never had high aspirations of becoming one some day. She kept such dreams close to her chest, worried that she'd be seen as lesser as a woman working a job more commonly performed by the other sex.

Despite those doubts though, she eventually grew into a strong woman. Tomboyish and aggressive, but charming in her own right. In her teens, she was already in-training, shadowing the guards of her small town as an intern. A rookie, picking up knowledge of the job as she went, What to look for and such, as well as an occasional sparring match or two on the guards' break - which she always lost of course.

It was on one such night after another successful patrol alongside the guards that something odd occurred. In bed and falling fast asleep, she awoke in a startle. She could hear banging outside, and screams. Peering through her curtains, she could see townsfolk being shot down by magic and run through by blades.

While her first instinct was to flee, she soon realized that there was a draft. Proceeding downstairs, she saw the front door wide open with a blood trail leading out. Her mother and father as well as her brothers were nowhere to be found.

On a moment's notice she grabbed her guard chestplate and sword and rushed outside to follow the trail. Occasionally assisting a town guard against the invaders as she followed the blood trail, it eventually led down an alley leading towards the outskirts of town.

Young and reckless, full of adrenaline, she pursued. At the end of the alley and around the corner... she saw it. Her parents and brothers with their limbs and organs strewn about the walls of the dead-end alley. There was so much crimson and flesh everywhere that Celica couldn't even recognize whose limbs belonged to who - nor did she have time to process anything before one of the intruders noticed her and was already upon her.

Reacting at the last moment to block the axe coming towards her, she pushed back against the man - but being a young teenage girl with minimal training, she was quickly forced back and into a wall. It was at this point she registered the looks of these men for the first time.

Sinister, armored and robed men with battle scars and tattoos lining each of them through years of battle. Bandits, or perhaps members of a Dark Guild? Celica didn't know, nor did she care in this moment. She cared nothing except for what to do to survive. To flee, and abandon any hope of saving her loved ones. Of anybody else in town. To merely survive - her, and her alone.

However... she knew no magic, and wasn't even strong enough to take down an average guard in her own town. These men had won the town, and their reward... was whatever they wanted.

Celica had chosen to black out that part of her memories, only resurfacing occasionally in the future. The things that happened to her that night as she begged for mercy warped her mental state eternally. The hours stretched into what felt like days even if the sun would never rise or fall. There would be no wind on the air, or birds flying by. Clouds would not pass and blood would not flow.

She could merely lay down, blankly staring at a brick wall in the alley until she was abandoned and left for dead by the men. She passed the time by picking a speck of dirt on the wall and focusing in on it. Why was the speck there? What was its life's story? Why did dirt itself decide to stain the wall? And who would clean it?

Days passed. The town itself became a ghost town, with a passing patrol from the local lord investigating. They found her near-lifeless body in the alley, and picked her up along with the other survivors. The trip itself was barely memorable to her. Of the entire thing all she could remember were the various statements like "inheritance" and "legal obligations" thrown about, but she didn't know what any of it truly meant.

After that, she realized she couldn't step foot on Caelum's soil. Any time her feet made contact with the land that the kingdom stood on, memories of that night came back to her. All at once she'd remember hours of torture and pain. She had to leave.

As part of her inheritance she was given a magic book, courtesy of her family, that was meant to be given to her on her 18th birthday. A few years early, but given the circumstances, she wasn't rejecting it now.

The main thoughts running through her concerned how anyone could permit such actions to continue unpunished. Her mind was filled with confusion and frustration. Gone was her passion and aggressive demeanor.

Paying for a carriage ride to take her to another land away from Caelum, she coldly and calculatingly read the spellbook containing the secrets of her family's magic. Her faith in humanity was lost that night, and she had given up on the idea of a happy life.

Instead, she vowed to prevent anyone else from undergoing the same experience she went through. She traveled for years after that, far away from her home, learning magic and culture from various people. Honing her skills with weaponry and discipline. Donning a mask, to avoid the gaze of any who would seek to intimidate or take advantage of her. She had to be prepared for the next step.

To begin the rebellion, and reset the world. And what better place to start than in secrecy among phantoms?

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