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Name: Aegis

Age: 26. September 30th, X761.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Minstreli

Ethnicity, Mother: Boscosi

Class: Spellsinger

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Back of the right hand, blue

Face: Shiroe - Log Horizon


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 180 lbs

Hair: Medium-length blue

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Aegis normally wears a dark oak brown turtleneck sweater, green pants that go from a lighter green on the top to a darker green right above the knees. His large carrying bag  almost always rests on his left side, held in place by a large dark brown belt. His boots are a light brown and black color. This outfit is topped off by his cloak, which has a large collar.

Aegis is pale in complexion, and in combination with his thin body type some could see him as being unwell. However, his health is perfectly fine and he takes pride in staying hygienic at all times. He doesn't slouch, nor does he puff his chest out in pride, but chooses to maintain a neutral stance often. He also wears glasses as he has far-sighted vision.

Extra: -


Personality: Although Aegis is socially awkward and tends to be asocial, he does not actually dislike other people. Instead, he is fiercely independent and wary of others who approach him with ulterior motives. While he's very careful and suspect of new people as they approach him he is not necessarily unfriendly. He understands that while being cautious is sometimes a necessity that not everyone is out to betray, and once you have his trust, you have an ally that you can always count on. He is not above helping people who are really in need. In addition, he can be quite protective of people he cares for. However, even if he knows that others might not appreciate his actions or thank him afterward, if he sees it as the greater good, he will use any means possible to achieve his goals. This has caused others to sometimes misunderstand his motives.

Aegis prefers staying in the back line of the fight, but not for the reasons one might assume. He prefers to get a tactical view and observe what's going on around him at all times so that he might better control the flow of battle for his allies. For not only does this suit his magic, but the manner of which his mind and tactics operate as well. Planning and deception are both weapons he wields well against any enemy that threatens his friends or himself.


  • Games: He loves games that require brain activity and strategy. Being able to plan and maneuver around your opponent is what he does best.

  • Burgers: Cheese Burgers are, and will forever be, his favorite food.


  • Malicious Manipulation: Aegis hates and will not stand for the usage and manipulation of himself by people. He is for protecting the people, and though he knows sometimes you need people to get things done, the ends and the means are one in the same.

  • Fish: Smelly, Salty, and can stick their bones in your neck if your not careful. Why would you eat something that has a chance to kill you? Also, way to much salt.

  • Rune Knights: After spending some time in the Rune Knights, the view of them that he perceived and hoped for was shattered. They were a deceiving, corrupt bunch of individuals that sought out power over the well-being of others.


  • The Guild: Aegis has a dream of building and running his own guild. He wants to construct a large structure with his designs at its heart. Running a guild with his friends and guild mates would make him as happy as he could be.


  • Appearing Overconfident/Like a Tyrant: He is overly humble, seeing himself as prideful and arrogant and leading him to be self-conscious about enforcing his principles or beliefs on others. Trying to not to however has caused some problems with trust.

  • Atychiphobia: Failure means not only loss, but the possibility of death or abandonment. Not only for himself, but for the others he protects and covets, he must not fail in his plans and creations. But, all things have inevitability...


Magic Name: Ether Magic

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: Lacking the firepower most would associate with a magic-user, Ether Magic is a pure-support magic that shines only when supporting the party with its buffs, defenses, and alterations. Between creating shields around himself and others, and infusing people with energy, control over the flow of battle is where this magic shows its potential. As a result, Aegis loves this for its potential, its complexity, and the openness to possibility.


History: Born to a humble smithing family in the rural area of Baska Town, Aegis was a boy of simple origin. Early on in life he took a liking to the concept of magic, specifically ether itself. Being the very core of magic's origins, he enjoyed studying its many versatile uses in a way best designed to protect. In this sense, he was seen as different from the rest of his family due to his love of magic over the traditional smithing his family was known for locally.

During one of the annual flea markets one year, at the age of fifteen, Aegis was told to stay and look after the shop in case of potential customers. While their work wasn't spectacular, the flea market drew customers regardless. Growing bored of simply sitting around, he began practicing his magic in the back room while waiting for the next customer. As fate would have it, a fellow wizard walked in and noticed his manipulation of ether and appeared impressed by it.

The wizard introduced himself as someone from Manticore's Bane. It was a local guild, not even possessing over twenty members, and located in a single house on the outskirts of Baska. Humble surely, but not as dull as the uninteresting life Aegis had led up to this point. A life dedicated to furthering his magical studies was definitely more intriguing than one spent creating boring iron objects for sparse pay.

After talking to his parents later on, he accepted the offer, telling them he would be moving away to learn magic as a guild mage. Of course his parents protested, but their voices couldn't reach his ears - he had already decided to pursue something he was truly interested in.

Life passed as a wizard of Manticore's Bane. Friends were made, lessons were learned, ether was studied. It was the best years of his life.

One day he was out getting food and supplies for the guild. He was happy to help after all, with all the guild had done for him to assist his growth.

However, he returned to discover a tragedy had unfolded. Where his guild's home once stood, was now replaced by a crater. No bodies remained, but the ashes of his former allies and home were definitely present inside the crater. Someone powerful was here, and recently.

He investigated the surrounding area for any survivors or the culprit, but his efforts were in vain. Thoughts spiraled inside of him, overwhelmed and stressed beyond imagine. It was in that moment he saw a Rune Knight appear from the treeline.

The Knight explained that he had been investigated a series of murders involving disappearing guilds recently, and that the trail had led to the general vicinity of Baska. Apologizing for Aegis' loss, he began to investigate the area as well. Upon completing his search and turning up nothing, he offered to take the now guildless boy back to his headquarters to put him under protection.

While Aegis accepted the offer to be taken to headquarters, he did not want to be protected. Rather, he wanted to protect others, and in the process unravel the mystery of the individuals responsible for the destruction of his old guild.

After years of training and study, he became a Page of the Rune Knights. Now driven by a new goal, his desire to rebuild his old life seemed within reach. With the looming thoughts of his guild's murderer still fresh in his mind however, he had business not yet finished with the killer.

Serving for some time in the Rune Knights, he went on many missions for them and protected the lives of many alongside his allies.

However, one day on a mission like any other, something went horribly wrong. There was an ambush, and he bore witness to the deaths of many comrades in a bloody affair. Retreating back to base with those that could stand, he was left feeling powerless. Hopeless.

It was at that point that a superior from the Rune Knights approached him in his darkest hour, offering him a means by which to become stronger and prevent the deaths of any other of his comrades. Normally he'd have said no, but in a fit of desperation and feeling lost, he accepted.

What he was introduced to was the ritual to become a Lich, but upon realizing this, decided to use animals in place of humans for the ritual's sacrifice.

Despite his wishes, when the ritual proceeded, he could feel human souls pouring into him. Realizing this, he cut the ritual short before he could receive the powers from them. He realized the Knight in charge to be corrupt, but could do nothing to get people on his side to believe him on the matter, being a mere Page.

His perception of what the Rune Knights stood for was shattered. Their ranks shrouded in darkness, he left after seeing the secret side that some of their members embraced, leaving not a word of his leave.

He sought out Fairy Tail for refuge, knowing them to be a guild accepting of people from all walks of life. Certainly, he'd find acceptance there, free from corruption. Also knowing a certain Joyan friend from days gone by currently resides there, he made his way to its hall, seeking out a new life.

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Characters cannot be ported to Nightmare mode as part of the transition to Season 2 thus this character is ineligible to be a lich unless otherwise purchased. Accommodate for this and then bump additionally changes of guilds were not a part of the transition and will cost you.


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Edited the post.

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Is it possible to get looked at? Trying to get playing XD


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This character application has been approved.

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