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#1Iemochi Kashiwa 

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Iemochi Kashiwa
Good evening or morning, so I joined this site a while back and started making a character. But then I got distracted with college and some other stuff in my life, but now I am returning.

Anyway, so I have lost interest in the character that I was making (simply forgot what I wanted to do with him). And now I have inspiration for another character, a pessimistic anarchist. (inspiration from the Joker, Kimblee, and Zaheer). But, I am having a hard time figuring out what kind of magic to give him.

So does anyone have any advice, open to anything?
Here is what I was thinking-

  • Explosion magic (Combustion man or Kimblee style)
  • Detonation Make (Deidara style) 
  • Darkness magic? 


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Welcome back! Darkness magic is perfectly fine, though I'd caution on explosions. A few of our banned magics have explosions as one of their defining features.

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#3Iemochi Kashiwa 

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Iemochi Kashiwa
Yea, I see that most explosion-based magic is banned.  If I do make an explosion theme magic, I might do it based on detonation make. That way, there will be a projectile that is easily seen, and thus can be dodged a bit easier. I don’t think I would do it like combustion man, because that would be a bit too OP and wouldn’t fall into the rules. Therefore I might do it like Kimblee, where you can see some sort of projectile, or do it like Deidara- both of which would have some seeable projectile. 

Both would be earth since both explosions are more forced based instead of heat. Furthermore, once I have enough jewels I could buy the quake magic (if permitted), which allow for bigger explosions? (or crash magic if that is open and obtainable)

Is that doable?

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