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Bringing Thunder [Open]

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Bringing Thunder [Open] Empty Tue Apr 09, 2019 4:07 pm

It was a bright, sunny day in Magnolia. Happiness filled the streets as it would any day. There was a sense of pride in what Fiore had built up, at least so far as the public eye was concerned.

On this day, Tomoe could be seen walking through it all leisurely, heading towards the imposing structure further into the town. The breeze tickling his coat as he walked, he sighed with relief as he stood in front of the towering guild hall of Fairy Tail.


Strolling through the welcoming and open gates, the mood was immediately ruined by the click-clack of his sandals increasing in frequency towards the door. With one motion and not missing a beat, Tomoe kicked the doors open and slid his way indoors with a smile.

"Hey there, dudes! I hear you guys are tough, and ya got the kind'a babe leading the guild to set the world on fire."

Letting the room settle for a moment with various faces looking at him before returning to their business, he dug into his left ear, pulling out a piece of wax, and blowing it away.

"Y'know, because she's hot and all. That's the joke." he followed up less loudly, disappointed that his entrance was met with lukewarm passivity.

Like that, he made his way towards the guild's bar, assuming that would be as good a place as any to inquire about joining up.

#2Shin Sekai 

Bringing Thunder [Open] Empty Fri Apr 12, 2019 12:36 am

Shin Sekai
As Shin worked the bar some rando kicked the doors open, at first it sounded like he wanted to fight which he would have been more than happy to do but after some silence, it turned out that he was making a joke. Does he even know the guild he stepped into? he asked himself cleaning off the counter with his brand new lavender scented cleaner. This person didn't look like there were here to give a quest so one can only question why this random is even here.

Shin looked at the man as he made his way over to the bar, I bet he's a cider kinda guy oh wait maybe he likes Ale, trying to guess what the man's order would be was important after all your first drink says a lot about you or so it's said that is. "How can I be of service to you today?" the redhead asked leaning on the table awaiting for his order or to be of some sort of help to him.  He sized the man up and wasn't really sure what kind of drink or person he was He sure doesn't seem to bright unless he's putting on some kind of act? he thought to himself shifting his gaze to the other patrons down the line making sure their all set.


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Tomoe leaned himself against the bar and allowed his eyes to meet a red-headed young man on the other side. He looked him up and down, sized him up, lacking any subtlety in his confidence and spark. In this moment he appeared more like a thug than anything else. A grin spread from ear to ear, and without breaking eye contact, nodded his head in acknowledgement and opened his mouth to speak.

"Gimme some water. I'm exhausted and broke as shit."

Replacing his stance leaning against the counter by pulling up a stool to sit on, he breathed a sigh of relief.

"You guys have no right to be as far away as you are, you know that? It was a hell of a journey getting here. Even once I got into town, the son of a bitch was so big I had to ask for directions multiple times to find this place. Hell of a setup you got here though."

Allowing his right hand to hold up his head, his left began tracing patterns in the wooden craftsmanship of the counter. There was no rhyme or reason to it, as a man like him was unable to cast even a single spell - it was pure boredom, and the calming of nerves.

"While you're at it with the water, mind telling me where I could find the guild master? Came here hoping to meet her. I've heard about her stunning good looks and wanted to verify for myself. Join up while I'm at it too, maybe."

Speaking all of this nonchalantly, eyes still fixated on the dancing of his fingertips on the wooden indents of the counter, he awaited an answer.

#4Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
"Well how about a beer on the house," he told the man pouring the drink and sliding it to him at the same time. He listened to the man as he told him about the journey to find the guild and then actually getting to the guild which must have been hard given his clothes and overall look Oh he's one of those guys, he thought thinking about to the first time that he was introduced to the new master and how he just kept telling her on how she could improve her skin care.

Once he told him about wanting to join the guild he saw this as a chance to make his make as the unofficial assistant to the master "Oh? So you wanna roll with the big boys?" Shin's tone had a slight hint of arrogance to it as the tapped on the counter. The redhead leaned in closer to the man in hopes of intimidating him, now should it had worked he simply pull a rose from his hair and give it to him but if it hadn't worked he still give him the rose and wink. Come to think of it I have no clue where the stamp is, he realized pouring another drink and sliding it down the counter to another guest.

Then again it was only a stamp its not like the guild only has one cause that would be bad if they only had the one. "Other than our master's body what else made you want to join us given the amount of traveling you had to do?" a simple and harmless question. Shin moved his bangs out of his eyes and waited for the mans response to the questions.


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"Ah? Well if it's free I'll take it. Thanks.", he replied, grabbing the beer nonchalantly and drinking it in a single motion like it was the first drink he'd had in days. Putting the cup down on the counter for a breath and a sigh, he looked back at the bartender with more gratitude than before.

Tomoe's brow shifted slightly at the new tone the bartender was taking moments later however, and eyed him curiously as he looked back at the dwindling numbers within the hall.

"Uh? No offense buddy, but your hall's looking a little light on members nowadays. I'm here to bring some life into the place. A bit 'o fire, maybe?"

Seeming fairly unimpressed by the intimidation tactic, having dealt with those kinds of people in the past to a much more severe extent, it wasn't the first time somebody had gone to the place of changing their tone.

Upon receiving the rose and the wink, Tomoe rolled his eyes and chucked the flower behind him onto the ground with a flick of his wrist.

"Alright Romeo, you're really tough, I get it."

Shrugging his shoulders as a sign of uncertainty in part and to loosen his joints in another, it was his first response to the bartender's question as to his reasons for wanting to join. He positioned himself on his stool such as to sit up straight and look the bartender dead in the eyes seriously for the first time.

"To be honest? I've heard a lot about the great Fairy Tail, but coming here? You really don't have many people around to back up your reputation, do ya?"

In case the bartender took offense to this, knowing the guild's reputation for rowdy behavior, he backed his hands up in defense with a coy smile.

"Now don't take that statement personally. I'm not here for a fight - I'll need some more drinks in me before that happens."

Taking a break from his speech to let out a chuckle and wave for a second beer on the house before clearing his throat, he would proceed regardless of the result of that drink's deployment.

"I'm here to help you guys out. I can see it in the way society works around these parts. Guilds are falling out of style, Rune Knights and the Council's mutts are the popular thing nowadays. I get that, justice and all..."

Getting a gauge for anyone that might be listening in, Tomoe continued once he felt it was safe to do so.

"I'm here to help bring guilds back into favor in Fiore. More specifically, your guild. With the help of Tits McGee or whatever her name was, and you, and anyone else that wants to help in this glorified magical tavern. I can help turn your guild into a place for badasses and S-class wizards - the way it once was! And the way you know you want it to be. Because I mean, no offense but..."

Gesturing with his hand, he extended a thumb behind him after leaning in to the bartender for a whisper.

"That guy over there's a shining example of where your guild is on the totem pole of life right now, man."

The gesture, of course, was pointing to some random muscular man in the corner picking his nose while drinking beer.

"Classy sight, that one.", he finished his dialogue with a smile.

#6Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
Hearing the truth spoken aloud was something he never really liked even if it was from his parents "Okay you got me we are low on members but that doesn't mean we can't handle the big problems and don't lump everyone in the together some of us are working hard to make things better." something that was slightly true, well okay totally true but no one likes to hear the faults in their family but hey. Damn it this really likes to talk, doesn't he? Though he seemed a tad off this guy had a good head on his shoulders. After all keeping, the guild's name alive is a lot of work for one person.

The guild hasn't been the in the best shape for some time but hopefully, that can be turned around "Okay bud welcome to the guild. just let me get you that good old guild mark." he said hearing to the back room and rummaging through the mountain of stuff was placed in there. Finding the stamp took roughly two minutes to find "Oh ya that reminds me what's your name? I'm Shin Sekai, Fairy Tails Knight of Flowers." while being so focused on learning about the man Shin forgot to ask for his name. The Redhead gestured for him to show where the mark would be holding the stamp at the ready This guy just might be of use to me after all after all being the only one carrying the guild is a lot of work and very draining.


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Tomoe grinned upon the bartender's admittance. The Joyan knew he was correct, but wanted to hear his statements repeated back to him like a teacher guiding a class of idiots. Not that he considered these people idiots, but... well, perhaps some of them. Not everyone could be the oh-so-sparkling sweetheart sought after by thousands.

The samurai tilted his head in acknowledgement of the bartender. It seemed he would be accepted into the guild after all.

"Oh, joyous day.", Tomoe thought to himself as he watched the bartender scurry into the storage area to look for the guild stamp.

Messy and clumsy, it took two minutes to find the actual stamp. What an insult that would be to anybody who gave a damn. Luckily, Tomoe was no such person. Not the kind of rich, pompous noble that would ask for a butt-scratcher when they have two perfectly good hands. Certainly though, he'd pity the kind of man lacking both hands. Now that would be something worth complaining about, and likely hilarious to boot.

"Alright, gimme the slave brand or whatever it is you bozos do around here.", Tomoe spoke, sticking out his tongue towards the stamp.

Too lethargic to move his limbs in his relaxed state of being, this was the most effort he could produce for the moment. After everything was said and done, a man of his fatalist mindset wasn't the most thrilled about joining a group that called themselves fairies with muscly men who dug for nose gold and queens who'd call themselves 'flower knights'. For the moment though, Tomoe would keep those thoughts to himself and allow the tattoo to grace his tongue. The color of the stamp would of course turn black to represent his cynicism towards the whole affair, but nevertheless his body did not reject the magic placed upon him.

"Well, 'flower knight', my name is Tomoe Tanaka. I'm a guy who kicks ass, talks shit and gets hit. I don't have any gear right now though, that's all getting made in the shop. Until then, I'll be your friendly neighborhood drunk. And then once the shop gives me my sharpened junk-pipe, I'll become your dangerous neighborhood drunk. Pleasure to come aboard, cap'n."

And with that, the boastful renegade extended a hand towards Shin in trust, looking him in the eyes with no hint of doubt or animosity. If anyone were to take offense to Tomoe's speech patterns, that would be something they'd simply have to deal with - because Mister Tanaka wouldn't be leaving until he's at least landed a night with 'Tits McGee'.

#8Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
Shin stamped the man's tongue with a slight look of disgust on his face as it was the weirdest place to have the guild mark well second weirdest was on someone's butt. Moving past that part of their time together putting him through some type of test would have been really fun to do but at the same time, he didn't want to get to close to him after all he did have his own mission to work on after the day was done.

Oh, man, I hope he isn't all talk, the guild has enough of those already, he thought to himself hopping over the counter and "So new guy got any plans for later on?" he asked tucking his hands into his pockets "Before jump to anything not asking you out just asking if I could help my guildmate adjust to the new surroundings." hopefully he wouldn't try and say some stupid remark or act all cool when he's really just a broke little man.

Even if the guild wasn't how it once was it can get works it way back to the top of the totem pole even if it means putting in extra work and maybe paying off a few Rune Knights.


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"Hey, it's nothing weird. Tongue's just a convenient place to put the tattoo. That way if I get in shit with some dark guildies the only way to know my own allegiance would be to pull my tongue out. It's just practical, man. Don't take it so seriously."

After his tattoo was placed, he coiled it back into his mouth quickly, revealing a toothy grin and nodding his head in thanks.

Raising his eyes questioningly at Shin's inquiry into his plans and following reassurance that there was no flirting going on, the confusion in his brain left as quickly as it began.

"Uh, after this? I'll just be meeting up with a few buddies. There's no time like the present after all, and I think given the rumors of certain pieces moving in certain directions around Fiore recently... being prepared would be wise."

Standing up from his seat and facing Shin, and then the entrance, Tomoe smiled.

"If you wanna help me adjust we could go pick up my gear and make a bit of money? You guys... you do still get job requests, right? You must. Anything you had in mind for little ol' me?", Tomoe finished with a smile and hand on his chest, his tone of voice shifting to mock a stereotypical damsel in distress.

There was already a feeling in the room that he wasn't well liked based on his first impression, thus Tomoe decided he wouldn't even try. They'd all either love him or hate him eventually based on how much publicity he brings in - for better or worse. It was always about the theatrics after all, and this particular adventurer had a fondness for it.


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"Little old you? You consume the money you make so fast that one could say you didn't get it in the first place!"

Aegis seems to be a little out of whack, with darker then normal bags under his eyes, and has a generally absent look of exhaustion. Aegis leans into the Fairy Tail guild, slowly pushing the left of the two doors in. Leaning to the side of the wooden door, he sends a small wave over towards Tomoe.

Aegis starts entering the main guild hall, but the door closing behind him catches the rear portion of his body, swinging him around slightly and winding him. "Those things really fight back if you let them" he says as one hand scratches his head and the other holding his side. Laughing slightly while trying for forget the recent mishap, "I see you got in ahead of me, a rarity to be sure!"

Aegis heads over to one of the closest tables to sit down at, trying to make it there without much of a fuss. Dusting off the seat, he sits down a bit slower then someone might normally do while in peak condition. After the slightly painful touchdown, he breaths a large sigh of relief, and lays his head down on the table overtop of his arms. Looking extremely tired, he shuts his eyes slightly, still waving over towards Tomoe.

#11Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
"Ya, we still do request I just haven't done any lately were not that lazy." though it was common to have a lazy day just so you don't burn yourself out on quest like he's done some many times before.  Who does this guy think he is talking to me like this? you could tell he was getting slightly annoyed by this conversation that he started. "Don't try and pull any funny business okay I can still take you." setting ground rules via violence is always good.  

The redhead thought of about what he should plant next in his garden in between thoughts and the door opening behind him A Cactus would be nice...ya defiantly a Cactus.

Oh great now who is it? he asked himself looking at the man walking in He's drunk he has to be drunk or really stupid he counted seeing the man head over to them. Today was starting to feel like a very long day if everyone and their mother is just going to walk into the guild and start saying whatever comes to mind. "How can I help you?" he asked trying not to sound as annoyed he walked up to the newcomer.  From how he sounded he wanted to join the guild as well which wouldn't be bad but with two weirdos joining the guild that would leave him as the only sane one. Shin would have to deal with the new additions to the guild. Hopefully, he could get some rest and actually do some request.


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Tomoe's presence clearly wasn't appreciated in the guild, especially by this bartender, but he expected as much. It wasn't often he found people took a liking to him at the first meeting. He wouldn't take it personally, it was the way of the world - barking back with hostility was easier than keeping emotions hidden, in the end.

"Not lazy? Then why wouldn't you do a few jobs?"

He tilted his head and rolled his eyes towards the following comment. At what point did Tomoe ever ask for a fight? In this young samurai's head, Shin was merely trying too hard to come off as tough. Again not something Tomoe would blame him for - Fairy Tail had that reputation, and in its time of need as a whimpering puppy of what it once was, the few dogs left had to growl their loudest. Towards that particular comment he'd merely stretch and shrug his shoulders.

At that point he would turn his head towards a friendly face.

Finally, a bit more competence., he thought - moments before the entry doors proceeded to deliver a startling sneak attack. Worthy foes indeed.

"Gotta spend money to make money, pal."

Tomoe moved with Shin towards Aegis, his familiar friend. He could see fatigue setting in on the man, undoubtedly another long night spent toiling around with whatever wizards and scholars would trouble themselves with.

"You doing alright there buddy?", Tomoe would speak up, leaning against the table Aegis was resting at. He then looked towards Shin who could only be assumed to be losing his patience given how this conversation had been progressing for the red bartender.

Gesturing with his hands towards Aegis' darkened eyes, Tomoe made it clear the kind of thing his adventuring companion would need at this moment.

"Fella needs a drink that'll perk him up, and uh, probably a pillow if you guys have those. You... do have pillows here, right? Or perhaps a place to rest?"


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"Ill just grab some apple juice please. Thank you." He responded to the bartender. Feeling a bit saddened by the less then happy reception from the bartender of fairy tail, he looks over at Tomoe who is now sitting down beside him. "I have been better. I really haven't been able to sleep much, and trying to find some decent work has been hard to come by."

He yawned slightly as the bartender came back with the drink, trying to hide it as best he could with his arm and sleeve. Even though he might not have that conclusion drawn about him too often, Aegis enjoyed being more upbeat, aware, and competent . Due to recent events however, that seemed to not be the case.  "I am really sorry, but I might need to go and rest for the rest of the evening. I should be better tomorrow contractually unless something happens."

He drank the rest of the beverage that the tender had handed him a little faster then one should really do. He stood up slowly, and gave Tomoe a pat on his back as he headed off to his room to have an early end to the day. "Im going to sleep this off. Would you be alright to wait until tomorrow to go with me to take a look at that missions are posted?" He ment this in an honest and genuine way, but he was already walking, and was too tired to wait for a response.



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Tomoe raised his finger to speak to his fleeing friend, only to realize that he was tired enough to likely ignore anything he would say anyway. With a cynical sigh, he turned to Shin with a shrug and a smile.

"There he goes. Can't stop him once he's tired."

The newly recruited samurai stood tall on the bar table they were sitting at, and raised a mug in one hand and his rusted, shabby blade in the other into the air. He let out a loud, throat-clearing "ahem" to the people in the guild, as few and as quiet as they may be. As dense and as stupid. As useless and as ungrateful. Those thoughts filled his head, but he put them to the back for now. Right now, it was celebration he wanted - to being a part of something new.

"Attention all rookies, nose-pickers and layabouts: I'm the newest scoundrel to join you sad sacks! And by the gods I'll round each and every one of you up and turn you into a company of badasses! But for now, we drink! It's on the house, as your lovely bartender himself said!"

He then hopped down to the floor once more and eyed Shin as he began walking away, winking to him in reference to how he did earlier. He began making his way out of the bar, and waved to Shin one last time.

"See ya around some time, eh mate?"

With that, Tomoe opened the doors to Fairy Tail and stepped into the fresh air for a day on the town- and eventually, a night on the town. The possibilities now that he was a part of the guild were still quite limited, but at least he had a cool tongue tattoo he could show off to the ladies.


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