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Tomoe Tanaka

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Name: Tomoe "Tanaka" Murakumo

Age: 25. October 31st, X762.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Samurai

Race: Vampire

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Mode: Nightmare

Tattoo: Black, on the tongue.

Face: Mugen - Samurai Champloo


Height: 6'2"

Weight: 180 lbs

Hair: Black, messily and wildly strewn about.

Eyes: Black

Overall: Standing at 6'2", 180 lbs, Tomoe is a man of discipline when it comes to his appearance and posture. That is to say, he secretly puts effort into making his appearance look effortless and rugged. While one would not see him as a "piss-stained peasant" necessarily, he could easily be seen as working class at best from the clothing and overall fashion sense he adorns himself with. A notable point of interest is his hair, which is often found wild and unkempt, allowing the wind to alter it in any way it feels like doing so on a given day.

Simply put, his fashion is very minimalist. He carries his valuables in a sewn leather adventurer's bag slung over his back. Among his regular attire, he wears a custom-fit open red happi coat of Joyan design, and a stitched grey shirt underneath - no doubt torn and fixed many times from battle. Hakama pants refitted into black shorts designed for ease of mobility and flexibility are his preferred type of legwear, and for footwear keeps it leisurely with Joyan geta sandals.

His overall preference for clothing is that of comfort. Being someone who doesn't get invited to many parties or formal events, he simply has no need to wear anything tight enough that it could "crush my balls with the wrong movement."

Extra: -


Personality: At first glance Tomoe is seen as a man of simplicity. Between dressing like a commoner, slinging his tongue like a thug, drinking like a fool and relaxing like an elder, the skin-deep analysis of Tomoe is that he wears his heart on his sleeve.

While all of those things of him are true, he has his own ambitions buried underneath it all, never revealed unless relevant. Newly and begrudgingly accepting his role in Vampiric society, he's forced to comply with the new lifestyle it entails. Nevertheless, "It's a perfect time for a little payback."

A year ago, the aimless vagrant perceived by his peers would have been the truth. However, since being cursed with Vampirism, the adjustments he's been forced to make have also reinvigorated him with new thoughts of his own - a new power with which to claim what's his. To that end, he's become much more analytical and willing to play the game of "Political Circle-Jerk" when he must. Finding it easier to maneuver the web of scumbaggery known as politics, and bluffing when needed, he's become a phenomenal actor as it pertains to playing the part of the simpleton until the moment arises to become otherwise.

To this end opponents can underestimate him at times. After all, a fool with nothing but a sword on his back and words of arrogance means little compared to the power of modern magic. Or so the many he's cut down have found themselves thinking before allowing their heads to fly free from their bodies. A ruthless assassin in truth, Tomoe allows no tactics to be beneath him. He would go to any lengths to achieve the quickest victory possible, forgoing even the safety of his own allies to do so.

Once the planning phase is over however, he experiences a degree of bloodlust which causes him to rely purely on animalistic instincts, living in the moment to claim victory rather than filling his mind with thoughts other than the next attack coming his way and how to avoid it before his opponent can even realize they've attacked.

Like many men, he does have a soft spot for beautiful women. That is to say, he's a horny male in his mid-20's who's single and loves his alcohol - thus, even if the pleasure is less now with his life as a Vampire, his carnal desires have not decreased in the slightest. While Tomoe would love to call himself a lady's man, his courting speech is much too direct and flat-out, "I want to have sex with you" to ever really succeed; at best his reward will be a red hand mark for the rest of his night.

He may be slightly more forgiving to negative actions towards him if they came from a woman, or ignore certain flaws or negativity altogether on a case-by-case basis. That's not to say he won't fight women if they piss him off, but it'll take a bit longer to get there for him than a man.


  • Women: While of course any straight man enjoys the company of a nice woman, Tomoe's case is more extreme. The gorgeous eyes of a temptress could move his heart such as to decide even something as crucial as what guild he'd elect to join. His particular weakness is for a beautiful woman's posterior region, as he's realized in past encounters.

  • Knitting: While he'd never publicly admit it, Tomoe has a fondness for the relaxing hobby of knitting. It's not even so much about what he's actually focused on making as that the act of it alone takes the edge off of him when he needs to calm down most. If one ever visited his place of residence, they'd most likely find a collection of various washcloths made with focus and care over many hours.


  • Rune Knights: He'll certainly follow the laws when it's convenient enough, but Tomoe will under no circumstances prostrate himself for law enforcement the way so many do. He disagrees with the way Dark Guilds go about rebelling against them, but nevertheless understands where they're coming from due to their preferential treatment for some over others.

  • Samurai: Samurai culture - the chivalrous side of it - disgusts him. It's false. A fake code that is easily bent and broken the moment somebody with enough money throws it at their feet. It's just peasants and rats scrambling for bread crumbs at the feet of a so-called "higher" power enjoying an unearned power trip. The perceived "honorable warriors" certainly didn't care about chivalry the moment his family couldn't make their lord's outlandish payments. And thus, he thinks lower of any Joyan that would call themselves a samurai while serving a lord without question.

  • Joyan Culture: Mostly, Tomoe clings to parts of his culture as they're the only world he's ever known. Despite that, after experiencing some of Fiore's curiosities, he believes Joya to be stuck in a traditional past doomed to failure eventually. For that, he sees his own culture as idiotic and outdated outside of their swordsmanship; and even then, as much as he hates Fiore's knights, he'll admit that they're definitely a match for Joya's finest. "It's time to catch up to the modern era."


  • Change Fiore: If Tomoe attained enough power, he'd see the knights executed. The noble families disbanded, those who rebel put down like dogs. The king of Fiore himself, nailed to a cross in the center of Crocus until the rats and insects turn him into a eunuch.

    While he can see fantastic potential in Fiore's magic and weaponry, they currently sit as just that - potential. While the nobility fumble over each other in a game of tickle-fight, they could instead be working together to create a unified country representing the potential of people working together and crushing all opposition. To that end, he'd see the slate wiped clean, with a new and more worthy ruler to lead Fiore into cultural domination.


  • Light Magic: Tomoe knows the dangers that magic of the light element poses to one with a body like his currently is. Just as well, ever since becoming a Vampire he's found his body subconsciously shuddering away from and hesitating near the presence of light magic. Thus, he maintains a cautious and watchful eye over any who would covet the powers of light magic. And if need be, to swiftly eliminate them at the first sign of posing a threat to him.

  • Priests: There's many reasons to fear priests, or despise them. From their penchant to touching little boys, to their love of God and light, there's a lot to hate and fear from them as a Vampire. For various reasons he'd rather avoid turning his back to a priest, psychotic as they are. The religion itself matters not, for as long as they pray to a higher power openly he'll feel uncomfortable and withdrawn regardless.


Magic Name: -

Magic Element: -

Magic Description: -


History: Tomoe was born and raised by working-class parents in Joya. Under the Murakumo family name, he was set to take over their family business as farmers one day. Many days he'd work the fields and tend to the animals, sweating and bleeding for the good of his family as any good Joyan son would. He'd learn the ways of his culture, living off the land and swinging bamboo sticks around in an effort to mimic any passing samurai he'd run into.

That was all well and good, until one day when a group of samurai stood imposingly at their door early on a cool Spring morning. They explained that the local lord was upping the taxation of his citizens, and that farmers in their region would be required to pay triple the regular taxes in either money or resources. Being only successful enough to keep their heads above water in the economy, their parents had no clue what to do about the money. They panicked, begging to their neighbors for anything they could spare, but to no avail. The young Joyan boy watching it all happen at the time didn't have an iota of comprehension of how dire their situation was.

"If we can just live as we always have, we should be fine. Right?"

The day of the month when taxes would be delivered arrived, and the samurai made the rounds before eventually closing in on the Murakumo household. The obvious outcome was followed: there was nowhere near the amount of resources to comply with the lord's demands.

Rumors had spread recently that the lord's old guards had been fired in return for some cheaper but more unruly folk - borderline thugs, merely bestowed the proper armor and weaponry befitting a lord's militia.

After a quick exchange in the barn, Tomoe's mother and father found themselves lacking hands.

"If a farmer can't make ends meet, whadda they need 'eir hands for?"

Men that were never seen before, and who Tomoe had never seen again, ended the lives then and there of the two most loved people in the boy's short life. After banter between the lord's men and laughter shared all around, the parents then found themselves lacking heads. The last seconds of their lives without heads were spent alternating between seeing the livestock they had bred desperately to make ends meet slaughtered, and their own son looking on in terror.

Once Tomoe had seen the light in their eyes go out, he fled to their basement in adrenaline-filled fear. There he stayed for seven days, barricaded, living off of the cockroaches and rats to survive, too afraid to wander into the light.

When he couldn't stand living among filth anymore, he overcame his anxiety on the seventh night to find... ashes. The charred remains of his parents and livestock, crops razed, house burned black.

Aimlessly and emptily collecting what he could scavenge, he fled his ruined life with nothing but memories, the will to survive, and a nameless sword he knew nothing about.

He traveled the countryside of Joya, introducing himself as a "war orphan" and stealing from folks kind enough to trust him, to survive and get by.

"You can trust me. My parents were honorable and powerful samurai!"

Spending many years among various groups of people in the economic hierarchy, he picked up tidbits about swordsmanship here and there. Mostly though, he focused on the subtle art of thievery to work his way up as he wandered.

Eventually maturing enough to gain a body strong enough to swing a blade competently, he began selling himself for any purposes the common man would need him for - yes, any purposes. Though in the case of the more... "greasy" acts, it was more like pretending to go along with it, before murdering the would-be offender in cold blood and making off with their money before the authorities could find the body.

"Heheh. His junk was hanging right out when he died. What an idiot."

Discovering how easy it was to kill the defenseless and unsuspecting, he took to bigger targets to practice on, and came to a startling conclusion: people were idiots. And so he became more of an assassin for hire against low-priority targets. Guy who cheated on his wife, abusive boyfriend, the guy who got a promotion they didn't deserve, and so on. They all had one thing in common, though: jealousy. For the envious want what they don't have, and are willing to put a price on the misery and suffering of those that are the targets of their envy. This concept had intrigued Tomoe, who had not particularly felt jealousy before.

One day he became too confident, however - assassinating a politician was too big of a spotlight for someone still learning the art of murder like Tomoe. A chase ensued, and the politician's guards caught up to the failed assassin and gutted him with their spears, leaving him to bleed out looking up at the rain in the tranquil Joyan forest.

As his vision faded, he found a woman standing over him. A pitiful look on her features, she knelt down and sunk her teeth into the dying Tomoe.

In what felt like an instant, Tomoe was reinvigorated; and then in dire pain, altering between several times in the following minutes. At the end of it all, he felt as if he was birthed into a new life at the ripe age of 24 years.

"Holy shit..."

From the rush of adrenaline, Tomoe could only absorb some of the information at the time that the woman began to speak to him. Bits about being reborn as a Vampire, obligations to the clan, and the responsibilities that will come with his new power. The most notable thing though, was her insistence that he at once head to Fiore if he wanted to experience something interesting to perhaps awaken something hidden inside.

And like that she vanished, and left the young man to travel and deal with his new identity. No longer human, but close enough to blend in easily enough. While he felt anger towards the nobility of Joya and wanted vengeance, he felt it could wait while he obeyed the instructions of his savior.

"It was the least I could do, for a beauty like her."

And so he wandered towards Fiore, training his swordsmanship along the way, and meeting a Lich at one point; that was pretty cool. Doing various odd jobs as he went for money, he eventually found himself in Magnolia after a year of travel.

Rumors circulated of a gorgeous guild master within Fiore's famously chaotic family known as Fairy Tail, and just had to see her - and the guild - with his own two eyes.

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