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The King

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#1The King 

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The King


Name: Xavier Lazarus King

Age: 230. April 20th, X557

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevese

Class: Berserker

Race: Lich

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Mode: Nightmare

Tattoo: On the forehead, just below his crown

Face: King Barragan - Bleach


Height: 6'7"

Weight: 40 lbs

Hair: Lich

Eyes: Red

Overall: Xavier L. King used to be a man of muscle and of good looks. But not now. What remains of King is simply bone, and a burning passion to turn the world to dust. He stands at 6'7", a skeletal system draped in robes or sometimes full-plate. It depends on the day. The description of King is that of a terrifying presence of a very angry black man. It's unfortunate that one could not see his facial expressions. He's very big boned, and some would even say... well-endowed in his former life. Beneath his robe, his spine is encrusted with jewels. Various gems - rings, or perhaps earrings. Yet it seems they would perhaps be placed upon nobility.

One could say that when they're in a room with King, even if it's not known, there's a slight hint of animosity.

Extra: N/A


Personality: The personality of King is that of a warlord. King is always angry and always planning to wipe out the next useless settlement on the map. He isn't a bad guy. If he deems one a friend, he'll act like a true bro. But for everyone else... all that could be said is, "do you think of the ant before it's stepped on? Of the cockroach that was slaughtered by the exterminator?". No. And just like that, King does not think of others.

He also seems to have a hatred for nobility, and those that protect nobility. He's often seen saying, "I wish I still had my 'nether' regions, because I'd turn the king of Fiore's skull into a toilet bowl".

Other times he's also seen, usually when attacked, "I wish my bros were here. Used to have a gang of a couple of hard, pipe-hitting big boys. They would've been up here beating your ass for hours. Oh well, looks like I'll need to deal with you myself.".

The King does have a soft side. Some say an admiration for his comrades. He's the kind of man where if there's a similarity in goals, everyone alongside him will get along. They'll love the fires and the pyres that follow shortly after.


  • Dead Nobles: After being imprisoned so long ago, as a noble punching bag, The King has gained a 'like' of as such, "beating the tar out of" and killing such nobles. It doesn't matter where they originate. He sees nobles as weak, conniving, whiny cowards. The King doesn't really like whiny cowards breathing, so he decided to fix that upon encountering any noble he came across.

    His personal preference when dealing with nobles was something he picked up on the streets so long ago. He called it, "dirt-for-breath". One may be wondering, "now King, how does this go?"

    Well it's very simple, Timmy. You simply take the noble by the back of his head, take him to the nearest outhouse, and drown him in it. If they're still alive, there's a phase 2: light the outhouse on fire and watch it burn. Some say it stinks, but as King has no nose, he wouldn't know.

  • Fighting: The King loves to fight. The ability to test his skill, his mettle against an opponent of worthy quality - anyone who isn't a noble - is joyous. Being that he's in a predicament where his body is more brittle than before, he figured what better way to adapt? As such he's seen on the frontlines. Unheard of for Liches. Beating people up with his bony fists.


  • Nobility: Nobles are conniving, slithering, mud-sucking rats. They're always going around with their schemes and their pulling of the strings. Their beating of innocents.

    The only good noble is a dead one, according to The King.

    There is one thing that Xavier will take a lot of joy in. Using their family biographies as toilet paper in the communal washroom.

  • Magic: Magic has turned Xavier into the... man? He is today? Regardless, he's in a poor situation as a result. His personal opinion is that it's used by sniveling cowards that can't throw a punch. It makes sense why it was used by the rats called nobles. In his personal opinion, anyone who uses magic is a weakling. Somebody who cowers behind his comrades, crying like a little puppy when things go wrong. But not him.

    If Xavier used any magic, he'll do it in the proper way. To enhance his own current physical qualities to what they were before. And beyond. He will make himself the embodiment of what a proper magic should be. A man who charges the frontlines with his comrades behind, beating the tar out of his foes.


  • There's Only One King: Some may be wondering my motivations. Well, he'll be straight with you. There's only one king. Not the king of Fiore, or the various other kings around Earthland. No. There will be only one king. Him.

    He's awake. But he's also been locked in a cell for around 208 years. So he's not as skilled as he would be if he was... actually, he'd be dead. Regardless, he's here.

    He's going to build up my strength in a force of strong men and women with various skills. They may not want be as king. They may ally with him for any reason. Regardless, he will be king. Not just of Fiore. After that, it'd be the other countries. After that, the world.

    But as he said, there's only one king. After the world, he'll ascend. He'll find that scum-sucker the Spirit King, and he'll show that roach a real king. The adventures and mishaps along the way? Who knows.

    But he has no family and no lineage. He's got nothing else to live for so, he'll become king. To the other nobles of the world, and to King Reign? As well as the sheer arrogance of that despicable bum's name.

    Xavier would like the seat warm for him, and heads bowed down in acceptance and submission; so that he may kill his enemies quickly. It won't happen today, or any time soon. But, one can bet it's going to happen one day. It may not even by Xavier himself, but as history has shown, kingdoms will rise... and kingdoms will fall.


  • Imprisonment: One of his fears is a cell. Being someone who can't die of old age, the thought of being put back in that cell to rot away my sanity is frightening. He does still remember the nights so long ago. The constant beatings and breaking of bones. The inability to die. The unending torment.

  • Betrayal: King fears being betrayed. He hasn't had a friend in a while. The concept of friend, anyway. The two men he's adventuring with is the closest thing. As much as he fears the cell, he also doesn't want to be betrayed. He does want friends and comrades. A family, if you will, that he can put his trust into. That he can side with, work together with, for a common goal: the absolute genocide of nobility and kings, under the rule of one.

    And then, at that moment, to then use his power to make the dreams and the goals of his comrades law or come true. Being as someone who has sat in a cell for a while, he's not morally restricted by right and wrong. Even if his comrade said, "Hey. I'd like you to make the murder of children a holiday!". He honestly wouldn't care. In fact, he'd say, "Purge away!".


Magic Name: Body Enhancement

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: Body Enhancement is a simple magic used to strengthen the physical qualities of the caster. There's very little in the way of tactics and strategy, as it's simply the process of converting the caster's innate mana into muscle mass and increased blood flow. It's a magic designed for the simple-minded and those with only a passing interest in the arcane, seeking merely to strengthen the bodies they're already confident in. As such it can strengthen strength, speed, endurance and constitution.


History: His name is Xavier Lazarus King, son of Felix and Mary King.

When he was young, he was taught the lesson that if you couldn't defend yourself, then it was easy to get hurt. This isn't a story of parental abuse. It's of loss. Young, him and his friend Marcus were out playing in the streets as kids do. A noble was walking by at the time. They were throwing a ball back and forth. Marcus dropped the ball at one point, hit the mud, splashed the noble's clothes. An average man would think nothing of it. Children at play. But the noble? No. No...

The noble told his guard to cut off Marcus' hand. King was young, so he wasn't able to help him. Weak. The guard restrained him, and cut off Marcus' hand. As he was crying, the noble said, "well, if you're so clumsy you'll drop the ball, the hand that dropped it is useless. You'll no longer need it.".

The noble told the citizens nearby not to help the boy. To go about their business, and ignore his existence. Being a boy, his friend with his hand missing and bleeding on the ground, Xavier tried getting him to a doctor. However, it was too late. Nothing they could do, he bled out.

He thinks that was the first moment when he went from a boy to a man. After that he started getting in a rough crowd. Gangs, and all that.

Most people in the gang were hustling drugs or knives, swords... weapons, the works. At that point in my life, he had changed quite a bit. He wasn't into drugs because he didn't want to be dealing with the kids. He wasn't selling weapons because he had all the weapons he needed.

He was an enforcer and a mechanic. People would come in with problems, and he'd fix them.

One day, he got a job. Some merchant wanted a noble dead for undercutting him and breaking his goods. Normally he wouldn't take it, but he saw the name. The same noble that cut off Marcus' hand a while back. He took the job.

He watched him for a couple weeks, knowing his routine, the guards with him, his regulars... and he saw a time to strike. He was heading down a main road, cutting down an alley Xavier knew he'd take to get to a bar. A classy one, where he'd drink for hours.

He never made it to the bar. Xavier snuck up behind his goons, knocked one out with a clean punch to the jaw. The second one, he broke the arm and then the neck.

The noble at this point drew his blade and defended himself. He grabbed his wrist and broke it. He did something he didn't think he'd do, and haven't since. He used a weapon - the only time in my life.

Xavier grabbed it, took it to his hand, and he cut it off. Xavier looked at the noble and said, "if you can't even hold onto your blade, you don't need that hand".

At that moment he was ready to kill him, but as usual, things went bad. That's when he heard the yelling of Rune Knights. He quickly kicked the noble in the face, and ran. He was gonna get outta there, but he got one more shot in.

He'd like to say he escaped, but he didn't. The chase lasted all of five minutes. Turned a corner, and a knight tackled him.

He was imprisoned... but not in a regular dungeon. In the noble's dungeon. He paid off some guards and knights to have a little fun. He carved away my body every night, to the point where he was scarred over most of myself. It was challenging to deal with someone who was always on the verge of death, so the noble devised a plan.

He contacted black market individuals, and using dark magic, made him into a Lich. An immortal creature, weak to the regular torture he had already put me through. Being a Lich, you'd think he wouldn't feel pain, but that wouldn't be the case. Nerves still existed.

He was tortured for what seemed like millennia. In reality it was probably about ten years. After that, he got bored and simply left Xavier to rot. But he did leave me with one last gift.

One day his cell was moved, to one that overlooked the courtyard of Crocus. At twelve o'clock on a day which he can't recall, there was entertainment in the courtyard. A public execution of his mother and father.

Xavier didn't know why they were there or the reasoning. All he could assume is that it was falsified. Which he thought was a fair guess.

Xavier watched them get beheaded, and that was the only thing that went through my mind for the remaining 200 or so years. Besides how bored he was.

One day, he heard the voices of two individuals in the courtyard. Hadn't seen them before. They weren't regulars, and they didn't work in the area. But they were armed.

Xavier didn't know why they came, or their reasons. He didn't care. He was thankful to them. They found Xavier in the dungeon. They were obviously shocked seeing an imprisoned Lich in a noble's dungeon.

They talked, traded questions about their lives. The usual questions of evil and why he was a Lich. After the small talk, and after he told them my story, they let me free.

He wouldn't say at the current moment that we're friends, but it's the first time in around two hundred years that he's actually felt as he did when he was a kid. The way he felt around Marcus.

He now adventures with them, and for now, hopefully for the rest of their lives. Well, the merchant's, anyway. He hopes to call them comrade, and later on, friend. But the only thing going through his mind still, to this day...

How will he design that toilet? And he wonders how warm the chair will be? Should he toss him out a window? Burn his family to ashes? Who knows. Xavier knew in his heart, he could not wait to see the king... and become King.

Because as it's known, There's Only One King.

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I'm going to have to deny this character application based on excessive use of profanity and words people could take offense to. You have been warned about this before and it is the same reason your previous character application was denied.

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The King
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I'm sorry for the delay. There are a few things that need to be changed before approval:

  • Intelligence cannot be buffed (even 'theoretically'), so please remove that from your magic
  • Please note that if Xavier wears armor as suggested in the description, it would be purely cosmetic, offering no form of protection until you actually purchase armor.
  • You frequently switch between first and third person. Please keep it in third.

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The King
Kerii wrote:I'm sorry for the delay. There are a few things that need to be changed before approval:

  • Intelligence cannot be buffed (even 'theoretically'), so please remove that from your magic
  • Please note that if Xavier wears armor as suggested in the description, it would be purely cosmetic, offering no form of protection until you actually purchase armor.
  • You frequently switch between first and third person. Please keep it in third.

All edited. Should be good now right?

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The King
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This character application has been approved.

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