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The Enchanted Rings

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The Enchanted Rings Empty Wed Mar 27, 2019 1:15 pm

The Enchanted Rings

In order to support the adventurers in their battles versus the Demons, Midi has sent a crate with enchanted rings. Since there aren't many enchanted rings, Fiore has decided that adventurers may come and collect a single ring should they meet a requirement. The rings can be enchanted even further to become more powerful, but there is of course a chance of failure.

Event Conditions

  • The user must create a topic in the Enchanted Rings section in the Games section.

  • The title of their Enchanted Rings topic must be Guest's Enchanted Rings Event

  • In order to claim the ring, the user must go to the Event section in the Shops and post there while providing a link to their successful roll.

  • The ring will then be added to the profile of the user after which they can start doing posts which meet the requirements below to get a chance at upgrading it.

  • The ring slot of the user must be open, otherwise it is not possible to claim one of the rings.

  • For each roleplay post submitted, the user receives the right to roll once.

  • The submitted roleplay topic may not be a solo, traveling, or quest topic.

  • Each post submitted must have been posted on a different day.

Event Details

  • The event lasts from March 27th till May 31st.

  • The event can be participated in with multiple characters.

  • The user must create a topic in the Enchanted Rings forum, similar to how the Fortune Wheel works, and submit a daily post there to do a roll.

  • The chances of success for an upgraded enchantment are listed in the Enchanted Rings forum.

  • Should the user roll successfully and enchant their ring, they must post in the actual Ring's topic in the Event Section to claim the upgrade while linking to their successful roll.

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