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Fujaku Nijiiro

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#1Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro


Name: Fujaku Nijiiro

Age: August 19th, X766 22 years old

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan.

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan.

Class: Samurai

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Over his heart

Face: Hyakkimaru - Dororo


Height: 5’9

Weight: 145 pounds

Hair: Black, done up in a samurai ponytails tyle

Eyes: Dull red

Overall: Fujaku is a slim, pale youth with Dull Red eyes. He has long black hair that is tied up to a ponytail and bangs that pass his chin, often covering parts of his face.

He wears a long scarf along with a tattered cloak during his travels when he is going a long distance, as a means to protect his face from insects and other debrie on the road. Underneath is a worn, black kimono with many white anchor-shaped patterns and a strip of white cloth tied on his waist. the kimono appear to be from a larger person, and has a hint the iron smell of blood still clinging to its fabric. He had many bandages wrapped around his body and a sheath that hands from his hip.

Underneath the bandages are the 4 names of the crime lords and their clan symbols that Fujaku has sworn vengence on. Each one tattoed into his skin by himself using his calligraphy skills and his masters old tattoo making set. The tattoes are black and white in color, partial due to the lack of other inks at the time they were made, but to remind Fujaku that what they did could never be forgiven. It was a wrong with not possible way to see as something that might have brought some good.

He has two katanas on his hip, one an empty sheath of a simple wooden design, made from what appeared to be a pale colored wood, and one that appeared as a simple, yet ornately decorated sword compared to the other. It had its blade, and looked as if it was relatively brand new.

Extra: various scars, 4 tattooes of the names of the crimelords and theirclans that helped killed his family one on each limb.


Personality: Fujaku has an extreme sense of pride in his abilities, and when he cannot accomplish a task, usually feels extreme shame and remorse afterward. He will also show severe self-annoyance when he succumbs to his weaknesses. His pride is a result of his fathers strict teachings and firm hand in teaching his son the way of their families head. He learned that it was the purpose of the head of the family, not just to lead, But to Avenge. For centuries his clan had been the shadow that hid among the other clans of Joya when their masters or loved ones were harmed or dishonored in some way. Now that he is the last, he has taken it upon himself to Avenge his entire clan.

Fujakus most oft-seen pastime is meditation; during inactive moments, even with potential danger near, he is usually seated on the floor with legs crossed, eyes closed. Fujaku shows aa reluctance to depart from his home countries cultrues. He follows Jova culture as strictly as his travelling and unique lifestyle can allow. He dresses in a hakama, often wears a sandogasa, and prefers wearing his hair long and somewhat unevenly cut. His preferred food is Jova cuisine and he will often choose to fast instead of eaten other foods until he can prepare a meal of Jova design. In unoccasional moments, he has been seen smoking a traditional Jova Pipe.

Although typically a person of mellow aloofness, Fujaku is young and unskilled in the way of hiding his true intentions. Although it is never his emotions that give him away, it is purely his actions and his inability to think before he acts in the heat of the moment. Truly though, If Fujaku has a true weakness, it is that he readily trusts any woman who seems superficially trustworthy or innocent, often landing him in much trouble. At the same time, he fears sultry women will distract him from his training and tends to blush or flee when any woman puts him in a less than modest situation.


  • Joya Culture and Cuisine: Perhaps a point of some pride, Fujaku finds the cultures and cuisines of other nations…lacking compared to his homes. Though he would never say it, he find them slightly barbaric, even if they are more advanced then Joya in certain ways.
  • Swordcrafting: Fujaku has always held a fascination with the art of making a weapon, but he was never allowed to learn due to his fathers insistence it was lower work.


  • Sultry Women: Fujaku has a fear, made because he has a hard time with woman who are sexually beautiful. He find it hard to keep a level head and often has been tricked by these types of woman in the past.
  • Dishonorable Deeds: Despite being the son and now head of a Crime Family, Fujaku lives by a code of honor given to him by his father.

    1.) The Yakuza Code of Ethics Prevents the use, sale, or distribution of illegal drugs.
    2.) The Yakuza Code of Ethics Prohibits Theft.
    3.) The Yakuza Code of Ethics Prohibits Robbery.
    4.) The Yakuza Code of Ethics prohibits anything that may be considered an indecent act, or an act that goes against Ninkyodo (Chivalry).

    To break this code, is something Fujaku cannot think to do. It is all he ahs left of his family and his clan, and to see others throwing away their honor to do such things. He cannot stand it.


  • Revenge: Revenge is not quite the right word, but it convays the message. Fujaku carries his families honor and his clans pride on his back now, and with that he must avenge their deaths against those responsible.


  • Failure: For Fujaku, To fail, or to come close to dying, would be the same as failing his family and clan. He cannot die until they are avenged, and each failure is a reminder of that.
  • Falling to the Bloodlust: Fujakus truest fear however, is that he fears that he may end up becoming like the men he hunts. He fears becoming a blood-frenzied monster that lives for nothing but the kill.


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description: N/A


History: Fujaku was the first born son of the Head of the Crime family known as the Iridescent Peacocks, so named for the color they so willfully wore during their crimes. No one dared oppose them within their home land of Joya, for dealing a deadly blow or dishonoring a member of their organization, it was said that the head of the family would make it their personal task to return the favor 2 fold. Fujaku was being raised to replace his father, and he was a natural at the craft of swordmanship. He defeated every tutor given to him by his father and by the age of 10, his father had no other choice but to train him himself.

But Fujaku, for all his skill with he weapon lacked the killing intent that his father needed him to have. He did not have a edge it seemed. Fujaku was a kind soul in his heart, and even if his attack was successful he would always subconsciously pull back not wishing to kill anyone. Despite this, he proved that even mercy may be useful on the battlefield and in their criminal ventures, as soon Fujaku was out walking his fathers territories, collecting debts from those who owed his father greatly.

However,it was during this time tht he had his first true run-in with being forced to take a life to prevent his own from being taken. Before then, Fujaku had simply needed to remind them of their debt to his father and they easily paid up, with a few fighting back until being stopped by fujakus blade. But never pushing it to where Fujaku was forced to kill or be killed. As he stood over his fallen enemies lifeless body, Fujaku had to swallow the growing sickness in side himself and flee from the scene as guards rushed in after him. he was not wanted by the law enforcement of the area, and he needed to sneak his way home. His father would be able to help him surely.

But as he approached his home, what he found left him in shock. The small village that acted as his families home base had been destroyed, razed to the ground with the charred remains of the building and inhabitants litering the streets. He ran toward the town center, screaming for his parents to find his father, crucified and dead. There were 4 other burn marks infront of him, lined up as if to make him watch. Fujaku cut down his father and mourned, calling out for his mother, for his siblings. But no one came. It wasn’t until after he had buried his father and taken what little remained of his birthright, that he found out who had caused his families death.

The 4 Lesser families that had sworn loyalty to his own many years ago had turn their back on his family and destroyed them. So Fujaku tattooed the name of each leader and their clan symbol into his flesh swearing a oath of blood vengeance on each one. From there he fled the country of Joya to train himself, fending for himself as best he could in a cruel and harmful world that he knew nothing of.

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