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#1Anna Camus 

Anna Empty Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:39 pm

Anna Camus


Name: Anna Camus

Age: 17, June 15th X770

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Hetrosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Caelese

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: The Spellsword

Race: Nekomata

Rank: D-rank

Mode: Nightmare

Guild: Red Hades

Tattoo: Upper part of Right Leg - Black

Face: Kuroka - Highschool DxD


Height: 1.61 metre

Weight: 55 Kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Gold

Overall: Anna is a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, long black hair with split bangs, and hazel-gold eyes with cat-like pupils. Her attire consists of a black kimono, a yellow obi, a set of golden beads, and an ornately detailed headband. The kimono features a red interior and it is open at her shoulders, giving view to her large breasts. She has a pair of black cat ears and two black tails. Anna has a very common eye color which can be found in her clan at least in every family. She has a very average height of 161 cm(1.61 meters) and also an average weight of 55 kg.
[110 WC]

Extra: None


Personality: Anna seems very playful, easy going, simple-minded, and enjoys teasing people. She is also rather vulgar, using her beauty and sensuousness as a weapon in her arsenal of teasing. Anna is very kind and compassionate who cares about emotions of peoples around her.
Adding to her feline personality, Kuroka often ends her sentences with "Nya" (にゃ), mimicking a cat's meow.

Anna is also a very open woman and a very intelligent one. She can listen and take into consideration new concepts, new ideas, any reasonable suggestions. But she tries not to break the greatest taboos, for a woman must draw a line somewhere. With his intelligence, Anna will quickly analyze all these ideas and see what is good, potentially usable, and what is useless. Her intelligence is also useful in conversations with other people since she will analyze their personalities based on their words. She can pick up subtle traits of other people and notice some of their flaws really quickly. This can be useful, but that is not a rule. Sometimes she can't read people at all. Sometimes, she can. It depends on the other person.

In dealing with others, Anna tries really hard to be fair. But it is quite hard since she looks at others trough prism of his doctrine and her beliefs. And of course, based on how they dress. Somebody who wears clothes Anna deems unfashionable or ugly, they can expect colder reception.
[238 WC]


  • Knowledge: Anna strives for knowledge as she is a woman who wants to become one of the greatest Mages in the existance of magical world.

  • Reading: Anna enjoys keeping up with the news through newspapers. She also likes reading more informative kind of texts as well as Novels. She is a kind of a girl who isn't social at all becuase of her interest in books


  • humid weather: Having been raised in a cold climate, Anna has grown used to the cold and chilly temperature of the land, to the point that she feels uncomfortable around warm climates.

  • Idiots: Anna really hates people who display themselves as not being smart. This is one of his pet peeves.


  • Discover the Truth: Whenever, Anna gets a chance of searching for the truth, which was hidden from all the peoples, she mysteriously gets motivated and starts finding the truth without stopping unless she can actually find the truth.


  • Abandonment: Being someone who lost her entire family Anna's bonds are quite important to her, to the point that she is rather clingy into maintaining them. If one was to risk destroying that bond or abandon the poor girl the consequences might be dire...

  • Failure: Anna's other, less tangible fear is that of failure. A proud and headstrong person, the idea of failing the duties she has is utterly despair-inducing. The concept of disappointment to her guild members and her own, when her target escapes.


Magic Name: Demonic Lightning Manipulation

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Description: The user can create, shape and manipulate lightning derived from the deepest pits of Hell, sporting the capability to destroy nearly anything it strikes with absolute malevolent intent. In addition, demonic lightning is capable of inflicting excruciating pain;
physically tormenting the victim, has the potential to corrupt one's soul. Sometimes it might be affective against peoples without lightning affinity.


History: Anna is the first daughter of the Clan head of a minor clan of Nekomate clan, as the clan head is a female means her mother, She has to favor all the clansmen until a strong child is born in her tribe, which is a myth according to the ancient traces of Nekomate clan. As Anna was the weakest out of all the children, she was throughout of the clan, in other words, she was exiled from her own clan by her own mother. After being throughout of her clan, Anna started wandering around the street in cold weather near a city, As she collapsed from hunger, her eyes are closing and that's when she saw an old man coming towards her and she thought that she might be meeting her end here in a place like this, and that old man picked her up and took her to his house so he could treat her so that she might be able to heal as much as she can.

Then Old man raised her in fine women by training her magic, formality, and manner which will help her in her future. But her nightmare's haunted her on how her mother and clan abandoned her and she wanted to take on revenge on them. As she plans on annihilating those specific peoples from her clan, including her mother, father, and cousins. As she made that old man her foster father because when she was abandoned by her family, that specific person helped her in growing this much.

So in order to complete her goal, she started learning a different kind of magical arts, as she learned her clan's specialty, which she thought that can be used in a large number of assassination. As She found that her attribute is lightning magic, she thought that it can be used in many different ways and then She started the execution of her plan to kill her mother and father, as well as the strongest child who born in her clan. As she was able to complete her plan, she was marked as a wanted and then she thought that it would be the best for her to join a dark guild which will help her in her upcoming tasks. As she started doing Assassinations sideways with the help of her specialty. Then the dark guild she decided to join was Red Hades.  
[399 WC]

Reference: none

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Anna Empty Mon Mar 11, 2019 5:15 am


Hello! I'll be grading your application. The following changes need to be made before approval:

  • Your overall appearance needs to be at least 100 words
  • Your personality needs to be at least 200 words
  • You must have at least 2 fears
  • Please remove the fact that your magic can deal 'spiritual damage,' and that it deals extra damage against holy supernatural races (i.e. seraphim and nephilim). This is not a characteristic of lightning magic, nor should it be included in any starter magic.
  • For your history, do you mean Anna is the daughter of the chief of entire Nekomata clan? If so, this would be equivalent to royalty which is usually not allowed. She can be the daughter of a chief of a lesser/minor tribe though. If so, please specify that in your history.

Bump when you're finished editing!

Anna JbHIa7L
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#3Anna Camus 

Anna Empty Mon Mar 11, 2019 5:57 am

Anna Camus

and Bumped:)

Ready for another check:)


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This character application has been approved.

Anna JbHIa7L
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