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Shinkiro Yamato

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Shinkiro Yamato


Name: Shinkiro Yamato

Age: 25 - August 13th X762

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Sinese

Class: Spellsword

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: Upper Left Arm - Red

Face: Xanxus - Katekyo Hitman Reborn


Height: 6'3"

Weight: 245lb

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Overall: Shinkiro is, by most accounts, considered a fairly attractive man. In terms of body type, Shinkiro possesses a sculpted and well-toned physique due to habitual training in martial arts and being constantly active via missions and other such endeavors. His skin is naturally blemish-free, a byproduct of exceptional family genealogy. It is not completely unmarred, however, as due to recent events just over half of his upper body bears magic burns, several of which even extend to cover portions of his face. While it would have been possible to completely heal the scars via magic, Shinkiro elected to keep the scars.

Shinkiro boasts a fair skin tone, however over the years it has developed a slightly tanned hue. This is due to his constant traveling to locations of varying climates. As mentioned above, Shinkiro has a somewhat unique eye color. While not full-out heterochromia, he does indeed have eyes that are not a singular color. Unlike other humans, Shinkiro's pupils are vertical as opposed to horizontal, a trait which could most likely be seen as a genetic defect, albeit a minor one. His hair is a pure shade of onyx bearing a partially disheveled look and reaching to just past the nape of his neck. Intermittent locks fall in sparse bangs, framing his handsome face and further accentuating his attractiveness.

Shinkiro stands with a posture indicative of pride and confidence. When he walks, his steps are deliberate and purposeful and his movements blend together with a fluid grace. For the most part, he can always be seen with a stoic expression on his face, virtually absent of any emotional indicators. Because of this, it is often difficult to actually discern what Shinkiro's current mood is. Even when in situations that should be stressful or difficult, Shinkiro's expression persists.

Extra: While not necessarily a modification that he willingly received, Shinkiro bears a horizontal scar extending along his lower abdominal area. The scar is the only truly grievous injury that he has received and is what nearly caused his demise. As such, he has chosen to retain it as a reminder of his mistake. In regards to willing "modifications", he bears a myriad of magic burns across a large portion of his upper body and his face, the result of a mission that took a nearly catastrophic turn.


Personality: When he speaks, his tone can often come across as belligerent with a somewhat indifferent undertone, addressing even his superiors as if they were an equal or lower. By all accounts, it is probable that his manner of speaking and interacting with others could be the reason for a large amount of scorn and dislike that he always seems to garner.

Ironically, Shinkiro is also capable of being incredibly charming, to the point where he is able to swoon even the most faithful of women. This is an ability he acquired over years of practice, though his own inherent charm also plays a large role in it. When dealing with those he considers important to him, another side of Shinkiro is shown. He will adopt a kinder and more playful cadence to his voice, treating them much different than he would everyone else. In line with this, Shinkiro tends to have a very dominant personality around those that he has grown close to in some way, be it platonic or romantically. This can sometimes bleed through into his interactions with people in general, however it is most prevalent in regards to his close circle.

Yet another aspect stemming from his dominant traits, Shinkiro is an incredibly stubborn individual. Although he will begrudgingly listen to what someone else has to say or the details of a plan that someone has devised, if he has made up his mind about a particular path or decision then it will be increasingly difficult to change his mind. This has been a subject of issue when dealing with most anyone in Shinkiro's life, most of his superiors or the people that he has gotten close to. Though in the case of the people close to him he will be slightly willing to listen to what they have to say and consider changing his mind; that luxury is rarely if ever extended to those he has no connection to or doesn't care about.

Although usually an incredibly calm individual, Shinkiro is capable of holding a grudge for an indefinite amount of time. It generally takes quite a bit to actually get him annoyed or angry enough to actually dislike someone, but when it happens it becomes blatantly obvious in his interactions with that person. In most cases it will manifest in disregard for their presence or snide remarks. However in the off chance that he really begins to despise someone that has slighted him he will have no issue with plotting bodily harm against them and even less with actually carrying it out.

Stemming from his vindictive nature, Shinkiro has shown instances of being a rather sadistic individual. He has no qualms about inflicting pain on others and has often delighted in the suffering of others. In some cases, he has even performed inhumane acts of cruelty simply for the sake of seeing if the desired reaction will take place. This aspect of his personality generally isn't shown to those he cares for if he can help it, but there have been some instances where it has been witnessed without his knowledge. It is not hidden out of shame for his actions, but rather because he would rather not bother with having to smooth over things with the aforementioned individuals if they disagree with his actions.


  • Competition: Even from a young age, Shinkiro has always had a competitive nature. Whether it is with his siblings, with others, or even with himself, he has always enjoyed partaking in contests of skill. He is always ready and willing to compete, a fact that sometimes gets him into adverse situations.
  • Food: Whether it's a light snack or a full course meal, Shinkiro absolutely enjoys eating. At any given time, he can be seen with some type of food item. Oftentimes he will partake of seemingly nauseating amounts of food, exactly how he can so effortlessly eat such copious amounts has been a point of both interest and morbid curiosity for his family and friends. Were it not for his remaining constantly active, it could stand to reason that his figure would lean overwhelmingly towards the "rotund" end of the spectrum.


  • Losing: As stated, Shinkiro enjoys competition. In the same vein, he enjoys winning said competitions as well. Though he doesn't particularly hate the thought or act of losing, he nevertheless becomes suitably annoyed should it happen. As such, it is not below him to continually challenge an opponent that has bested him until he finally wins. Though when it comes to opponents clearly out of his league, he begrudgingly knows when to call it quits.
  • Boredom/Tedium: Shinkiro is always on the move, whether it be completing guild missions or heading out on some type of adventure. The thought of remaining idle or becoming complacent doesn't sit well with him. As such, he will do whatever he can to remain active and sufficiently occupied.


  • Becoming a World Class Mage: Even before gaining the use of magic himself, Shinkiro has always been greatly interested in the world of magic. This was mainly thanks to the stories that he heard from the mages that passed through his home town. Upon receiving magic himself, Shinkiro decided that he too wanted his name known among the people as one of the world's best mages.


  • Becoming Magic-less: Because magic is such a large part of his life now and shaped the man that he became, Shinkiro greatly fears the thought of losing the magic he holds so dear. Having already known a point without magic---a point he deems weak and powerless---the thought of returning to that point scares him to no end.
  • Witnessing A Family Death: Family has always been important to Shinkiro. He is fiercely protective of them, their safety being a top priority. Now that he has magic, however, Shinkiro knows that the threats that are present to them have increased exponentially. He hopes to never see them be harmed as collateral damage, or worse, have to see them being killed.


Magic Name: Scarlet Arclight

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Description: Shinkiro came across the magical tome containing this magic in a hidden location during one of his many adventures. Upon absorbing the magical energy contained within, Shinkiro gained the ability to wield this magic. Through it, not only is he able to utilize his own bioelectricity to fuel his spells, but also the electromagnetic currents in his surroundings and the electrical currents of manmade objects for varying effects. This can range from offensive attacks to supplementary and defensive capabilities.


History: "Unassuming" could perhaps be an understatement when describing Shinkiro's childhood. In fact, Shinkiro's birth itself was rather simplistic in nature. Born to Hina and Naoto Yamato in a home birth, Shinkiro began his life in Orchidia Town as the middle child out of three. Along with his older brother Takeshi and younger sister Ren, the Yamato family lived a peaceful life as grocers. Neither overly wealthy nor desperately destitute, the trio of children enjoyed a comfortable life. The Yamato children were well liked within their town as well as most of the nearby communities. Of the three of them, Shinkiro was the more adventurous child. He would often find himself taking part in his own self-proclaimed adventures. Most of these usually amounted to unsupervised and unplanned trips to the multitude of villages in the surrounding area. His siblings would often describe him as the "busy body" out of the three of them. This reputation followed him wherever he went, to the point where his random departures from home and explorations of the outlying areas of his town no longer bothered his parents. Eventually he even managed to convince his siblings to accompany him. As a result, the three became rather affectionately known as the "Three Musketeers."

Shinkiro and his siblings very rarely, if ever, left each other's company. It was as if the three of them were one being split into three bodies. Despite being the middle child, however, Shinkiro seemed more like the older brother than Takeshi. The two brothers were fiercely protective of their little sister Ren, though they went about it in drastically different ways. Takeshi was more diplomatic in his approach, whereas Shinkiro was more physical and vindictive. This would result in Shinkiro being the cause of numerous school fights...though not all the time was he the victor. Due to this proclivity for physical conflict, it was decided by his parents that it would be better for him to channel his aggression constructively. Thus, he was enrolled in martial arts at the age of nine. Not wanting to be separated from their brother, Takeshi and Ren also volunteered to take martial arts classes.

While Takeshi and Ren's advancement through the ranks was at a steady pace, Shinkiro's was far quicker. Despite his young age, Shinkiro seemed to have a natural talent for combat. Adolescence was no hindrance to the young boy's progress. He seemed to have a knack for pinpointing his opponents' weak points to quickly and efficiently dispatch them. Even when faced with multiple opponents, Shinkiro seemed to have little, if any, trouble systematically defeating his opponents. By the age of thirteen, Shinkiro could even fight on par with his dojo's master. Eventually, however, that familiar itch for adventure began to scratch at Shinkiro and he longed for a more fulfilling and entertaining life.

By the time Shinkiro had reached well into his teenage years, he began to show an interest in the world of magic. On top of continuing his practice of martial arts, Shinkiro began to pore over the various tomes and volumes pertaining to the history of magic and all its forms. Whether it be the more rare Lost Arts or the more common types, Shinkiro took every chance that he could to learn more. Being regaled by the mages that passed through town about their exploits---of which there were a copious amount. One such tale led him to the location of a magical tome containing a powerful variation of lightning magic known as Scarlet Arclight. Upon unleashing the magical power within, Shinkiro became able to said magic. Now possessing magic that he had desired so greatly, Shinkiro set out to join a guild and realize his dream of becoming one of the world's best mages.

Reference: None.

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