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Sofia Serena

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Name: Sofia Serena

Age: 19 (March 8th 768)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Stellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevese

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: None

Mode: Normal

Tattoo: It would be on the outer side of her left thigh, about half way up, blue in colour

Face: Nefertari Vivi – One Piece


Height: 5’9”/ 176cm

Weight: 142lbs / 64kg

Hair: Capri Blue

Eyes: Cyan

Overall: A pretty and curvaceous young woman with long and stylish hair of a colour between azure and cyan, Sofia is an attractive young woman skilled in showing off how good she looks. Coming with an ample bosom and narrow waist which leads into a pleasingly broad set of hips fitted as standard, Sofia’s frame belies the tone of an active young woman, her adventurous habits keeping her fit and in great shape. The face of the girl a pleasing, slightly impish set of features, Miss Serena has a slightly mischievous and foxy visage with her almond shaped eyes as well as her sharp jawline and nose, with full lips that just beg to be highlighted with a nice colour. The curtains matching the windows so to speak since Sofia possesses irises of blue colour, they can look like the crisp blue water when the Mediterranean when caught by the light and are framed by a set of long, dark lashes which can make a wink or flutter seem to hold such promise.

Keeping her richly coloured blue locks rather long, they reach all the way down her back and the sense of waviness that is possessed by Sofia’s tresses could remind one of a rolling tide. Generally wearing her hair in a loose style, Miss Serena keeps her face framed by two main ‘locks’ which hang like curtains while tying a portion of her hair back in a clasp at the back of her head, though sometimes will tie her hair in a tighter tail when she wants to prioritize ease and functionality. Often ‘upgrading’ the waviness of the tips of her long hair into full on curls when she wants to really doll herself up, Sofia likes to wear her hair in elegantly curled bunches like coils at the back of her head, adding even more volume to her style than usual as well as a feeling of grace and refinement.

Favouring dresses to really flaunt her figure, Sofia prefers a sense of sophisticated sexiness in her style of clothing, choosing options with short hemlines and low necks to emphasize her legs and bust, but of lighter shades and with frilly, lacy and loose designs. No stranger to tighter forms of clothing and certainly considering nothing off limits in her wardrobe, though she is at her prettiest in a gown and high heeled shoe, Miss Serena has no problem dressing in a simpler and more active orientated clothing. Happy to slide herself into a tank top, shorts and pair of knee high boots, this blue haired beauty seems to always carry herself with a sense of class no matter what she wears, being the type who could make a potato sack look like it was fit for a princess. Fond of jewellery, Sofia likes to wear earrings and pretty clasps in her hair, as well as sporting bracelets and the occasional necklace that has caught her eye.

Graceful and smooth in her motions, like running water, Sofia carries herself with a sense of refinement and esteem. Upbeat and usually wearing a smile, her expression often seems to carry a hint of mischief about it, though when left on her own one can observe that her eyes seem to have a softness and distance about them, like she is looking over a beautiful vista that spreads to the horizon.

Extra: N/A



A warm, outgoing and upbeat young woman with a definite playful side, Sofia Serena can be charming and adventurous but also at times mischievous and vain. The type of person who enjoys the company of others and having a good time, Sofia is a fair minded and empathic soul who also has learned a great deal about getting what she wants. A passionate and impulsive girl who can be somewhat easily swayed by her sense of whimsy, Miss Serena seeks excitement and adventure both in a conventional and a more figurative sense.

Playful, mischievous and flirtatious if given the chance, it would be fair to say that to some degree Sofia enjoys teasing and toying with other people. A tomboyish prankster in her youth who has grown into a frisky but feminine thrill seeker, this curious young woman often likes to ‘test’ other people through her machinations, being friendly but somewhat challenging in her countenance. Enjoying making shy people blush or grumpy folk grumble, while she isn’t mean spirited about what she does, Miss Serena loves to indulge the sense of delight and intrigue she feels when messing with other people for her own amusement, which can rub some up the wrong way.

Generally an honest and open girl, though she may play dumb or omit a truth or two for the purpose of a joke, this blue haired beauty is on the whole forthright and down to earth. Laid back for the most part and definitely open-minded, she can be somewhat hedonistic at times and folk may be surprised by her frankness with certain interests. Enjoying the thrill of being ‘chased’ so to speak but certainly not bound by that pleasure, Sofia is happy to indulge carnal desires with available partners she is attracted to and doesn’t mind making the first move. Used to having her status as a child as a barrier that prevented people becoming closer to her, in terms of relationships this young woman has learned that it is better to chase what you desire rather than wait for it to fall into your lap.

Something of a romantic at times though her age and open-mindedness meaning that she does not subscribe to certain notions of exclusivity, Miss Serena loves the thrill of a new relationship, enjoying that giddiness and excitement of discovering another and one’s self in the process of attraction. Not really looking for that connection of a depth that could be called true love, to a certain degree Sofia is intimidated by the concept of a strong commitment and would like back away from someone who expected it of her.

A purveyor of beauty and cuteness who hates to see loveliness spoiled, be it a serene view scape or a woman’s face blighted by sadness, Sofia possesses a certain pride in her own looks not to mention her charm. Eager to offer a little sweet wordplay to those she feels deserve or need it, the girl has a certain innocence about her flirtation since it is aimed often with as much intent of providing a little lift to the person as it is about achieving certain results. Sometimes perhaps a little manipulative, while she on the whole uses her skill in moulding people and situations for a positive outcome, the shrewdly mischievous mistress isn’t above charming and coercing others for her own benefit.

The sense of pride that Miss Serena takes in herself at times making her a little egotistical, she can show signs of vanity and will show off more for those who seem to appreciate her splendour whilst also becoming dissatisfied quickly with those who do not. Capable of seeing through people who present a false front to her, Sofia is insightful though may choose to ignore her observations at times, though on the whole responds best to those who are up front with her rather than those who mask their agenda.

Ultimately a girl who is all about adventures and excitements, in many ways her personal relationships are as much a reflection of this as any journey or undertaking. Relishing the opportunity to ‘map’ the character of people she finds intriguing, though she can sometimes have a habit of skipping onto souls that fascinate her at the expense of people she finds more ‘plain’, Sofia is a student of the human character who finds every new friendship like a journey to be savoured. Disliking those who guard their real feelings but becoming, for lack of a better term, ‘bored’ of people who offer up everything she wants easily, it can sometimes be a tricky balance to find people the right blend of up front but also intriguing. Even if she likes to see people for who they are, at the same time Miss Serena still loves to be surprised by them.

Spurred by stories she heard in her youth about the grand adventures waiting out there in the world, at her core, Sofia is something of a romantic dreamer. Wanting to find herself on some big and wonderful adventure, making an incredible discovery, and having a wealth of stories to tell to others one day, the girl is eager for new experiences and to make her mark on the world. Carrying a sense of hope and optimism in her heart that an incredible tale is waiting for her just around the corner, she leaps into things with both feet and while at times reckless, is sure she will one day find herself doing something incredible…


  • Water: Perhaps because she is a mage of it or because she grew up on an island where she could see the sea from anywhere, Sofia loves and feels very at home near water, enjoying frequent swims and chances to bathe and generally the feeling of refreshment she gets from getting wet.
  • Mischief: Innocent enough in appearance but impish in personality, Sofia loves to laugh and can be something of a troublemaker at times, though it is rather uncommon for her to be malicious or spiteful in this manner, more playful.
  • Language: Taught a few phrases in her youth by her uncle, other than magic Sofia’s favourite scholarly subject has been learning languages, enjoying the poetry that can be found in the wordplay used by other nations enjoying being able to understand the words of people from other sides of the world to her.
  • Drinking: Don’t let her age or innocent appearance fool you, Sofia has the tolerance and taste for drinking one would expect from a salty sea dog and could drink much larger men so far under the table they probably couldn’t rise again.
  • Attention: While not a show off per se but still a girl who takes a certain degree of pride in her ability to captivate the interest of others, Sofia relishes the engagement of people and isn’t above needing the boost to her ego she gets from flaunting herself.
  • Fashion: Liking to look good and coming from a family of plenty of means, Sofia enjoys having pretty clothing and jewelry, showing some hints of materialism albeit in a largely unintentional manner.


  • Pushy People: Generally a laid back sort who can readily go with the flow, all the same Sofia hates people who try and push their thoughts or agendas onto her, preferring to make her own decisions and even exhibiting purposeful defiance against such types.
  • Stinginess: Her privileged upbringing meaning she’s perhaps a little too free with her money, all the same Sofia has a strong dislike for people who hoard money or essentials greedily, especially if it denies other people, and would happily share her own good fortune with those who need it.
  • Judgement: Being somewhat shameless in her desire for attention and enjoyment, Sofia loathes those with prudish and uptight manners who would judge her for her behaviours or the manner in which she dresses, finding those the absolute worst type of people and avoiding them.
  • Pollution: Coming from a place of scenic sea views and sprawling landscapes of green, Sofia hates to see natural beauty ruined, or any beauty really and would respond with wrath and a desire toward restoration.
  • Insincerity: Growing up around people who would guard their real feelings behind fake smiles and flattery, Sofia learned to spot this and loathed such behaviour, usually finding she would prefer someone to tell her they hated her and move on than keep up a sickly sweet pretense.


  • Adventure: A girl who gets giddy over the idea of new discoveries and new places, Sofia is the sort who is always looking to the horizon, searching for a new piece of excitement to look forward to and seek out. That isn’t to say she’s particularly unhappy or restless when without a new endeavour to undertake, but she seems far livelier and brighter when she discovers one.
  • Love: A girl who grew up with few real friends, Sofia craves company and connections both of a platonic and romantic sort, enjoying the thrill of meeting new and interesting people and finding friendships as much of an adventure as anything.
  • Progress: A young, inexperienced but talented mage, Sofia’s pride in herself extends to her magic and she knows she still has plenty of room to learn and grow, finding her progress with the arts as much an adventure as anything else.
  • Justice: Mischievous and flirtatious though certainly far from amoral, while she believes in everyone’s right to choose Sofia also has a strong sense of right and wrong and hates to see suffering or wrongdoing, standing up against it.
  • Discovery: Regaled by tales of all sorts of mythic things like legendary lost lands and rare creatures, Sofia wishes to do her Mother and Uncle proud by finding a few, and has a particular fondness for a certain myth about a wonderful land that was lost to the sea.


  • Being Caged: A freethinking, somewhat impulsive and if need be rebellious young woman, Sofia hates the idea of losing her liberty and freedom by both direct and indirect means, showing a reluctance to become attached to anything that she feels might chain her up or hold her down.
    Having run away from her home to pursue a life of adventure, Sofia dreads the day that she’ll have to face her family and father most of all for what she has done, expecting that her actions will have caused a rift in their relationship regardless of how necessary it was.
  • Losing Loved Ones: Having lived with a frail mother throughout the majority of her life, Sofia maintained a quiet dread of losing her and the other people she has grown close to, knowing she would feel especially guilty if her mother passed while she was away from her side and also being quietly protective of others she loves.


Magic Name: The Shape of Water

Magic Element: Water

Magic Description: Capable of summoning and manipulating water in a variety of ways, Sofia is afforded many options in her versatile form of magic, seemingly limited only by her creativity. Capable of propelling water with incredible surging force or shaping it into whips and waves with ease, she can command impressive options for attack, and also defend against harm by compressing her water into shields and barriers. Using her manipulation to shape water into tools, she can generate wings of liquid to carry herself around or create a bubble of air around her head so she can breathe underwater, supplementing her skillset. Able to imbue her water with properties that soothe and heal wounds, she can also use it with more devilish designs, constricting folk with liquid to subdue their strength and speed, making them feel as if they were running through a heavy tide.



Born on the small Stellan island of Valerica, Sofia was the second child in a rather affluent and influential family, raised in luxury alongside her brother Tacito, replete with servants and anything she could ask for. Well, almost anything. Finding that her studious and serious brother too stiff and obsessed with his duty as heir to the family, perhaps because of the pressure he was put under by their father, Miss Serena found herself something of a lonely girl. Gifted with any object she desired but also the elite status she was born into seeming like a wall between her and the other kids of her age, as she grew up she largely only had the company of the staff and often found that a lonesome experience. Learning quickly to spot when she was being pacified and pandered to, there were only really two people that she felt close to, her mother Marina and her Uncle Nikos.

While once a vibrant woman who had ventured to her homeland and caught the eye of her father in younger years, illness had left Sofia’s mother bedridden for the most part, her beauty remaining but constitution frail. At most able to go outside in fair weather and sit in the garden with her children, since Tacito seemed so often busy with schoolwork or the duties father assigned them, the daughter was able to spend much more time with her mother than father or brother. Sofia something of a contrast to her bookish, introverted brother, she was something of a tomboy when she was younger, perhaps promoted by her mother’s spirited but limited ability, she would tear around the garden fetching flowers and other nice things to make the woman smile, a dutiful daughter in her own way. A climber of trees and walls and happy to lurch into any form of overgrowth to find a nice creepy crawly for her mother and herself to giggle over, these active and impish traits were only encouraged by the brother of her mother, who was her favourite uncle by far.

Nikos a man of the sea who had a strong sense of adventure that was shared by both his sister and his niece, while he wasn’t around a lot of the time Sofia remembers that the time he was around were the best ones. Loving to listen to the stories he had of the sea, some of which telling her about her mother in her own seafaring days, the two quickly became thick as thieves. Uncle perhaps noting the loneliness that she concealed as well as the similarities that his niece shared with her mother in younger days, when he was home from the sea the two would often get up to all kinds of things together. Going on adventures around the island such as climbing its tallest peaks and finding hidden coves few others knew about, Sofia would get home with sore feet but a big smile on her face. Even taken out to sea by the man secretly once or twice, she marvelled at sights like schools of flying fish or the occasional dolphin, and she was delighted to be able to run home and tell her mother all about what she had been up to.

Learning water magic from Uncle Nikos and through more academic means as well, little miss Serena was a clever girl though a lot of that was dedicated toward adventure and misbehaviour. Schooled from home like many wealthy girls in this day and age, while she wasn’t as studious as her brother, Sofia was still a bright soul with a sharp mind she preferred to put to more mischievous use. Using her magic and shows of craftiness to catch her brother and servants in light hearted pranks, initially prompted by mischief her and her uncle would get up to, while she was chided often by her father for her impetuous habits the fact that she could see the way her mother would have to force herself to supress a broad grin never failed to elate the girl.

Developing a fondness for reading that enabled her to have grand adventures of a sort, as she grew older the princess gained a taste for things of a more illicit inclination, her mischievous side seeming to cultivate more flirtatious tendencies which encouraged her to embrace a stronger sense of femininity. Entering her teens, she was perhaps spurred by those tales where the hero would beat the enemy and get the girl her cheek took on a coquettish sentiment. Finding no small degree of amusement in making the staff at home or even certain visitors blush with the right choice of wordplay and emphasis, Sofia was something of a precocious young thing who was unintimidated by the ages or standings of others, standing ever more as a contrast to her more political and internal brother.

This naughty nature even leading to some experimentation, she gave her first kiss to a cute boy visiting with his parents from another land, though her playful and fun-loving style would start to be the source of rumours that seemed somewhat inappropriate for a girl of her house’s standing. Clearly the family patriarch hearing of gossip of how his seventeen year old daughter enjoyed the night time company of her fellow females, while Sofia cared little for her reputation and simply enjoyed a laid back and fun loving lifestyle, she found her papa feeling differently. Quickly entered into an arranged marriage with a distasteful General’s son before her status was ‘irredeemably tarnished’, Sofia found the life of freedom and adventure she had craved since a girl in danger as she was to be caged alongside a brute without any sort of charm or wit, disheartening her greatly.

The wedding set for not many moons after her eighteenth birthday when she would become a woman, as she visited her mother on that anniversary the shrewd but bedridden woman could easily see that her daughter was no longer the cheery and cheeky soul she once was. Putting a brave face over her sense of grief at being caged, Mama saw through this and while she understood fully the benefits of the marriage, did not agree that they outweighed the happiness of her little girl. Encouraging Sofia to go on her own adventure, to chase down those dreams of exploration and excitement, after some convincing the girl agreed to follow her heart, even if it meant running away from everything she knew.

Uncle naturally ‘in’ on the plot as well and making sure that his niece managed to find a good and trustworthy sailor could smuggle her out to sea, Sofia set out into the world with the hopes of meeting her dreams, and has been doing that ever since. Sharp minded enough to know how to tour under the radar and expecting that her mother had also had a hand in making sure she hadn’t been tracked down, Sofia has enjoyed a somewhat hedonistic romp of discovery and arrived in Fiore, wondering what excitement might wait for her in this land of guilds and magic…
Reference: Alisa

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Hello, and welcome to FTRP! I'll be grading your application. The following changes need to be made before approval:

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Changes have been made, as requested~


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This character application has been approved.

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