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Clover Price Creed

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Clover Creed


Name: Clover Price Creed

Age: February 24th, X760

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual 

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Centre of Right Bicep, in Coal Black.

Face: Jason Todd/Red Hood - DC Comics


Height: Clover stands at 6'6

Weight: 250lbs

Hair: Slick Black with Streaks of Silver

Eyes: Sunset Yellow

Overall: Clover is beyond the definition of toned, through sheer will and training he's built himself to a point that is supernatural. He puts the ideal male form to shame, as his abdomen shreds and bulges itself through every armour he seems to wear. His shoulders are broad and wide, his chest built and perked out. His biceps ripped that allows him to muster the strength he peforms. It's remarkable, his calves are beyond the point to where it will make Olympians feel self conscious. His body is a temple, as every weight he pushes and every meal he feasts on. Empowers this godly physique. The man keeps his hair tidy and short, to halt any risk of it being grasped by an opponent. He wears nothing but his armour, his eyes seem to be slit and stern like a hawk whilst his jawline could carve sculptures out of stone.

Extra: Clover possesses a mighty gash from his right shoulder past his right peck. One given to him from a brutal beast, that had taken away his family. A tattoo that is stretched out from shoulder blade to shoulder blade, in italic cursive, "Hummingbird".


Personality: Clover's personality is anything but merciful, as he doesn't seem to contain a ounce of mercy any longer. He's willing to pummel a man to a bloody pulp in order to ensure victory and express dominance to a degree. He's willing to slaughter everyone in his way, whether to slice or curb them into a gutter. However he will not do the same to women, he will pummel them however he won't leave them unrecognisable or dead unless provoked or forced. Regardless, Clover in battle is silent. His presence and walk just screams he's T-Posing you. His pride and confidence in himself goes unmeasured, as the hunter is so sure of himself that failure isn't an option. He's not one to stray from being labeled as the strong, stoic man that is to this day a cliche. As this completely repels his last personality, one which would have rejected this kind of man all together. The man he had became, one would say Clover previously would have been an excellent addition to Blue Pegasus. As the man was a charmer and very good looking, having fine taste in his attire. But now, rags and slurs are the one of the many things that leave this man's mouth and clothe his physique. What terrible wrong set him on this path... As it all screams outrage. To a point, where only glory and vengeance is keeping him together.


  • Hunt Lust: Clover is a Hunter, he is one to be feared. Getting off to the whole sport of a hunt, whether it being an animal, beast or another human being. He can't wait to unload his rounds into his game, and get a hefty pay after.
  • Pay: Whether the job he performs is good or notorious, he doesn't mind as long as he gets a healthy cut. Clover loves the whole point of being rewarded and is basically more of a mercenary more than a Hunter but hey! What's wrong with that? Pay is Pay.


  • Intoxication: Clover is a raging alcoholic, trying to drown his doubts and sorrows of the past with a few cartons of ale if not more than a whole keg at once. He hates it but it numbs it, causing the merc to get emotional and aggressive.
  • Himself: Yeah, if you didn't think he could get edgy enough. He loathes the fact he's still wandering the lands of this world, as he believes it was his fault for what had happened. Doing everything to drown out the past within his subconscious with a cup of ale.


  • To Control Crime: "You can't stop crime, that's what they never understood. I'm controlling it. You want to rule them by fear, but what will you do to the ones that aren't afraid? I'm doing what you won't, I'm taking them out!", Clover wishes to control all crime even if he must indulge into it himself. Such as the Ying and Yang, one must delve into the other to achieve.


  • Faliure: Clover fears only one thing and that is failure, failure upon himself and to achieve his goal at vengeance and to control all crime. Even believing he will become a dictator in order to bring balance and peace.
  • Getting Attached: Clover fears more than one thing and that is actually getting attached, again. The fear that he would lose his life or love oncemore that he pushes them away, before they could leave him. In attempt to save himself the hurt.


Magic Name: Water Magic (水)

Magic Element: Water/Mizu

Magic Description: Water Magic is a form of Magic revolving around the use of water, which is placed under the user's command for them to employ for various purposes. Depending on its use, the physical properties of water can be manipulated to the user's advantage; large masses of such liquid are shown to possess remarkable force, being usable to inflict blunt damage upon targets by sweeping them away with water.


History: Before the traumatic event, that changed Clover for the worse. The man was a red haired saint, a functioning member of society and a magic shop merchant. Donating the majority of his profits to orphanages and charities, he was just another man in fiore trying to do good. As he turned the rightful age of nineteen, he fell in love with a female mage. Known as Dusk Storm, a tiny woman with take over magic and capable of transforming into a fabled beast known as a thunderbird. In attempt to grasp her attention, he vigorously trained himself in the arts of magic, water magic too as he believed she was his weakness and it was fitting. Clover would give her a nickname; "Humming Bird", as regardless how frightening the beast she transformed into. He knew she was still a tiny woman, like a hummingbird, she was quick. She would call him "Red", a generic name to his ranga locks.

Months passed as the two grew closer, closer and closer. As she understood Clover's fascination with Her, she enjoyed the attention and accepted his affection. To the point where she encouraged the man to ask her out, telling him that if he puts his mind to something, he could achieve anything. Thus one thing led to another and they both got hitched when he was the age of twenty four, as Dusk continued to rise through the ranks in her guild and took on jobs that... paid much better than his store did within a week. However he was happy, as was She, on the side he continued to train himself in water magic to make sure that he could properly protect his store from robberies.

A few more years passed and it didn't take long before they couldn't keep it in their pants, as Dusk had announced she was pregnant. Testing positive, Clover jumped with joy. He was twenty-five and was going to be a father! At least he thought he was, as a few weeks later, Dusk had picked up a S-Class mission with her team. Hesitant Clover pleaded her to stay as it could be dangerous, however she mentioned the pay that was offered. That her and her team could take this job on, regardless of the dangerous. The man eventually agreed and pleaded for her to stay safe, which she promised... a promise that were to be broken. Dusk and her team were slaughtered, along with Clover's unborn child with his wife. Slaughtered by what was fabled to be a cruel beast, a devil or a demon or something equivalent to one.

Thrown upside down Clover spiralled down into an abusive relationship, with himself and alcohol. Going as far to getting intoxicated and destroying his entire store, along with getting into reckless bar fights. An obsession of power and to stop everything that's evil or unholy began to fuel Clover, to a point where he spent the next few years on relentless training. Going from only a 140lbs man to a 250lbs man of just muscle. He found himself standing at six feet and a half, becoming far more adept in his magical abilities. Putting up a wall of pride and confidence, as he pushes for his goal, to hunt down the beast that had slaughtered his family. Whatever it would take... He would succeed. As like his beloved told him, if he set his mind to such a thing, he would surely conquer.

Reference: Pledge: Pokemon Rp Advert

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Hello, and welcome to the site! Before your character is approved, you need to make the following changes to your application:

  • The image at the top of your application is broken. Please change it.
  • You need to have a minimum of 2 fears. You currently have only 1.
  • In your appearance, remove any mention of how much strength Clover possesses ('Herculean strength'), as this is determined by statistics (muscle definition alone is fine).
  • "Users can also use water as means to enhance the power of whatever weapons they may be using in battle." - Remove this. Magic can't directly enhance the power of weapons.
  • You have two character applications. Delete the extra one.

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Clover Creed
Fixed! Did everything asked.


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This character application has been approved.

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