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Unforgettable [Finn]

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#1Xandra Queen 

Unforgettable [Finn]  Empty on Mon Feb 18, 2019 5:57 am

Xandra Queen
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A relieved sigh escaped her lips as the cold breeze forced her to rub her hands together for some warmth. She sat there, on the rock where waves of the river water came splashing, leaving damp trails on her blue jeans. In the midst of winter, not many people visited the riverside, particularly because it was too cold. Even the number of boats that voyaged through had decreased, leaving the vicinity to be rather quiet. The only sounds that could be heard were the splashes of water against the grey rocks and the distant murmurs of people who roamed in the nearby streets.

Pulling upon the black jacket that was perhaps too large for her, she hugged it close to her body as her eyes fell shut. She enjoyed the breeze that hit her face and entered the gaps of her hood to trail down her neck. Crossing her legs, she only gazed at the river which went wild on the touch of the wind. It was surprisingly calming to watch. Although various things had happened and she had found herself changing in many ways, one of the things that she still enjoyed the most was the water. There was just something satisfying about it that allowed her to take a break from her thoughts and most definitely, her surroundings.

The constant need to have to deal with people was no longer there, the lack of crowd was rather exhilarating. It took her a while but she finally managed to get comfortable with dealing with others, with expressing herself through her words and her expressions but sometimes, silence and peace was what she needed. The pink haired knight had seemed to forgotten just how relaxing it felt being alone.

Underneath the hood that hid her face, a small smile curled upon her lips as she strangely felt free; more so than she had felt in a while. She looked up at the grey sky, where the sun hid behind the clouds and simply stared for a while. It looked like it was about to rain but the weather recently had been unpredictable so she wasn't particularly sure if she should find shelter or not. Regardless, the mage quite enjoyed the rain so it didn't matter. However, the growl that escaped her stomach made her change mind about staying a while longer. She could always come back later, right?

Easing her hold over her jacket for warmth, she placed her hands on the grey rock and pushed her body up into a standing position. Brushing away any particles of dirt from her clothes, she shoved her hands into her pockets and turned on the heel of her foot rather carelessly. Not having realized that she was so close to the edge of the rock, her foot slipped as she landed inside the water. An immediate whimper escaped her due to the sudden cold that crashed against her body. The river was quite shallow, but deep enough to reach her neck as she tried to stand within the water.

"Just what I needed." Murmuring to herself, the female placed her hands back on the rock to pull herself back up, bracing herself for the cold that was about to hit her.
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Small clouds found their way from the lips of hundreds of citizens clamoring through the streets of Orchidia. The chilly weather did not prevent residents from venturing outdoors, not when there was work to be done. Thick jackets and tight fit boots kept those outdoors as warm as they could be. The temperature was low, though not quite so low as to cause the water in the area to freeze. There were days so cold in the North that ones breath would freeze right to their facial hair; Their beards, their eyebrows. It was those days that kept the citizens in doors, so long as they knew that the cold weather would snap and it would not span for too long.

Today was not one of those days.

Children numbered few, but they still found a way to make their voices heard over the business. Laughter and jolly screams made their way between buildings. Rants were heard from shop vendors trying to advertise their goods. Cursing could be heard about, usually from customers who weren't happy with a specific item or price. Despite the chilly weather, people went on about their days.

Not all of those in the streets of Orchidia were occupants of the city. Some were merely guests, traveling through for one reason or another. These travelers could usually be found participating in the haggling process, same as any citizen, in order to secure their goods for their next travels. Not all, however, were cut from this same cloth.

There were some, however few, who ventured out into the rigid cold without a task in mind. They needed no supplies, no food nor clothing. They did not leave the warmth of their residence, permanent or otherwise, out of necessity. They did so out of yearning.

They needed to be outdoors, for one reason or another. Perhaps they were tired of being caged, regardless of if it were their choice. Four walls, a ceiling, a bleak window that stared into bleak skies or the neighboring building. It was a trap, proclaimed to be a home, that offered false security for a sense of stagnation. For some it was exactly what they'd always wanted.

For Finn, it was heart wrenching. There were days, sometimes weeks or months in which he had no problem passing his hours indoors as easily as he could outside.

Today had not been one of those days. He found the must of his sheets to be overbearing, the way his bare feet felt on the fine carpet to feel wrong. The artificial smell of whatever chemicals cleaned his room were suffocating, and he couldn't bear take it a moment longer. He went outdoors, out into the world, where the walls could be seen from a distance and there seemed no end to where he could go.

It took nearly an hour of walking through the city, aimlessly wandering through the streets, for him to begin to calm. He had slowly worked his way to the outer limits of the city which skirted the Orchidia River. His eyes had seemed glazed over, reflecting the bleak sky back into itself, when he heard the sound of water splashing.

It was loud enough that he was certain no fish made that noise. A creature of that size would have no business in such a shallow river. Instead, he saw the face of a woman bobbing in what must have been the deepest point of the river. The water caressed her collar, lapping up to her neck at times, but she was in no immediate danger.

Still... He cast a glance upwards again, to the grey skies, and felt the wind hitting his face. Things would begin picking up soon, which would cause the river to become a much more dangerous existence. While he doubted anyone would spend more time than needed in the water on such a day, he wanted to leave nothing to chance.

He walked over to the edge of the river, dropping to one knee and extending a hand out to her. His approach would have likely been seen instead of heard, as her focus would otherwise be captured by the state she was in as well as the sound of the running river all around her.

"Let me give you a hand."

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Unforgettable [Finn]  Empty on Wed May 22, 2019 4:05 pm

Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

The grey skies lurked over the city with a threatening existence and yet, there was something about them that was so awfully calming. TheY hung in the skies without hesitation as their gloom reigned over the happiness of the city. It's true what they say about the weather affecting the moods of many. The sounds of distant laughter died down and were replaced by hasty and panicked footsteps. It sounded as if people struggled to get away from the tears of the sky, as if they themselves would cry if they were touched by it.

Perhaps, rather than the sound of happiness fading away, it merely drowned within the rushing stream of the river.

Raising her hand from within the cold clear water, she pulled it over her face before dragging it downwards. With the warmth of her hand, the chill drops of water also disappeared. It felt somewhat lonely but there was something out the quietude that she felt which put her to ease.

Her first instinct wasn't to escape the water, it was to indulge in it. Perhaps if the weather was more on the sunnier side, she would even let loose and float within the water, letting the currents take her to her next destination. Her emerald orbs stared at the sky which dulled further the more she looked at it.

The sun that moments ago peeked through could no longer be seen. Behind the surging commotion of the flowing water, she heard thunder roar behind safety of the clouds. With a smile, she sighed. It appeared that today wasn't the day to enjoy a nice dip in the water. Then again, to any outsider, her current situation would be far from nice.

She shut her eyes, letting her senses take over. The sound of humans was replaced by the vigorous calling of nature. The chill air poked at her bare skin that emerged from the water.

She had fallen quite close to the bank of the river, so close that even with her eyes shut, her hands found the edge of the land from where she planned to pull herself up. It was then that a voice evaded her ears. Her eyelids flew open as she tilted her neck only to find a man resting on one knee on the land before her. Her eyes slightly widened in surprise. Perhaps she was too engrossed in her own little world to even notice his presence, or perhaps he was stealthy enough to go unnoticed by her.

Regardless of which it was, her face slightly scrunched. Although she was thoroughly enjoying herself, even she had to admit that it was slightly embarrassing to be seen in that moment. Her mouth formed into a cheeky yet awkward grin as she let out a small chuckle while internally cursing herself. In that very moment, she contemplated taking a risk and simply pretending that her trip into the water was nothing more than a surge of adrenaline executed cleanly but even an idiot would be able to figure out that she had slipped.

She nodded her head slightly before holding onto the offered hand, only to find her own to be engulfed in warmth. While expecting the man to pull her up, she used her other free hand to push her body above the river, only to eventually make it onto the dry ground. It was then that the cold hit her as her face scrunched up and her body broke out into a small shiver.

A small chuckle escaped her lips as she looked at the man, "Thanks for that." Her smile quickly faltered as she realized something, "Although, it's a little dangerous to be here." Nodding her head towards the river before looking back at the man, "As you already saw." She broke out into a grin. While she was embarrassed, it was probably best to simply brush it off.

She took yet another glance at the man who stood before her. As she stared at him, she was overcome with a sudden feeling of intrigue. She doesn't recall seeing this man before but there was something about him that appeared oddly familiar. Without any hesitation, the female blurted out her thoughts, "Have we met before?"
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Unforgettable [Finn]  Empty on Sun Jun 16, 2019 8:30 am

Had Finn taken a moment to analyze the situation, rather than his swift jump to a conclusion, perhaps he would have read it for what it really was. There was no danger here. No damsel in distress. No one needed his immediate aid, nor anyone's for that matter. She was content. She had fallen in, yes, but she was not weak enough to lose to the current, nor naive enough to go directly against it. Instead, she seemed to have found a sense of bliss there. She was relaxed, happy to be in the water and seemingly considering staying there, based on her lack of movement.

Instead, this realization came late. It dawned on him only after he extended his help, as unneeded as it was, that she was perfectly fine. She was no damsel in need of saving. A memory blurred its way through his mind for a moment, too brief for any image to burn its way into the back of his eyes. Instead, he heard a voice.

You found me.

He didn't have time to feel his discomfort, nor could he react to it at all, before the woman before him too charge of the situation. She saved him from the embarrassment that she could have delivered. She did not point out her distinct lack of need, nor his needless gesture. Instead, she took pity on the poor soul. She nodded towards him, wordlessly, and took his hand. It was small. Her fingers were much skinnier than hers, giving giving her whole hand an almost fragile look to it. It didn't reflect her obvious strength at all, even when she matched his grip.

As he pulled her out, water falling from her body en mas, a laugh broke her lips that matched her appearance. Her voice was soft, so much so that it relaxed him as well. Her soaked clothing clung to her in desperation, showing off her lithe body even if that had not been the intent. His eyes were drawn not to her curves, however, but her eyes. They were a crystal blue, clearer than any water he'd ever seen and much more vast. Her pink hair stuck to her skin like it was glued there, and her lips held a natural pink tint. She was, by all accounts, beautiful.

She spoke with a sense of confidence that did well to shroud her embarrassment. She brought attention to her own slip up by the rocks, grinning and joking about it all the while. Still, he stared on in silence.

He recognized this girl from their brief interactions in the past. She had hardly changed physically. Her personality, though, was much more vibrant. It radiated with a warmth that brought people closer. Even he felt as though he could thaw out, if only they remained in proximity. His own appearance, however, was incredibly different. His ivory hair, fair skin, and heterochromic eyes were nothing like what he once was. His sturdier build and slightly taller stature, as well as the entire bone structure of his face, had changed. He looked nothing as he once did, and yet, she picked up on something. Whatever it was, he would never know, but still the question came. "Have we met before?"

His breath caught in his throat. He was nervous; Why was he nervous?

"We've met before," he said, his voice trailing off as though he was trying to figure out what to say next. There was a short pause before he spoke again, but for him it felt like an eternity. "I'm Finn Mertens, if you recall that name." It felt strange to introduce himself all over to people he once knew. It was to be expected, with the rather unexpected change of appearance. Still, would anyone recognize him? Would Alisa? Would Jake?

Those thoughts came to dead ends as he decided to not pursue them. He had came across an old friend today, and he'd focus on that. He dropped the warm looking jacket from his arms and stepped forward. "May I?" He asked as a formality, though he didn't wait long for a response before he wrapped the jacked around her shoulders and smiled weakly at her. "The temperature drops and the wind picks up before a storm. Can't have you getting sick, right?"

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Xandra Queen
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The happenings of the moment were indeed a sight to behold. She stood there, unaware of what to do and yet, too stubborn to let hints of her embarrassment seep out, be it through her words or actions. Her unwavering gaze looked up and met his own silent one. There was something oddly tantalizing about his heterochromic eyes. Perhaps it was the obvious fact that never before had she stumbled upon a gaze so exquisite. However, she had already been accustomed to be unbothered by diverse features that existed in this world. Rather just the mere colors of his eyes, perhaps it was the feeling of it. Staring into someone's eyes was never a difficult task but the man's gaze was surprisingly overwhelming. His eyes that darkened with the weather appeared to have a storm brewing within it.

Her smile faltered once her words faded, drowning within the dominant waves of the river that ran wild next to her feet. As the two fell silent, she couldn't help but let her eyes wander over the man. He was taller than herself, enough for her to have to slightly crane her neck upwards in order to maintain eye-contact. His pale skin was oddly suited to cold weather while his hair withered and danced underneath the touch of the wind. No matter how hard she attempted to grasp her memory for an image of him, she couldn't find it. She had never met that man before. Perhaps it was the comfort that she felt in his presence, one that she had felt before, that gave her the impression of familiarity. It was possible that she was utterly wrong. In fact, she quite hoped she was.

The past was something that she had wished to put behind her. Although the woman no longer had any goals in mind, or any hatred fueling her ambition, she did not wish to remember the kind of person she was years ago. It would be safe to say that she wanted to forget. However, if he was someone that she had known, someone who had her past self etched into his mind, the woman was unsure of how she would react. As she quickly gathered her thoughts to brush them off with a simple 'nevermind', his words stopped her.

They were three simple words that she wished he hadn't said, but she couldn't voice her thoughts. So he was someone that she had met. Her face didn't have a chance to completely falter in disappointment as her brows hastily knitted in confusion. She stood there in silence, facing him with unhindered eyes as she desperately tried to recall. Had she perhaps erased the man from her memory. At one point, she did wish she could remove everyone existence from her mind, and hers from theirs, only to start fresh. However, that wasn't possible.

As the silence continued, she slightly raised her brows, refusing to answer until he spoke first. And he did. The name itself made her eyes widen in recognition as subconsciously, a small smile made it's way onto her faltered lips. The name Finn, while she had heard perhaps only twice, was one that stuck with her. Her mind wandered back to their first encounter at the forest, one that was unique enough for her to remember. In her memories was a young boy of blond hair, a bright smile and a friendly personality. There was always something about him that eliminated her need to feel awkward. However, the one who stood in front of her now was a man, no longer the boy she remembered. He was no longer smiling and casually greeting her, rather stood their silently with his strong gaze.

She could sense that there was something different about him besides just his appearance. However, the one thing that hadn't changed was the sense of ease his aura carried. She simply nodded as he offered her his jacket. It was rather delightful to see that his need to step in and help when she landed in trouble hadn't changed. "Finn? Of course I remember." The woman who was once quiet and cold had now changed. Her once monotonous face that he probably remembered now had a smile on it. It was the perfect time to overwrite his memories of her, and it seemed that she would have to overwrite what she remembered about him as well.

The Bellan no longer felt the need to trudge over memories of the past which reduced her desire to ask him about what happened to him. After all, there were never that close but that just meant that she wanted to get to know him better. "A little cold won't hurt but thanks." His jacket engulfed her slender body as she grabbed it's hems and pulled it, cozying herself into the warmth that it radiated. "You know. I don't usually like owing people favors but you've saved me how many times now? Twice? Guess I have no choice but to make it up to you." A grin fell onto her face as she nudged him to demand something from her.

Maybe it wasn't so bad, meeting an old friend.
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Unforgettable [Finn]  Empty on Sat Jun 22, 2019 12:47 pm

"Of course I remember."

Those were words that sent off a cascading effect within him. He hadn't expected her to speak to him so matter-of-factly. She had always been the quiet and distant type, from what he had remembered of her. She seemed more interested in Jake than she did him. Conversation for her had always seemed like torture, like she'd rather listen and observe from a safe distance where she'd never be entrapped by others. She had walled herself off to anything that could be considered new or different, including experiences with others.

That had been his impression of her, and yet the woman he had met today wasn't Xandra. Not the woman he had thought himself to know, at least. She carried herself with a quiet confidence; The kind that befit Nobility. Her movements, despite any sort of embarrassment that one would expect, didn't seem to contain the slightest bit of hesitation. She had brought her hands up to the sides of his jacket, pulling it tighter around herself. She seemed practically engulfed within it, and he couldn't help but grin at the sight of her.

The gray skies darkened further, and in the distance a lions roar could be heard spreading across the sky. More followed, and in the distance the dark clouds could be seen illuminating for the briefest of moments. The storm was getting ever closer, and her last vestige of dry clothes would be ruined. "Maybe you could make it up to me by letting me know if you're staying near here?" He glanced towards her, his face containing zero awareness of what one with a more scrupulous mind may have thought he was implying. "It's getting ready to downpour, and I'm sure you'd like to change into dryer clothes. I'm staying at the opposite side of town, so I can't exactly make it back in time."

Perhaps she wasn't staying close enough? Had that been the case, he'd have invited her to a nearby cafe or restaurant instead, but it would not allow any way to deal with her soaked clothes or hair. Once she'd answer either way and they took off towards one of the two locations, silence befell them. The wind had picked up drastically, and the rumbling above had made itself directly overhead it seemed. The rain was going to begin to fall any second, but they were nearing their destination.

Hesitation was preventing him from speaking. Every time he felt like speaking, something else stopped him. Overthinking his words, complicating the situation again and again while thinking that things were different than they really were. His absence away from people had made him weary. It was to be expected with the life he'd lived over these past few years, perhaps. A bit of his early life had regained prominence within him. His silence, the way he eyed people around him and alleys they passed, he was trying to familiarize himself with the current state of the landscape. It was like he was a wild animal in new territory. Perhaps he had made a mistake returning to Fiore? Perhaps he had made a mistake approaching old acquaintances?

A deep breath calmed his nerves.

He was overthinking everything. This wasn't why he came back. To live uncomfortably and to push himself back into old habits that he and his brother had worked together so long to break. He needed to relax, to loosen up, and to reestablish his old friendships. And he would start here, with this new Xandra.

"I've been away from Fiore for quite some time, but it was brought to my attention that apparently Demons made an appearance here?" He was referring to Orchidia specifically, rather than Fiore as a whole. His eyes glanced towards her. "Is that what brought you here? Fighting demons?"

It wouldn't surprise him if that were so. If he remembered correctly, she had been a Rune Knight. He had no reason to suspect that she had left her order, and so that brought him to the conclusion that she was still one of the special police within Fiore. If Demons had truly made themselves present, and were as big of a threat as he expected them to be, then it only made sense that she had come in search of those otherworldly threats. More than that, though, it was a perfect way for him to break the silence. Hopefully, this newly-talkative Xandra would help him out and move the conversation along.

#7Xandra Queen 

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Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

The sight of the boyish grin that adorned his face brought out a smile of her own. She couldn't help but feel enlightened as she found herself comparing her memory to the present, despite how much she had wished to forget it. Perhaps she found herself delighted to know that despite changes that the passage of time had brought within herself and those around her, some things remained the same. She looked at him as he spoke, saying more than he had within the past few minutes. It was as if the fog that regarded them as strangers slowly faded away.

"I'm actually staying in an inn nearby. We could go there, if you don't mind."
She craned her neck to gaze at the sky which indulged in dull beauty of the clouds and the roaring screams of thunder. "Well, my place is probably closer. We can stop by there. Hopefully, it doesn't start raining by the time we reach."  

Without any hesitation, she gently pushed his arms so he'd turn around and led him to the edge of the road, further away from the river bank, until they reached the middle of the road. Around them were few people hastily rushing around in order to seek protection from the rain while the two individuals walked at a quick, yet leisurely pace. The sounds of bustling footsteps and noisy chatter submerged within the occasional cries that descended from the sky. However, among them, only laid silence.

The female couldn't help but curiously glance up at Finn, unable to register the irony of their encounter. As much as she would have enjoyed this silence in the past, she found it to be rather suffocating at that moment. Her mind swirled with thoughts as she wondered what to talk to him about. The curiosity within her poked diligently, threatening to ask about something that would perhaps not be something quite befitting for a reunion.

"The weather's been pretty chaotic lately. I quite like it but you see, a lot of people don't." She said glancing around. In the past, she always appreciated how the boy started conversations with her, those that didn't require her to bring down the walls she had built herself. He had always provided her a comfortable space in which she didn't feel obliged to respond, neither did she want to get away. He had always been courteous towards her lack of verbal interaction, which had been rather refreshing. If anything, Xandra wished to do the same for him today. Luckily, he didn't seem as closed off as she had anticipated. He too, stroke up a topic for idle chatter.

"Well, I did intend to come here for that but I was caught up elsewhere with work. By the time I came around, most of the fun stuff was already over. Right now, I'm here to just help out a bit because you won't believe how many people take advantage of the chaos and commit crimes." She clicked her tongue at the mere thought of that.

Her mouth ran off until she remembered the exact words that he spoke, "Wait, you were out of Fiore for a while? I hope it was fun. Where did you go?"

As their steps approached the small building in the corner of the street, she would tentatively listen to what the man next to her had to say if he were to burst out into a telltale of his adventures, or even just a few words would be enough to satisfy her. Upon finishing his words, she'd point at the dull beige building which appeared rather gloomy underneath the melancholic sky. "That's the inn. It looks a lot brighter on the inside, I promise."

As soon as the two step underneath the small roof at the entrance of the structure, the rain would begin to pour. Taking one final look at Finn, she'd soften her hold of the jacket before slipping her arms into their stitched placement within the jacket. Her hands were hidden by the large jacket that even made her tall figure look rather small. A grin found it's way onto her face, "Well, we're safe from the rain. Follow me."

Flailing the sleeves of the jacket that didn't even belong to her, she turned on the heels of her feet and climbed up the stairs with occasional glances to check if Finn was following. After climbing over a flight of stairs, she'd halt before a wooden door. Scrambling to find the keys within the pockets of her attire, her hands made their way towards the lock. The silent corridor was entranced by the sound of the keys jiggling within her clasp.


With that, she pushed the door open. "Welcome to my humble abode." She stepped inside with a smile, dramatically holding out her hands to let an old friend in. "It's not much but do make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back." After he'd enter, she'd shut the door, looking back at him. "You can take a look around. Although....there isn't really much to look at."

The room was small, yet cozy. In the center was a large, unkept bed as the sheets remained sprawled just how she had left them in the morning. The wooden floor was clean and spacious, with a couch pushed back against the plain white walls. The clear window provided an elegant view of the rain as the pattering of the droplets evaded the tranquility of her house. Towards the other end of the room, a small counter was placed which provided her enough place to use the available kitchen appliances.

Removing the jacket, she hung it on a wooden chair to dry before quickly hopping into the shower and letting the warm water wash away chill from her body. Hastily, she wrapped herself in a fresh pair of over-sized clothes before stepping out. "Sorry to keep you waiting." She'd look at Finn before glancing out the window, "Well, in this weather, I doubt we can go out and have fun." Clapping her hands together, she'd revert her gaze back at him, "What do you say we do?"
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She had put her hands on either arm, pushing him in a way to turn his body and force him to walk in the direction she intended. He could have resisted, of course, but there was no reason to. He had asked her to go with him, or to take him along. This was merely her complying, willing to do at least that much for an old friend. Her palms were small, fingers thinner than his own. Yet when they grabbed his arms, he felt a certain strength behind them. She was no ones damsel.

She would not need saving.

As she turned him and hurried him along, silence fell between them like the silence between notes that brought together a song. Perhaps, for her, it had been uncomfortable. For him, though, it had formed a sonata of life. It was something he remembered about her that he never truly appreciated until now.

She had a way of making the silence feel okay. The old him would have never paid it much mind, instead charging forward to awkwardly bridge the wordless gap. Yet now it was something to be appreciated in, relished in. It was not an absentminded realization either; He was painfully aware that he enjoyed her silence as much as he had appreciated her touch. It was a feeling that he was painfully acquainted with, yet would not dare phrase.

Then, acting as a bridge to transition back into conversation, she gently reinserted herself into the place that silence once reigned supreme. She spoke, an offhanded comment about the weather and her appreciation of it. It was idle conversation, little more than small talk. It was the type of thing that you'd say to a stranger at a train station, alone and awkward in that loneliness. This and that, however, felt different. It had not felt at all forced, despite the relatively random sentence. Instead, it redirected his gaze upwards. To the dark gray expanse that had dulled the world, and made the flashes of light that escaped their grasp that much more vibrant.

She had answered his question honestly. She was that type, though. She would not try to spin her actions in a way that made them sound more valiant than what they were. She was a warrior, a similar breed as him. Of course their actions were done with an intent to protect those around them, those who were too weak to protect themselves. Still, there was a sense of enjoyment that came from battle that neither of them would try to deny.

She had asked about his travels. A question that was hard to answer briefly, and that would just as easily ruin the remainder of the night as it could provide them a topic of conversation. He couldn't hide his obvious discomfort from the question, so instead he chose to answer in a way that would hint how he wished to avoid it.

"Many places, some more enjoyable than others. I'm just glad to be back."

It gave the option of making things between them uncomfortable, awkward even. All he could do was trust that she wouldn't allow that. Then, sure enough, she proved worthy of that trust. She commented that they were at her current place of residence, and a joking promise that it would look better once inside was thrown out. He chuckled a little, despite it not necessarily being funny. He appreciated her being willing to move them away from that topic so quickly, and seemingly unphased.

The way she moved around in the jacket far too large for her was unfitting her position within the Rune Knights. It held about it a certain innocence and cuteness that one would likely never associated with someone of her position. Still, he couldn't say he disliked it. A smile had crept on his face, one he was hardly aware of, while she turned the lock and allowed them inside.

She introduced him to the Inn room, making comments of how he could make himself comfortable, and then apologizing that there wasn't much to look at.

Looking at her for a moment, and locking eyes if she would turn his way, he spoke without thinking or hesitation. "Well, I don't know about that necessarily." It wasn't direct, nor would it be something he dove into further. Instead, he turned away from her and stepped over to the window, sliding the curtains to the side to gaze out at the puddles beginning already to form in the streets.

As she showered, Finn simply stared outside and let his mind wonder. He was thinking back to his travels, due in part to her question of them. They weren't all bad, necessarily. They had just come at a cost; The cost of his brother staying behind. It was something that had helped him grow, and would continue to do so. It was not necessarily a negative thing. Yet, for the moment, he couldn't bring himself to casually discuss it. Perhaps she'd ask later?

The sound of the door opening behind him had pulled his attention, and as he turned he felt himself freeze. Her hair was plastered to her neck and face, wet from the shower. Her face was without any remnants of makeup, if she had been wearing some at all, and yet it didn't matter. Her look could only be described as natural, perhaps even messy. She spoke to him, but he didn't hear a word she said. Perhaps that would be something he'd apologize for later.

"You're beautiful."

Or, perhaps he wouldn't.

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Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

The brazen cold that loomed in the vicinity, desperately attempted to slip past the thin drenched glass of the window and evade the warmth that protectively lingered within the four walls of the room. Around her, the masses of neutral shade blurred as droplets of water skid over her forehead and penetrated her vision. Closing her eyes for the brief moment in which silence followed the tranquil echos of her own voice, she wiped away the dampness from her fairly smooth skin.

Emerald orbs revealed as they stared at the man with curiosity, wanting to know what his reply would be. His distant expression and curious gaze that lingered onto her for some reason didn’t quite give away any clues to what he was thinking. Behind him, she could see the clear glass being tormented by water droplets as they let out faint cries, engulfing the silence that surrounded them. Xandra could only wonder if the man had perhaps felt nothing more than uncomfortable. His meek responses and the prior evident discomfort at her questions made her mind wander.

Where exactly had he been? What exactly had happened?

But she couldn’t bring herself to ask those, rather, she didn’t want to. Simply because she realized that it wasn’t her place to question him. Another thought that crossed her mind revolved around the memory of his dog, Jake. Her thoughts wandered aimlessly, wondering what had happened to him. Alas, all she could truly do was wonder.

As she looked at him, she found her curiosity rising. It was rarely ever the case that she wished she could peer into the mind of another to simply know what they were thinking. Perhaps it was the dull white light that cast onto his face, making it slightly unclear to look at, which caused her to take a casual step forward only to halt. She attempted to read his expression and the eyes that were clouded in shrouds of mystery.

However, the words that escaped his lips brought forth more surprise than she had anticipated. It was safe to say that he had successfully caught her off guard. Her eyes widened slightly as the comfortable quietude befell upon them yet again. This time, she made no attempt to break it.

Instead, she found herself staring him. Her eyebrows, hidden behind a mass of damp hair that stuck to her skin, knitted together as she tilted her head ever so lightly. Despite the apparent serenity of the atmosphere, the Bellan pursed her lips as smile threatened to make way. Despite her attempt to mask it, a small chuckle escaped her lips. She didn’t particularly put too much meaning behind words but his choice of words had managed to completely throw off her train of thoughts.

“Oh I’m sorry, you looked so serious while saying that.” She suppressed her laugh with cough before pursing her lips. She couldn’t quite figure him out, much less what his words had truly meant which also meant. “But you know what they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” A smile sprawled over her face, “You might just have to get yours checked.”

Memories of the past and her invasive uproar of curiosity was pushed aside as her light-hearted comments made way. For someone who had isolated herself from people for so long, confronting them was still never easy. Xandra still much rather chose to value actions over words and that’s what she planned to do with Finn. All she could do was merely hope that his words, which she casually brushed off, carried little weight.

Her hand, drowning within the mass of the damp towel, raised to brush over the long wild strands of her pink hair as her eyes refused to break contact. “You still didn’t answer my question, is there anything you want to do?”

Finally freeing his gaze, and her hands, she tossed the damp towel on the pairing wooden chair of that on which his jacket lay. Her hand reached behind and pressed down on the switch that rested on the wall behind her. Immediately, the intensity of the white increased as the sky grew darker outside the window.

She took one final look at him, eyes gazing at him expectantly and curiously. His appearance was a lot clearer now. The turmoil of wind that they faced outside contradicted with the solitary stillness trapped within these walls. His hair was a devilish mess, falling sloppily onto his forehead as his eyes exuded a much brighter hue than before. She couldn’t help but realize that there was something truly mesmerizing about his eyes.

”You’re my guest, you don’t have to hold back. And I still need to pay you back for your help.”

Perhaps she could anticipate being met, yet again, with another unexpected response.
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Unforgettable [Finn]  Empty on Sat Jul 20, 2019 9:13 am

Her words had come out through the laughter, carrying with them a softness that lightened the situation. There had been a time in his not so distant past where this interaction would have frozen him in place, anxious as to what every little action she took meant. Now though there was a sense of comfort in the moment that came across as confidence. Her laughter soothed him, and he felt his own lips curl up into a grin.

"My visions perfect, actually." There wasn't much to be said in response to her. No lingering would come across as anything other than forcing the moment. Once things stopped flowing smoothly and became jagged, the entire atmosphere would shift. His comment was just that, an offhanded realization that slipped out before he had been able to reign it in. There was no need to address it any further, at least not at the moment. Besides, this was their first interaction in years. Why not enjoy every twist and turn as it came?

Luckily, she seemed to agree. Grabbing hold of the tempo and pushing it forward, Xandra addressed him once more. She asked if there was anything specific he wanted to do, and his eyes trailed back to the gray tinted city. Clouds loomed dark overhead, rain pelting the building with enough intensity that its roar could be heard inside. It didn't look as though the weather would clear any time soon.

"Sure, lets go to Era." His voice came out with confidence, his face remaining stoic as to not betray the fact he was joking. It was likely she'd pick up on it shortly anyways, so why not enjoy it? "There's no better time to travel than when you can cut through a storm, right?" A dry laugh escaped his lips, his joke having stopped just short of being funny, and instead he shrugged.

"I don't really have a preference. There's not much to do in an apartment room, I'd imagine. Restaurants and cafes are eliminated unless you want to run through the rain. There's really not much we can do, except-" His voice cut off, trailing into silence as if dragged along by the end of his thought.

A curious expression took his face as he locked eyes with Xandra once more. Her bright, ocean blue eyes put his azure hues to shame. "Lets get to know each other a bit. We never really did that before, now that I think about it." They had never truly sat down and talked. When they had first met, she was someone who would speak seldom and only when the moment required it. He had always filled their silences with his own dialogue with Jake, and now that the brother was gone and Finn was matured enough to appreciate the volume of silence between words, the air between them was growing stale.

She had tried, of course, to cut through the silence herself. Without his participation though it had meandered to nothing in particular, and it was about time he helped her out. Stepping forward and sitting down on the single bed in the room, messy from her decision to not make it that morning, he looked up at her. He became painfully aware of the fact that the room smelled nothing of either of them. There was no individuality to it, only the overpowering remnants of whatever cleaning supplies the hotel had used before Xandra temporarily took over.

"You're a member of the Rune Knights, right? Why?"

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Unforgettable [Finn]  Empty on Mon Jul 22, 2019 12:59 pm

Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

The remnants of the lingering unease slowly drifted off into nothing as the moments of contemplating silence, in which neither of them uttered a word, became more comfortable. It had been a while since she experienced quietude when with another individual. Perhaps that would explain why her heart felt uneasy due to the lack of sound. She felt awkward, not knowing what to do. It was as if she had forgotten how to appreciate the beauty of the swaying tranquility. Rather, it might be more acceptable to say that she tried to forget. Her desperation to change the person she had been, had managed to morph the feeling of peace that once accompanied silence into unease. What once made her feel safe, now just brought upon a sense of loneliness.

However, as the distant ticks of time seeped through the walls of the room, she found her frenzied heart falling into a state of ease. It seemed as if for the past few years, she had always tried to run away from whom she once was, through attempting to make small talk. She was always trying to fill up the gaps with unnecessary words, as of she were in a haste; always talking about everything except herself. Her emerald hues looked up at the man that stood in front of her. Unlike her, he seemed to be in no hurry to erase the stillness within the room. In a way, it made her realize that they had time. There was no need to make haste because they could always just move at their own pace. Lost in thought, she couldn't help but let out a small laugh. Maybe she hadn't changed as much as she had thought. Maybe, she could learn how to appreciate the quietude between them again.

His voice echoed over the distant commotion of the rainstorm, pushing her out of her train of thoughts. His sudden remark did nothing much, other than kindle a flame of confusion within her. Her smile fell as her head tilted ever so slightly. Her eyebrows, hidden behind damp strands of hair, knitted together as she attempted to dissect his words. Although she didn't prefer to put much meaning behind words, his stoic expression made even his actions difficult to figure out, forcing her to place a sense of reasoning into the words that escaped his lips. However, the following sentence exposed his remark to be a mere joke.

The smile returned to her lips as she lightly bit the corner of it to prevent herself from letting out a laugh. "Why not?" Her smile fell as a mundane and serious look painted across her face, "A simple storm like that shouldn't scare us. We can go to Era." Her forbearing expression, however, disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, only to be replaced by a small grin, "Unless of course, you don't want to." In a way, perhaps she was instigating him into agreeing. The knight had anyways planned to leave the town soon and move towards the headquarters located in Era. If she could get Finn to tag along, perhaps the journey wouldn't be as boring.

She leaned back, against the wall behind her, listening to his voice. Somehow, it seemed as if she wasn't the only one who had gotten comfortable. As he spoke, only to cut off his own words and drown them in momentary silence, she watched him with a curious gaze which only widened upon hearing the obvious words that he stated next.

It was true that the two strangers had known each for a few years now, but just how much did they truly know about each other? In fact, nothing in particular really came to her mind when she thought of him, other that what she herself had noted. Perhaps they were still too distant to properly be considered friends and if nothing else works, they could at least try to take one step closer to getting to know each other.

Regardless of that, she couldn't help but let out a sheepish grin. "You're right, we never did." One of the main factors that impacted the formation of a wonderful friendship years ago was possibly the woman's lack of will to open up. At that time, she didn't want to expose a part of herself that she wished to bury. That was why she always built a wall around herself, guarding herself from prying eyes and ears. It was also what she had previously done around the man that stood in front of her. However, right now, she felt as if she wanted to tear those walls down. It was as if he was asking her to break them down.

Her gaze followed him as he walked over, only to settle himself down onto the soft comforter that laid sprawled across the bed. She could only watch him as she wondered what he would ask, or more importantly, what was it about him that she wanted to know. There were quite a few things she wished to know but her thoughts were soon shut out as he asked her a question that left her rather dumbfounded.

It was a very simple and straightforward question overall but for some reason, she didn't know how to answer it so she just stood there and looked at him with a thoughtful expression on her face. The air that vibrated with their resonating sounds was now engulfed in the hands of the silence that yet again made it's return. Alas, she chose to break it rather quickly this time. "You know....no one's ever asked me that before." She had been a knight for quite a while and it was true that no one ever inquired about her intentions for joining the faction. They all assumed she wanted justice for the citizens, like every other knight did.

She made her way onto the bed, settling down at the other corner as she grabbed the pillow and place it on her lap while occupying it's place. "Well, I guess you can say that I joined the knights out of spite." The knight momentarily paused, just to see how Finn would react, before continuing. "I used to hate them so much that I could barely stand their existence. Being the council's underdogs and listening to orders without thinking on their own. They'd do anything just to be rewarded, even if it meant throwing aside the lives they were supposed to protect. So, my brilliant idea was to become a knight and bring about the change I wished to see." She let her lips carve into a grin. For some reasons, the words that she thought she'd have to sincerely ponder upon, flew out of her lips. Her hands fumbled upon each other as she spoke. "It's quite funny, isn't it? I was too fueled by hatred to even stop and think if I'd be able to do it alone. Well, regardless, times change and so do people. I guess I just realized that hatred won't take me anywhere. Plus, the knights aren't as bad as I thought."  

Resting her cheek against her palm while her elbow was propped over the pillow, she'd listen if he had anything to say to her. If not, she'd proceed to satisfy her own curiosity, one step at a time. She chose to return his own question to him. She felt like she could take her time getting to know him. "What about you? If I recall correctly, you're in Blue Pegasus, right?" If he were to reply with a yes, she'd simply let out a smile, "Why'd you join them?"

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Unforgettable [Finn]  Empty on Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:49 am

She had a playful mood about her that was not at all the Xandra he remembered. She seemed so confident and self assured. She had an aura about herself that was as relaxing to be around as it was to witness. She had truly changed, arguably for the better. She made a playful jab about the weather, insisting they go and putting the ball in his court once more. A chuckle found its way from his throat, and he shook his head in amusement. "Alright, you've cornered me here. We'll travel to Era together; Though, hopefully not until the rain subsides. You only just finished drying off, after all."

This was nice. He regretted, for a moment, threatening their peace together. His cheeks flushed ever so slightly at the memory of just a few minutes prior, his awkward exclamation when she reentered the room. It could have been enough to ruin the atmosphere, and yet luckily she took the comment in stride. He had asked her about her time as a Rune Knight to help move their conversation along, and to help pull away from that terrible moment, and luckily she had obliged.

What followed was a lesson in introspection. She could have just breezed by his question, answering it briefly and halfheartedly. Instead, she took a moment to think back. She considered her answer, wanting to make sure that she truly answered his question, before she spoke a single word about it.What then followed was a level of insight he never expected to have on Xandra. She dove, albeit briefly, into who she was years ago. She spoke of a spiteful past, and distrusting the very organization she joined and swore to serve. She explained her thoughts and reasoning, and how that resolved had slowly wavered over time without her realizing. And she spoke, now, of finding an actual sense of fulfillment from the organization she once hated so much.

Then it was redirected.

He should have assumed as much. Why wouldn't she have returned his question, assuming they both were truly interested in getting to know one another. "Why I joined..?" His words slowly trailed off as his gaze took him slightly above her, locking in on the corner of the wall. It felt like a lifetime ago that he joined Blue Pegasus. He hadn't really thought much of it at the time, and truth be told he hadn't really stopped to think much of it since. Yet how could he say that to her? She had taken the time to give him a reasonable and full response, so he owed it to her to reply in kind.

"I lost a bet." He spoke abruptly, chuckling at the absurdity of what he said and slowly shaking his head. His eyes drifted back down, searching out her own ocean hues. "I actually grew up in Worth Woodsea and was raised by- Well, raised by monsters." He hated referring to Jake and his family in that way, but it was the easiest way to make her understand.

"When I came to Fiore, it was my first time ever seeing other humans. I had no idea there were other creatures like me, and so I immediately did what one does when they grow up in the wild. I began fighting everyone who seemed they might be strong as, or stronger, than me."

It had been a different time back then. He remembered Jake stopping fights immediately after Finn would land blows, stopping them from dying and having to explain to Finn that humans did things differently. He remembered clashing with people stronger than him, sometimes more than one at a time, and winning only because they were trying to refrain from killing the child who was swinging a sword angrily at them. Thank goodness that child is gone.

"Eventually, I ran into a guy named Lance. He was the guild master of Blue Pegasus at the time. Apparently, a few of the people I'd nearly killed were his guildmates. He came to challenge me, and made a deal. If I won, I'd get his territory. If he won, I'd join his guild and stop fighting people so much. And, well-" he laughed, shrugging and shaking his head. "It was over just after Jake said to start. I remember waking up, on the ground, angry and confused. I've been with Blue Pegasus ever since.

"And you know the weird thing? I don't think anyone has ever asked me that question either. I don't think I've ever discussed it until... Well, now. So thanks for that, Xandra."
His eyes drifted to the window once more. "Do you really plan to go to Era in the near future?" Without waiting for her to answer, he spoke again. "Can I join you?"

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Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

The warmth of her palm spread to her cheek as she leaned further into it. Her emerald gaze, wavering between the glass window that was adorned with droplets of water, and the thoughtful eyes of the young man that sat before her, on the other end of the bed. It appeared as if he was taking in every word that she had said, listening intently to the sound of her voice that gently echoed through the room. The smile that rested on her face softened up as she looked at him. Perhaps she wasn't the only one interested in getting to know him. Then again, if she was in his shoes, she too would probably be engulfed in curiosity. After all, the change within her had been rather unexpected.

She quietly watched as he appeared to wander into his own thoughts after repeating the question she tossed right back at him. His eyes halted over her head while the gap between their words was filled with the faded pattering of the rain. She had no intention of disrupting his train of thought which he seemed quite invested in. Rather, she simply observed him silently. Finn sat facing her as his silhouette covered her view of a corner of the window that stood behind him. The mattress sunk slightly under the weight of his body while the unmade duvet folded and creased as it remained sprawled beneath them. The delicate lavender scent that invaded the room through the slightly open bathroom door, lingered in the air whereas the distant roars of thunder now sounded almost fragile.

Although the walls that surrounded her had thinned out, enclosed space of the room was initially meant for her only. It was a place where she could always be herself, now, as well as in the past; a place that closed off any prying eyes and allowed her to remain with her thoughts. It was a safe haven. However, now, there was someone there with her and yet, she felt just as comfortable. Perhaps it was because he was someone she had known or simply because she found herself subconsciously relaxing as time ticked past. Regardless of the reason, it was a pleasant experience.

After a few brief moments, he broke the silence. His words echoed through the vicinity, drowning away any other noise that threatened to take reign. Xandra's eyes widened in surprise, not just because of his voice that abruptly pierced through her sense of sound, but also because of the content that it carried. She had, by now, assumed that he was someone beyond the scope of her predictability but his words always seemed to catch her by surprise.

Her emerald irises, widened, glistened with curiosity as she silently raised an eyebrow, urging him to continue and he did, regardless of whether he saw her expression or not. All she did was listen as he spoke, taking in the information. Indeed it was something rather surprising but she tried not to show it on her face, Instead, she simply waited for him to finish. Her eyes briefly knitted upon his mention of the word monsters but her lips refused to let her thoughts out. What did he mean by monsters? Despite her urge to push the question forward, seeing how he ended it at that, she didn't investigate any further. That seemed like the conversation for another day.

As he spoke, laughing in remembrance of his past, he seemed to reminisce over his memories that were evidently rather fresh in his head. The Bellan couldn't help but find herself smiling along. "It sounds like you've met your fair share of amazing people."

However, noticing his mention of Jake, she had reached a point where she couldn't help herself anymore. "Speaking of Jake." She hesitated for a brief moment before decided to push forth anyways. "If you don't mind me asking, what happened to him?" Her voice was subtle, clearly expressing the genuine curiosity and slight concern that her words carried. Before he responded, she raised her hand, facing her palm towards him as she straightened her back. "You don't have to answer if you don't want to though."

If he had chosen to answer, she'd merely listen, settling into satisfaction with whatever he had to say and if he didn't, she'd simply give him a smile. Perhaps another time.

She watched as he turned to look out the window. Too engrossed in his story, she hadn't noticed that the commotion of raindrops had died down. Behind the blurry window, the sky seemed slightly brighter than the dull grey that previously painted over it. His voice yet again grabbed her attention as he asked her a simple question, followed by another without even asking.

"Well, the thunderstorm appears to be stopping. I did plan to head towards Era soon, possibly tomorrow. You can join if you want to." Her lips lifted into a grin as she glanced between him and the hazy view of the sky. "I could use a friend to drag along. Travelling alone isn't always sunshine and rainbows." She gazed at the window. It appeared as if fate decided to pull a small prank on her. The parting clouds let through a dim ray of sunlight that collided against her window. The Bellan drifted her eyes back towards Finn before letting out a sheepish chuckle, "Well, you know what I mean."

As she looked at him, her eyebrows knitted slightly. "If we're leaving tomorrow, then you should probably go rest. It's quite the travel from here to Era." With pursed lips, she put her pillow that rested on her lap away before standing back up. She motioned for him to get up as well upon noticing the clearing sky that tinted orange. As the late afternoon began to set in, she walked over to the small closet in the corner of her room and pulled out a jacket she had in her possession, slightly bigger than her own build. Hoping that it would fit, she tossed it to him. "You should wear that just in case. I wouldn't want you catching a cold."

If he did agree that it was time to leave, she'd open the door and urge him to follow her as she escorted him to the lowest floor of the inn. "Let's meet tomorrow morning, at the river."

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Unforgettable [Finn]  Empty on Thu Aug 29, 2019 5:23 pm

As she spoke of the people he had met, his gaze fell upon her once more. There was something he wanted to say, or at least that is what it looked like. The moment that it appeared a sentence had gotten lost in someones mind. Yet he never let it come to light. Whatever it was that he was going to tell her had fizzled out before she spoke once more, asking him what had happened to his brother Jake.

Now that was a more prickly subject. Finn's entire body language immediately shifted. His mouth drew taut, his shoulders tensing and his entire body language now seeming on edge. For a moment, if she was sensitive to such a thing, there seemed to be a defensiveness in his posture. Yet, before she could retract her question or comment on his movements, he spoke. [color=#3366ffJake is... Alive."[/color] His words came out quietly, each syllable pittering with no more notice than the individual rain drops that were hitting the window to her room.

"Him and I traveled very, very far Xandra. We saw a lot. We have done a lot. And for Jake..." His words trailed, and a smile forced its way onto his face that was more painful than any tears that would ruin his complexion. He looked to her with the smile, as if begging her to not question it. "And for my brother, it was far too much. He's living on his own in another country now." There was obviously a large amount of details that were left out. However, now was neither the time nor the place to delve into that information.

"But, enough about Jake for today." Luckily, she took his change of subject in stride and assisted in moving their talk along. She pointed out the moving of the storm, and that Finn was now safe to leave. That said, she did extend a legitimate invite this time around for him to join her on her travels to Era. He paused for a moment, slowly standing up and then smiling down to her. "I'd like that very much."

As he made his way to the door, he froze for a moment before looking back to her. "Thank you, Xandra. I needed to just relax; And, well," he paused, as if unsure of what to say next. "And well I'm really looking forward to being with you more. I'll see you at the river." And with that, he was gone.


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