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Garrett Hayes

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#1Garrett Hayes 

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Garrett Hayes


Name: Garrett Hayes

Age: 22 (Feb 5th, X765)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Class: The Ranger

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Rune Knights

Tattoo: Upper Right Back | Black

Face: Samatoki Aohitsugi from Hypnosis Mic  


Height: 6'2 | 188 cm

Weight: 185 lbs | 84 kg

Hair: White

Eyes: Red

Overall: Garrett maintains a moderately healthy lifestyle having a bit of muscle to show for his athletic nature. Standing at six feet and two inches weighing approximately one-hundred and eighty five pounds he is a tall, lean male for his age. His skin complexion is fair as his body does not tan easily in the sun rather than lack of outdoor exposure. His body remains relatively hairless except for his head hair which takes on a variety of different styles depending on what he is doing, though in its most casual form is let down. Being white like silk his hair also shares the same texture being smooth and soft to the touch as a result of great personal care.

His delicate features are relished with a pair of deep, ruby eyes. Garrett, when out and about, prefers to wear his duty uniform. This can vary between different armor types depending on what's accessible and a cloak of sorts with his Rune Knight Pendant worn around the neck. Otherwise, in casual settings he wears a standard pair of black sneakers, jeans, and a long sleeve collared button up.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Garrett was raised to respect people of all positions, whether they be a laborer or the King. He is kind to his allies and civilians to his home town regardless of their first impression. Garrett is wise enough to believe people are not inherently miserable and/or evil and thus takes brash rude behavior with little seriousness or personal offense. He tries his best to be a problem solver, thus taking his role as a Rune Knight very seriously, preferring to work with civil tasks such as patrolling or eliminating threats to the village rather than sabotage or spying. Although he prefers taking on good-willed tasks this does not mean he will refuse an assignment granted the reason is viable. He is outspoken by injustice and will lose his respect towards a person or opponent when that boundary is crossed. In those cases Garrett will be more than inclined to act upon his own will to serve justice by his own means.

As a Rune Knight he likes to view himself as a role model to the younger generation and a diligent worker to the higher ups. Garrett is very humble not seeking praise or reward to his actions, but instead in hopes that he can influence his comrades into doing the same. Pursuing this personal goal he is generous when taking the work load off his allies or stepping aside to aid others in need while on duty. He is a quick and very sharp thinker able to analyze and work calmly in stressful or otherwise tense situations, sometimes even earning him role as squad leader in some missions. Although he is an introvert he is not entirely antisocial. Garrett can easily talk to strangers, but really shows his colors in a group of friends where he belongs in.

Among those he considers close Garrett can be humorous, feeling less likely to offend his friends with a sense of humor or jabbing at ones performance. He is supportive of his friends and their personal issues or even financial, always willing to lend a hand.


  • Camping: Being an experienced outdoors man surviving in the wild has been something almost therapeutic. His skills in tracking wild game, sneaking throughout wild terrain, and foraging for food. Although great on its own, he generally prefers camping with friends or allies when traveling. This is because it brings them together in a cooperative, stress-free environment.

  • Brewing: Garrett enjoys most culinary practices, whether it be baking or cooking over an open fire. Brewing serves as his primary focus as it typically requires a sharper sense of taste and knowledge over how spices and flavors make their way into alcohol over general food or drink prep. Although he is not a heavy alcohol consumer himself he generally prefers to store what he creates.


  • Heavy Industrialization: Although he appreciates civilization, flaws and all, he understands there should be a balance between nature and human development. This is due to his own personal beliefs of conservation as well as his enjoyment of the outdoors. Being a Ranger his skills shine in the wilderness as well.

  • Showing Mercy: Garrett seldom attacks an opponent with deadly intent in combat whether he is training or attempting to subdue a criminal for a petty crime. Situations which call for deadly force are generally very serious which urges Garrett to not hesitate to deliver, and he is very unlikely to let his opponent go.


  • Finding His Center: Garrett became a Rune Knight with the goal of finding a reason in life. Being a young man with little exposure or life experience he is driven to fight evil and enforce law. After all, he would rather have good neighbors than bad ones. Surrounding himself with people that shares the same interests he figured he would find his fortune, whether it be life long friends, a lover, or a role as a Kingsguard.  


  • Judgement: Although most people dislike being criticized it has become an irrational fear to Garrett. This motivates him to maintain a great cosmetic appearance keeping up with hygiene and general home and equipment maintenance. This also give him a paranoid sense of self-preservation avoiding situations which may cause maiming or challenging people stronger than him to where he would be at a large enough disadvantage where  his opponent is capable of causing severe bodily harm. This fear is something he tends to enforce on others he cares about, urging them to do the same and may something forcefully prevent a friend or loved one from approaching hazardous situations.

  • Aging: Garrett values his life, as many living creatures do. But his fear of death is taken to the extremes where aging is something negatively looked upon. Being in his prime years he dreads the thought of not being able to perform as well in the near future which will inevitably prevent him from achieving his life long goals and enjoying them.


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description: N/A


History: Garrett spent most of his life within Era as most other children did. He was raised in a dual parent household with a sibling. Being the firstborn he had more responsibilities and a harder upbringing to serve as a role model for his soon-to-be younger sibling. Garrett was raised with a sharp wit and healthy development being taught the necessities of survival, good judgement, self-defense, and "standing up for yourself" by his father while compassion and personal skills were with his mother.

He was rather close to his younger sibling, eager to share what he learned from his parents and pass it down to them. Garrett enjoyed the role as a standing figure to somebody's life. It gave him a sense of accomplishment when their performance improved and a reason to belong; his entire existence was not in vain moving. He valued the thought of having an impact on something rather than making his way through life like a ghost.

Garrett would attend school and graduate before moving out of his parent's and finding a place of his own. He adapted well into society on his own at the age of eighteen working odd jobs and running errands to gather enough funds to sustain himself. It was this life cycle where he learned discipline and perseverance. It was also where he was motivated to do something greater with his life. After his graduation he seemingly began losing contact with most of his friends and lived a fairly shallow life with nothing much to do but living paycheck to paycheck.

Knowing he lacked a genuine existence he pursued a life in the Rune Knights as a solver-of-all problems. In his registration he hoped to find his future. Something more authentic that put his development skills to work. It was then his journey truly begun.

Reference: N/A

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Hello, and welcome to FTRP! I'll be grading your application. The following changes need to be made before approval:

  • Your age needs to be put, not just your birth year
  • You must list a race (even if it's just human)
  • You must state a color for your tattoo, not just the location
  • Since your class is Ranger, you cannot have a magic. Either put N/A for all the sections relating to magic in the character application, or choose another class.

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#3Garrett Hayes 

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Garrett Hayes
Got it all fixed up now I think


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This character application has been approved.

Garrett Hayes JbHIa7L
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