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What Bumps in the Night.(Open)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:00 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Maybe this situation was one that was hardly able to be avoided well in her case anyway, She did not think there was much that could be done. Priscilla found herself stalking the streets at the starting of evening time. Some could pick up what she was going to do but most of the time she had figured out her way around them, Something about her some how always did. Much like the many years she just kept track of some many things.

Nonetheless Priscilla continued on her way along the ally ways, just out of sight of most people that would lurk around them during the even she was either a step behind or in front of them to be out of their eye sight. Carrying a few things the woman just seemed to eventually drop and show up to some one who happen to one of the few people who happen to be one of the beggars, one who was one of the who who were actually in need that she learned. She left them a blanket and some food and Priscilla already seemed to be off by in the ally ways like she normally was.

But what about this evening be a problem? Priscilla seemed to be for now helping more then doing wrong. But maybe that sign of what was too come now, listening to a few people talking. Talking like they where going over a plan. sounds that if she picked up on where going to break into a home to get things out of greedy and not really out of need.

So what better to do then follow them, follow them and ruin their plans, Maybe stop them before hand was a option as well, seeing if she could piece that in which to say to stop them. But so far they seemed to be sticking to their guns. So like awaiting prey Priscilla followed them, planning what she would do.

#2Priscilla Ivalice 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Mon Feb 25, 2019 3:29 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
During these time while stalking Priscilla's mind would continue it's cycle of what it would be thinking entirely. Turning off a corner where they people she listen too were talking, After all her goal was now different in this very moment. With in a moment or two of her turn off merely one block away Priscilla then climbed onto the roof above her.

I should kill them.
The first thought in her mind that happen to think.

"Before they show up to the home." But she knew that would not work,Too open in view she did not want to be sighted.

The debate went into a part of her internal thoughts as well."I should tell the family." The next thought was but for some reason she felt the time was too little and she did not know the exact house, If she was sneaking enough to be picked up on, She would look in some manner as guilty as they did.

"I should....kill everyone in this situation and give what isn't covered in blood to whom be need of it in the streets."Wait a minute she knew that was the wrong thought, But before all was finished up on her plan she would see what would the house they are going to.

So Priscilla would land from one of the roof top and managing to keep her footing quiet. They would be be breaking something and entering while She was landing on the ground from the roof top. While they started to enter Priscilla mimicked when they would step to blend in but when they would break away from one another so would Priscilla.

At this point Priscilla had to wing and quickly so would she just other things would have to be set up first.

#3Kazimir Seiryu 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Wed Feb 27, 2019 1:30 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimiz had been wandering the streets and at times jumping from the roof tops. A lot had changed for the wind mage since his arrival in Orchidia and it was beginning to way heavily on his mind. He slowed down, to feel the wind rush across his face. His eyes glancing down to his hands. His body felt different to him now. His eyes narrowed at the thought of being at the mercy of something beyond him.

He gave a deep sigh as he landed on another rooftop. He had been absent minded about his duties. His head either in the clouds or lost in the thought of his own change. That was until he noticed some figures entering into a home in the moonlit night.

He squinted to see what he thought was a familiar figure among the three. "A break and entering huh," he stood up straight ready to devise a plan and casting aside his own thoughts, "Time to get to work then."

Kaz dropped down using the wind to cover the sound of his arrival and making his step light. He followed behind the three and suddenly became aware of the person he thought he knew. Two of the men in front broke off and the third followed suite but kept their movement hidden from the other two intruders. Her actions almost indicated she wasn't with them. Kaz ducked around a small corner out of the eye sight of the two intruders but not to the one he finally realized was the woman he met by the woods.

He sent a gentle but noticeable breeze at her. Hopefully it would grasp her attention without giving away either of their presences.

#4Priscilla Ivalice 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Fri Mar 01, 2019 11:19 am

Priscilla Ivalice
She seemed like she had a plan in mind already and was starting to go into motion, She felt something that was a controlled gust of wind Priscilla could not help but look around to see if a window was open or what was going on, But she also already wanted to stick to her plan. The problem that Kazimir would have is that Priscilla did not pick up he was there, but she would not had wanted to shift her plans at all in this moment, This could be trouble for him and even her depending on what would happen.

But shortly after that gust of wind Priscilla seemed to creepy off almost as quickly as she once head long ran into the coyotes Kazimir saw her kill with her own hands, Keeping that it mind it could easily be left to wonder what she would be capable here.

But shortly after Priscilla took off you could hear a noise of something dropping, the following moment it would seem to Kazimir that she was causing the sound intentionally as bait to the two men she was tailing.

"What the bloody hell was that?" You could almost make out the whispers of one of the men.

"I don't maybe a dog or cat knocked something over."The problem this also followed now there was now the sound of a fourth person moving in the house. Since Priscilla seemed to not be making any foot step noises it could be added to the list of various things, That one of the people in the house was now moving about, This was adding even more possible problems.

One of them for Kazimir is Priscilla was no longer in sight, nor knew he was there as well as she had a bit more danger to who could be living there under the situation that people living there, that wasn't any of the robbers could risk if they were brave enough to not only attack the robber but Priscilla as well.

Just as it seemed a small pause in actions there was a different sound added here and it could easily be picked up now what was going on.

"Who are you?" the one of the two already spoken voice said but it followed with a loud crash noise like some one was tackled.

"Get'em off of me!"
it followed in a moment after the tackle noise. Was it Priscilla or the other person walking around the house here it would be one that would have to be figured out shortly if action where taken.

"Get out of my house." It, well the voice now, sounded male if anything could be a male trying to defend his house from robber to not only protect his home but whoever else could be living here.

Priscilla would not actually be too far behind this man but it seemed signs could be picked up she had done something else. Priscilla learned this house contained a child, and now a man...there was a safe assumption there was a woman that would live here.

"Stay here darling."
Priscilla mentioned quietly and assuring the small child."You are safe in your room or with your mother."With that Priscilla was already down stair and getting into the brawl of three men downstairs.

The one trying to defend his home after knocking one down and running some where in his house seem to run to somewhere else in the house. But you could hear the following.

Not too long after to two robber seemed not only get up and chase after the man, Now Priscilla was right behind them still and after they tackled that man to the floor Priscilla would finally be taking action.

Loud sound of a struggle would be in the kitchen, it would be easy for Kazimir to go into action now that he could pin point where to go.

Putting her foot just before one of the men and pulling him back throwing him to the floor, Just shortly after that you heard."How many of you are there?!" from the house own after he knocked the one away from him.

He assumed he had knocked the one Priscilla got off of him away but he then went after Priscilla and she did not expect it since she would for that moment be turned to her right side after pulling one of the robbers to floor what followed would be the sight of Priscilla getting stabbed, right through her right upper arm, Priscilla did not seem to scream but she did not seem to act much at that current moment, But now there was a danger in this moment, Priscilla now had the thought of killing one of the people she very well has been trying to help in this moment.

#5Kazimir Seiryu 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Sun Mar 03, 2019 8:40 am

Kazimir Seiryu
His gust went unnoticed and there was little time to take further action as the situation escalated. Priscilla was already moving downstairs following the sounds of a confrontation. men's voices were yelling back and forth and small crashes gave way to the struggle.

Kaz turned the corner just in time to see her moving downstairs after consoling a child. It gave him a small smile at the nurturing reaction she gave. However, her stance reminded him of the same predator response she showed against the wolves.

Following suit, he made his way behind her to the bottom floor. As he arrived he heard a faint thudding in the kitchen. Heavy footsteps, he thought. before him was a man, presumably the resident wrestling with the robbers. Priscilla dashed forward to yank one off. At the same time Kaz clapped his hands to feel all the vibrations around him in case there were any other hidden assailants.

She seemed to have this one handled and if the home owners grew weary he could show them his rune knight badge to alleviate the tension. Either way, he ran by Priscilla and into the kitchen to see the final robber flinging open drawers until he came upon a knife. he stood in the doorway so he could keep an eye on how his impromptu partner was doing.  

Kaz gave a small sigh, "I Would advise not taking any further action. You're under arrest from the rune knights," He said although those words were becoming more and more empty to him. The routine of saying it and how little it worked was wearing on him.

"Get outta the way knight!" the robber yelled, brandishing the knife. He lunged forward with it. The blade aimed at Kaz's torso. It was an uncoordinated attack from a man that new little of mages.

Kaz brought up his staff sending a blade of wind that disarmed the man. The knife spiraled behind him and stabbed into the ground. The next blade of wind cut the man's chest and sent him to the ground. In that same moment he glanced back to see another blade piercing the woman's arm.

Her expression changed and he knew it was potentially going to end badly. He flung his staff again to send a current of wind to knock the knife wielding assailant backward and away from her. "You okay," he asked Priscilla as he closed the distance and stood between her and the knife wielding attacker. She was doing good work her but didn't want her to take anyone's life. At least not in the presence of innocents.  

There was now one injured robber in the kitchen, and one on the ground in the living room. The final one was still up and ready but faced the combined force of the two mages. Not to mention the angered home owner that was no doubt confused and worried.

#6Priscilla Ivalice 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Mon Mar 04, 2019 10:48 am

Priscilla Ivalice
What next her mind thought in it's spare moment but the problem was one thing the process it followed became darker and darker.

Kill them....Kill them all let no one stop you.
One thought follow.

Strangle him until you see no life within his eyes. These thoughts while in her mind in reality she was pulling that very knife from her arm, with a still almost blank expression as well she was not answering him.

Rip them into very pieces like the savages they are, after all what so called good person would do any of these things, humans are nothing more then monsters like you are.
It was that little voice in her mind that not many could pick upon often that would be .

She still said nothing but that would most likely be the worst sign in Kazimir eyes since he only just got the basics of what happens with Priscilla and had yet to see the full out burst.

But this would most likely be the sign what would happen would be next most likely Kazimir would try and stop her....easily guessed Priscilla would not care at all if some one would try to stop her, she wanted blood, she wanted to killed, She wanted.

"Eye for an eye." Priscilla just seemed to mention, almost as creepy and dark sounding as it was the only words she had spoken so far.

With some one standing....and a Rune knight in her way, That Priscilla that Kazimir would just do as she normally did. She did not walk past him more like seemingly shot herself like a dart to the final standing man.

What follow could be expect or horrifying depended to what people assumed. after shooting like a dart and seemingly having the her target on the floor. holding him down by sitting on his chest and with her left hand put it around his neck and started to strangle him to death, But this was the starting of her chain of actions.

Could easily see the while she was starting to strangle him the knife in her right hand was flip blade down and with in a moment she just started to slowly drag the blade across their face slowly.

Then followed by her just stabbing them in their right eye even dragging the blade slightly, She still was not done. She would start stabbing the man could easily be consider overkill by this level because she was still choking him to death.

but she shifted herself down slightly to allow herself room to do what she would be next doing in this already slightly predicted mess. Which was stabbing this made over and over in the chest with this knife at this currently moment if Kazimir was counting would be over 9 and continuing.

#7Kazimir Seiryu 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Wed Mar 06, 2019 12:31 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir should have anticipated the response by Priscilla but her actions nonetheless caught him of guard. He had thought she would show more compassion toward human life unlike the coyotes but he was wrong.

She rushed past him with a savage assault on one of the robbers. The only thing she mentioned was something about an eye for an eye. This however, was giving much more than she had received. Kaz stepped forward to intercede when he felt the presence of two people walking down the stairs.

Quickly averting his attention to the stairwell he saw the child and her mother about to lay eyes on the gruesome scene. Without missing a beat he shot a large gust of wind that knocked the living room couch into the stairwell, blocking their way. He only hoped it was in time enough to stop them from seeing what was transpiring. Alas the cries from the small child may have proved otherwise.

By the time the wind mage turned back to the attack, Priscilla was already nine stabs in and still choking the man. He knew he had to put a stop to this. The woman he had met was mysterious and was dealing with crime but he couldn't let this savage assault continue. Maybe if things were different. If he wasn't a knight he may feel the same. or not even care that she did it. But he had a duty, and he wasn't about to let this families home be tarnished by murder.

He rushed forward as her arm rose to deliver another slash. He grabbed for her wrist that held the knife to stop it from slashing downward again. "That's enough. You talk about and Eye for an Eye, but you've done far worse to him than he did to you. Would you follow your own rule and let him take your eye," his tone was much colder than it was the first time they met.

"For that matter do you intend to traumatize this family with bloodshed?" he asked although not forceful it was stern. If he didn't have a strong hold on her wrist he would still move his other hand near her ribs. Wind gathered around his hands along with a white magical circle indicating he was ready to launch a close range spell if absolutely necessary. It was easy to see he really didn't want to but this had to come to an end. He needed to stop her murderous intent.

Other than the bleeding man on the ground, maybe it was Priscilla who needed to be saved the most. In a small way it reminded  him of his own struggles with control and what he was becoming. Of the torment in his own mind.

#8Priscilla Ivalice 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Thu Mar 07, 2019 5:22 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed Kazimir only would see what starting what Priscilla was only lightly mention. But it seemed like there was one small piece that sparked from her being stopped by him. But that paused was mostly quiet and so far met with the sound of quiet, But eventually the knife just seemed be let go by her. But she did not look at him with this. It almost seemed like any other sounds to echo louder with how still this moment is.

It would only be broken by the sound of the knife eventually hitting the ground."So, she didn't listen and hide like I said too."Priscilla mentioned when she finally spoke, There was no compassion or anything but the normal sound of some one she had small fix of something they where addicted too, There was no lust for more of it in her voice. But she feel some kind of freedom. Freedom from a never ending burden, Just that feeling would end quickly later when they where away from one another.

But Priscilla seemed to now be in logical and talking state of mind around Kazimir, But still was yet to move at all."If they wish to claim what I stated in my state of madness, Then he can when he recovers..."Priscilla also mentioned, It was new because most of the time no was around to stop her. She even wanted to ask why she followed and stopped her, But that feeling of bliss in her mind for the moment she was more content and slightly happy enough she did not care to ask, That feeling was just gone from her mind, She could feel like she could breath, it showed but also showed to the rune knight she was around how dangerous these situations around her could be.

Even if light Priscilla seemed to be waiting, her heart beat was normal, she was not breathing at a normal pace too. Waiting to learn and deal with what would happen with Kazimir, She would not even assume anything at this point because it was not in her train of thought right now, So for now it was a stand still.

#9Kazimir Seiryu 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:40 am

Kazimir Seiryu
The knife hit the floor resonating in the still madness of the room. It's loud clang against the ground was sound of the concluding chaos. Kazimir did away with the magic he was building up and slowly released the wrist he held. For now the situation subsided, but there was still much to address.

He gave a small sigh of relief as at least Priscilla was behaving more rational again. There was a lot of layers to what resided within the mind of the woman before him. A labyrinth he was unsure of how to traverse.

"Well if your intent is to allow the man restitution then pay it back by helping me instead," Kazimir began to gather up the three criminals and bound the hands of the non-critically injured ones.

"We have to get that man to a hospital now and I could use a hand dealing with them all," he gestured for her to pick up the robber with the stab wounds. As he gathered the men up he also took the knife and turned to the man that owned the home, "I'm with the rune knights. It is unfortunate that you were a victim of a home invasion but they are apprehended now. We will get these men out of here and I'll return to take your statement later. You should be with your family now. it was lucky that this woman saw them entering your home," he added the last part with a glance over at Priscilla.

He waited only for a few seconds to see what the man's response to everything was before turning back to Priscilla. He picked the two men up and pushed them towards the doorway and waited for the women to join him with the injured man.
"Shall we?"

#10Priscilla Ivalice 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Mon Mar 11, 2019 2:10 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
The question that would be left in most people mind is, What would really make this man think such a dangerous and deadly acting woman do such a more peaceful thing. Even Priscilla herself thought this was a very foolish move for the most part, after all She personally was free and did not care about him being a part of the rune knights, the things she would do both good or bad would not stop just by mention of job.

But surely this would be easily guessed, It would leave Priscilla puzzled onto what would happen after this situation, She even went to pick up the some how still breathing man but she carried him rather easily and was not too far away from Kazimir just so far going along with this man's wishes, But she was expecting something to sour down the line, She normally and always thought this in some manner, She expected it always in some way.

But internally she was waiting, even count in her mind for a moment to try and get away. But knowing for and all full well this man expected her to some how flee at some point. Just needed to be on a perfect point for her to do so, which would be in her mind and maybe even to Kazimir worry as well, If he was worried and had other plans or anything at all before she could do what she wanted.

But Priscilla really did not seem to want to speak to him after she started walking with him and helping him. Then again, She almost questions why she was now helping Kazimir then remembered she still followed some way, A very dark but honorable street code to say it was different then laws and such set in place by people.

#11Kazimir Seiryu 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:52 am

Kazimir Seiryu
His statement about being a knight was received well enough by the residents. It seemed as though his proclamation, although not directed at Priscilla, still landed on her ear in a particular way.

Even with all of that though she did lift the man's body up and begin to walk with him, joining the rune knight. He didn't know how she would have responded to his request and honestly would not have been surprised if she decided to carry him or to just dash away. After all, that is what happened during their last encounter. It was pleasing to see her help.

"Thank you," he replied in an appreciative tone. It wasn't long before the two of them were walking out of the front door to the home. It was dark outside and the streets were relatively quiet. Kazimir was about to turn back and question Priscilla when he saw a few rune knight pages on patrol in front of them.

He quickly gestured for Priscilla to duck into the alley with the wounded man. "I'll just be a second. There are things I'd like to ask you about." If she turned the corner, Kaz would push the two robbers towards the arriving pages before the reached the alley, "These two need to be taken in. I'll be taking another one to the hospital." He had Priscilla turn the corner so she wouldn't be seen and implicated in whatever mess this was. Or if she was indeed wanted by authorities he wanted to give her a chance.

Without a word in reply the pages complied and ushered the two men off. Kaz had taken his eye of Priscilla and if she intended to get away this would be the perfect chance. He didn't know what to expect once he returned to the alley. Whether she left the man there and ran, stayed, or if they were both gone.

What he did know is that she struggled with maintaining control of something and it was a worry that was building within him as well. He hoped to be able to ask her what it was like. What it was like to live with something out of your control.

He simply turned the corner and called her name, "Priscilla?"

#12Priscilla Ivalice 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Fri Mar 15, 2019 7:59 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
These seemed to be the situation she would getting into but getting more and more into some how by mistake, She was most likely opening her mouth and getting too use and known to the people around, She only did it because she hoped for a chance to flee away and not be mentioned away, To her oddly enough what she just tried to do was a failure in a few ways but she would try not to mention if they where to talk again.

Before she would turn any corner what would be considered her victim was left in view. Only person who was, Was Priscilla herself but signs she could be around where still easily picked up if you looked for the finer details. The part of the man's clothing that was soaked in blood seemed to ripped off. drips of blood also seemed to lead the way she went too.

Only harder part would be a part were the blood trail seemed to end at a turn and no sign of her was there. The path ways seemed to not show anywhere she could go...that was on the roofs anyway. She had gone up their easy to assume she did the same again.

Priscilla would still be watching, Waiting quietly but she was also covering up that stab wound that was on her. She just wanted to be out of view while she tried to tie it up, Something it was hard when your dealing with other things as well in your own mind.

She was still fighting the varying thought of murder and blood shed, It was not the time to listen to the monster that lurks in herself reflection. Every time kenw she had to give into her desires and keep hearing a voice in her mind, It would reflect when she looked at mirrors or anything else she could see herself in with her missing eye not being cover and her remaining eye covered. But the scared eye would be nothing but black as well, It had it's own way of showing it's self to help, to tempt her even more.

She would not really mention or say where she was, Even if she was being looked for and she heard her name. The problem would always be she would want to be gone, She started to think he did not know at all, Did not know any risk. Even if he did she would assume it was more basic then what Kazimir actually knew, She just would wonder why he would look for her now? was she going to be taken away? if that was the case it would be a vary different situation, She would willing resist, It would be very different if Priscilla were ever in cuffs or anything like that, But until she actually knew she would finish what she was doing, Hopefully it would be a rather need patch job of a bandage even if it was nothing clean.

#13Kazimir Seiryu 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Tue Mar 19, 2019 10:30 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir turned into the alleyway to see the man leaned against the wall still bleeding out. She indeed decided to leave him there. He couldn't blame her too much, if that was the kind of person she was. Either way he now had to take care of the wounded man and she was nowhere to be seen.

As he leaned over to help the man up he noticed the turn fabric and blood trail that led down the dead end. perhaps the night wasn't over just yet. "Hey! Take this one too," he called back to the pages as he leaned the body out of the alleyway. It would probably be better if he took the body in himself and helped him but his interests was else where. Regardless of anything else it would be good to figure out why she was there and if she knew anything important about the situation.

He clapped his hands and his senses extended to the wind around him as he moved through the alley and up one of the buildings following the trail the best he could. He continued until he sensed the small vibrations of her movements on a nearby roof above him. It was a small vibration no doubt from the movement of her dressing her wound.

The pages arrived below to grab the body but Kaz was already out of their sight too and they simply grabbed him and took the wounded man away. "So, you stuck around at least. Mind if I ask what you were doing there? I have no intentions of trying to take you in. After all, regardless of the method you did stop a robbery or something much worse to that family." his tone was as polite and inquisitive as ever. He was concerned about her wound but she seemed the sort to be able to handle it.

With a small smile Kaz spoke without having approached the area he sensed her at.

#14Priscilla Ivalice 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Tue Mar 19, 2019 6:28 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
So much the woman she was, Priscilla almost seemed to not answer. Her mind was else were in varying ways. It would not being really just shown with her right away but that very voice she heard that happen to come along with the itch in her mind was speaking to her as well while she was fixing a wound cover but while on going.

But it then picked up on the fact she was being spoken too.

"You should reply to him darling, After all it is rude to ignore some one."that voice starting speaking to her and so far she seemed to be trying not to listen to it for a moment.

Priscilla seemed to be heading off to some one else, But where and to do what would be a lot harder to pin down, But not too long after the sound of her landed some one where else on ground could be picked up.

"It seems, Even such a harmless question you ignore...Last time you did your regretted that just as much as many things."That voice went on, But also seemed to in her mind trigger some kind of horrible memory that unless she spoke about it would remind hidden, but in simple terms was pain as well.

Where she landed The one eyed woman seemed to be finally speaking but to some one that wasn't Kazimir but some one among the streets as well, but this was not anyone bad at all.

In fact when it could be hear or if Kazimir choose to stick around and watch see that side that most people could believe laid with in this horrible violent soul."Have you been spared from the cold and hunger?"She seemed to speak to what could be easily considered nothing.

But her being on one knee and with in some parts of the streets walked one a rather dirty looking girls, If guessed no more 4 years old, scared and nervous but came out to Priscilla.

When the child realize who it was and she was eye level Priscilla got a hug form her. Priscilla seemed to be doing more work."You are safe, Has anyone tried to do anything to do?"With seeing a nod no Priscilla then ask."Clothing or protection from the cold?"With also a nod no, in which she took off that purple scarf she always had on and wrapped it around this young child, Even reaching into somewhere she had money stored away and gave it to the child."As long as you still have your bed,You should be fine go rest."Petting the lass on the head and watching her leave.

Priscilla got on her feet normally and seemed to finally speak to Kazimir."If you can hear me, You seem to assume I need a reason to be anywhere."Which he could take that into account in anyway he choose too."I am free to do anything as far as I know."Priscilla then seemed to walk opposite and away from where she had just been.

"Had you not gotten in my way, Much like any things you have yet to learn. You would have had to clean the mess of bodies. I will skirt around anything I do unless risk of arrest."At least Kazimir also had a way he could get pieces of anything he wish to learn from Priscilla. As long as it did not risk her freedom.

"Oh him again?" The voice spoke to her again."He is starting to learn to much don't you agree?" It was speaking to her and suggesting things to her."Better question is why you have choose to search for me even if you do not wish to arrest me, You were much easier to simply leave me be." That was more of a bluff or her playing dumb she knew very well he was following out of most likely a parts for work."I have no reason to do anything I do, I only do as I wish." That was a simple and vague answer, Unless asked for detail he would be met with vague answers.

#15Kazimir Seiryu 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Sat Mar 23, 2019 8:52 am

Kazimir Seiryu
The woman met him with a more stark response than before. The again their circumstances were different. He sensed her walking away and slowly walked along a similar path across the roof top but didn't get in her way.

"I believe there are things that everyone needs to learn in this world. The moment someone believes there is nothing more to learn is the moment they need to learn the most." he spoke softly as he kept pace with her. He rose a single eyebrow and tilted his head at the mention of him getting her way from slaughtering the men. If she could have seen him she would see a slight shoulder shrug. After all he felt it his duty and had no intention of cleaning up a blood bath.

She shot a curious question back at him, trying to find out what his motives were. He had no reason to keep things secret and spoke bluntly. "That's s simple one. I want to know if you just happened across the incident or if you know if they are part of a larger organization?" he paused for a moment to formulate the next part of his questions. The other reason he came back.

He looked up at the sky for a moment, "Also...I've noticed that you have a situation. It seems that you struggle to control some...urge," He looked back in her direction. His eyes were still and focused, "I wanted to know what that was like? How you handle it? I... have a situation myself." He didn't expect to have this conversation with someone so soon let alone someone he barely knew, but the circumstance presented itself. He reasoned that sometimes strangers could be more effective than those that are closer.

He hoped his questions didn't scare her away, but he figured getting the answer to the first one about work would be a win even if he missed out on the more personal question.

#16Priscilla Ivalice 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Mon Mar 25, 2019 7:20 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
The first one would get the most easily guessed but most likely very unhelpful answer."I don't know if they where, Nor do I care they were a risk so I did something with in my means."She started off mentioning that, She seemed to be on the move again but that would not be something to be that dangerous."I still think they are better off left dead."Guess only risk now is if they end up out in some manner Priscilla would most likely be a risk of tracking down and killing them herself, Wouldn't shock anyone who really knew.

So far he would be the only one who would know. Which she would get to later, after all something she would have to warn him of would be mentioned. But nonetheless walking somewhere not quite sure where could it be, Her next spot where she went would be more of a personal meeting, with whom was trying to talk to her after all it seemed like it was....time for questions.

And maybe a few other things, She had some way of tailing around it."Sometimes, Monsters and villians are the savior for the hopeless, Even if they have yet to realize they need the help."Maybe it showed a few things, Priscilla still might not be has horrible as she assumes, But also in some manner poses a risk in some manner as well depending on the situation she was left in. Any other Rune Knight wouldn't let her be free most likely.

She seemed to make no sound for almost an uncomfortable amount of time, But if focused it would be picked up she was close by Kazimir."I heard their plan, them talking about...So I followed. Being the curious along with a few other thoughts in my mind." What they where she just did not mention."Waiting along the street ally ways, They never mentioned one hundred percent what house, Just they wanted to rob a place." Since he could see her face, Would Kazimir believe this? Even if she was telling the truth, Priscilla was masterful liar as well.

"That is it, That it all what you believe is entirely up to you if you don't believe me my dear."Priscilla  with that. Would seem to be going to Kazimir now. But there was a reason for why she was.

But would start explaining what he also ask. But her voice would be sounding like she was either above or to the left of Kazimir."Oh what stories you could learn about this.....Problem."The way she would speak problem could be noted like she she both hated it, knew it was a problem as well was just seemed to deal with it as a part of her and embraced it.

But next would be the word full trailing."It is like that one voice that never leaves your thoughts."She started with."But never is there to start with."

"When you wish for water, But could drain a lake and still feel like you need more."
Two of them, Just how many would she tell him before mentioning something that wasn't trailing around it with word plays.

"That one look in the mirror, Where it looks back at you."That one she seemed to deal with more and more,But she seemed to be in closing part of it."The never ending itch that....just...never leave."

I which now would seem to be the part Kazimir might be able to pick up stuff from. It is where Priscilla would lay it out."I could only wish such a problem left longer then it stays, I don't coupe or seek help for, I only resist poorly."Priscilla only sounded like was with in two step from Kazimir now.

"But, since you asked. It is a undying need to simply: Maim,rip, stab, violently shred, cause a blood bath, Cause suffering to anyone i just simply feel too....no reason why."
Their could actually be a reason she just never spoke of it."But each time I do it, I wish to do more of it Turning myself into a horrible monster who wishes to worst things then what you ended up starting to see."which he already knew.

"And keep in mind, I would have attempted to take you out too, Maybe even the child's father if he tried anything....even the mother, only truly the child was safe."That feeling of it being taken away seemed to be in her tone of voice like she was extremely unhappy about it."You can only go so long with out eating...only to eat again."Which was also true.

"The voice doesn't go away, Your reflection still look at you....all until to give in more and more to that one thing you know is wrong, You don't want to do anything for it....But you do it will only be come worst."
Priscilla seemed to not sound proud of it either, she was just there that was it.

Even when she learnt he apparently seemed to feel the same way."I am unsure if i could believe you."Which maybe that was easily guessed to from her."After all, Coming from a horrible monster How stupid to the Rune knights have to be to have murderous and blood hungry monsters in their ranks."

So it just seemed she just let it out, She would just avoid him after this conversation."I could only suggest you get help, Lest you turn into me. Slaying people innocent or guilty....young or old...able to fight or sometimes not."There still was a point to this."Slowest of slow or painless and quick....Until you get help from what you believe is exactly like mine."So much like she could attempt to do, Even if she doubted he was the same way as she was considering a lack of a death count she would never tell him.

"I suggest you either get help from some one who isn't me darling....lock your self up, get one of your rune knight friends to do it." And with a final touch of how she worked."Kill yourself, get yourself killed...or give in and become a unyielding murdering monster just in a human shell."Priscilla seemed to end with that, Priscilla seemed to even off advise even if she doubted if he was telling her the truth or could be in the same boat as her, in truth that very problem would feel jealous if a some one else showed up like her....some one else could take her meals away after all.

#17Kazimir Seiryu 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Wed Mar 27, 2019 11:38 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir didn't expect how cooperative she was with her information. She was so open with it, he wondered if she had been waiting all this time to be able to bet it out. To speak freely about the beast that plagued her mind.

He just listened as her voice move ever closer to where he was. It was a tale of loneliness and pain. Hers was a voice lingering in unspoken thoughts. The wind mages was no voice. Just a looming presence  creeping at the edges.

He sensed her presence coming up behind him from the vibrations but didn't look back. He kept his pace but let her approach his back. He only interrupted her once when something peaked his interests, "Never harming kids. I've seen you avoid an injured woman once and now speak about not harming a child in your murderous state," he said as he looked over his shoulder in her general direction, "Sounds like even when you loose yourself there is still a sliver of who you are left in it."

He listened to her continue her story until he interjected again with another question, "That sounds awful to deal with. Is that why you run away from people? Are you protecting them by doing that or trying to protect yourself?" He didn't know how the question would land but he had a feeling it may be a mixture of both.

When she spoke about doubting his own condition he turned to face where she was, "Mine is a recent development. I don't have the same blood lust that you describe. It only happens when a part of me feels my life is in danger. There is a pressure, things fade away. All that's left is an emotionless instinct," he didn't say more on it. He didn't know much about it himself as it had only happened a few times.

She brought the conversation around to advice for him but known of it was something he was willing to accept, die or become a monster. "I didn't expect you to guide me through anything," he said calmly, "I figured you would have some insight on what it feels like. How you coup with it. And you have."

"I have an idea where my beast comes from. Do you know the origin of yours?" He asked almost as a prelude to his next statement.

He took in a deep breath and stood more resolute, the wind blowing against his clothes in the night air. "I have no intention of taking any of those paths. I've had a...kind of help before," he paused for a moment and then continued, "Die or become a monster. No...I will tame this beast. I believe the help I need will come from looking inward to who I am and why this has happened to me.

He veered his words back toward Priscilla now, "Perhaps, you too can find some solace with others. You are not a monster. Just haunted by one after all."

#18Priscilla Ivalice 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Fri Mar 29, 2019 4:21 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It was almost a slightly heartless chuckle."My will for them is also fading my that reason is still mostly personal why I have managed to spare them." It seems as long as Kazimir is a rune knight even if he stated he wouldn't try to arrest her Priscilla would avoid mentioning anything."In truth that problem doesn't spare them only what is left of me that is fading."Priscilla would avoid mentioning that if she guessed right next time this happen she could not spare women or younger children, She assumed a lot of things.

"Just because I am a monster and know it, Doesn't mean a lot of times people who can not spare themselves the pain or suffering and being at the lowest point of their lives have to suffer from me."
She did not guilty anymore but much like this was her explaining it. It was why she was often out here in the streets, The homeless, the hungry and the scared often if remembered consider her a savior if they were to see her face for the easy reasons.

"Low lives suffer for a reason, They are my first target no matter what." Leaving out that she mentioned she viewed they deserve it no matter what."Be left to wonder what happens to people who do worst then rob."Which Priscilla would only leave him to wonder, could be an easy guess.

Priscilla then said."If it's the same thing, The darkest of fall will hit you when you believe you are in the most control and are in the think you won't do anything to anyone." Priscilla mostly just let this slip most for a warning."Then you have slaughtered 2 families plus 10 people as well."It was to show how far one could fall no matter the will they had, it was her being realistic with him about it.

"I do not coup with this. I either drown it out with varying type of alcohol or just let it linger, couping or resisting fail after many years."Which was the part that any would have to keep in mind for worry was she didn't just coup at all some how she just continued on.

"If you end up besting this what you call the beast, You are in the early stage to do so if it can happen."Priscilla seemed to not know if anyone could or not, She just assume she was the only one.

But also finding it odd some one really did not think she was far gone, Like it almost annoyed her for some one to have a thought. She was most likely not able to be saved but that was just her mind still. It seemed to almost make her feel sick in some manner. Hope was a wonder way to fool a mind even she had it at one point, It faded kind of slowly as well over time.

#19Kazimir Seiryu 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Fri Mar 29, 2019 11:20 am

Kazimir Seiryu
He was concerned to hear she felt her will was fading. It was a tough thing she lived with and he had no idea how long she suffered for but it seemed like far to long.  It left him to wonder if only slightly about how long his struggle would be. After all this was just the beginning for him. He wasn't under the misconception that their situations were the same though. He knew that while there may be some similarity there was also a stark difference.

"So it is a vigilante life that you live. Although I can't say I disagree. There's a lot of... low lives around that need to be dealt with," he said but not entirely supporting her way of dealing with them all. "And those that abuse the power they have and use it against the innocent," he spoke more passionately about that one. One that was a bit closer to home for him.

He indeed did not have to wonder much about what justice she would bring to those that committed higher crimes, but a part of him couldn't blame her for feeling that way, even though he still stood for a process to be upheld in the knights.

The conversation took another grim turn as she elaborated on a trail of murder that could be left behind. "Sounds like you have a lot that weighs on you," he commented about the death of families. Subtly inquiring if she bore that scar.

"Years...that's a long time to be burdened by this. its impressive you've still maintained a sense of self. With it being as tough as you say." He wanted to say something about the use of alcohol to cope but he wasn't sure where he stood on it exactly, "If it keeps you from giving in to it." he let that sentence linger off.

"I don't think besting it is the word I would use. I think its still a part of me. I think I'll be able to find a balance with it one day...maybe," he paused for a moment, "What about yours? Where does it come from?" He asked the question as he stopped walking once he reached the ledge of the building that overlooked a larger part of the town. The ledge curled back around to more winding alleyways below to the left.

#20Priscilla Ivalice 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Sat Mar 30, 2019 3:45 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Did it come form some where, After so many things to go through for mind Priscilla never thought of it. So then with that she just mentioned."I don't recall that exactly."She mentioned to him Priscilla mentioned."I just have been a very....bitter angry person for many years." Which that would finally lead into one thing."So many years in fact, I have lied about who i really am, What my names are or have been, As well as what kind of person I am." This was getting really close to getting Priscilla a bit more uncomfortable about things.

"I don't know my family any more, I could easily assume they think i am dead, I don't have a problem if using anyone for anything I wish too."She also mentioned. Which seemed like it was leading to not an actual answer."I don't remember when this came to be, Or most of my current life currently, It doesn't matter to me."It didn't sound hopeless but like she was so use to it that she just dealt with it, Priscilla was a monster and she seemed to just think there wasn't a way for her to be saved.

So far and she seemed to ignore that, Kazimir would be the only person who would have some kind of positive view of Priscilla, The only thing is and she wouldn't admit currently. This was getting a different feeling of nervousness in her system and she was hiding it. He knew too much now Priscilla hated it, To know a her in this manner could cause problems, Even the situation they where just in was a problem to her. "So, neither of us will know the answer."Priscilla mentioned to him and she was fine with not knowing, However in her mind she wanted to flee away from Kazimir and hopefully never see him again....Or kill him for knowing too much, This was a risk one she use to warn people about but not it just felt pointless, Maybe Kazimir should get that one she had considered it but for now she seemed to remain quiet.

#21Kazimir Seiryu 

What Bumps in the Night.(Open) Empty on Mon Apr 01, 2019 3:08 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Hearing her tale of deception spanning across years wasn't so surprising. Given the life she led it was only natural to live in a way that kept people away and allowed for more freedom of movement. What did get his attention was the fact she was so forthcoming with talking about it. "It must be tough to try and put on so many facades for so long. Sounds like it would be hard to remember who you really are? When do the lies become the truth." It all gave a moment to think about what it meant to be someone. Even if what they portrayed was a lie, it was something they came up with, wasn't it still a part of who they were. Just like the thing that stirred within him.

"You don't even remember your childhood? I suppose what really matters is who we are now. The past is already gone," he said more so thinking about himself and his own history.

There were things in his past that he had to hold onto for his future but moving forward was the most important part. For that he could agree with the violent vigilant he stood with on the rooftops. There was a brief uneasiness in the air. Some kind of tension that had swelled up slightly. Perhaps it was the faint since of discomfort in Priscilla. After all he had pried deep into who she was. Even so, Kaz didn't feel in danger. The two times he was around her where she lost control she had never harmed him after all.

"I think the answer is somewhere. More importantly though is probably, where the future leads. What paths we end up taking and how we shape it." He turned to face the purple haired woman, "I don't know exactly where I'm headed but I know what I want," he paused before asking the next question, "What about you? for all the bitter and anger you feel. I've seen some glimmers of something different. What path are you going to head down," his question far more metaphorical in a sense than literal.

He had spent a lot of time it seemed in Orchidia and many things changed for him. Demons, and angels surfaced to do battle and it seemed they were all caught in the middle. And then there was this wandering warrior. It was a question out of genuine curiosity, what was the goal of a person whose life as been layered with deception and anger.

#22Priscilla Ivalice 

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Priscilla Ivalice
This was the end of their conversation, Priscilla felt a new kind of nervous one she had not felt in she could think was years and one she never thought she would again. He knew and was starting to learn too much."You won't learn anything else beyond this point."There was a slightly worrying tone in her voice the angry and annoyed type, Priscilla was trying to hide it but seemed to be failing, there was a small amount of bitterness in it as well.

"Stay away from me if you know what is better for your life. Stay away forever."
Priscilla mentioned to him as well. The warning even much like many things he seemed to learn and started to pick up on. Priscilla would walk off of the roof she was on, But seemed to not be making a lot noises anymore, like she made almost no noises while she was walking away. Priscilla was trying to be no longer heard or notice and from Kazimir and seemed to be taking the extra steps she could to assure it, Even if in some manner she failed.

She was worked up now, She was feeling a lot of things she normally did, Kazimir wanted to help even if this risk her not even feeling better if anything worst and she just was getting on that edge and having such a need he was trying to avoid. Priscilla wanted to harm him and stab him even if she had no weapon. No way too just told him to stay away from her. It was the better for both of them. So she felt that anyway, which in this moment was the only thing she cared about way only her self for now, Being greedy like she wanted too. That was the normal for him.


#23Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
And as quickly as they had run into each other again, she proclaimed it was time for her to leave. He expected this moment to come sooner or later. He smiled back at her harsh words, "Thank you for your time," he spoke politely. he was honestly surprised that he had managed to get as much out of her as he did.

"Who can know how the winds of fate may blow," he left of as a farewell. Something in knew that this may not be the last time the two of them encountered each other. He could only hope that when they did she would not be even more lost to the monster she thinks she is. He didn't know how he would handle that, but he couldn't combat his nature for reaching out and trying to help others. Her words, even though they were curt, helped Kazimir put things in a bit more perspective, or at least some further insight

She dashed off, and Kaz made no attempt to follow her. Instead he simply sat on the edge of the roof and starred at his own hands. The thought of the nights events tossed and turned in his mind. 'could he loose it like she did. He had almost done so once with another knight. Is that just the beginning?' he thought to himself over and over again.

"No. I will find a way," he spoke clinching his fist and standing up giving a whistle. He jumped from the roof to land on the back of his griffon and speed away into the night sky. It was a much quicker way to patrol the outskirts, which is where he headed now.  

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