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Finn Mertens

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Name: Finn Mertens

Age: 20 (March 23rd, X767)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Warrior

Race: Human

Rank: A-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: Center of chest (Whatever his guild color is at the time)

Face: Finn from Adventure Time


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 165lbs

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Finn has a solid build from adventuring and requiring his physical aspects to carry him forward. Finn wears a blue shirt, blue shorts, black shoes and a white hat. He is a slightly taller than average male, whose blue eyes and blond hair will often catch the attention of those around him. While he has fair, nearly flawless skin naturally, his body is now littered with scars from various battles, both won and lost. His skin almost always maintains a light tan, though he has very noticeably pale skin beneath where shorts would normally hug his body. His body has been toned through the battles that he has fought throughout the years, and maintains a relatively thin build that helps maintain his flexibility.

Extra: Scars cover his body in all shapes an sizes. Small cuts and patches of healed over skin over his arms, legs, and chest. A large, horizontal scar across his chest, a large scar from a stab wound on his stomach, and what looked to be a similar piercing slightly inside his left shoulder blade.


Personality: At times violent and aggressive, Finn is at heart is a brave and righteous young man. He dreams of becoming a hero, not out of desire to join the myths and legends of time, but for the adventure and ability to protect those around him. Finn has an extremely powerful sense of responsibility, driving him to help others when possible. This desire to help others should not be taken as an inability to say no. He wishes to help when he can tell the other person truly desires the help- Not just his help. Finn often feels an internal conflict when something is not clear cut. He prefers to see a clear line between good and evil- When this line is blurred, he will sometimes struggle to discern the two. Despite this heroic nature, Finn also enjoys his normal life, often just relaxing with those whom he considers close.

Growing up, Finn was practically incapable of doing anything evil or unjust. The idea of such things physically ailed him, making such tasks nearly impossible. While he portrays himself as simply being a strong and eager hero, Finn has a tender side. He is capable of compassion, love and sadness, Finn is sometimes overwhelmed or confused by feelings he can't fully understand. During these times, he is forced to take a hiatus from others, trying to understand himself.

Finn cares for his friends, being protective of them. Overall, he is a kind and selfless person who will put others needs above his own. He is a good kid, with a kind heart.

Finn can be extremely stubborn at times, unwilling (or unable) to see things in a new light. This is part of the reason why Finn is often so determined to work without taking the easy way out. He believes that life, and all it is, is considered "Kick ass" and should be enjoyed to its fullest. He can get angry and take this anger out on those around him, but such acts fill him with remorse and guilt. He will apologize for it, rather than pretending it didn't happen. He will try to resolve problems that he himself causes, due in part to his empathetic nature.

A thrill seeking, courageous warrior, Finn enjoys putting himself in the midst of danger for the joy of the challenge. He is practically fearless, despite a few severe ones that will not be delved into specifically. When confronted by these fears, he can be made to feel uncomfortable or even completely petrified, depending on what he is confronted with.

Although he can be mischievous on occasion, he will never do so if it will harm others. He worries for others, even those who hurt him, so long as they are not actively attempting to harm him or his loved ones. While there may be some whom he cannot forgive, for one reason or another, that threshold seems hard to find.


  • Adventure: Finn is, by profession an Adventurer. The thrill seeking, the adrenaline, the experience of something new- It excites and titillates his very being. The world is vast, and reality is a joy. To adventure is to tackle what is before ones self, to discover both what is around them and what is inside of them. This exploration into the world, although he himself cannot articulate it, is one of his loves of life.

  • Family: Finn is driven by a sense of loyalty, closeness and love when it comes to his family. They are the ones who are different from everyone else- People who he feels attached to. While it may not be difficult to become his friend, becoming his family is an entirely different matter. Having never met his biological parents or siblings, his family is all hand chosen by him. The ones whom he feels closest with, who reciprocate that bond.


  • Boredom: Let there be a clear line that distinguishes boredom from laziness. While Finn can enjoy a couple of lazy days, and enjoy them thoroughly, boredom is a different beast. The feeling when nothing sates the desire for something. He needs to be entertained, to be happy and fulfilled by what he's doing at the time. There is nothing he dislikes more than that of the feeling of boredom.

  • Complacency: True evil is when those of good body, mind, and intention sit around and let what is wrong prosper. This is something Finn firmly believes, and such complacency will not only make him lose respect for someone, but possibly lose interest in aiding them all together.


  • Become a Hero: Finn aspires to become not just a hero, but the greatest hero of all time. Be it for a personal reason, for greed, for the assurance that he can protect those around him- Whatever the driving force be, the end goal is that of the Life of a Hero.


  • Clowns: "Look at them! Their... Noses! And faces! And - And- They're just creepy, okay man?!" Finn does not like clowns. Beyond that- They scare him. It's not an overwhelming terror- Finn lacks any fears that would incapacitate him. To willingly interact and enjoy the presence of a clown, however, is something he will not enjoy.

  • Ocean: Let this be clear- Finn is not afraid of water. He is not afraid of rivers, lakes or pools. Oceans specifically scare Finn, to the point of their avoidance when possible. Finn can swim, and swim well. Something about oceans though, for some unknown or simply forgotten reason, put a fearful wind in his heart.


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description: N/A


History: Finn doesn't know much about his own past, as a large chunk of it had been spent with his companion, Jake the Dog.

The truth is- Finn was born on a banana boat in the middle of the ocean, where he almost was devoured by several sea-creatures. Finn was abandoned during infancy in the Worth Woodsea by his father, a man named Martin. These facts are unknown to Finn, having only known that Jake's family found him in the woods as a baby and decided to raise the human boy as their own child. Luckily for Finn, all three Dog Monsters could speak the human tongue, so he was able to learn how to communicate.

Finn knew nothing of other humans for the longest time, only what Jake told him. Supposedly humans were creatures who could be anything, just like monsters. This revelation is what inspired Finn to become a hero- After all, he was human by birth, and part of the Dog Monster family by choice. He would certainly be able to accomplish anything!

Finn left his home in Worth Woodsea when he was 12 with his adoptive brother, Jake, at his side. From there, he made his way through several towns, taking on missions and requests as a random traveler. Upon going to Hargeon, he met a young man who later turned out to be the Guild Master of Blue Pegasus. This strange man tried to recruit Finn on several occasions, finally accepting a duel from Finn to decide. If Finn won, the old man would give Finn anything he desired. If the Guild Master won, than Finn would join the guild.

Very quickly, Finn found himself unable to continue the fight. Jake himself viewed it as a way for his brother to learn that there could indeed be other humans that were stronger than him. Joining the guild Blue Pegasus, Finn has continued to grow and hone his strength with his brother, Jake the Dog.

In season 1, Finn became many things. A name known around the country. A lover. A hero. Now, after years of events and being forced to integrate into a society that was newer to him than most, he is an individual that is difficult to put into words. Single, battle hardened, and much calmer through experience, he has returned to Fiore to help those who need it.

Reference: I helped make this hellhole. <3

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Hello! Since you're a returning character, I'm going to need you to fill out the form from the S2 Transition Guide to reallocate stats, claim an epithet, state guild level, etc. using the code below:

<table style="background-color: #121212; border: 5px solid #242a49; border-radius: 10px; padding: 20px; line-height: 160%;"><tr><td>[size=18][font=Abel][color=#ffffff][b]Refunds & Reclaims[/b][/color][/font][/size]
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Magic:[/b][/color] Refund / Reclaim / NA
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Weapon:[/b][/color] Refund / Reclaim / NA
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Off-Hand:[/b][/color] Refund / Reclaim / NA
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Head:[/b][/color] Refund / Reclaim / NA
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Body:[/b][/color] Refund / Reclaim / NA
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Relic:[/b][/color] Refund / Reclaim / NA
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Race:[/b][/color] Refund / Reclaim / NA
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Companion:[/b][/color] Refund / NA
[size=18][font=Abel][color=#ffffff][b]Attribute Reallocation[/b][/color][/font][/size]

[color=#ffffff][b]Total Points:[/b][/color] ???
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Strength:[/b][/color] ???
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Speed:[/b][/color] ???
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Endurance:[/b][/color] ???
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Constitution:[/b][/color] ???
[*][color=#ffffff][b]Intelligence:[/b][/color] ???
[size=18][font=Abel][color=#ffffff][b]Other Changes[/b][/color][/font][/size]

Mention any other changes that you may need for S2, such as Auras, Guild Levels, Titles, Epithets, etc.</td></tr></table>

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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon: NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head:  NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: Remaining Human
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: Previously 153. After human perks, 213.

  • Strength: 81
  • Speed: 31
  • Endurance: 65
  • Constitution: 36
  • Intelligence: 1

Other Changes

Blue Pegasus Sweetheart (+40 strength)
Epithet: God of Death
Guild Level: 3 (365)
Weapon Mastery: Sword - Master

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There's a few things that need editing:

  • Your character's birthday should be included, not just the age.
  • The color of your tattoo should be included as well, not just the location.
  • We require the "overall" section of appearance to be at least 100 words.
  • Since God of War is a weapon mastery title, it cannot be an epithet. You can either choose a different one or leave it blank to decide another time.

Other than that, everything looks fine!

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All fixed, bump

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This character application has been approved.

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