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Higgs [Great Demonic Incursion]

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Adelaide Sokolov
Tired wasn't actually the right word because there was no physical tiredness on her body, it was just her thoughts, everything that made her done with everything in the world because it did not go according to her plan. She had left the children in good hands in Orchidia to go and fight her in Baska, where she had hoped it would just take a week of going back and forth the preparations had already taken longer and the blonde was tired. She just wanted to go home, to whatever place it was because she had no home. She wished she did but not everything went so easy.

She had not even paid well enough attention to what the person was saying when they were in meetings, all she had to do was slam, brawl, hit, kill those demons again to close the rift. Well if they wanted that, she would do that again. Again and again. There were strains on her body, her back was physically weaker than anything else but that could also be asked the question with how much weaker. She did not know, she did not care, she just fought on. Finally, it was time. It was not even the right word to think so but she wanted to go away again. With Nathael's sword in her right hand and the golden armour on her body, she walked on to the rift. Last time five big demons had appeared together with Akira, her former student who she had fought with side by side for the first time against those blasphemous creatures.

For what she saw now, there were smaller ones but that meant only that there were more and that they were prepared to make her physically tired, not only mentally. She would see how that worked, she always had the ability of the sword after all. She tried to be as silent as possible, the demons sure as hell knew someone was coming, after all, they were not lounging about, they were planning attacks as well. She did not know how they thought, she did know that they did not calculate human behaviour as that was how they, Akira and Adelaide, defeated the last one in Orchidia. The Holy Knight stopped walking as she stared at the masses before her. Wonderful, time to throw out her frustrations in general and just fight, something she could enjoy. She had no idea if someone was coming along, again she had not paid attention. So she waited to see if someone of her faction showed up and if someone of that faction had a strategy that they wished she would hold on to. All she could do was look down in the valley and see them, they must be with at least ten? She was sure there were more, they looked minor but she should not underestimate them immediately, that would be rude and wrong.

She took the Gorgon Shield of her back and strapped it on her left forearm to be prepared to fight completely, how long would she have to wait?

Mana: 4035/4035

Strength: 250 stats. +80 Nathael's Sword. +60 Visnar's Mail. Might's Ring + 20. (410 Strength)
Speed: 102 stats. + 20 Ceres earings. - 60 Gorgon Shield. - 30 Visnar's Mail. (Warriors are used to wearing heavy armour, speed reduction that is applied is halved) (32 Speed)
Constitution: 132
Endurance: 110.

Higgs [Great Demonic Incursion] RVxL5Jg
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