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A Living Nightmare {Theo Plot}

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#1Theo Kaguya 

A Living Nightmare {Theo Plot} Empty Sun Feb 03, 2019 1:34 am

Theo Kaguya
It would seem that the voice has stopped talking for the time being but could this have been the work of Illumi or could it have run its course with him? Either way, Theo was more than glad to be rid of it. Theo laid in his bed trying to think back to what happened during the rift event but every time he tried he would get a pain in his chest. Though the memories of that event had started to come back they were distorted and out of place so at least he had something to go off of.  

Not wanting to wast his day in bed he made his way to church to thank the almighty for cleansing him of the evil. He couldn't recall if he had ever been inside of Orchidia's church before, he had only ever really visited the church in the capital when and walked passed the one in Magnolia.  
as he took a knee to start his prayer a large wave of dark energy washed over him 'I've how long had it been since I've been here?' he knew this voice it was the same voice that he thought vanished but this time was different this time it wasn't in his head. Theo turned around to see a man coated in armor standing before him "No no I thought I was free from you?!" he fells to ground crippled with fear and confusion. 'Oh my dear sweet Theo we are connected I can never leave your side.' the man took a step sprouting eight demonic type wings from his back 'The sooner you open up the better you'll be' he counted taking another step closer to Theo.

His body was frozen as he tried to get to his feet and run it was like he was glued to the floor and the more he wanted to escape the stickier the glue became I-I don't want this... if the man had taken one more step he would have been able to pick him up but he just stopped and laughed at him. 'We will meet again real soon' with that the man vanished without a trace. "...Help..." he whimpered passing out.  

The voice:

#2Theo Kaguya 

A Living Nightmare {Theo Plot} Empty Mon Jun 03, 2019 1:15 am

Theo Kaguya
Theo awoke with one of the priest sitting next to him "W-what happen...?" he asked sitting up slowly holding his head in confusion, the priest told him as to how he found him passed out on the floor rambling about something. He quickly stood up and thanked the priest for looking after him and asked if he could use their phone to call someone but then quickly changed his mind instead of asking he could stay there for a few days to which he agreed. He and the priest talked about the events that lead up to coming to the church and much too his own surprise the more the reason that the voice he had even appeared was due to his own subconscious trying to help him come to terms with what happened in the forest. Though he now knew the root of the problem he just couldn't help but think that he could have found a better way to handle it than having to take their lives after all they might have had families as well and were just driven mad by whatever pulled them to this world.

The Knight spent most of his time praying and helping around the church, from cleaning up all the way to watching the younger children that would be waiting for their parents. All of this reminded him of home and just how much he missed it but he was sure that he would have enough time, later on, to go and visit. The day was finished and Theo was in the middle of cleaning up when something fell out his pocket, as he cleaned the priest noticed it and returned it to him "Oh thank you so much this photo really means a lot to me." he told the Priest, the photo was of him and his parents during his sixth birthday, it was taken during a time where he and Bella weren't on good terms.


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