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I'm Still Standing [Training Shin]

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#1Shin Sekai 

I'm Still Standing [Training Shin] Empty Wed Jan 30, 2019 7:24 pm

Shin Sekai
While sitting around the guild Shin read books on plant magic and how his wasn't that far from some of the ones in the books. Just the thought of being able to do some the spells that in there but at the same time it seemed that his passion for learning new spells wasn't as big as when he first started but never the less he wanted to try them out just to see if they would work for him. Which one to try first...guess the basic spells should be a good kick off point. he thought packing up his books and moved to one of the back rooms in the guild hall that are hardly ever used by anyone. After setting up his makeshift training field the test began with the growth spell. "Okay, Shin you can do this it's simple you just need to make a little plant grow," he told himself as he attempted the spell only to not have nothing happen "Who said you get it right on the first try anyway right," he told himself grinding his teeth in frustration. He performed the spell over six-times throughout the morning each one ending up with a puff of smoke. Shin soon started to let his rage and frustration out by stomping on the floorboards Why is this giving me so much trouble it's so simple?!? he asked himself pulling on his hair "All I have to do is grow a plant from the ground why is this so hard all my teachers could have done this!" Shin placed his hand on the floor and closed his eyes picturing the plant growing and within two seconds he managed to get a small seedling to come up. The time was 10 pm and so he spent the night in that room just so he didn't have to worry about setting up again, while he slept he dreamt about growing plants all night until he woke up to a fully grown tree that he then had to take down with the help of some of the off-duty members at the bar "Thanks again guys." they waved back heading home for the day.

Okay now to get back to practice he thought to himself placing his hands on the ground once more and tried again "Just clear your mind and let the magic flow through. " he muttered feeling the magic crouse through him, it was as though he could see plant grow without even looking at it even though the image was haze as it happened. The rose mage opened his eyes to see an another fully grown tree "Okay now lets just practice making it grow and shrink I guess." he closed his eyes once again and making it the size of a Bonsai tree. Focusing on making it smaller was something the spell wasn't meant to do, Shin opened his eyes and stood up Okay time to take a short break and get some food for me! as he left the room he placed a sign on the door 'Lunch break be back soon!' it said. While shin was out for lunch he stopped by his home to pick up a change of clothes and some flowers to practice on when he got back, however the thought of everyone on the island trip coming back stronger than ever just made him want to push even harder so he can keep up with then "No matter what may come I will not be sidelined by anyone." each word found it's self-engraved into his being as he rushed back to the guild and started right back up. The first subject was a red rose so he followed the same steps as he had been doing for the past two days and he managed to make it grow enough to stand on it "Cool never thought it could be used like this." he thought aloud moving on to the next test.

After two days of practice, he managed to make his mothers sunflower grow into the ceiling and then around the room "FINALLY I DID IT!!!" the yell echoed the hall as he raised his arm's up in triumph in gaining a new spell to his bag and the shortly passed out afterward. The rose mage woke up an hour later feeling slightly more in tune with his magic than he had ever been before but then he realized that he still needs to clean up the room which was in a rather disaster form attempting the spell so many times before.


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Shin Sekai
After working for two days straight on learning one spell he never really stopped to think about the other spells he would even try to learn after that one but for now the best thing to do would be rest for a few days so he can read up on more spells and hopefully expand on some old ones as well. Shin sat at the bar and messed around with some of the workers when one of them asked if he was taking training serious enough to which he responded with a nod "That reminds me do you guys think I should work on expanding a few spells I already have?" some didn't really know what to say but others agreed that he should work on the basics then find new spells. With this in mind, the rose mage found himself off back in the meeting room think about what spell he could power up I could try extending the whip but it's okay for now...I got it I can work on that one! he thought sitting down and relaxing for a second when he looked around the guild 'why not try that blade spell you love so much?' one of the female bartenders suggested mixing a cocktail for herself. The rose mage nodded i9n agreement as he left the bar and rushed to the other side of the guild hall "Okay I think this can work it's one of my main spells after all." he thought aloud moving some tables around to make a small arena to practice his spell.

Shin made his way to the "This simple all I need to do is make them shaper." something that was rather easier said than done as he moved his hair out the way as he waved his hand to the side allowing the magic to flow through him and taking the shape the four rosebuds that gave off hints of freshly watered rose's they hovered around him for a few moments just before they went flying at the tables only sticking to surface of them. The second attempt at improving the spell ha the same result as the first one which called for a third, then a fourth, and fifth attempt at improving the spell Come on it took me three minutes to create this spell the spell was simple in creation and application but proved that attempting to change the smallest thing to it, The more that Shin tried to force his changes on to the spell the more it fought against him and soon he gave up out of a fit of rage "I really don't get this spell at all all I need to do is make it sharper but instead it's getting duler every time." he looked at the marks on the table the spell made and sighed as they didn't get any deeper than when he first started practies but he knew stopping would only lead him to forget about it and moving back to his normal reuten of looking for his true love who keeps vanishing after every meeting they have but that won't stop him at all. At the rate that Shin was going most of the other members tried to get him to rest just for a few seconds but kept pushing himself more and more testing his own limits which were something he rarely did.

By the time that he started to see any kind of improvement he had started to fall asleep while "Well I can call it a day with that it's not grade A blade shape but it's getting there. He went to the back room and rested for a while until he woke up to the sounds of a rather dunk member throwing around his magic much like his weight "Hey I just wanna take a short nap and you're stopping me from doing so!" without thinking he cast the same spell that he and sent the rosebuds into the air and cutting a hole into the roof of the guild hall. "Can someone take him home plz and thank you." Shin went back to the back room and took his nap for like an hour. Once up he went upstairs and practiced some more but this time he started to go through all the targets he made with the extra pillows and chairs they had upstairs Okay this is moving along rather well, he thought wiping the sweat off his face and getting right back into practice. Shin moved his hair away from his face and then tied it up in a ponytail so he could start cleaning up the large mess that he made.

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I'm Still Standing [Training Shin] Empty Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:50 pm

Shin Sekai
As Shin cleaned up the room he realized that with a few tweeks to the spell it could be even better “Wow I really made mess of this place.” he said using the broom scratch his head in amazement at all the cleaning and repairs he had to so just from him messing around for the most part. He swept all the broken floor boards to one side of the room the bricels against the wooden floor wasn’t the best sound to hear but it was something that no one could possibly enjoy hearing when the floor has been through so much stress. Though the repairs would take at least a couple of days to finish they would have to come later if he remembered to that is. The sound from the main hall echoed through the rest of the guild it was nice it was something that hardly happen nowadays. It was really nice to hear the guild with life from time to time but it would be even better if they didn’t make a the bar such a mess when they head home for the night but he couldn’t let that stop him from cleaning up his own mess. Which was new for this sudo rich boy. Is this what mom and dad had to go through when I was first learning magic? a good question that he never really thought about till right now. He went on with his cleaning and slowly moved on to making the repaired that were needed, and boy were their repaired that were needed in the room.  

Shin thought back to how he became the man that he was today “I’ve come along way but I can still improve on a lot more!” a true fact that he knew all to well if he ever wanted to become the number one in the guild. Combining growth and the type of the plant should make something strong enough to make some even deadlier he thought raceing to get his books and see what plants he could try and mix together for a even better spell. He started looking through his book on flora and then started looking through all the fona that he liked. Soon he would settle on Dionaea muscipula or a Venus Flytrap to keep it simple, he already worked out how to ask the spell he just needed to get it the way he envisioned it which was the challenge for him. Flicking his wrist Shin created a magic seal that gave life to a Daisy with a mouth growing in the middle of it “Okay thats not it...what about this time?” he repeated the motion and made a slightly bigger version of the first attempt. This went on for around two and half hours or so with someone coming to check on him every now and then just incase it went wild and backfired on him.

“It may have taken ten tries but I got it down packed now” he said to himself sitting up covered in dirt and plant bits as he took a deep breath he Flicks his wrist creating a magic seal that creates a small little Dionaea muscipula that slowly grew “Yes I knew this spell would be possible!” now filled with joy that his baby had come to life he passed out with a cheerful smile on his face. By the time he had woken up it had been three days later and the room was in even worse condition than the last time he cleaned.


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#4Shin Sekai 

I'm Still Standing [Training Shin] Empty Tue May 28, 2019 10:41 pm

Shin Sekai
After a day of rest and relaxing, Shin went back to reading books on plant magic and how he wasn't that far from some of the ones in the books. Just the thought of being able to do some the spells that were in there made him want to advance even more than before but at the same time, it seemed that his passion for learning new spells had come back in full forces. I guess making Gabbie again would help, wouldn't it? he thought packing up his books and moving back into the room he used last time. The room still had some of the old damage from the last time he used it. "Okay, Shin you can do this...you've done it before so you can do it again," he told himself flicking his wrist creating the magic seal on the ground but something felt off this time, this time Gabbie came out looking withered and helpless. The spell was done just like before but he still couldn't figure what he did wrong. Could it have been my motion or the did I not use enough mana for it? he thought to himself when it hit him, the image was off in my head! now that the problem had been solved he cleared his mind and tried once more, flicking his wrist and created the seal on the ground and breathing life to the real Gabbie.

Humm lets see what else can I make from what I know? he asked himself looking through his notes about all the type of plants that he could use to and actually like working with as he went through the pages he found two things that really stuck out to him, those two being the word cannon and flower. he quickly went through the best type of plant that could be used as a cannon and to his surprise it was non-other than the Orchid given its shape and the way that it blooms making it into a cannon would be no problem at all. The time seemed to slip by him as he went through many drafts as to how it should look but none really seem to the way that he would be casting it had to be elegant yet show force at the same time. One of the guild members came and asked if he would be staying the night again to which he simply just gave a thumbs up and nod. "I think got it NOW!" he shouted quickly moving to the middle of the room as he clapped his hands and then made a circle with them form the making seal in front of him sprouting an Orchid, just a 0.5-meter Orchid that was just budding "No that's not how it should look or even be acting." he examined the flower to be and realized he focused more on the flower than the flower and cannon together. and so the redhead waited for his first attempt at the spell to vanish before trying again and in doing this wasted about three minutes of precious training time. To make up for waiting he sat down and meditated on the way that the spell would act when he summons it so he can spot anything wrong with it after it was created. He saw the magic seal on the ground and the Orchid starting to bud and slowly bloom into a multi-colored Orchid releasing a beautiful beam of compressed magic energy. Now that all the task have been cleared all he would really need to do is get the spell right.

Shin tried to keep the image of the spell in the forefront of his mind but his mind was telling him to rest and pick up another time but he was adamant that this got done here and now. Even though it was way past midnight Shin forced his body to stay awake and at full attention until he was able to master this. Though the task was a lot harder than he thought as he clapped his hands and summoned the bud, slowly it began to bloom or getting ready to fire for the first time but once it bloomed it fired a ball of smoke.


#5Shin Sekai 

I'm Still Standing [Training Shin] Empty Wed May 29, 2019 11:06 am

Shin Sekai
Shin fell to the ground frustrated with the failure of his spell though it was merely a small set back that could be fixed by running through it again until it comes out like the way that he saw it during meditation. The sounds of the guild doors opening was a sure sign that it was morning or that someone was coming to check on him but more than likely it would be morning with the amount of extra noise that followed behind the opening "I can get this before tonight I'm sure of it." he had never been so sure of anything that wasn't combat or fashion related in his life. No one in the guild really stopped in to check on him unless they needed his advice on something but after that, he would jump right back into the spell. The room had started to show more and more damage with all the times that he's run through the spell though and just like the room his clothes had started to become ragged with dirt and sweat all over the sleeves which mad him slightly annoyed that he even had to do that as the first spell that he learned didn't require this much time to master but then again this one has more to take in to account than Gabbie.

The withering flower knight clapped his hands creating the flower once more but this time the orchid was snow white and fired a beam matching its color  but stopping at three feet I see depending on the color of the flower it is self the blast with change with it he thought to himself as he sat on the cold wooden floor looking at his creating vanish. As he looked at it his eyes slowly closed as he setting his mind adrift but he pulled himself back from the brink of sleep and quickly stood up to keep it from happening again. With each passing hour, it became harder and harder to keep his eyes open but not eating wasn't any help in the matter but it did give him another goal to reach. The training method had some of the members worried as it was more like torture than training which could lead to some really bad after effects if it proved useful to him but the odds of that happening were slim to none if he had to be honest with himself.

A few members brought him clothes and some food seeing as he didn't leave the room unless it was to use the bathroom which was the most that they saw of him. Shin was really putting everything into making sure that he was able to hold his own in a fight and prove to himself that he is more than just another low-level mage that doesn't know what he's doing. He started to feel the effect of nearly two days without sleep but that just made him slightly more determined to get this down packed so he could sleep and eat something. Before he knew it it was already night time as everyone said their goodbyes and closed the main doors. Shin stopped everything he was doing and left the room to go and shower Man I really needed this he thought to himself letting the water hit his body. Even though he wasn't really focused on the spell it was still running in the back of his mind working to get it just right.

After the shower and a change of clothes, it was time to get back to the room and finally do this spell right. Now that he has some energy he can get through this roadblock. As he clapped his hands the magic seal was much smaller than the last few times that he tried, So he just put thought it was his body was telling him to stop and get the rest that he needs but if this was a battle he would need to use up every last drop of power that he could muster to win and this is just another thing that must be removed to achieve his goal.


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Shin Sekai
Shin soon realized that he wouldn't be able to do much or anything in his current state so he waited until morning to get some more mana back in his system. The room looked like a mini war zone from all the but the repairs that would need to be made where simply fixes at least he hoped there were after all he was now going on three days without sleep but he's never been better kinda. The flower knight walked around the guild hall thinking about how he can improve on something that wasn't even finished but hey it never hurt to be ready to have something else to do while try and recover a bit more. After an hour of recovery, the redhead went back to his war zone and began to meditate to help focus his mind and relax his body. While he was in this state he thought about how the newer member s fo the guild seemed just a bit out of his league but with this new drive to surpass his own limits who knows what he will do to reach this goal.

Shin fought with himself as he meditated to stay awake which wasn't easy to do but he managed it somehow. if the spell did not work by tonight he would have to give up and try again at a much later date but he had a good feeling about this go around of the spell he had just enough mana left to try it twice and they had better be the right versions when he does them. With a clap of his hands, he created the rainbow-colored Orchid within a few seconds it would fire its rainbow blast straight at the wall as it fired the beam it hit the wall stretching it a bit. He was happy that it fired correctly but the damage output was slightly off but then again he only had two shoots with it before and now he's down to one last attempt with it so it has to count more than ever now. The flower knight gripped his teeth as he knew that this last attempt had to be the best one out fo the three nights that he's stayed up.  

The Redhead watched as his baby fired a beam of compressed magic straight through the wall of the guild hall "Oh crap! now I have to fix that" he shouted with a firm smile on his face as he rushed out the room and told everyone that was left in the building how he had finally perfected the new spell just before passing out from pulling so many all-nighters. While he dreamt he saw his white knight coming to take him home and give him all the love that he has ever wanted from someone. It was a nice dream, to say the least, and was something was just left alone as one of the guild members carried him to a booth for him to rest more conformably. It felt like he was gonna sleep for the remainder of the month. With the sleepless days that he has had that wouldn't sound too bad staying in such a dreamland would not help him at all especially when he has some many things to work towards before he can take move beyond the first gate. Shin was well aware that he was sleep but didn't really care as he just wanted to enjoy his well-earned rest cause now he could eat for enough for a whole family of bears.

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I'm Still Standing [Training Shin] Empty Thu May 30, 2019 10:51 pm

Shin Sekai
With the amount of stress and work that he has to put now that the guild is on the up and up is just crazy but it must be done if they want to reach to the top once again. But before any of that could happen Shin would need to train like never before just to keep up with all the new kids on the block. With what little free time that he has left the redhead made his way to the backyard of the guild to try and visualize how the spell should come out. he read in a book that its always important to visualize what you want to come out before actually doing it similar to Maker magic and how they have to be able to make something that they can use. All I have to do now is think of all the right parts to it and just try and do it in my head he thought to himself walking through the guild main hall. The main hall actually had some life to it for once there were people taking request all be it they may be taking on more than they can handle but they're getting them done at least. With all the books that he has gone through and yet, nothing has been to his exact expectations but that was something that he can fix later on once he understood the spells more and had more control over his mana. Shin had finally made his way to the back of the building. Who would have guessed that there be so much room behind a guild hall this big its kinda crazy when you think about it. There was about five to ten meter's worth of space behind the guild hall "You can do this Shin just become one with your inner self and let the magic come to you naturally." he muttered to himself in aloud in hopes that it would help in some way. He managed to learn two new spells within weeks of each other but maybe this time he wouldn't have to do anything too extreme like stopping himself from sleeping or eating.

The redhead sat in the middle of the empty lot and cleared his mind as he envisioned what the spell would become he flicked his wrist a white flower sprung from the ground and bloomed into a breathtaking flower with three large White petals that shined so brightly it was like looking at diamonds "So this what I can make when I really apply myself to something." as he went to touch his creation everything went black. When he regained consciousness he felt well rested and full of energy but then again staying up for three days straight isn't the best way to perfect spells now, is it? he placed himself back into sleep deprived state that he was in a few weeks ago which really pushed his mental limits as he was only like that a few weeks ago. As he slowly recreated that environment he also had to go back to that mental state which was more like training than anything else that he had done so far cause recreating an entire room and mindset is not something that he just does when he has some downtime however in doing this he realized that he would need to place this new spell in place of the Orchid Cannon one. This would be the semi-ultimate test for him as he has to keep reminding himself that he is only revisiting this event with some added changes and nothing more through meditation this deep wasn't something that he has heard of before but hey what can ya do right?

The flower knight had completed the room within his mind and was ready to start the training with everything he had or in this case, the thought of meditating within a meditation was all too tempting but would have to done at another time. Just like all the spells that he has learned the motion of the spell this way its more like a reflex than muscle memory while still being simple and elegant for his needs.

#8Shin Sekai 

I'm Still Standing [Training Shin] Empty Fri May 31, 2019 8:30 pm

Shin Sekai
Shin's first try at the spell was with a circular motion with his hands but that just felt like he was leaving himself open for any incoming attacks then he tried a waving motion but that one just wasn't well suited for this one but could be useful for another spell that he has been thinking about. The next few movements he involved his legs and whole body but doing a dance as the command for the spell would through off his opponents but at the same time if it was interrupted before he could finish then it would just be a waste of time so he decided to keep it simple and just use a single hand to use the spell. This should be a simple one seeing as the command is simple but the matter is what the type of spell it should be he sat in his mind's room thinking about all spells that he has and the ones that he could improve on then it hit him like a sack of bricks A shield! he thought, seeing as he is more offensive than defensive so whats little shield to help. He tried not to relive all the times that he was in a position where he could have used a shield to he could maintain the world and get this done with.

The shield had to something that could hold its own when up agents some of the strongest attacks, well that was the hope at least the only other task would be to find the flower that he could use as the shield he could use a rose or even bamboo which is strong on its own seeing as most fighters use it to train but seems a bit too advanced for him right now. He decided to turn the petals that were around Gabbie into a nice sturdy shield that could hold its own in a fight which he could use in tandem with Gabbie if the need should arise for it. Now that that was out of the wat all he had to do actually do what he planned to do in this mind room or what ever this would be called after all the goals that he seeks are something that can and will be reached if he keeps pushing his limits and moving forward from the past that holds him back, Now all task have been cleared and now the real purpose of this headspace can now be utilized. The flower Knight forced his mental body to stand and gather his mana as he flicked his wrist creating a magic seal that a 0.5 meeter Venus Flower springs from the ground but some of the petals on it looked withered and useless so he erased it and went to try again in hopes to only get it down in three attempts. With the next attempt, he felt something pulling him on his shirt but that would have been impossible seeing as he was in his own head unless someone was trying to get his attention on the outside "Not now I need to focus on this." he said aloud to himself as no one else wa in the room with him, Shin refocused on doing the spell again. though he couldn't get away from the feeling that someone was trying to pull him out.

He felt his strain of keeping himself in a state like this and boy was it taking a toll on him it was like his mind was trying to tell him to stop and rest but he had only does this for twenty minutes or so though being in one's own head time might flow differently well that would only be a hunch he's not really big on the mental stuff that's for doctors and such. The longer that he remained within his own mind the longer it felt like he was building a prison fro himself so he had to stop meditating so he could come back to reality "How long was I in there for?" he asked looking at the time t0o see that he's only been in his head for only fifty minutes. To think the mental world and physical worlds would have such a hard time getting along was something that he would haveto be very careful about if he did this gain.


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I'm Still Standing [Training Shin] Empty Sat Jun 01, 2019 12:33 am

Shin Sekai
The Redhead went around the guild and asked if anyone was trying to get his attention while he in his head but no one seemed to know what he was talking about but that was fine cause that only meant that his mind was telling him to stop which is always good but this time he would have to make sure he was out before that could happen. So he asked some of the members of the guild what he should do if he wanted to time just how long he was going to do something while not paying attention. Some wanted to know just what he was doing while others suggested that he set a timer for however long that he wanted to do his thing which was actually a good idea. The only task that needs to be done would be to get a timer and reenter his mind room. As he went walked to back home to get the timer he couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if he stayed in longer than he did but he couldn't keep focusing on the what if's that come into daily life. Shin gave himself a time limit as to how long he could be within his mind room that time being a full hour to work on this spell and then get out so he wouldn't strain himself trying to work on it while his body was telling him to stop and get out.

He sat down and went back inside his mind to finish what he had stated though he had to use his current state instead of his withered one due to the time constraint it was like he just slipped in a new playing card in an old deck. The Flower Knight had to think about the size fo the flower and just how big each petal would be as he didn't want one to be too or too small they all had to be equal in everything about or else it just wouldn't work. With a flick of his wrist, Shin created the flower, it had what looked to be burn marks on the petals so he tossed it aside and tried again but the next one was just as bad as the whole stem looked weaker than the last one he went through a least six to ten different versions of how it should have looked when it hit him all he needs to do is work with the parts that come out fine and then go from there. He had now been in his mind for close to a full half hour in real-world time but in his minds time, it is only been twenty-three minutes or so who could tell the room didn't have a clock and placing one in would have been more fo a challenge.
He flicked his wrist tree more times as each time he was getting closer and closer to the perfect version of the spell but as luck would have it his mind had started to pull on him wanting him to stop and rest his mind but he had to push past that and beat the clock. As the training went on Shin was now only had a few minutes left before his mind would either pull him out or keep him there but he was determined to finish before either of those possibilities could happen as he flicked his wrist for the last time he created a heavenly white flower with four petals and a little face in the middle of it. He gave himself a quite literal pat on the back as he opened his eyes in the real world to see that he had created the Shield without realizing it and it was much better looking in the physical world than what he saw in his mind.

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