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The Room Where It Happened [Open]

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The Room Where It Happened [Open] Empty on Wed Jan 30, 2019 1:23 pm

The train station was an interesting place at this current time. Just recently, rifts in the fabric of reality had opened up all around Fiore and Orchidia had been one of the worst places hit. And, out of all the places in Orchidia where rifts had opened up and demons had spilled out into the world, the train station was where the strongest had emerged. They had been, as evil forces usually were, quelled by the good guys this time around, and likely would the other times as well. But it was still interesting to see the difference in the moods of the people in the station since it had happened. They were quieter here than they were in the rest of town, where the hustle and bustle of Orchidia had resumed, slowly but surely.

People moved quickly and quietly, there was fear in the air and panic in their eyes. Everywhere he looked, Odin saw the same question asked on each of their faces, 'What if it happens again?' Of course, that was very unlikely given how these rifts usually worked, but it was still an interesting thought to consider. What really interested Odin was that, for the most part, the people of Orchidia were too busy looking down at the ground where they walked that they were missing the Lich sitting on a bench in the centre of the station, reading a book about demons he had bought in the nearby library.

"Humans are always so predictable."

#2Priscilla Ivalice 

The Room Where It Happened [Open] Empty on Wed Jan 30, 2019 4:54 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
But standing from the rest of them Priscilla would speak up in return to Odin, Even if internally she would feel slightly nervous, maybe even scared she still did speak to the lich."Yes they are predictable." She said in such a normal and casual voice to the lich, Her so many years of lying to other people and doing so many other thing had made her jaded to showing fear beyond some point, could think she was testing her limits with this."That is both the fun and interesting of them, Yet the most boring and quaint of them as well." She did not care how she just mocked them for no reason right then and there.

She seemed to just be only arriving at the station but, oddly she was not here to get on a train and leave but more out of interest."It seems almost like a let down that they can be predictable sometimes, doesn't it?" She seemed to ask while she would stop not too far from the bunch, but seemed to at least wonder if she was interrupting the lich and his reading and wanted to be left to it, Or was just lonely.

Surely Priscilla could not worry about being the normal heartless monster around a lich, But she could get wrong but she was also just curious of the life of lich but figure out a way she wanted to go about it, while hopefully not being too nervous. Much like she assumed people felt weird around her, She felt off around the lich but she figured she would feel like this around it, if anything it was an experience she wanted, maybe she could get braver from it But so far this lich was rather nice and polite. hopefully he would be nice to speak too.


The Room Where It Happened [Open] Empty on Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:27 pm

If Odin still had eyes, he would be rolling them at what he was hearing. Some random girl had responded to Odin's musings, despite the words not being an invitation to converse. It was annoying, especially the way she referred to humans as they, despite clearly being one herself. Glancing up from his book at her, Odin could tell that she was nothing special: no overly small stature, no pointed ears, nothing to suggest she was a daemon or a nephilim. She was just a random human who thought she had permission to speak to a Lich. Perhaps she was delusional, perhaps she was stupid, regardless she had made herself known to Odin, which meant she'd be a wonderful next target.

The spear, Gungnir, was sitting on Odin's lap, the point facing the other end of the bench, as he listened to what the girl had to say. She didn't seem to think too highly of her own race, calling humans disappointing because of how predictable they could be. At the very least, in Odin's mind, the girl had gone against the grain and actually responded to him, despite the fact it would be her undoing. Closing his book as his eyes met the girl's for the first time, Odin thought he might as well give some kind of response.

"Funny that a human would speak so poorly of her own kind, have you no self respect?"

#4Priscilla Ivalice 

The Room Where It Happened [Open] Empty on Fri Feb 01, 2019 3:23 am

Priscilla Ivalice
She wanted to laugh about it, It was something interesting now,Maybe she could finally admit something even if it was in the face of death, It was now interesting highly, This was something that could be enlightening to Priscilla as it went on."I have seen the worst aspects of humanity since I was born." She started off by mentioning it to the Lich."Even when I still try and help other people, No matter what it had some way had backfired in some way." After all that is just the cycle of things in her life have happen.

It was just a small non-descriptive part, Priscilla seemed to have mostly negative stories for a person raised that way. Priscilla would at least be now be a total a 6 feet away from the Lich, She was talking but would not sit down quite yet."A human took my eye, Would be the the simple thing to point out." It was still covered by a a section of her purple hair but she would mentioned it anyway because it was simple to point and she did not tell the story of how she lost it, Varying things she would go into detail only if He asked.

But she had to wonder what else the face of death would ask she expected more questions or even Priscilla expected to be called a fool, brave maybe something else she had not heard before. Priscilla had various thoughts going through her mind but was yet to meet the eyes of a lich to her  just lone eye. She knew it was was rude not to pay attention or look at the person....in this case Lich you where talking too. But she did not know what would happen if she met the Lich's gaze.


The Room Where It Happened [Open] Empty on Tue Feb 26, 2019 2:35 am

This girl, with her strangely coloured purple hair, was definitely one that could be described as a cynic. She had lost faith in humanity, but in her defence she had valid reasons. Whether it had been every time she had helped people or not, she had been betrayed, and that wasn't a memory that left quickly. Whoever, whatever had betrayed her, she still clearly wasn't over it. So yeah, she hated humans, a human had taken her eye apparently. But even so, that begged the simple question, one which Odin felt the need to ask.

"If you hate humans so much, why are you still one of them? There are ways to become something else if you so choose, ways which would let you go around and kill all the humans that caused you pain."

It was a simple enough question, Odin thought. Dahlia was full of lycans and vampires, and each one could turn humans into one of their kin. Even if she didn't want to become a blood sucker or a dog, she could research the abilities of the daemons or the nephilim, gaining powers that could do either great evil or good. And then, of course, there was the option of becoming a Lich, but Odin would sooner kill her himself before allowing her to become like him.

#6Priscilla Ivalice 

The Room Where It Happened [Open] Empty on Wed Feb 27, 2019 1:14 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It was a good question, One that would spark an interesting in her thought now. It was now an appeal of interest with that question, She even took time to think about it. Her answer would be simple it could even be disappointing depending how anyone wanted to think about it.

"I have considered, Just have yet to learn of the ways of becoming what I would want that isn't human."Priscilla mentioned, But she had thought of it maybe a few times before."So, I would adore the thought of not being human." It was true at this point now, It gave her a new goal.

It would be a new goal next to the few she had in mind."So I have only dealt with what has been given to me and can do now."She felt like she was trailing a bit but what would come out of her mouth might be all she needed to be blunt about it."I am sure if the option where to arise if it fit into what I wish I would take."Or even make a deal in some manner for it too since that is how Priscilla worked.

How much she would give up would be up in air, It would matter on what they wanted or what could be worked out. Priscilla was easy to work with if figured out how it would work. But now it was left in her thoughts next to various dark and murderous thoughts she had."But,Mentioning it now I will thank you for something else to look into." That wasn't just leaving bloody bodies in the streets and various places she lingered. Hopefully the lich did not find it to odd she was thanking him then again Priscilla did not know much. For now good reason and it worked in her mind since side from her fabled small tales she did not want to be remembered much else otherwise, It worked.


The Room Where It Happened [Open] Empty on Thu Feb 28, 2019 3:00 pm

It seemed that, as Odin could have expected, this woman did not have any plans to stay as a human. In fact, the only reason she hadn't yet changed was simply because she hadn't yet decided which option would be the best. Of course, every option would be better than simply staying a human, but each wasn't without its own faults. Vampires crave blood, lycans shun away from flame, even daemons, with all their power, had some problems. And, no matter which option was chosen, this woman would be judged by the world. Much like Odin was by every passerby that looked at him, she would be viewed as a monster for the remainder of her life. It was something Odin had come to accept and understand, though it had taken him many years to do so.

"True, it is not an undertaking one should embark upon lightly, but sometimes being different can be useful." To prove his point, Odin removed the thumb bone from his left hand, holding it out with his right as he continued, "But you will be misunderstood for all time, or however long you're able to live. Not to mention the hunters..." Thinking about the stories Odin had made him chuckle lightly, as he put his thumb into his pocket, making a mental note to collect another one to attach and replace.

"This life is certainly not without its interesting developments"

#8Priscilla Ivalice 

The Room Where It Happened [Open] Empty on Fri Mar 01, 2019 10:46 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It sounded like it did not bother her much."I could deal with that, I already am consider a monster in some manner." Well that is how she figured, She had done enough things to be consider a monster even when human."What is one more thing to add to the pile of it, being misunderstood would just being another piece of a puzzle." Nonetheless it almost seemed normal to her.

It almost sounded like Priscilla was just the type to deal with the negatives because she was just do deep into a life of such dark mannered things it was normal to her."That is it, Here I have had a better conversation with you, Then I get with most people I meet on a daily basis, This is for more interesting."Priscilla mentioned she had been standing for a while but finally chose to take a few steps a bit more towards the bench but still an some space between them and sat on the ground just to give herself a break from standing.

"Makes me wonder, What else I could learn from monsters rather then just humans."She would not be admitting it maybe Priscilla was wondering if she would find out if monsters; daemons,werewolves and what ever else these lands had that were human that she could speak too would seem more accepting or maybe a bit more helpful. But did not expect anything different then what she was use too now.

Even sitting on the ground she seemed to."I am sure a life of a Lich would be interesting in thought, But eventually pain and has it's moments of annoyance like most things."She seemed to be interested in learning a few more things but just trying to not seem so nosey about it as well.


The Room Where It Happened [Open] Empty on Wed Mar 06, 2019 8:51 am

Odin laughed as he heard the woman speak, she had no idea and was clearly still a child in some regards, despite how she appeared. His laughter echoed throughout the train station, causing a few passersby to stop and stare at the Lich's maniacal smile, as his deep voice replied to the girl, "You are a fool if you think there's nothing different. Being a monster and becoming a monster are two very different things, don't underestimate it."

He then listened as the woman commented on their conversation, stating she'd enjoyed it more than most conversations she had with humans. There was a relatively simple reason for that: humans were boring in general. There could be one interesting human out of ten, whereas a Lich would obviously have things to talk about, if it didn't kill you first.

"If you want to learn more from monsters, then go find your own. I may have eternity but I have no desire to answer your queries. Dahlia will give you the information you need, if you're able to survive its inhabitants."

She then spoke about being a Lich in general, and how 'interesting' the life must have been, but at least she admitted to having some idea of the pain it could cause.

"Again, speculation can not begin to fathom the pain this form can bring. Look around and think: everyone in this room, in this town, hell everyone in Fiore, be they human, nephilim, lycan, will die. And when they all die, and when this world is consumed by fire and ash, I shall still remain. Always. Try and get attached after discovering that."

#10Priscilla Ivalice 

The Room Where It Happened [Open] Empty on Thu Mar 07, 2019 5:00 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Well she did not seem bothered to be called a fool in fact."I agree I am foolish to this, Even then if I can not piece together knowing remotely what it is like."She was not blind to that fact either, Priscilla was not too arrogant to drown in it to say."Everything different to everyone else to learn either in pain or other means,I know very well I personally could not understand myself unless been through myself, Even if I may not wish too."It was the best way she could think about explaining it, Not really have what else in her mind to explain but details and emotional attachment where not important to this Lich and Priscilla like that.

When He told her where to go to learn Priscilla kept in mind her manners were still there."I would not expect you to answer them either really, I would assume you have more interesting things to do."She mentioned to him which was what she did think of it, Honesty was key sometimes and Priscilla did not need to act in the face of something that could kill her."But, I will still thank you for telling me where to go to learn."Priscilla finished that part of her words, She was fine and knew it was better to try have and a Lich for such teachings.

But she did smile on the Lich's mention of killing everything and leaving it in ash, almost like that twisted murder in her mind seemed to find it more excited about some one who would kill and ruin so many things, Priscilla then just figured it was something in a just simple in the moment admission."Attachment to people has never been something I would want either."It most likely was easily guessed in some way with Priscilla."I much rather be forgotten and not remembered in general." Given it was easily picked up Priscilla had problems with people, at this point could be guessed Priscilla had problems with just more then people maybe a few other things others.

Given her small wish to learn what she wanted, This fact might not eventually an easy thing to learn."So you could forget me after this conversation, I could go on with my relieving habit of tearing people to pieces in a bloody frenzy  and ending their lives."this would not be important to the lich but this would be the first time she would admit she had a murdering people habit and what her view on it was."And I would be perfectly fine."Which was true Priscilla was fine with not being attached and forgotten."Even if eventual you are the end of my life, I could deal with that when it arrives."Then much like many things she was yet to admit she admitted this."As long as I achieve either some or complete my own single goal."It sounds slightly monotone but had a small point to it."I could die happy then, just as much as having a Bloody Mary or Grim Reaper along at some kind of bar or inn."But she made her point with that, drinking was just a small thing on an odd time.

"It can be just what reality has for anyone, If you kill everything, Then by all means and god speed to you."Priscilla mentioned even being polite about it."I do wish you well in your goal."Even if it was almost odd for her to mention that, Priscilla seemed to be perfectly okay with that, Priscilla had that little faith in humanity and seemed to be stuck on something of fixated hate.


The Room Where It Happened [Open] Empty on Tue Mar 12, 2019 12:21 pm

Odin listened as the girl effectively rambled, going on about a great any things, some that they had brought up already, others they hadn't. For example, she thanked him for telling her to go to Dahlia, admitting that she didn't expect Odin to tell her everything she wished to know. She at least respected that he had better things to do than waste his time on a mortal that would only last a fraction of his lifetime. She wasn't worth any more of his time than she had already taken up, but she had amused him, so he had stuck around for a short while.

There was one thing that she spoke about that greatly amused the Lich. She didn't want to be remembered, preferring a life of darkness where no one would know her face. It warranted a response from Odin, "You do realise that, once you turn into something like me or even one of the others, you can kiss a peaceful life goodbye. You're face will never be forgotten, you will be hunted, and you won't just disappear. That just isn't an option, trust me. Get used to the limelight."

He then laughed as she continued, bringing up the fact that she had one goal and, once it was completed, she would welcome whatever death came for her, whether it was Odin himself or something else. It caused the Lich to chuckle lightly as he spoke once more, "Don't tell people that you have uncompleted aspirations, they might feel inclined to kill you on the spot and stop you ever realising them."

Afterwards, the Lich looked at the large clock and, noticing the time, decided to make his way back into the main town. He stood up, and bade the girl farewell, "Luckily for you, I've rather enjoyed this conversation so I won't kill you today, food for thought though. Enjoy your life, however long you have left of it."


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The Room Where It Happened [Open] Empty on Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:46 am

Priscilla Ivalice
It was an interesting conversation to say the least for both of them. such things they spoke to one or another. Even if it was something she had still remembered but then again did not mind the reminder. So in the end it was interesting but she was mostly gauging what would really be learned aside from what would be already told to her. She wanted to just hear if there was anything else interesting. This was better of a conversation then she wanted.

To say to walk away from a face of death with advise or information was nothing that she could boast about but never would care too. She had leads to other things and just simply waited for the lich to leave even to be sure. Since she could not turn her back quite back to him, After all she did not doubt the Lich had consider turning around and just ending her life. It still was one of the many things she would she would take into mind and as a good lesson.

But once the Lich was gone, She did not stick around too much after seemed to be no reason too. So she would be want to go head off on to whatever else such a person like her would consider doing next. Maybe just once more for the road a drink or maybe just maybe a few victims she had yet to choose. Both were temping mostly the killing part. Until then she figured she should be away from this area, people might come to try and find her for question about her connections to the lich, however that might just leave more dead bodies for the sake of the reason of being being nosey or too stupid for their own good, could be both.


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