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Dahlia to Mag [Foot Travel]

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#1Shin Sekai 

Dahlia to Mag [Foot Travel] Empty on Tue Jan 29, 2019 5:16 pm

Shin Sekai
As the mission was done there was no need for him to stay in such a place any longer even though Shin felt like he done some work that could benefit this place. The more time he spent in Dahila the higher the chance of Red Hade's members would come back and retaliate. The redhead quickly gathered his things and tossed them in his suitcase slamming it shut and leaving through the window "So long I would say it's been fun but meh." he said aloud landing in a bush Not my best landing but it'll due, he thought to himself rubbing his side.

Shin raced to the town exit with his back across his shoulder. The walk back to the guild was fun to say the least as he rested about halfway to recover some stamina from all the running that went on during the exit of that horrid place. He played with the rose in his hair while he lay under the warmth from the sun This is a small step in a much larger plan he thought to himself. After a few more seconds of rest, he continued his way back to the lovely town that was Magnolia.

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