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Miles Nakamura

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Miles Nakamura


Name:Miles Caspian Nakamura

Age: Feburary 21st, X761 - 26

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Gold - Left peck

Face: Kouen Ren-Magi


Height: 6'3"

Weight: 220 lbs

Hair: Scarlet Red

Eyes: Red eyes

Overall: Miles is a tall, well built man with narrow red eyes and scarlet hair. He is much of an outlier in the family like one of his other cousins, which is due to his mother's scarlet red hair as well. He has a goatee on his chin matching his red hair. Miles does not show a wide range of expressions even when he tries. Small details can give away his overall features.

Miles wears red and black robes with a white loose shirt and black pants underneath. He wears two belts to keep his swords and equipment sheathed. Around his neck, a silver necklace which his dead sister, Deliah, had given to him.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Upon meeting Miles for the first time, many would notice how calm or "how much he could careless about what you have to say" look. He as a resting irritated face, that anyone could read and which they are right. Miles really does not care what people have to say, he always has a mission in mind from getting stronger, protecting his family, or many other things. He is not very social person nor is he a people person. Miles does a lot better with animals or his own family.

He does not suffer from social anxiety or depression. In reality, the most he suffer from is overworking himself and rude comments. Deeply, he cares about humanity and wishes no one harm, physically. He does not wish to kill or hate someone because they are talking to him, he rather just careless. Its a curse and a blessing at the same time. The only time he will care if it peeks his interest or is forced to. It is apparent that he is a working man and has very few friends outside of his family. Though, if it has to do with his family, he would like to know.

When in the rare instances Miles is comfortable with someone, he will start to show his true laughing self. He's truly a fun-loving guy who loves a challenge and a few beers.


  • Wolves: Wolves symbolize him and his family. They function like a pack and stick together through thick and thin. Miles believes his spirit animal is a wolf and comes to terms that someday, he will be a wolf!
  • Peace and Quiet:  Sice he is one to work alone, he loves the lack of company of others and the peaceful white noises. It allows him to continue his research on magic and anything around him.
  • Books: Knowledge is power. You will always find him reading something interesting. His mind is like a sponge. The library or a book store is somewhere you will find him in. Sometimes he breaks into the forbidden section of hte Rune Knights Library behind his father's back.


  • Religion: There are many reasons why he despises it. The main one is due to how his family and their past with it. Some of the Nakamura family has been hurt and even killed for some due to this. Second, he believes its an excuse for people to act as they please. Use it to their full advantage to hurt people.
  • Excuses: He hates it when people use false excuses for their actions. Like not turning in a late homework assignment nad saying your fahter is in the hospital. He is a strong believer in owning up to your mistakes.


  • Family: Family is really important to him considering he feels the need to always protect.
  • Fulfilling his sister's dream: Miles always wants what's best for society, despite how he acts. He really wishes evil will be vanquished but the right way. Though, this grew even more when his little sister, Deliah, was killed. He seeks to fulfill her dream to making the world a better place and vanquish evil.


  • Loosing someone close: This is a common fear for anybody, but logical in his situation. Since he had loss his little sister, Deliah, he has grown more protective of his family in fear of loosing them too.
  • Failure: Quite a broad fear. Miles is a hard worker and failure is never an option for him. To fail a mission or a goal to help another or himself is one of his worst fears. He does not want others to think of him as weak or lazy.


Magic Name: Nakamura Thunder

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Description: A simple elemental magic that specializes in Offensive and Supplementary spells. The user can also learn Defensive and Self-Buff spells, but takes a bit longer. The magic is Lightning base with the weakness to earth and strength against water types of magic.


History: Miles was born in the town of Hargeon in the Nakamura Manor. He grew up as a normal privileged child, eldest of Simon and Paisley Nakamura. He had 3 more siblings later on, Deliah, Astrid, and Tadashi. All three of them were triplets. Being the eldest, he felt the need to protect them at all costs, even his younger cousin, Hikaru and LeeAnn. At a young age, his father taught him the importance of team work and family. He kept this times dear to him. It was the most important lesson he has ever had in his life. Out all his siblings, he grew close to Deliah. A kind and gentle soul that only wanted world peace. She saw Miles as a big and grumpy person, who just needed a hug. Her innocent views on life really were the only things to really make smile. He would place tea party with her, pick flowers, and just about everything little girls would do. He really hated doing this but spending time with his sister was the most important.

Of course, he found Astrid and Tadashi as important, but favored the more innocent one. During his late child years into his preteen, his parents and aunt and uncle, put him and his cousins through strict training under their command. It was vigorous and rough, but it really build them into shape. They would do this every morning before school and after, he barely had time to hang out with friends or enjoy his time with Deliah. On occasion, the triplets would come watch with their mother to cheer him on. In the studies area, it was no better. He studied hard in the prestegious school the Nakamura family sent all of their young child, other than LeeAnn. All his life consumed was books and magic.

None of this really backfired unless if he failed a test. He would beat himself up on failing one test, even if his father spoke it was only one test. It still bothered him. He would spend nights overworking himself. His parents laid off on the extenssive training and studying so he could enjoy what childhood he had left, but Miles wouldn't stop. He had to become hte best. His determination made him distance himself with his family. While studying in school, he developed a love for ancient magic and how it worked. He started to love history of magic and ancient civilizations.

The triplets took a totally different path wanting to become mages and to join a guild. So they joined with the local guild their grandmother was apart of, Blue Pegasus. Everyone was starting their own lives, Miles grew more into his studies and aiming to become a scholar. He graduated from the prestigious school with top in his class and multiple honors. He got a full ride to the most popular college, University of Fiore, that was located in Crocus. Miles accepted without having any seconds thoughts. He was most distant with his family since he became so obbessed with his work. Before going off, Deliah forced him to go on an outing to celebrate with them two and the other two siblings. It was the triplets and himself having fun like when they were kids. He finally let himself cut loose and have fun every once in a while.

The next day, Miles was sent off to Crocus. During the four years, he studied Ancient Magics and history. Every summer he would go out to different countries to study the ruins and learn the languages. He even got an internship to Desierto for a year. He finished his degree and immedately was sent to Stella for research on some ruins that were found. Occasionally, he would write his family a letter seeing how they were doing, but not much contact outside of that. He spent two to three years in the country, learning the modern language and made some remarkable discoveries.

One day, he receieved a letter from his mother that was urgent. He read that his little sister, Deliah, was murdered on a mission to capture some dark guild members. This hit him really hard and caught him off guard. He immedately sent himself home, being fired from his job. Over the last year, he retired from his studies of being a full time scholar to carry on his sister's dream of bringing peace to the world and becoming a full time wizard.

Reference: It's LeeAnn

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Hello. I'll be reviewing your character app today.

  • Your birthday needs correcting. As Miles is 26, his birth year would be X761.

  • If there is nothing in Extra, please add either "N/A" or "-" to signify that nothing will be added.

  • You appear to have a coding problem at the bottom of the character sheet. Please remove those.

Other than that though, it all looks good! Touch up on those and you'll be set.

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Miles Nakamura
All done my good sir


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This character application has been approved.

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