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Lounging About [Shin]

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There was no other place that Kincaid enjoyed lounging around more than the guild hall. It had become his unofficial home away from home and in all honesty there wasn't many other places he enjoying seeing, especially on days where he planned to just relax. Something about the rambunctious group of epic magic wielders made the mans own bored expression turn to one of happy contentment.

Unfortunately there weren't many of his guild mates lounging around today and so he sat in a nearly silent hall. Waiting for something, anything, to happen. His body adorned in a comfortable over sized green hoodie, a pair of form fitting black sweat pants, black sneakers and his teal hair a hanging mess.

Golden orange eyes looking up as the door the guild hall swung open, he would smile gently and wait to see who was entering to greet them. Hopefully they wanted to sit and converse or something, only time would tell.

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#2Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
The first thing Shin did once he set foot in Magnolia was visite his aunt and uncle so they know he's alright. "I'm home gu-" his cousin tackled him to the ground "Shin!! It's so good to see you again!" this was cousin Malorie, the only child between his aunt and uncle who spends most of her time locked up in the many libraries that are in Fiore "Hey, Mal been a just about 2 years since I saw you last." it was never good to stay around the house when Malorie was back to visit. I gotta get out of here fast he thought pushing her off him and getting back to his feet "I have some guild work to do so we'll catch up later." he rushed over to the guild hall to give the good news.

As he stood in front of the front doors of the guild he took a second to collect himself before making his grand entrance "The Rose Knight has returned!" he announced pushing the doors to guild hall wide open with but it seemed like he came back on a slow day. He noticed a new face in the hall someone that interested him very much "Hey you with the green hair!" he shouted dropping the bag at the door and making his way over to him. He was either new or just visiting while he was away in Dhalia but either way something about him didn't feel right but he couldn't put his finger on it. I should go talk to Master before I do anything else he thought to himself moving the hair out his eyes though giving the master his report was important Shin had to learn who this guy was.


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Kincaid merely looked over to the apparent 'Rose Knight' as they entered the guild hall, loud and proud like any Fairy Tail member. There was no doubt he was one of the big family and so he would continue to small lightly until he was questioned, his smile shifting into a more mild look. Kincaid wasn't upset or anything, he was simply processing that he was a new face in a very popular guild.

That didn't stop him from simply staring when the man yelled out to him, addressing him using the color of his hair. Or rather what he assumed was his hair color, because it wasn't green it was teal... but that was a point he figured they would mess up.

"Ummm my hairs blue."

He would say with a small laugh before standing to greet the man, slowly walking forward without a threatening bone in his body. Opening his mouth wide and sticking out his tongue, if this rose knight paid attention he would see the guild mark and hopefully his guard would go down. "Name's Kincaid. I hope I didn't startle you, I'm new around here"

His tone was friendly while he face kept it's same standard of exhaustion, his tongue slipping back into his mouth. Now he was standing much closer to the other figure, a smile on his face and his face clearly curious as to who he was speaking to.

"And you would be?"

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#4Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
"Oh Sorry it looked green from a fair." he sized the man up rather quickly but realized he was no threat to anyone much less to him in the looks department. He introduced himself after showing his guild stamp which was one of the oddest places he has seen people place them but then again it was better than on armpit "Oh me? The names Shin Sekai its nice to meet you Kin." he said pulling out a White rose from his hair and offering it to him. In the language of flowers, a white rose area symbol of purity and innocence, though it is also associated with young love. Meeting with the master would have to wait for the time being as he had to greet the newest member of the guild.

Shin felt like he and Kincaid are gonna be good friends "If you ever need someone to talk too or even bail you out of a jam I'm your man." he ended it with a wink as he sat down in the "Sorry to bombard you with questions but What kind of magic do you have?" as guildmates, it's important to know who you can work well within a fight and who you can't and seeing as Shin has never fought alongside anyone in the guild he could be the first. Something about this guy has me fixed on him but I can't tell what it is yet, he though gesturing for him to sit down next to him so they could get to know each other a bit more.


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Watching Shin's body language change a bit when he showed his guild stamp, Kincaid thought back to picking a different location for the mark. Too late now, and instead he would just make it a goal to get to know everyone in the guild before someone simply walked in and beat him to a pulp. At least this 'Shin Sekai' was polite about it, or as polite as one would be in this situation.

Extending a hand to take the white rose, Kincaid would look at the flower with those same bored eyes and then look back to Shin. A small blush coming across his features and his voice being a bit lower than before, not sure how to react to the gesture. "T-thank you, Shin." He'd say, surprisingly shakily before clearing his throat and trying to get it together. It was just a rose, why was he so taken aback.

"Nice to meet you too! I'll make sure to take you up on that."

Smirking and looking away a bit, Shin was quite the flirt if he'd ever met one. It was endearing, and he wasn't exactly going to deny the mans advances as he wasn't hard on the eyes himself, but that wasn't why Kincaid was here. Regaining his dignity he would sit down opposite of the man and simply observe him when he asked what kind of magic he used. Wow, so they were skipping straight to that then.

"It's cool, I can tell you're curious," He wanted to laugh at the attempt at flirting back, his tone very suggestive to a double entendre. The only thing that would make it more obvious would be him winking along with the words. "I use 'Herald of Gaia' magic, otherwise known as earth magic. Mainly for offense, but I can defend, buff myself and even use supplementary magic if I need to. What about you?"

Kincaid would ask within the same statement. Arms crossed and ears perked to listen to the man in question, so far he and Shin seemed to be hitting it off. Hopefully they could end up as good friends within the guild, maybe even start their own team... for now he would simply have to dream.

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#6Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
As Kincaid spoke Shin actually listened to everything that he said instead of hearing the parts he wanted to hear Earth magic huh that's a new one, he thought playing with his hair until he asked him about his magic. "My LOULOÚDI IPPÓTIS is my pride and joy She allows me to turn any plant into a weapon." anyone could in the guild tell him just how much he loves his magic, some would say it was like his child with the way that he talks about at times. "If you like I would be more than happy to show it to you sometime if you want that is. " this was just something that he liked to do.

"Kincaid tell me about your self." the redhead asked pulling out another white rose and spinning it around with his fingers, something was still off with Kincaid but in a good way, he was a good looking mage just like Shin but it couldn't be, it wasn't like he had a problem with other good looking people before so why would it be a problem now? He tried to keep himself composed but just the thought of someone in his own guild being better looking than him just didn't sit right.

Without really paying attention to the rose he pricked a finger on some of the thorns "Ouch" he muttered quickly placing his finger on one of the petals staining it with his blood. That never happens he thought to himself shifting his gaze to Kincaid's hands cause you can tell a lot from someone's hands.


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A rather fancy name for a magic if Kincaid had a say, and the fact that it was a nature magic made it all the more elegant. So it was a magic revolving around turning plants into weapons... that wasn't actually the weirdest thing he'd heard and he knew the earth could be a devastating element. Whether it be in the form of rocks and volcanoes to the form of plants and poisonous flora. Never underestimate plants...

"Turning plants into weapons sounds neat, I can't wait to see it in action."

Kincaid spoke, his eyes that were usually filled with boredom holding only the slightest spark of interest. It didn't take much for him to get bored or start to tune things out but this guild mate of his was pretty interesting in an odd way, he couldn't say why but he just knew. Shin wasn't like everyone else in Fairy Tail as far as he could tell, but neither was he.

"There isn't much to know. I was raised in a cozy house where everything was pretty zen, and I learned to use magic at the age of 10 after my mother. Ever since then i've wanted to be in a guild and so I chose Fairy tail, despite my mom wanting me to join her former guild Blue Pegasus. Now here I am. "

Shrugging playfully he would watch Shin prick himself with the thorn and stare at him putting the blood on one of the petals. So even though he was a plant mage he still managed to make mistakes like that, how adorable. It wasn't far off from Kincaid and his own tripping over rocks and things of that manner. Kincaid's own hands would be twirling the rose carefully, a delicate yet firm touch and his eyes watching Shin's own observing his hands.

"So you seem to have a ton of questions for me, what about you? Why don't you tell me about yourself?"

He would inquire, a small head tilt and eager eyes watching the man before him. Everyone had an origin story and he was genuinely interested in the one surrounding Shin, the plant mage and his first friend in Fairy Tail!

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#8Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
For as their conversation went on he started to feel more comfortable with Kincaid which was normal but at the same time, he wanted to test him in some way. This guy seems like the perfect fit for me...nah too good to be true. It was like the second theme of his life as he never had the best of luck when it came matters of the heart Then again I've never been with a guy before. he counted to think while looking at Kincaid spin his rose.

That's new no really asked him that question before it but it wasn't like he couldn't answer it or anything it was more of just catching him off guard if anything. "Well my mom was the one that actually got me interested in plants, my mom's a florist and really good gardener while my dad is just good at writing books." his face started to turn red once he was done "Sorry you probably didn't need to hear all that. I don't really get the asked that question a lot." he said covering his mouth with the stained rose. Shin didn't cover his mouth out of embarrassment it was more of habit that he developed when wanting to still look cool after messing up.  

"Is there anything else you wanna know?" he looked to the bar waiting for a reply.  Shin just couldn't shake the feeling that Kincaid showing up was a sign or something, though if it was a sign of some kind it was the worst kind. "Your hands...let me see your hands." if what his mother told him about reading hands was right then he would be able to tell if he is a good match for him.


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Observing Shin was easy, he wasn't bad to look at and he was someone who appeared like an open book. Kincaid could dig it and he planned on it for a while, and so he might as well get to know about the man. So his mother was a florist, the muse for his magic, and his father was a writer... for some reason it perfectly fit. Watching the young man turn red he would raise a brow while keeping the same expressionless face he always his, only with a slight smirk.

"Don't be embarrassed, if I didn't want to know I wouldn't have asked."

With that he would think if there was anything else he wanted to know and as he opened his mouth to speak, Shin would ask to see his hands. An odd request and one that made him turn his head a bit to the side, an inquisitive look on his visage. Of course he would slowly extend his hands and turn them upside down, as if offering the other man a bowl of some sort.

"Any particular reason?"

He'd question, clearly interested in what exactly the other mage had in store for the earthen being. Golden orange eyes would stare calmly at the midnight haired man and his leg would shake slightly, his focus on the man in question.

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#10Shin Sekai 

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Shin Sekai
"Oh just wanted to see something that's all." as he held his hand he could feel the softness of his hands, it was like touching a pillow mode of clouds "You have some really nice hands for an earth mage that is. Personally, I thought all earth mages were strong guys that bench press boulders." then again he never really thought much about the stereotypes that some magic had behind them. Shin moved some hair from his eyes as he continued to 'examine' his hand. It seemed like most people in the guild were ready for some drinks as he watched some head to the bar.

This guy is really something, he thought looking into Kincaid's golden eyes as his heart began to beat faster I should test the waters with him somehow... he paused to think of what he could do Oh I got it might be a bit risky but worth it, he finished his thought. The redhead had enough information on Kincaid to make up a gameplan and move to his next phase "Sorry to ask this from out of the blue but would you mind going tonight?" he asked placing his other hand over his. The ball was in his court now so should he agree to go out with him he would smile and pull out a variegated Tulip which is a flower that says you have beautiful eyes "You can totally say no if it too much for you." though Shin really wanted him to say yes to it.

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